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  1. turbo failure

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Auto-Silicone-Hoses-Rubber-Cotton-Overbraid-Fuel-Oil-Resistant-Delivery/331321390025?hash=item4d244b33c9:m:m1Q3m978c4Icv3YsZOcY3LQ Worldwide shipping, and available in 3.5mm.
  2. E60 remote coding required - gearbox sw update/VO change

    xHP is remapped gearbox software. It basically takes what BMW started with, and makes it massively better. Changes are quicker and smoother, proper manual mode etc. There is more information on their website: www.xhpflashtool.com however I don't believe it is available for cars pre 2006 yet.
  3. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    He definitely deserves my reply!
  4. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I fail to see how he's made the connection of you ripping anyone off. It's entirely up to the person buying it if they want to pay X or Y amount of money for that model of car. Then again I'm making the assumption that someone who goes out of their way to talk to someone on eBay like that is capable of joined up thinking.
  5. Home lights cancelling when door opens?

    I'm assuming so. Mine does that.
  6. What's being worked on today?

    I believe some ECUs I can clone yes, I'd need to check exactly what tomorrow though. It would be the E36 and E39 shapes if anything though. In terms of repair and cloning any others, I would speak to these guys - http://www.ecutesting.com/. We use them in work and they've never let us down.
  7. What's being worked on today?

    I wish they wouldn't - people will play with it and people will get into the ECUs one way or another, so stop making it so difficult!
  8. Re Mapping G31/G32

    Haha some things can be obtained from the ECU manufacturer or component manufacturer. For instance Infineon whose microcontrollers are found in most modern ECUs offer good datasheets that have pinouts for the controllers, but not the ECUs. A lot of people that operate on a completely different wavelength to me, for want of a better way of putting it, reverse engineer the ECUs to bypass the security to allow reading and writing. This is something that a manufacturer doesn't have to worry about because they have encryption keys, passwords etc. That's the reason why the none clone remapping tools cost so much and have expensive subscriptions to keep using (thousands per year for technical support and updates if you have a couple of tools). An awful lot of work goes on in the background to just be able to plug into the OBD port and read and write an ECU. They will have board and chip schematics and will eventually, crack the ECUs. The common one for relatively new Bosch ECUs (that you've seen me doing with the holes drilled, the odd pin on the board etc) is forcing the ECU to come up in boot mode which bypasses some of the security measures on the ECU. Some ECUs like the Siemens/Continental ones used in the petrol BMWs require the ECU to be 'fooled' so it gives out the password first, that's saved, and then a couple of different connections to be made on the ECU, then the password will be fired back into it, some more work will happen in the background and then the ECU will allow the file to be read out. The engineers will find the pin(s) on the board that are required to be connected for the ECU to respond to the boot mode command, and these are then put into documents that we have access to via the tools we have for each ECU. After that it is up to you to work out how to get into the ECU. They're not designed to be opened again, so it's practice and experience kinda rule here. I've learnt my own tips and tricks over the years and I can now open nearly all ECUs, put them back together again and you wouldn't know I'd been in it. This doesn't apply to all though, there really are some ECUs that are utterly, utterly shit to open and even more shit to put back together again. Or in the case of the Bosch CP45 ECU BMW use, the boot pin is on the reverse side of the board which means it either needs the hole drilling in the back which is my preferred way rather than forcing the board out of the case - it's glued down and you put a LOT of flex on the board trying to break it off the thermal glue. For the hole on these I use a drilling jig which locks to the casing and is designed just for doing that ECU model which means the hole is always in the same place, and I can't drill too far in and damage the board. It's still not exactly pleasent sticking a 13mm drill bit into delicate electronics though. I use a compressed air feed to blow the swarf away from the hole and before I even turn the ECU over, I hoover the hole out so any metal fragments get sucked out. I much prefer doing Bosch/Siemens stuff than the Japanese ECUs though. A Denso ECU in something ordinary for example. Solder these 10 wires onto these nearly microscopic little programming pads and desolder that surface mount resistor to read the data out. Want to write? Hahaha desolder all of those wires, put the resistor back on and put 8 of those wires somewhere else, and 3 are on the bottom of the board and the other 5 are on the top. I don't like Denso ECUs. Apologies OP I've hi-jacked your thread somewhat there!
  9. Home lights cancelling when door opens?

    Follow me home lights require you to pull the indicator as if you were going to flash someone IIRC. The headlights come on.
  10. Re Mapping G31/G32

    The ECUs have now been cracked, so it won't be long before tunes are developed for them. It might take another couple of weeks but things will start appearing.
  11. Mashed Potatoes Is A ECU Map Guru

    Very good!
  12. Help! Does anyone have a set of E60 LCI headlights knocking about?

    You may laugh but it might come to that!
  13. What's being worked on today?

    A 65 plate 335D xDrive yesterday for a stage 1 map. This car had the Bosch EDC17 CP45 ECU that requires drilling to access the boot pin. Stage 1 tune will make around 380BHP/770Nm. They're 313BHP/630Nm standard. That tiny little solder ball is not the easiest thing in the world to hit! They're maybe .4mm wide - .6mm solder dwarfs it
  14. Because I could do with borrowing them I've ordered custom headlights, which have been sent wrong and so I returned them 4 weeks ago. They're still being worked on and after the email I got last night it's going to be another 3 weeks at least before they're back. At the moment I'm borrowing cars where I can, but I've only got the one I can borrow for another week and then that's it. I can't put my old ones back in because when I repaired the wiring loom, I fitted LCI headlight plugs for the new lights. Sods law. Even if they're the most ratty headlights going, that doesn't matter. I'll pay for postage both ways and throw extra in for borrowing them but I'm going to be stuck without headlights. If anyone can help me out please let me know! Thanks
  15. What's being worked on today?

    Yay, a review!