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  1. 535d turbo refurb options?

    Not a problem! I've used Midland before and I know others that have too, so I'm sure you won't have any problems with them.
  2. 535d turbo refurb options?

    A fair decision. The standard ones are capable of 400BHP should you wish to play anyway!
  3. Piper's E61 520d Touring

    How does the Logic 7 system sound without the amp in? My car has the basic speaker package in (no front door tweeters) and it's the one thing I really want to upgrade.
  4. I've also had a few questions regarding the power increase on the 3.0 N53 engines. Well this is a car we mapped with before and after rolling road runs done on the same day at a rolling road close to the customer. E92 325i N53 3.0 engine with stage 1 tune without a manifold swap. 218BHP standard.
  5. There's quite a few differences between the two engines honestly. Pistons and rods were changed, the cylinder heads were upgraded so Valvetronic could be used on the inlet valves for variable valve timing, the camshafts were given different profiles, the cooling systems were updated for water and oil and the impellers on the turbos were upgraded and the engine ECU was swapped from Siemens to Bosch. It was quite a big revision engine wise.
  6. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Drove it for the first time in 5 weeks! After what I can only describe as design challenges making the 2.75 inch inlet pipe to the turbo fit and still connect up to the factory airbox, it looks a bit botched whilst the proper pipe is being finalized by the engineering company next door (the pipe in the kit will be aluminium all the way through with two small joiners. Mine's currently a bit of stainless pipe and some silicone bends with my oil breather pipe bonded in ) BUT it has picked up a lot of mid range torque, it's only had a gentle drive down the road too - it's not been pushed past half throttle yet. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop today!
  7. Meant to say last night, there's two turbos nestled away under that engine cover in the middle of the V, so plenty of oomph on tap when you need it!
  8. It would be worth looking for a warranty with it. The early 50i engines aren't known for outstanding reliability. Nothing major that I can think of but they do suffer with oil leaks and running problems sometimes.
  9. Hello! Send me a PM with your VIN number or a picture of the plate inside the drivers door that has the VIN number and engine code on and I'll 100% confirm for you. But we have had pretty big gains out of these before without an issue! We've actually had up to 272BHP from the N53 engines. The drivers door plate should read N53B30 for your engine code. Fuel consumption doesn't really change a huge amount. It does depend on how far your right foot is buried in the carpet though! There's a huge power reserve in the engine on these. Part of the big increase comes from the throttle not opening to 100%, even with your foot down. Yo There was an update to the engine around 2013. Before the facelift the engine code was N63B44O0 producing 407BHP. After 2013 the engine code changed with the update to N63B44O1 producing 449BHP. PM me the reg if necessary and I'll check for you.
  10. Hello! Being the Efficient Dynamics model I believe your car will be the 163BHP version - they pick up around 60BHP. If you send me a PM with your registration I'll be able to confirm it for you. 120,000 miles isn't an issue, it's a pretty underworked engine anyway. The only thing we'd look for would be any whining sounds or similar from the turbo, especially when cold. A 520D is pretty common, so I can't imagine your original file NOT being on the database, but if you want to check if your ECU is the one that would require drilling or not, pop the bonnet and remove the screws on the lid for the ECU box. there may be a few small connectors on top with the lid off, but the ECU is underneath. If you see 2 large plugs, your ECU wouldn't need to be drilled. If you see 5 smaller plugs that'll be the one that needs drilling. The screws in the ECU box lid are T25.
  11. The clamp can be opened up a touch to fit yes. They pull themselves back together ok. They're just a bit fiddly. If the gasket won't stay just use a tiny blob of grease to hold it in place. You only need a tiny pea sized amount. 10-15mm should be doable it'll just be stretch. I've never done one with the exhaust on before though. I'm sorry I can't be much help with this!
  12. Re Mapping G31/G32

    The first MG1 petrol ECU has been successfully cracked in a Ford for OBD and boot mode reading and writing (in car and on the bench). A little extract from the newsletter.
  13. The ECUs cannot be read through the OBD port, only written. The original file database contains standard files submitted from tuners like myself to the company that manufacture the tools for reading and writing to the ECU. So if we get a car in that when read, doesn't have an original file on the database, the ECU would be opened up and read that way. After your car is tuned and you're on your way, we will submit the read (which is done in what is referred to as boot mode with the ECU out of the car on the bench) to the tool manufacturer and it will then be available in the original file database so should another car with the same configuration, hardware number, software number and upgrade number be checked against the database, we or anyone else that uses the same tools as we do would be able to program through the OBD port straight away without having to remove the ECU. There's well over 2000 original files for BMW on the file database, so it would be very rare for your car not to be covered. I did @SuperDave's 530D a few weeks ago and we had no trouble. His file was on the database. Unfortunately though there's no way of checking without plugging the car in first. I will update the first post in this thread with prices for ECUs that need to be removed too, so all bases are covered in this thread. Feel free to ask any more questions!