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  1. 2jz swapped E60

    Love that!
  2. What's being worked on today?

    2011 Mercedes Sprinter with Delphi CRD2 ECU in for cloning due to failed injector drivers.
  3. What's being worked on today?

    We've got a customers 57 plate X5 in our workshop at the moment. The car is new to them, but had some pretty serious issues. A knackered wheel hub, a worn out turbo (both mechanically and electrically), leaking inlet manifold and a few other niggles. The car has had two new tyres fitted, the turbo has been removed and been sent away to be rebuilt as standard along with the actuator, the wheel hub has been replaced for one that can't be separated by a couple of mm just with your hand and the inlet manifold has been removed in preparation for blanking the leaking swirl flaps. Whilst we were there we fitted a new crank case breather too. There will be some more pictures of this one to follow when the turbo comes back at the end of this week. We'll also do some coding with Carly and NCS Expert that the customer has specified whilst it's in.
  4. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Sounds good! Did you take any photos whilst you were away? One of the things I plan on doing this year is a little jaunt into mainland Europe for an explore.
  5. 530d manual gearbox strength

    I'll have a dig through my stuff when I'm back in the office tomorrow for you however depending on the turbo (I can supply these if my turbo guy has them on the shelf, if not yours can be rebuilt) and what the fuel system will do, expect anywhere between 350-380BHP and around the 700Nm torque area. Again more or less depending on the turbo. It would need some serious looking into though if the DPF were to remain in place.
  6. Vacuum hose? OEM or?

    Ring your local VW/Audi TPS if you want to stick with OEM size. You might find it's much cheaper. You'll only need a couple of metres - I'd order 3 and have loads left over. Just ask for the 3.5mm vac hose. It's the same braided stuff BMW use. https://tps.trade/
  7. 530d manual gearbox strength

    You'll kill the standard clutch before you break the gearbox. I know guys running big hybrids on the manual boxes in the 3 and 5 series without any issues. Sachs Performance make a good uprated clutch for them, not cheap but it's a very good quality clutch.
  8. What's being worked on today?

    Late night remapping! A Hyundai Santa Fe on a 2012 plate for a tune. This had been done before by another garage but the customer was never convinced on how good the tune was. They were right to be concerned. Most limiters hadn't been touched, boost was standard, maps had been re-scaled that didn't need to be touched and a few other things were found. After a while going through it and fixing it, we were finally happy and programmed up the ECU. No outside pictures unfortunately - pitch black!
  9. What's being worked on today?

    A 67 plate 335D xDrive estate was in this morning - just 3900 miles on the clock! Again programmed through the OBD port (by some miracle, I didn't expect an original to be on the database for a car so new, but there was - always pays to check!) instead of drilling the back side of the ECU. The tuning is completely hidden to BMW diagnostic software. Stage 1 with speed limiter removal and performance gauge calibration. Now pushing out around 380BHP/750Nm torque. I love these, not far off my perfect ideal car! The feedback from the customer was... "Wow, I can't believe the difference in the power, it's so much smoother too! It doesn't come in one lump anymore, it just pulls all the way round!"
  10. What's being worked on today?

    Updating Carly on the bench today because it was too cold sat outside plugged into my car for power!
  11. Remap of 525d

    Stage 2 does normally involve removing the DPF so just double check with them first. Honestly there's nothing to worry about with the boxes. They take it fine - both auto and manual (the 525D and 530D both use the same clutch and flywheel in manual guise, the autobox isn't the same between models though), just service them every 60,000 miles at most and don't nail it hard from cold the same as any other car.
  12. Remap of 525d

    Are you removing the DPF? It's just a detuned 3.0 so they usually make 330-340BHP on my stage 2. I've never known the gearbox to be an issue on any of them. The newer ZF boxes are very strong.
  13. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Oooh I didn't know the Express Wax was the same stuff. I've used the Aqua Wax before as a quick top up and thought it was brilliant!
  14. What's being worked on today?

    @Blobby pretty much hit the nail on the head here. Whilst it can be done, the increases aren't great. I've done them before and they have felt smoother, but it's not massive gains. You'd be looking at around 10 to 15, maybe 20BHP increase at most. If you go down the supercharging route then that's a different story but obviously costs a considerable amount more money.
  15. What's being worked on today?

    Something a bit different today. Renault UCH control module EEPROM chip swap. A new UCH module from Renault cost more than the customer paid for the car, so with the customers permission we bought a second hand tested working UCH module and swapped the EEPROM chip over from her old board to the new one.