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  2. Thats effectively £60 per hour + VAT labour. That's pretty reasonable.
  3. There could be a multitude of sensors or anything that could cause this. A failing MAF sensor, MAP sensor, 02 sensor in the exhaust or even down to things like a weak fuel pump could cause it and they won't always throw fault codes. Sometimes you'll just get a good one or a bad one. I've seen 335Ds throw up fuel pump faults with 50k on the car at a stage 1 tune level causing them to have to be detuned a bit, and mine's the opposite at 130k banging out 70bar more pressure than a stage 1 map with no problem at all. I'm not sticking up for Avon here (they're technically competition), but Avons maps aren't bad compared to some I've seen from other tuners. In answer to your questions though, yes, someone could very well wind it up harder and try and push the power out of it. However generally this is a bad idea because making XYZ change on XYZ engine creates the same result (within reason) on all of them - there is quite literally a science to it. And if for whatever reason your engine won't do it, then there's going to be a reason behind it. And 80% of the time it is not the fault of a remap. A full EGR removal would be advisable, but it will not cause a lack of power unless it's sticking open. And I doubt this is your issue because it would've been present pre remap too. I wouldn't worry about damaging the engine though. I know of at least 1 325D running methanol injection and a hybrid turbo with 535D injectors (from memory) knocking out just over 350BHP with no problems at all. The engines are very very strong. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, go for the rolling road run and see what happens. Just take the figures with a pinch of salt if they're wildly different from Avons. It's not hard to make a rolling road lie one way or another. I know one guy that ran 2 rolling roads on the same day and came out over 30BHP different between them.
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a company that makes the uprated lower boost pipe for the 35D engine? I can find one that fits the 3 series from Forge, but not 5 series. I'm looking into hybrid turbos in the new year which will be sustaining 2.6-2.8bar boost, I'm at 2.4bar now. There's no way the stock one that's already leaking on it now will be able to take that! Cheers everyone.
  5. No dude just drain and fill. Pretty sure it's a fill it until it comes out the fill hole and you're all done.
  6. Thanks for letting me know dude I'll be ordering as soon as one becomes available!
  7. 83222365987 is the part number for the diff oil from BMW. I can't remember the weight of the oil but I just used BMWs own stuff.
  8. More than likely there's a leak and it's lost the refrigerant but it's easy enough to check the pressures with the correct equipment. If the pressure is too low the system won't turn on incase it damages something. A decent air con specialist should be able to find the leak for you and replace parts accordingly.
  9. That may well be controlled by the engine management on a diesel. I've certainly had cars before that with the clutch dipped wouldn't drop the idle all the way down until the car was stationary.
  10. It makes an impressive bang if you put the handbrake on with it slid out.
  11. Make sure your vacuum pipe that runs to the EGR is correctly blocked off. The vacuum system controls the change over between the small and large turbo. A big vac leak will create issues with that.
  12. Shamelessly copied from Pistonheads. Who would your vote be? I'm trying to narrow it down between Obama, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and Elon Musk.
  13. Are you willing to travel? The ECU case will need a hole drilling in the back side or the board flipping over in order to do the map. The drilled hole is less risky than trying to flip the board. 370-380BHP is about right for a good stage 1 tune.
  14. They are yes by far. I applied for a job years ago to be based in Singapore working on these beasts at sea. Failed the sodding medical on eyesight.
  15. Sod the DPF, imagine doing the oil change! I know these types of engines don't actually get oil changes, the level and quality is monitored and the additive package is topped up as necessary from memory. But still. Imagine having to dispose of that!
  16. You should be able to download it again if you still have the same Play Store account.
  17. And I'm crying laughing. If you can't spell it you certainly shouldn't be doing it.
  18. Probably about £3.5k since September. Some parts optional some parts not.
  19. Probably about an hour away from you but very well regarded.
  20. If you've never changed one of those cylindrical ones before, you WILL tear your hair out and imagine doing terrible things to the BMW design engineer that decided that was a suitable design for an air filter.
  21. Mine does this when the engine is running and it can be heard when switched off. Does the x30D engine have an electric water pump as well as a mechanical one? I've had my main water pump replaced.
  22. That's a hell of a good finish from a rattle can!
  23. Is that a 535D? Could be an oil feed to one of the turbos under the heatshield has a leak.
  24. Speak to Cotswold BMW on here. I believe BMW even sell a wiring harness for the later rear lights. They'll be able to help you out.