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  1. If you want to try other oils aside from the ZF oil, give Opie Oils in Cornwall a call. They're very helpful and will be able to recommend you a suitable oil. They may even say stick with ZF only but they're the experts at this kind of thing.
  2. Unless you're fitting the clutch and flywheel yourself, honestly I'd find a local decent independent BMW specialist, check them out on the internet for reviews and let them deal with it. If they're supplying the parts and there's an issue in future, it's their issue not yours - you'll save yourself massive headaches if there's issues in the future. However if you still want to supply your own parts, price it from BMW. It may not be as scary as you think - but this is only speculation!
  3. Replaced the shit all black BMW badges with some black and white ones that match the ones on the wheels. In doing this I discovered the previous owner must've tried to dig the original boot lid one out with screwdrivers and a hammer. Down to the metal. Put a layer of rust converter on it just in case any had got in (it looked OK but better to not tempt fate) and I'll put some paint on it tomorrow. Oh, and avoiding some halfwit that didn't know how wide his Insignia was, I scraped the front passenger wheel.
  4. If people successfully manage this and get it working, post it up here and I'll edit the guide with a list of confirmed engines and model years it works on.
  5. It's a quick run down the M56, but try DMW in Deeside. I've used them before. They can also do a gearbox software update to ensure your box has the latest software in.
  6. Link has been updated, a couple of typos fixed and credit given to Jake for bringing this to everyones attention! Instrument cluster coding
  7. Make sure ECP are supplying the correct parts. I've had similar on a Mitsubishi Shogun. They supplied a genuine clutch and flywheel (LUK and Sachs I believe),but the part number they had was incorrectly listed. They all fitted fine, but within a month the flywheel was rattling and the clutch had started to slip. They dug further into it and found the information they had was wrong, they then ordered the correct kit and that was fitted with no issue.
  8. I'm going to make 2 changes to it later on today, I need to credit jake13 in it, because I hadn't heard of it being done until he posted it up here, and show the before and after effect of the checksum correction. I'll update the link when it's done.
  9. Ordered new front discs and pads for it, again. Might get round to fitting my braided brake lines that've been here for about 5 months at the same time!
  10. Odd, it should be OK hosted on the forum! Try this one instead. Instrument cluster coding Let me know if the forum link starts to work so I can remove the link to work!
  11. Have fun guys, my fingers now hurt! How to code E6x instrument cluster to show oil temp instead of MPG.pdf
  12. I should have the instructions done tonight, I'm writing them up now. I'm gonna test on my car again to make sure they're right then post them here for everyone.
  13. I was thinking of posting a thread like this a while ago but forgot about it - glad someone has done it! It's good to share music. I've found many other artists this way through forums. I heard/watched this for the first time about a month ago and I keep finding myself going back to it. It certainly tugs at the heart strings a bit. And Within Temptation who I've been a fan of for years but have never seen. I'd pay a lot of money to see these guys play live like this. This is a full concert below but the video introduction is quite long so this should start 5 minutes in. Any rock/metal band that can perform a live concert with nothing pre recorded, a choir and an orchestra behind them will never cease to amaze me. If you're just flicking through the concert some of the best performances are Fire and Ice at 21:09 and Our Solemn Hour at 25:20 but if you like them I'd recommend the whole concert!
  14. Couldn't agree more. One of the best cars I've driven for this that I can think of is VW Touraeg (sp?). Revs and speed, screen in the middle for computer/sat nav instructions, but also fuel, water temp, oil temp and battery voltage. And yet somehow it all still looked uncluttered. I really wish BMW had done similar with their dashboards. I know they're better now they include oil temp on the F10, but still.
  15. Mine doesn't move either, I've only ever seen one that did and I'm pretty sure it was a 520D. I'm not sure if mine is broken or just never did it in the first place!
  16. I've not got any pictures of it, but that dashed line around the edge is far higher on a cold engine, I think it sits at about 4k, then as the engine progressively warms up it moves further round to the redline and stops where yours or mine is. In regards to your question higher up about the different gauge, in some countries the given measurement is litres per 100km. That's what is showing on the dash in one of the instruction posts.
  17. I was under the impression that bit at the side of the rev counter was supposed to move. I've certainly seen it move on other 5 series but mine never has. For anyone local I'm happy to code this for you. Just let me keep experimenting on mine first!
  18. Right played more. After about 10 miles I have deduced running temp is about 80 degrees. It got to 80 and pretty much sat there, and that was cruising down the motorway and then a quick play in 2nd and 3rd on the way home. I now have 50mpg showing as 80. I'm going to try and offset this more by starting the scale at 40 rather than 50, and go up the scale in increments of 20 instead of 25 thus running temp would be needle pointing straight down at 80 degrees. Max gauge temp would then be 120. The coding for temperature only has 5 divisions from what I can tell, not 6 so the 16MPG line is effectively not there. Perfect for the OCD! It's already irritating me being off to one side. But enough playing tonight I have brain ache.
  19. I'm hoping so, yes. I've also emailed the company I found a while ago that make custom gauge dials. If it's not massively expensive I'll order a set and swap it over so it'll look like it should.
  20. Like a boss! Sunday I'll do a proper write up of how to do it. It's actually not that difficult. Next I'm going to change the divisions on the gauge to bring the needle in at 50 degrees instead of 75.
  21. I think I've done it - I'm just going out for a drive now to warm the car up but fingers crossed! Taken 2 sodding hours!
  22. *bump* I'm sat in the car now trying to program this, but I keep getting ERROR BIN BUFFER in the status window at the start. I have double checked and the argument is entered correctly. Does anyone have any idea on this? Cheers
  23. I really want to stick my finger in that to know what it feels like but I know I'd be scrubbing the black out of my nails for weeks. Pull the manifold off and do as Jake said. The inlet isn't a patch on the outlet where the manifold joins the head so if it's that bad up there god knows what it must be like where it joins the head. Whilst the manifold is off remove the swirl flaps so you're not having to pull it off twice. Glow plugs can be changed with the manifold off too.
  24. I'll be bookmarking that for future reference!
  25. Give TDi Turbos in Dorset a ring. They may be able to help you out if you explain your situation to them. I've used them like Midland in work a few times before. 01202 825650