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  1. Hi guys, I have my old springs for sale here. They've been on the car about 8 months. There's nothing wrong with them, I just wanted to go lower than the Eibachs dropped it. Eibachs were more comfy though! I can arrange fitting for these too, but that is price on application. 4 wheel alignment can also be carried out too. They're about £190-£210 to buy new, so I'm putting these up for £120 including postage. Fitting and wheel alignment would be charged as extra. Postage would be via 48 hour courier.The Eibach part number is - E10-20-011-02-22.
  2. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    Not quite grandad mode, but it's designed more for economy driving and just a smoother box. This is the xHP information on stage 1. Optimized D Shiftpoints to facilitate sporty, yet economy style driving Optimized Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving Optimized Warmup Behaviour Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear Adapted Torque Limits for Tuned engines Kickdown delete in Manual Mode Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes
  3. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    LCI N53 530i is supported but at present there's only stage 3 available. Stage 3 The Stage 3 file kind of changes everything from the standard calibration. Shiftpoints, shiftpressures and timings are adapted in all modes, to improve shift-speeds significantly. S and M modes shift aggressively with throttle blips and super-fast upshifts. S revs out all the way to 7000 and M let's you hit the rev-limiter like in manual car. If you love having fun with your car, this is the Stage for you. Current Version: V1.0 Version: V1.0 - Gear Display in dash in all modes - Changed Shiftpoints in all modes to facilitate responiveness - True Manual mode in M (no forced upshift at RPM limiter) - Crisp, fast up and downshifts in S and M - Minimum paddle reaction time in M - 25% Quicker shifts in D mode - RPM Limit in S raised to 7000
  4. 535D What Additives

    I've used 2 stroke in the past and never had an issue. It really does make the engines run quiet doesn't it! Just don't overdo it on the mix, I used to use about 120ml to a full tank. Worked wonders. Noticeably quieter engine, smoother running too.
  5. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    Yes that's mine
  6. 535D What Additives

  7. 535D What Additives

    Running it on V-Power or the equivalent will be the best thing you can do. If you've not had the car long, I've used Millers additives in the past and had good results with them.
  8. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    I have dude yes! I looked at getting my turbos from the ones in the video too! Eventually when I get round to sorting the exhaust it'll sound like that. Not that I've had the tips in a box for the last 5 months or anything! Might get round to it next year!
  9. I put my car on the dyno this weekend to see what she was making with a couple of mods. I've done Wagner Tuning intercooler, their DPF delete pipe and map. I'm on my original turbos with 125,000 miles on them. Stock run was the best of 3 but the intercooler and DPF delete pipe had been on for about a month, car was just flashed to stock for the dyno run. I'm more than happy with this. Next I might look into going down the methanol injection route because I don't want to take the boost higher than it is now on the stock turbos. 404BHP/549ftlbs.
  10. What's being worked on today?

    PM me the reg dude and I will see what I can get for you! Fitting not an issue if you fancy a road-trip either!
  11. What's being worked on today?

    I tend to keep a photo diary of every ECU that gets mapped and I thought it might be nice just to have somewhere to post them so people can see what I get up to! Today we have.... An Iveco Daily that has been mapped in the past very poorly, lots of smoke under load and plenty missed in the map. It had also been re-sealed with bathroom sealant! And I've also got a 330D LCI 241BHP ECU here being done by post. This will produce about 310BHP mapped with speed limiter delete.
  12. What's being worked on today?

    Photo filter makes that look far worse than it is! All cars get foot mats in too you are correct though - we are cleaning this week hopefully after the end of the snow.
  13. Recommend a commuter car

    About the same as any other car really. Key to them is run them on premium fuel. Like nearly all modern direct injection engines, they suffer with the inlets coking up (requires walnut blasting to clear) because the fuel doesn't wash over the backs of the valves to keep them clean. Normally identified by lack of performance. They don't have anywhere near the same amount of problems the older 1.4TSi engines do though. I have a whole different set of terms and conditions just for remapping those engines! The new ones aren't as unreliable though. As far as I know though in regards to anything else they're just a decent car that does what it says on the tin really. Might be worth googling a few of the VW forums or Passat specific forums to see if there's any threads on common issues.
  14. What's being worked on today?

    Finally got round to fitting springs to mine today! We've also had a few services in! And more to do this afternoon! We can supply and fit nearly any performance part for most manufacturers. So if you need anything, just let me know. Springs, shocks, chassis bracing, brakes (standard and uprated), exhaust systems, intercoolers, you name it we can sort it for you. Couple of photos of mine and a Corsa in for oil and filter. 4 wheel alignment will be done later on this afternoon if there's time! (Need to wash the car again I know before someone points that out!)
  15. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    If you were closer I'd say come and try mine! Stage 3 is the one to have. Still faster and smooth driving in D, but sport and manual are on another level. It's worth it just for the throttle blips on downchanges!
  16. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    I run it on my car and it's completely different to the standard BMW maps. Avast improvement in every way as far as I'm concerned. I'm a xHP dealer, but I tried it before applying. I wouldn't have applied to be a dealer for them if it didn't impress me if you see what I mean. We like to try the products before offering them. I use the stage 3 map.
  17. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    The Wagner intercooler on its own is £670.00, but unfortunately they don't make DPF delete pipes for the pre-LCI model. They are available though or your DPF could simply be smashed out. If he can get you 400BHP on the pre-LCI turbos then go for it dude if he's confident in doing it. It may smoke a little at that power level though, you need a lot of boost for a clean burn at 400BHP.
  18. What are you listening to?

    It's a bit of a giggle if you translate Rammstein's Ich Tu Dir Weh into English!
  19. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    Further to this, I've heard back from the turbo people I use and they would not recommend pushing the earlier turbos as hard. Internally they are different to the LCI ones. They're recommending max boost of about 2.0-2.1bar on the earlier turbos.
  20. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    400BHP requires DPF removal as a minimum. Ideally an intercooler too. The standard turbos are good for 400 no problem. Stage 2 mapping, an intercooler (entirely up to you who you use for this, but we supply and fit Wagner Tuning parts - the quality is on another level compared to other manufacturers) and either a smashed out DPF or a DPF removal pipe (Wagner also sell one) plus fitting. You'd be looking at about £1400 to do it mapped with a Wagner intercooler and DPF pipe. I am assuming your car is the LCI model? A stage 1 on these makes about 360BHP on the LCI engines, and that can be done on all standard components. That would be £228 inc.VAT.
  21. Recommend a commuter car

    Passat or a Passat CC? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201709079076088 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201709028896087
  22. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    Unfortunately the turbos are different and I don't know if you can bolt the 286BHP ones to the 272BHP manifold. They do look a lot different. I can have a look when I am back in work for you tomorrow, and have a chat with a few people and see what I can find out about the 272BHP turbos. What the internal differences are etc. I've never pushed a 272BHP one to 400BHP before, but it does not mean it can't be done!
  23. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    It does do about 5 seconds to 60. I need to borrow the Vbox from work to time it properly with GPS. Video timestamps from a camera in front of the steering wheel though do have it at about 5 but that's without brake boosting it first. A warm dry day with hot tyres, brake boosting it and some good luck would have it in the upper 4 seconds to 60 slot. We're currently developing a new larger turbo for it too that'll allow me to run up to 3 bar boost, but also has some drastic changes on the exhaust side of the turbo so I'm hoping for 460-470BHP without methanol. After that I'll well and truly be out of fuel pump on the standard 286BHP one. I'll need to source an R90 model from a pre-LCI 535D or something like that. These can flow more fuel.
  24. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    You can buy Jimmys cable from here. He's on this site as a trader and I use it - also an xHP dealer. Just bear in mind that you'll be around that price by the time you've bought the cable and ideally a battery charger too. Software updates etc shouldn't really be done without the car on charge. Voltage drop during writing can brick an ECU. The £37.99 D-CAN cable is the one I use every day and it works faultlessly. Available here - https://www.cable-shack.co.uk/products.php USB OTG adapters can be bought from eBay just make sure it's a decent one.
  25. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    it is fixed. The engine knock was just an engine mount. It continues it's normal routine of used and abused!