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    Wanted - Any damaged/scrap OEM Style 65 M5 wheels

    One wheel is beyond repair. one needs a refurb. I need a single wheel to make the set, two rears would be preferable. Swap these for one of your sets of wheels?
  2. NuckingFuts

    Wanted - Any damaged/scrap OEM Style 65 M5 wheels

    If i can get a better set of wheels for mine, you can have my set, or we can discuss a swap of some kind
  3. NuckingFuts

    wheels and bumper

    Looking for a staggered set of Style 65, ideally something in need of a refurb, but nothing buckled. light kerb rash is fine. Also looking for a sport touring rear bumper preferrably in BiarritzBlau but any colour is fine. Cheers. NF aka Deepan
  4. NuckingFuts

    Any Aircon experts around?

    Morning all, So I went down to ATS Euromaster the other day to get my AC 'cleaned' and gas refilled (Groupon). The guy started off with a pressure test, and after trying the same thing twice, apparently he couldn't get a reading, and therefore couldn't replace the refrigerant in the system. Had the car up on stands at a friends place, and we removed bits and bobs to get a better look at the AC compressor, and while the car is on, the compressor pulley spins with the belt fully, with no latency or anything. The compressor is heard to "whir" in to action when the button is pressed on the climate control panel in the main cabin. The issue being that it's never Ice Cold, but cool-ish, or not at all. With the help of a new facebook fweind, he mentioned that the pressure switch that controls the whole system can prevent it from working if an inaccurate voltage/charge reading is shown? We located the switch itself, and when i unplugged it (did not remove it just yet) INPA still showed 5V. connected or disconnected it showed 5V. Then good old Barry (of Munich Legends fame) mentioned to bridge the pins of the connector to the switch and see if that kicks the system into life? If that does, then the switch is duff. If not, back to his favourite - the old wiring diagram - and trace the wires / relays / sensors / fuses and process of elimination. My question to you, gods of the E39, IF i replace this pressure switch (P.N: 64538391639 - seems to be different from straight 6 BMWs too, not the same across all models of E39) Is there a way to do it without it p*ssing out refrigerant all over the gaff? Thanks NF aka Deepan IMG_2484.HEIC IMG_2485.HEIC IMG_2486.HEIC
  5. NuckingFuts

    Parts Quotation

    Hi guys, can i get a quote and delivery timescale for the following parts: E39 Handbrake rebuild kit (if available): 34212213313 Service kit, repair kit, brake shoes (Value Line) 34410410825 - Spring Kit 34416851437 (x2) - Star Adjuster 34416851439 - Parking Break expanding Lock Rotor Set Screws - 6-ECS-001 / 2162802 34416761292 (2 per Side) And also: 11131702891 - Sump Pan 11131436324 - Sump pan Gasket 11131247069 - Hex Bolt M6x18 (x25) 11131742994 - Screw Plug for Sump pan 07119963151 - Gasket Ring for Sump plug (A12x17-CU) Last 7 of VIN: BZ15060 Thanks NF aka Deepan
  6. NuckingFuts

    Parts Quotation

    Thanks @jake13, added that to the request.
  7. NuckingFuts

    15mm 74.1 hubcentric spacers / 5mm hubcentric shims

    Do you have any photo's of these fitted by any chance?
  8. NuckingFuts

    Any Aircon experts around?

    @Yokozuna, I apologise. I've got a few arguments with insurance/recovery agents going on and I'm a bit pissed off (understatement of the century). I was out of line. I'd rather try and get it fixed by myself, failing a swap of the pressure switch, and UV dye location, i'll be calling up an aircon expert. @d_a_n1979 I've been talking to an automotive aircon engineer, and am following their advice as well as from people here. i'm waiting for him to have a free weekend, with the unprecedented hot weather, it's a very busy time for them. @duncan-uk Apologies. post will be edited. Cheers NF aka Deepan
  9. NuckingFuts

    Any Aircon experts around?

    *edited* Ok, i'll grab one, and have a look. have a pressure sensor coming in the post, and found that it's got a valve so that, once the switch is removed, the refrigerant won't leak out more than a couple of drops much like a tyre pressure valve. i'll swap them over when the switch arrives and go from there. Cheers NF aka Deepan
  10. NuckingFuts

    Any Aircon experts around?

    Hi strongbow, Where would you say is the most common place for a leak? When tracing the pipework at a friends place, we couldn't see any obvious refrigerant leaks anywhere, but 99% of the time, i'm looking in the wrong place entirely. Cheers
  11. NuckingFuts

    E39 touring dog guard

    Duncan do you have the part number for this by any chance?
  12. NuckingFuts

    S62 Rebuild

    How easy/difficult is it to rebuild an S62 in my driveway? I don't expect a novice such as myself to be able to do it, but with the help of a few friends is it possible? What would I need to do, and what sort of costs would I look at? Please excuse the naivety but it's my first possible foray into the market, therefore i'm still a little dense and still researching in to parts needed and their relative costs. I went to see a couple over the weekend, and left offers with both, one taking precendent and the second a backup on the understanding that the first gets priority. Much appreciated Sirs and Madams. NF aka Deepan
  13. NuckingFuts

    S62 Rebuild

    Thanks all. Getting a bit more confident, that if i have a space to work, i can do little bits of preventative maintenance myself. I went for one that's got a better history (from what i've been told) and am waiting for a print out of the history and maintenance visits and work. i collect on Friday. i'll be stripping, cleaning both the engine parts and the inside body parts and then will begin the transplant. I shall keep people appraised with photos and details of work. hoping to get a new clutch/flywheel. cold air induction kit, and maybe a couple of tasty bits while its all out. as well as rust treatment, a slight grease up (not that kind of grease up you dirty scoundrels :D) If anyone fancies giving us a hand, payment is in cake and beer, drop me a line. Thanks NF aka Deepan
  14. NuckingFuts

    S62 Rebuild

    There's not much of a history with the car, and i don't know if the vanos has been rebuilt, nor the guides and chains. It's more of a preventative procedure, and to help me to know that the engine is sound. That whatever has happened before, from that point the engine has no issues. Would it be possible to do the large bits, and then the smaller ones as time goes on? I've seen that the vanos solenoids, and a lot of the seals and o-rings can be replaced by simpletons like me. Muchos Gracias NF aka Deepan
  15. Hi all, So on Wednesday leaving work i got in to an accident with a white van man. He's accepted all liability and initially he wanted to pay for the repairs privately, but after he had a chat with his father, they decided to go through the insurance. My car is a pre-facelift 540i Touring, and was pretty much immaculate. it had a nice few extras too. what i want to find out is people's experiences when buying/selling specifically Auto 540i Tourings. I would appreciate if people would either reply here or PM me their prices. I don't want the car to be written off, but there are two full panels to be replaced and sprayed as well as a blow-in/colour matching of two more panels and the A-pillar as well. It looks to be off the road for a about two weeks in total for all the work. The one quotation i've got so far, estimates £3000 without the cost of a hire car for those two weeks; which for an equivalent vehicle is about another £1000 on top. Cars i found on AutoTrader and PistonHeads are between £6000 and £12,000 - however their miles are considerably lower than my 124k miles. If you guys have any other advice or experience in how to get the best out of the situation, please don't hesitate. Much appreciated. NF aka Deepan REC_2018_06_20_15_42_31_F.MP4 EVT_2018_06_20_15_43_19_F.MP4 REC_2018_06_20_15_43_50_F.MP4
  16. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring Auto sale/purchase prices

    If I don't try, then that means they're getting away with paying well under market value for a car that is most definitely worth more. Thus helping the rest of us. I am more than happy to fight, even if it means going round in circles, if it means a better outcome for all of us. I do understand that it's their interest to pay less, but irrespective of the fact that this incident isn't my fault, i still am obliged to report it to my insurers for the next 5 years, thus implying that i am more of a risk to insure, consequently inflating my premiums. It's indeed a vicious cycle/catch 22 situation of sorts, but I've not lost many of these fights, even when E30s were rock bottom prices, and i got them to value mine (as it was a pristine, low miler with no rust or welding) about 6/7 years ago. I don't want to flog a dead horse, but i'm not going to leave it at just the first price they give. I understand where people are saying that it's not worth the effort to argue/fight/negotiate, but while it is about the money, there's a wider precedent to set that with some effort, you can show people that your vehicle is worth more than their first offer. Cheers NF aka Deepan
  17. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring Auto sale/purchase prices

    The history and receipts show that it's been looked after. just shy of 127,000 miles, and with pre-facelifts the only difference was the bumpers. i had sport suspension specc'd to my car as per the build sheet. The history counts, as if they're looking at values in the open market, a car with a solid history will command more than a car with none, or less. Never had any welding, the only rust is around the hatch window on the boot door. While a manual 530d would be worth a bit, the straight 6's, unless they're individual or have a rare spec, won't go for big money. The E39 market is changing wildly and the V8s are going up in price at the moment, the black one on eBay has been for sale for a little while, and yes, i'm aiming high for £5000, but it worth more than the £3300 from the assessor, without a doubt. It's a completely original car, the only modification being the LPG system from the previous owner, and my iPad in the dash. I'll send over whatever i have to them, and speak to them on Monday and go from there. Thanks for everyone's help. NF aka Deepan
  18. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring Auto sale/purchase prices

    Dan, That's what i'm trying to get at. while my valuation may be on the high side, and implies a perfect car without blemishes, which mine isn't, but it is certainly worth more on the open market than just £3300. That valuation is way too low for the current market value and other cars that are on sale at the moment. It will 100% be repaired, and I would have replaced the wing today, but I don't have the correct size torx for the bolts along the top. Once I purchase them, then I can get started. If people can send me their sale/purchase details, it would be appreciated. Thanks NF aka Deepan
  19. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring Auto sale/purchase prices

    So a small but significant update, All the quotes had been submitted week before last, and the independent assessor came out and took some photos. He came back today, 6 days later, to quote £2700 and some shekels to repair the visual damage, it would obviously be open ended due to the need to assess the suspension. The assessors report, as above stated that the cost of repairs were ~£2700. They have come to the conclusion that the market value of the car is £3300 without the current accident damage. This is find suspect, due to current 540i Touring values, so again, all purchase and sale numbers would be greatly appreciated. I put the current market value at about £5000-£6000 as mine has a complete service history, every stamp at every interval and in between. Every receipt all in a folder. It has ~126,000 miles on the clock, has an LPG conversion, extendable load floor in the boot, is a pre-facelift, non-vanos M62, which runs superbly. there are a couple of scuff marks, but no rust in any of the usual places. It also has a tow bar attachment. it desperately needs a clean, but aside from that, I just don't see how they could have come to such a low value, with the cars that are on the market at the moment going for £5000+ I'm going to be submitting all the research I have so far, and as the assessor can't be reached today, is on annual leave tomorrow, it will be Monday before they can get him to look at anything again. Is there any advice on how to proceed from here? Essentially, I don't mind if they keep the Category N on there, as it can be removed, but i just want a fairer valuation for my car. I would be happy with £5000 and the car, but at this point, I would think that they wouldn't categorise the car, as the thresholds would have moved, in terms of cost of repair to market value of vehicle (Cat N being cost and hire car are 60-70% of the total value of the vehicle). Again, it would be greatly appreciated if people can send me the prices they have listed their cars for and/or the prices they have paid for their 540i Tourings, so that i can submit as much evidence to them as possible. Thanks NF aka Deepan
  20. NuckingFuts

    Photo up the black mountains

    saw some videos (from Nev) of this. looked glorious. i wish i could afford the E61 it's the only model of that shape i would ever consider.
  21. NuckingFuts

    S62 Rebuild

    Not really sure on the level of a rebuild, but i would say having the head skimmed, replacing the gaskets, fluids, o-rings etc. I do not have the funds for forged pistons/upgraded cams etc, so just a clean, skim and replace. The vanos on the preferred vehicle hasn't been replaced, yet, but i would assume Dr Vanos could give it a service. Not sure what that costs either. Thanks NF aka Deepan
  22. The Wheel Specialist have branches across the country and have good reviews, at least a couple of the local branches down south. Spit & Polish do a pick up & drop off service and usually take about a week turnaround. The Autowerks in Slough, Berkshire - not sure if they do a pickup/drop-off service but do wheel refurbs customers who bring cars/have them delivered direct from the showroom, sometimes without any miles on the odometer. They're reported to have the best CNC lathe in the business. NF aka Deepan
  23. NuckingFuts

    About to break a 2001 e39 touring 530i titan silver

    Hi mate, Do you have a rust free touring hatch window? Cheers Deepan aka NF
  24. NuckingFuts

    Recommended Headunit E39

    On first glance at the requirements, i would say Alpine ILX-700, but it's not DAB enabled. the 702E46 is but its about £800ish depending where you buy it from. iOS12 allows you to use Waze in Apple CarPlay, but I still need to test that, Apple Maps is ok, but I don't use it enough to be able to give an opinion on it. Not sure if Spotify would work via CarPlay, but it has an Aux/USB so you should be able to use that as a source and play the Spotify from you're phone and possibly use the steering controls to change song/volume. potentially. Hope that helps. @DennisCooper any ideas? NF aka Deepan
  25. NuckingFuts

    Factory Specification lookup website

    the HPI website can get the vin, i think you might be able to do different levels of checks, from a one off at £9.99 or up to three at £29.99 of if you do it often, you can get a trade account