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  1. Older Passat with the PD130 1.9 diesel engine in it. A nigh on indestructible engine as long as its been looked after, and a Passat is a pretty comfy place to be especially if you don't mind missing out on some of the latest mod cons and they run on fresh air. They've aged well too I think. Throw your extra cash into something fun as a toy! You'd probably get this for 3k -
  2. Would wife.
  3. I'm ordering mine tomorrow - I've got similar symptoms to you and intermittent no small turbo. Hope they're not too much of a sod to fit!
  4. Will probably help cool the box too. I'm sure there's an Alpina pan available but is a BMW only item - seriously expensive but deeper to hold more oil and has deep metal fins on it to aid cooling.
  5. Make sure the swirl flaps are still on. They don't fail BMW style though on these. Pull the black engine cover off and look behind and under the fuel rail. You'll see a silver bar with 4 black lumps on it. These link the swirl flaps together. Make sure it is still on, and check for leaks whilst you're there. If it's off and the swirls are obviously leaking, blanking kits can be bought off eBay. At least when these fail though 9 times out of 10 they blow out the top of the manifold instead of down into the engine! They're a good solid engine though. I know a couple of people pulling just shy of 300bhp from the stock engine with just turbo changes, and a standard one in good condition with just a decent map on will pull 190-200hp if the Mrs decides she needs a bit more poke! I ran a Vectra with this engine for 4 years and 90,000 miles. It never put a foot wrong. I put a turbo (hybrid) and clutch in it. That's all it ever needed. Including going round Oulton Park with 165k on it. The driving instructor said it was the highest mileage thing he'd seen go round the track and not blow up.
  6. If you want to try other oils aside from the ZF oil, give Opie Oils in Cornwall a call. They're very helpful and will be able to recommend you a suitable oil. They may even say stick with ZF only but they're the experts at this kind of thing.
  7. Unless you're fitting the clutch and flywheel yourself, honestly I'd find a local decent independent BMW specialist, check them out on the internet for reviews and let them deal with it. If they're supplying the parts and there's an issue in future, it's their issue not yours - you'll save yourself massive headaches if there's issues in the future. However if you still want to supply your own parts, price it from BMW. It may not be as scary as you think - but this is only speculation!
  8. Replaced the shit all black BMW badges with some black and white ones that match the ones on the wheels. In doing this I discovered the previous owner must've tried to dig the original boot lid one out with screwdrivers and a hammer. Down to the metal. Put a layer of rust converter on it just in case any had got in (it looked OK but better to not tempt fate) and I'll put some paint on it tomorrow. Oh, and avoiding some halfwit that didn't know how wide his Insignia was, I scraped the front passenger wheel.
  9. If people successfully manage this and get it working, post it up here and I'll edit the guide with a list of confirmed engines and model years it works on.
  10. It's a quick run down the M56, but try DMW in Deeside. I've used them before. They can also do a gearbox software update to ensure your box has the latest software in.
  11. Link has been updated, a couple of typos fixed and credit given to Jake for bringing this to everyones attention! Instrument cluster coding
  12. Make sure ECP are supplying the correct parts. I've had similar on a Mitsubishi Shogun. They supplied a genuine clutch and flywheel (LUK and Sachs I believe),but the part number they had was incorrectly listed. They all fitted fine, but within a month the flywheel was rattling and the clutch had started to slip. They dug further into it and found the information they had was wrong, they then ordered the correct kit and that was fitted with no issue.
  13. I'm going to make 2 changes to it later on today, I need to credit jake13 in it, because I hadn't heard of it being done until he posted it up here, and show the before and after effect of the checksum correction. I'll update the link when it's done.
  14. Ordered new front discs and pads for it, again. Might get round to fitting my braided brake lines that've been here for about 5 months at the same time!
  15. Odd, it should be OK hosted on the forum! Try this one instead. Instrument cluster coding Let me know if the forum link starts to work so I can remove the link to work!