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  1. I've not heard that in ages. I'm quite a fan of the UNKLE remix of it too.
  2. *bump* Very very loud too!
  3. That's such a brilliant finish! Really think I'm sold on that.
  4. I use the more industrial version of that Ctek (MXS25) in work daily. It's never failed to let me down, been used in the rain and everything. Does exactly what it needs to and is perfect for software flashing.
  5. That's my job for the weekend after next then. I really like the sound of that.
  6. It's a simple test, but get a friend to block the exhaust pipe briefly with rags whilst the engine is running. Any blow further up the system will become evident then if you can't see any soot. It does sound like flexi though if you can see soot around it.
  7. I'd do B6 on H&R - they're 35mm drop aren't they? Yeah they're really not cheap. Depending on budget I'd either go with BC Racing coilovers, B6 shock and spring setup with OEM topmounts or Bilstein B14 PSS kit. They'll drop it 30-50mm. Out of the lot, if the budget will stretch to it, I'd go with the B14 kit.
  8. I would not go with B4 - they'd be the equivalent of standard none M Sport springs. B6 are suitable for lowering springs and are slightly stiffer than standard. B8 are ideally suited to 40mm and lower. They're a slightly shorter shock to compensate for it. Go with new OEM top mounts. The aftermarket ones tend not to last on these. I've been in a 6 series (same weight almost) with BC Racing coilovers on that was pretty low but still on the soft setting. Whilst it was stiffer than standard shocks and the Eibachs I have on now, it was far from uncomfortable. I really should've done the same on mine instead of doing shocks and springs.
  9. Those carbon bits look awesome! God damnit that's gonna be another mod to add to the list.
  10. £250 is reasonable-ish for an ECU out remap including him posting the ECU away. However I'd be slightly skeptical of the quality of the map depending on where he's sending it to. 220-230BHP is a good safe figure for an average mileage car in good condition. You definitely do get good and bad. Ecotune won't have an issue doing these. A good 75% of ECUs from 2010 onwards are tuning protected. If you're not local to them, just ask them how much if you post the ECU up to them, it's been confirmed the ECU has tuning protection on so needs to be programmed in boot mode. It depends entirely on if the garage have the correct equipment. A lot of garages just do it on the side so they might just have the kit for programming through the diagnostic port. A proper remapping place will be able to cater for nearly all vehicles, tuning protected or not. A thing to note though, for EVERY remap, is a remap written through the diagnostic port is no better or worse than one programmed through an opened ECU. The same changes will be made, the only difference is how they're programmed. And you never open an ECU up unless you have to. It's an inherently slightly risky operation because they're designed to be put together once in the factory and that's it. However again any decent remapping place will know the tips and tricks to getting an ECU open without doing any damage to it. As I said though the one in your car doesn't have a tough weather seal on. It's literally a case of take out the 6 screws, and gently pry the lid up. It really is a 2 minute job to open.
  11. 3 days? Jesus it takes 10 minutes to get it out and no more than a minute to open the lid they're not even weather sealed - it's a 1 pin connection on the inside and the rest is pinned out through the 2 plugs on the ECU if the place doesn't have the probe to go on the factory programming connections inside. What he means is he only has tools to program through the diagnostic port. You need a remapping place with either a Ktag, CMD with boot mode, Trasdata or FGTech. They all read EDC17 C02 (your ECU model) no problem. Looks like this when being programmed. This is a 177 320D. Same ECU.
  12. Definitely this. It doesn't apply to all cars, but some do suffer when the DPF is kept in with an EGR delete. The E60 generally copes OK though providing everything else is in good condition. With Merc (and the irritating Delphi ECUs they used up to a certain point) if an EGR delete was done on a car around 10 plate (can't remember the exact ECU model), it wouldn't even attempt to regen. It would just continue to block the DPF up. It wouldn't put a light on for it either.
  13. That's well and truly knackered! I wouldn't want to try to breathe through that!
  14. Was it from Ebay? I really like that!
  15. Yes software update would overwrite the map no matter how it was tuned. A 2008 car may have left the factory without tuning protection on, but if it's had any software updates throughout the years it could then be present on the ECU after the software update. That's why on these it's better just to pull it out. As a general rule of thumb though yes about mid 09 is when they started leaving the factory with it.