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  1. Hi guys, This is just a recommendation. Kevin from Intimate Detail has just spent the last 2 days doing correction work on my car, and what a transformation he's pulled off! The paint looks wet and all of the scratches I thought there would be no way he'd remove are gone. Especially with the car having a rough past, and at least 3 different spray jobs on it. He's a real perfectionist too - he wasn't happy with the finish on the bonnet when the car was pulled out into the sun, but instead of just being satisfied he said he wasn't happy with it, and would redo the panel on day 2. The car had one really bad wing on it, and even that has come up like new. It's taken years off the car. Kevin is a real petrolhead. He openly admits he does this because he enjoys it and that definitely shines through (pun not intended) in his work. He's very competitively priced and was honest from the outset on what he could fix, and what was beyond fixing and would need spraying. I'd have no hesitation at all in recommending him to anyone. He really does know his stuff! Mark
  2. I tend to keep a photo diary of every ECU that gets mapped and I thought it might be nice just to have somewhere to post them so people can see what I get up to! Today we have.... An Iveco Daily that has been mapped in the past very poorly, lots of smoke under load and plenty missed in the map. It had also been re-sealed with bathroom sealant! And I've also got a 330D LCI 241BHP ECU here being done by post. This will produce about 310BHP mapped with speed limiter delete.
  3. Haha thanks! I've had a few years of practice at it so it's not that scary now!
  4. I'm based in Deeside and have Carly. Can activate video in motion for you no problem.
  5. Hi guys. I'm looking for the part numbers for the area around the microfilters on the car. I am missing the rubber seal that runs left to right, all of the screws that held the panels down and the trim piece in the middle that joins the two sides together that the filters sit in. I've searched RealOEM, but I can only find the under the windscreen panel, not the bits that sit under the engine bay. If anyone has any part numbers for these bits I'd be very grateful! I'd like to point out they were all there apart from the middle panel piece until Autoglass put the new windscreen in. Cheers.
  6. God damnit I feel like an idiot. I was going through bodywork panels! Thanks a lot dude.
  7. Tonight I've pulled the wiper arms off to give them a refurb. They were looking tired and it was bugging me - presently hung up on the garage door with the first coat of paint drying! Oh yes, what a Saturday night.
  8. Another few in today. A3 2.0TDi on a 62 plate, done through the diagnostic port, added an EGR delete to a Mondeo done previously, and a 330D tuned to stage 2. The same settings on another car made 322BHP. The customer requested winding it right up!
  9. You're not wrong they're incredible to drive! I just wouldn't want to do 20k a year in one especially when most of it is round town.
  10. It's all been the same as usual this week so no massive picture spam posts, but there was quite a nice one in today. These again are tuned low from the factory. 457BHP standard in the C63 but a stage 1 will make around 510BHP. This one had been decatted in preparation for mapping so was pushed harder and mapped for higher octane fuel. It'll be making around 530BHP. He came back with the window down and just shouted OH MY GOD as he pulled back up. It had a full tank in it when he brought it in. That'll all be gone by the end of the night! Programmed through the diagnostic port but an ID only ECU so no data can be extracted from the ECU, only written unless it's removed and opened up. A stock file was located and that was modified then programmed in.
  11. Good spec if not £200 over the budget.
  12. Does he need a big boot or not? 3 series isn't that big in the back.
  13. Some cars have a separate injector for the DPF that fires diesel in. The BMW systems rely on changing the injection timing to build the heat up in the exhaust system. The correct temperature (IIRC around 600 degrees) has to be reached inside the DPF for the regen to happen successfully and the pressure sensors either side of the filter work out the quantity of soot inside from the pressure differential, along with some other factors such as fuel quantity burnt.
  14. I'm sorry I have no idea about how to fix the problem, it's possible the horn isn't plugged in. But that made me burst out laughing
  15. My dads A8 leaks water in, thanks for posting that video I'll be doing the same thing!
  16. I have yes and I've seen photos of it on other sites around the internet! It looks like a hell of a place for a wander round. It's just a struggle getting the time to do it, although the later summer nights help. I need to go back to Denbigh at some point. There's not a lot of it left that's safe to wander round now. Someone torched a part of it recently too. Such a shame, it's one hell of a building. This photo isn't mine, I didn't have the balls to stand in view of the street and someones house to take it! If it's something you're interested in though, I definitely recommend a visit before there's nothing left to see. From what I've heard it's deteriorating very quickly.
  17. I tend to spend my spare time out and about with a camera getting myself into... Interesting places! I've yet to be stabbed/mugged/mentally damaged by the people I've met along the way, but there is always a bit of a flight or fight reaction. It's always better spotting people from a distance so you can work out if they're friend or foe. I must say though the vast majority of people are friendly. This basement shot was in Denbigh asylum with a mate. It was quite fun crawling round down there but I'm pretty sure all the shit in the air coming off the pipes has knocked a few years off my life.
  18. I've seen it done on a Russian site I think, looked pretty involved but I think it would be well worth it. I'll see if I can find the link.
  19. B4 were always akin to none sport suspension styles. B6 was generally regarded for sport suspension and standard to 30mm lowering springs. B8 were shorter shocks designed for 40mm and lower springs.
  20. Thats about right for a 231 330D. You can push them up to around 320, but I don't normally advise that. They go sodding well at 300!
  21. Hi guys, Has anyone ever coded in the light sensitivity menu on CIC? I know it can be done on Carly if the car has CCC, but I have no idea about CIC. Mine turn on when I drive under a tree and it's doing my nut in. I have Jimmys cable etc. Cheers.
  22. I like that. Did you have to chop the plug off the loom and solder some wire on to run to the lights?
  23. Decatted downpipes give very good gains. 70BHP can be gained with full decats and mapping.
  24. Honestly the standard hoses are up to the task, it's just a shame they're quite expensive. I didn't think they would be but I'm holding 2.8bar of boost through mine on all standard pipework and I have no problems at all with it. A mapped x35D should really be around 2bar on a stage 1, and up to 2.4bar on stage 2. I've yet to blow one to bits, and @iiNNeX can vouch for how it gets driven!
  25. That looks brilliant. It's one hell of an imposing front end on it.