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  1. Has anyone ever refurbed or reconditioned there sill plater. Mine have some chips that have gone white as corrosion has spread under the laquer. I was considering rubbing them down and re laquering ? Thanks
  2. Tony Morgan

    Spraying Interior Trim

    Take a look on you tube channel Forensic Detailing. He refurbs an M3 E46. Its a lot of work but can be done.
  3. I am looking for some touch up paint for my E61, it's metallic silver so it's never going to be perfect. I bought some but the colour is quite a way off. I have read elsewhere the genuine BMW stuff is no good?? A recomendations or experiences ?? Thanks
  4. Tony Morgan

    HIDS Upgrade

    Hi Chris. Yes the bulbs in the ebay link are error free. I have them fitted now and no i drive error. The light is nice and white to with 10 W
  5. Tony Morgan

    HIDS Upgrade

    I have just changes my angel eyes to led. They do look good with the white light. Mines a 2007 Msport E61 LCI. I found it hard to get the correct bulb sorted, this might help. If you have the large single bulb holder as in the picture. You will need this bulb shown. If its deeper on the front it wont fit in the holder. To remove the bulb open the inner round cover. Remove the high beam bulb for access. I allways remive the headlights access is much easier. You need an 8mm t bar and a T30 torques. A normal socket wont fit. Protect bumper with masking tape. Its a wriggle to get them out butb it can be done. I try to get the bottom fixings clear then it ll wriggle out. Patience required. I take both dust covers of to help as hand holds. The bulb unscrews with a slight twist to the right (anti clock wise) . I used long nose pliers gripping the bulb holder as gently as I could. The leds fitted straight in. I am right handed and foung the nearside easy but the offside difficult. Pliers used to tighten gently. I found that I had to try several times to get a secure fit. It it rattles in the holder unscrew and twist th the next points. Give them a test for errors Re fit the headlights as the best manuals say 'refitting is the removal procedure reversed'. Make sure there seated as before to the car. Dirt lines and marks wherer the bots go helps. Access to the nesarside is harder than the offside. hes doing the easier side in the video. The ebay link is to the bulbs I bought as picture above . The ebay selller is called Fizzmocouk if the adds expired by the time you read this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111144833249?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  6. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    HHmmmmm thinking 5000K would be best.
  7. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Ok many thanks for the info. I did not realise this, about the canbus. It works out slightly cheaper to !! I ll get them ordered when i have decided on the Colour K. It seems there is Rocket sience and BMW headlight bulbs !! A video I found on youtube showing the difference
  8. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Many thanks for tne info. It save using the error canellors they do a can-bus kit http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221873777544?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D221873777544%26_rdc%3D1 what bulb colour 5000K or 6000K ?
  9. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    I take a pic of the light soon with the curent MTec bulbs. I follow it up with the HIDs before and after. So I have projector headlights does that mean I need H7 hid/xenon kit ?? Cheers
  10. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Here's a picture of my headlight. Freshly refurbed today with wet and dry paper with fairy liquid in the water and Megiars plastic polish with poilishing pads in my drill. Fastastic polish superb for freshening up those headlights. Thanks for your help folks. Dotcom1970 hoho well spotted. To used to auto correcting phones !!
  11. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Thanks for the replys. derek Jr. Yes your right the Mtec's there 4350k. I tried some Osama night breakers but they were about the same as the Mtec's. Good light but no depth. I have check the headlight position. Next is to check the beam alignment. Just need a flat surface and a wall some were with 25 feet space. My car is a 2007 E61 msport. I think this is a pre LCI it has the single day light/ Halo ring bulb. Guess it's an HID kit then H7R hid as listed by andy-e60.
  12. Tony Morgan

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Dipped beam appears to be very poor. I have fitted some Mtec MT-440 super white bulbs. There 55watt but the info says they are exuivelent to 100 watt. There supposed to be 4350 lummens. There good bulbs the light is white and good. But there very little depth to the field of the light. It does not project far enough. I need the light to be further down the road. The depth of light is approximately the same as stock bulbs. Any ideas or what you have done, or photos of your dipped beam field of view. Or links to a solution ? Not sure hids would be any better in gettin light further down the road, and the don't meet mot requirements. It's a shame as it spoil the car. thanks
  13. Tony Morgan

    E61 Rearguards

    I have been looking at these how do you rate it? Does the pant underneath get sratched ? Does water get underneath it ? Thanks
  14. I would like a set please.