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  1. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring hub swap

    I have an impact wrench. No air tools. And too far from my flat (ground floor) to plug in a compressor and use air tools. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring hub swap

    I need to try and borrow an angle grinder in that case. Getting a new bolt is easy as they have them in stock, or there's a company by my work (Apex Fasteners, Ipswich Road, Slough) and they have every bolt I could ever need. It's just getting the bleedin thing off. [emoji2959] Cheers Deepan Aka NF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NuckingFuts

    540i Touring hub swap

    So on the ice a few weeks ago, lost the back end and hit a kerb. Cracked the drivers side wheel hub (single lane Road). Trying to swap the hub over from the one in my M5 that I'm breaking for the S62 Touring project. The hub on the 540i doesn't want to come loose at all. Almost as if it's fused to the suspension leg. The 16mm bolt that holds the hub closed just turns and won't come out any further: It still has at least 5mm to travel before its half way, and crucially far enough to pry the hub to separate enough to slide it off the suspension leg. What am I doing wrong or what else do I need to do to complete this task. I'm about ready to give up and chuck it all in. Thanks. Deepan aka NF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. NuckingFuts


    E39 Touring Sport rear bumper. As these are in short supply colour is immaterial. Damage minimal if possible. Muchos Gracias Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. NuckingFuts

    E39 clear out

    Is the rear sport bumper for a touring? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. NuckingFuts

    Breaking 528i Biarritz blue touring E39

    Can you pm me some photos please? I may be able to come up and collect on Saturday if that works for you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. NuckingFuts

    Breaking 528i Biarritz blue touring E39

    Whereabouts are you chief? No wing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. NuckingFuts


    Yep. Sorry, should have made that clear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. NuckingFuts

    Breaking 528i Biarritz blue touring E39

    It's a long shot but I don't suppose you have any panels left of this? In need of a biarritzblau drivers wing and front bumper please. Cheers NF aka Deepan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. NuckingFuts


    I'm on the hunt for a drivers wing and front bumper in biarritzblau for an E39 Touring. Anywhere in the UK please. Very urgent. Thanks NF aka Deepan
  11. NuckingFuts

    Battery issues :'(

    She lives 14.11v at idle. Will take another measurement when I go to collect my prescription in a few minutes. Thanks Deepan 563652A6-73FB-4F08-B404-27DD1D33BC11.mp4
  12. NuckingFuts

    Battery issues :'(

    The S5 and S4 were the only ones listed and I have an S5 in the M5 so I thought I'd go for a matching pair. And I got a good deal on it through a friends trade account. I've done the dash/cluster test from the "hidden" menu and that came to 11.5-11.8v. I've managed to hide/tape away the mass of wiring that was in the way, and the battery is in situ, so making myself a cuppa (I earned it) and will get back to it in a minute.
  13. NuckingFuts

    Battery issues :'(

    No, but I did the voltage test on the dash and that came to 11.5v-11.8v which should mean a fully discharged battery. When connected to a jump pack it measures at 12.0v both at the terminals in the 'bay and at the battery. I don't have an ammeter to check the current flowing but as advised (by @d_a_n1979) I'll drop (as carefully as possible) the new battery in and pray for the best.
  14. NuckingFuts

    Battery issues :'(

    I'm not sure how old the battery is, I've not got any paperwork to show the previous owner had a new one installed in his ~16-18 years of ownership, so I can only assume it's the first one. A Bosch S4. It's definitely not easy to get a battery in/out, even with being able to kneel in there, as it's still down in a low corner with trim and so much wiring in the way. Almost as if they designed it purposefully for people to avoid doing it. I've got a pull out boot floor so that gives a bit of room, but not much, and not sure how much that would impact taking the floor out. The biggest issue is navigating the excess wiring that's in the way, and determining if it is just a case of a knackered battery at the end of its life cycle or if anything else is at play? It's also worth noting that the starter motor was replaced two years ago, just before I bought it.
  15. NuckingFuts

    Battery issues :'(

    Ladies and gents, boys and girls; So earlier this month my battery died after I hadn't driven my 540i Touring (BZ15060) in about 8 days. RAC came and with two jump packs it started and ran sweet. I took the battery out of the car and charged it for about ~30 hours. Battery in the next day and all was well. Cue 10 days later (Christmas eve no less) and I drove to pets at home. The mutt hates me clipping his nails so I thought I'd treat the twat to a wash and clip and the works. Come 90 minutes later and the car won't turn over again. Radio, lights and such all work, just no crank/spark. I've wrangled the battery out and bought a bosch S5 019 as a replacement. The battery compartment in a touring is the worst idea known to man. What the Germans were thinking when they decided to shoehorn a battery into that tiny space I have no idea. I'm almost afraid to put the new battery in incase I break a wire of some kind and it all goes kaboom. Does anyone have any idea as to why the battery would die twice, and in 90 minutes at all? Dash cam was disconnected so no drain there, although that's never been an issue in the year+ I've had that in, however the charger in the cig socket was in there (no cable / phone connected). Also if anyone has any ideas on an easier way to slide the battery in, that would also be welcome. Muchos thanks amigos Ps: there's extra wiring there for the tow bar, and LPG system that the previous owner has installed. I've not fettle about with the car at all, aside from the radio and wheels. All is factory in that respect.