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  1. What's being worked on today?

    I tend to keep a photo diary of every ECU that gets mapped and I thought it might be nice just to have somewhere to post them so people can see what I get up to! Today we have.... An Iveco Daily that has been mapped in the past very poorly, lots of smoke under load and plenty missed in the map. It had also been re-sealed with bathroom sealant! And I've also got a 330D LCI 241BHP ECU here being done by post. This will produce about 310BHP mapped with speed limiter delete.
  2. What's being worked on today?

    Joys of being GM ownership. I was sat in it thinking I'm sure I've seen that centre screen and indicator stalks, light controls etc in an Insignia. I can forgo the interior just for the noise though. We have it for a week so I want to try and record the sound as it flies by. It does have a GET OUT OF MY WAY front end though. I did one junction up the motorway in it (just cruising so the gearbox would come back to normal) and EVERYONE moved out of its way to let it past!
  3. What's being worked on today?

    No takers? it probably was quite difficult! I REALLY want one of these though! Mapped with full decat. Sounds like a mobile thunderstorm. Should probably add to the engine management light wasn't on when mapping was finished - a result of the decat!
  4. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I do love your car.
  5. What's being worked on today?

    Let's see who can work out what this is. Not a big clue otherwise I'll give it away. In for stage 2 today. It didn't start out as RHD so think import.
  6. e61 M5

    89mm tips? They look the perfect size.
  7. Another oldie worth dusting off.

    Brilliant. I need to print that off and put it on the wall in work as a reminder as to why ALL of the information is necessary when I'm asking for it!
  8. E60 LCI 535d M5 brakes clearance.

    Will you let us know how you get on with the 18s dude? Someone is buying my M5 discs (possibly) and we're wondering if they'll clear the 18s or not.
  9. Hi guys, Just a quick one to say the Cable Shack D-CAN cable works perfectly with an OTG adapter and xHP Flashtool for gearbox mapping. I've tested it tonight and had no issues on a Galaxy S7 Edge.
  10. What's being worked on today?

    I've met with one of my tuning partners this morning whilst he was in the UK just for a catch up and he's get me up to speed on some of the new engine tunes (they're always being revised, never any dramatic changes, just the odd little tweak here and there) one of which is for the F10 M5 and M6, be it the regular M5 or M6, the 30 year edition model or the Competition model. They're all the same engine underneath.The stage 1 and 2 tunes have been tweaked a touch, they've had a M5 in for stage 3 development work which allowed them to do some more work on stage 1 and 2. Original power: 560BHP and 680Nm torque Stage 1: 680BHP and 850Nm of torque (120BHP and 170Nm increase) Stage 2: 720BHP and 920Nm of torque (160BHP and 240Nm increase - full decat required) The car would be required for the full day (due to the two ECUs being water cooled, they're not straight forward to remove) and both ECUs need to be drilled to allow access inside. Stage 1 would start from (depending on any optional extras like pops and bangs) £430 + VAT Stage 2 would start from £480+VAT and decat downpipes can also be supplied and fitted - we have a full workshop. Please contact for more information.
  11. My wife does read some shit...

    I can see both sides to this. Whilst yes Blackpool isn't exactly Paris, you're booking into a hotel in the UK, not some one horse town in Uganda. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect it to actually be clean even if it is as basic as it can be.
  12. What's being worked on today?

    I'm sure a couple of you will have noticed the lack of updates to this thread. Well a new business venture working for someone else has resulted in me going back into engine tuning after a brief hiatus. I wasn't cut out for the 8am starts and 1am the next day finishes and doing everything else that comes along with running your own business so after a long hard decision I packed it in, but I've been recruited by a company that amongst other things builds drift cars and wanted to offer engine tuning along with a few other things in the pipeline. I've now got a full garage behind me. So a new gaff requires some new equipment! New programming frame, the old one was a bit battered. Dedicated computer for the job, microscope on the way soon, 30 minute UPS backup for all equipment (on the remote chance power drops or surges whilst an ECU is being read or written to), and ESD protection for anywhere ECUs are worked on. We are aiming to be the cleanest (even have dedicated clean office space) safest place in the local area for engine tuning. More definitely on the way!
  13. About 8:45 tonight. If you're on here it looks awesome!
  14. Hi guys, Well I've never done a project thread before so sorry if this doesn't follow the usual way of doing things! I bought the car August 2016 as a cat D write off (oh what a giggle this turned out to be) for £6250 with 120k on it. The car itself looked good. It had some crap pre-LCI headlights in it where the loom had obviously been chopped to make them work, but the panels lined up well, there were no knocks or bangs and a look underneath revealed all new suspension arms etc on the drivers side. We took it out for a test drive and it pulled well, the engine sounded relatively healthy, if not a little tappy. There was a little bit of a whine from the small turbo but I knew they weren't the strongest so didn't worry about that. And the airbag warning light was on so I plugged my scanner in and it was for the drivers side belt tensioner. I haggled the seller down from his £7k asking price and drove it away that night after driving down from near Chester to Birmingham to look at it. I followed my then business partner back in his 635D which it kept up with no problem, there was a judder from the front when the brakes were hot, but that was it. It cruised home up the M6 with nothing noteworthy other than 2 knackered numberplate bulbs and the boot release handle didn't work, but was fine on the key and the button in the car. I gave it a wash the next day and ordered a new belt tensioner. That got fitted and the light cleared. Woo no more issues! No. Because I was off work ill, I ended up chucking it into a local garage to sort out the brakes. No problem, new calipers on the front along with new discs and new pads. New discs and pads went on the back too. I hoped this would've been the last of the brake problems but oh no! Comes to that later! About a week later it put the DPF warning light on. A quick check showed it was getting up to temperature no problem so it went on the ramp in work and we saw the intercooler was leaking quite badly on the drivers side. I assume a second hand cooler had been fitted after the smash. Weill it would be rude not to do a DPF modification whilst in there wouldn't it. Wagner Tuning intercooler and DPF delete pipe ordered. These were fitted and the car was then mapped to stage 2. I did this for a living at the time and with it being my own car, I stuck on our stage 2 tune that is usually reserved for cars under 100,000 miles due to wear and tear. Boost up to 2.4bar and 1740bar max rail pressure amongst other tweaks. Above 100,000 we usually go for max boost 2.1bar and 1700bar max rail pressure depending on the condition and what the owner tells us. The car rolled 296BHP/413ftlbs with the DPF out, and 404BHP/550ftlbs on the stage 2. The EGR was mapped shut at the same time. I'd ordered other odds and sods in this time. New side repeaters with LEDs in to get rid of the knackered standard ones that were all faded. New M badges for the wheels and new boot and bonnet emblems in black and white. The suspension also got a full refresh at the time. New shocks and Eibach springs all round. The standard CCC was rough when I got it - it wouldn't respond to the wheel in the middle and started to get worse so a full CIC kit was ordered from Latvia and fitted in. It was nice having working sat nav again! I lived with it as it was for a couple of months, just doing oil changes every 5k miles and a gearbox fluid change. The rattling was getting much worse, on start up so I was really beginning to suspect the chain tensioner and the small turbo was getting more and more whiney. I left it at a trusted garage I do work for for them to look at and they also suspected chain. No problem I'll get it booked in and sort it out in the next few weeks or so. And look at the brakes again. There was a vibration when the brakes were hot. On leaving the car park, the brakes failed! The pedal went rock hard and no amount of pressure would stop the car. Luckily I only bumped up a kerb at the back reversing it when they failed. The garage stripped the car down to look at the servo... Which had a MASSIVE dent in the bottom of it. We assume from the drivers wheel hitting it when it was in its smash. Nice to know it was fixed properly. A brake servo was ordered and they went through the car with a fine tooth comb for me. This was not the garage that had fitted the front brakes the first time round, and they found one of the bleed screws loose on the passenger side which had dripped fluid down onto the rim and eaten the paint. Unreal. Anyway that got sorted out with the new servo and a 4 wheel alignment. Next job was the chain and the turbos. The car was booked in and left with the garage I use. The turbos were removed and both sent away for conversion to hybrid spec. The engine was then stripped down, chain replaced and quite a few ancillary parts were done at the same time such as water pump, swirl flaps removed, new tappets etc. Everything that could be done easily without taking the engine to bits. 3 weeks from start to finish including the turn around time for the turbos. I was delighted to have it back. This is how it looked in the mean time whilst being worked on. I gave the car a few weeks to bed in the turbos before mapping to stage 3. After that I was onto my contact in the Netherlands that did some of my files for their stage 3 with small hybrids. This took boost up to 2.7bar. The difference was immediate. Despite not gaining as much in BHP as I was hoping, the MASSIVE dollop of extra torque really throws it down the road. It just pulls and pulls and pulls. The rolling road result was 420BHP and 606ftlbs. Somewhat more than what the gearbox was rated for but it seems to be handling it fine. The fuel will be wound up more when I install methanol in the future. Ideally I'd like to change the big turbo again to allow me to run 3.0bar boost in the future and fit the R90 fuel pump that'll allow more fuel through whilst sustaining higher pressures. This combined with methanol injection should result in around 500BHP/630-640ftlbs at the crank. I wouldn't want to go much higher than this without beefing up the gearbox and the bottom end of the engine. As it stands it's still the untouched original bottom end and top end. As it stands, the car has run in this configuration for the past 6 months with no issues at all. I have also put on the xHP Stage 3 gearbox flash which has made a massive difference to the car and how it drives. Gear changes are now instant, and sport mode is almost vigorous - it slams into the next gear and just pulls instantly. No delay. It has become apparent however that it needs better brakes. It is VERY easy to get up to naughty speeds in it VERY quickly. Which then means having to stop too. Which is OK for the first few goes but after that the brakes are seriously hot. M5 discs have arrived in preparation for a future upgrade at some point when I find some calipers and get them rebuilt. More in part 2!
  15. My E60 535D - a tale of loving it, and wanting to torch it

    It's like Christmas has come early. Or massively late depending on how you look at it. After USPS losing the first set of headlights (how do you do that the box is massive!) I received the new set today. They were posted on the 22nd and arrived today. I'll be fitting them one night next week. Orion DTM halo rings, FXR bi-xenon kit and 35w 5000k HID kit. And a red devil eye inside the projectors.
  16. My E60 535D - a tale of loving it, and wanting to torch it

    Gotta love auto correct!
  17. My E60 535D - a tale of loving it, and wanting to torch it

    Eeeeeeee! I'm all excited! I drove it home today, fixed. It had looked sorry for itself sat in the car park at work for the last couple of days so I thought I better start on it. Drop the oil and collect the sample for analysis. Oil dropped, sample collected and fresh oil in. One of the mechanics was looking over it, walked off, came back with a crowbar and moved the engine slightly. Bolt on the drivers side engine mount was loose! He tightened it back up and took it for a blast up the road - knocking gone! I was so overjoyed I could see sounds. Methanol... Back on track!
  18. DDE Removal

    Do you mean the wiring harnesses that connect to the ECU? I can walk you through ECU removal if you need I have some photos from when I was mapping one in work.
  19. What are you listening to?

    *bump* Blasting this all day in work. Good for background noise!
  20. Cats for 550i

    Just stick decent sports cats in it. The exhaust place I used to work at would charge roughly £450-£500 for two 200 cell sports cats fitted. 200 cell will just pass an MOT, 400 cell definitely will, and standard is 800 cell.
  21. Looks to be an end to an era :( 535d gearbox issues

    I agree with you. For sheer straight line speed (unless you've bought the V12 diesel!) the 5er will have it no problem. Same as throwing it round corners obviously. Quiet, really comfy but doesn't really wallow too much I found, and feels as well if not better screwed together than the E60 does. People label them as crap with the Chelsea tractor image, which is unfair. Get in one and live with it for a bit then you might see why they're so good.
  22. Looks to be an end to an era :( 535d gearbox issues

    There's nothing wrong with a Q7. I used one for work a few weeks ago just to move some stuff in. For sheer load lugging capacity and a do ANYTHING ability (including off road if you put proper 4x4 tyres on it) I really don't think they can be beaten. I'm seriously considering either a Q7 or a Touareg as a next car.
  23. cableshack k+dcan owners, I have a question

    Mine works true to the ignition - not faked.
  24. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I had the chains etc done and the turbos but the engine wasn't opened. I'd run out of money at the time so I couldn't reshell it. Think that's bitten me.
  25. My E60 535D - a tale of loving it, and wanting to torch it

    Well I think I've broken it. There's a knocking sound coming from the engine somewhere after a pretty long spirited drive before. Will be parking it up and sending an oil sample off for analysis to see if anything shows in the oil. Hopefully not but if it needs a bottom end rebuild then it needs a bottom end rebuild. It's done well, a lot more power and torque than standard with just shy of 140k on the engine.