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  1. Heathrow. I've just had my manual box etc delivered from Quarry after a delivery kerfuffle with Tuffnells. With this good 6 speed box you have, has the prop been shortened or is it the M5 prop? is it all ready to go or are there still bits needed to be sourced? Deepan ps: how's the F11?
  2. Sorry to reprise this thread, but has anyone made the 6 speed conversion work and work well? I'm about to do the Manual conversion with a manual diff as well, so hopefully the final drive and ratios will the better than the Auto Diff. Deepan
  3. Mine is with Footman James on a classic agreed at £3000 They accepted my word for it, as it's roughly the market value, I suspect that if there is anything else above market value, then you may need an assessor to come out and make a judgement. BMW Car Club do have people that can do an impartial one for you too I believe. Deepan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Got the parts coming today (finally) from Quarry. it's the 5speed, with the option to swap for the 6 speed at a later date, but with too much hacking up to do, i don't have the time, and with the gearbox about to give up the ghost at any time, it's better to get one in and then think about shorter props etc at a later date. Need to find me a Manual Gear Selector, Manual Diff, and a Clutch Kit (anyone got a trade account at ecp i can use?).
  5. 600x900 is likely the max dimensions. Some use an alpina IC, but they're as rare as rocking horse sh*t. I need to find the max available dimensions and have a chat with a few custom builders. I'm also looking at the hybrid turbo route as it's not that expensive.
  6. No worries, spoke to@jimmy and got myself another PAsoft cable so hopefully that one works. Cheers
  7. @akirk out of interest, what did you pay for this beauty?
  8. Cheers Dennis, helpful as always. As we've just spoken on the phone, i'll repeat for other's benefit. Called Quarry at 10am this morning. James is an absolute legend, even if he is a northerner. £640 including VAT and Delivery for a 5 Speed box, pedal box and everything else. Waiting on Phil Crouch @ CPC Performance Engineering to let me know If/When he can do his magic. @jimmy How long did it take for you to do Dennis's car? And did you do the ECU coding too? If I can get someone to do the wrench work, are you able to talk me through the coding? I'm also potentially in need of a new OBDII cable, as i think my one is a dud. software works, IP address for vmware changed and com port changed, but still a conflict somewhere. For some reason, the sun is out and I'm sweating my balls off. i'm going inside for an ice-cream. Anybody local to Heathrow got an OBDII cable and/or diagnostic software i can rent for an hour? @inkiboo? @j525i ? @El Turko ? @duncan-uk? I can donate to the Beer and/or Bacon fund. update: Quarry called back and said that while they can supply me with a 6 speed box, they don't want me to have to start butchering propshafts etc. so they're sending me a 5 speed, with the advice that should i want a 6 speed, then they will work something out on an exchange basis. So hopefully the bits should arrive before next weekend, with me looking to have it in and working on that weekend itself. Thanks Deepan
  9. Can anyone recommend a workshop that specialises in automatic gearboxes? I'm finding that when i put my foot down, the car really jerks under boost, and the gearbox light comes on, on the dash. it will go away after a while but shouldn't really do that when foot is to the floor. cold/warm starts isn't part of the problem as it happens at any time. under normal driving conditions, the auto box is fine, a bit lethargic, but otherwise ok. Will be getting it plugged in to the laptop this weekend, and do have a 'wanted' post out in the classified section, albeit not the most descriptive, asking for manual conversion bits. Thanks
  10. Need bits for a 530d E39 auto to manual conversion. Cheers
  11. Me too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nope, but when I went to get a quote for some body work (insurance job) they said that my VIN was affected. According to them, it's a quick job, in/out in a couple of hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I should be surprised if someone doesn't snap this up asap, however, devil's advocate, that price tag on a nearly 12-15year old car? Granted it is one of the best examples seen in a very long time, and goes like the clappers, but still. If I had that kind of cash, and this is just me listening to the voices in my head, I'd be buying the best of the cheapest and doing the same myself. And I know what situation this is, as I nearly did the same thing to my turbo E30 (it's not an ///M car but still) The turbo setup wouldn't sell by itself, and it's a very niche market for people to buy boosted cars that were intended to be N/A. Now I'm planning to take it a little further potentially. Aside from that small digression I wish you the very best of luck with the sale, and I echo Dan, that you certainly don't need it as it is such a beautiful example. Ps: Anyone need a kidney, lung and half a liver? £40k ono [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Would you take payment in organs? Absolutely phenomenal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. The prices of these cars are rising, this and the M5. With the new job and the commute, the short journeys might skew the mpg. If you have the space, and if I were you, I would park it up and let it appreciate. Got any pics? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk