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  1. poor running, another EGR thread

    When did it last go for a long run? It could be a few things but the DPF starting to block could be one of them. Do you know if the car is getting up to temperature OK?
  2. E60 springs

    Assuming the Alpina is the V8 model, then the springs are not suitable for your car. Part number E10-20-011-01-22 is suitable for the 520D, 520i, 523i, 525i and 530i. Suitable for vehicles with front axle weights up to 990kg and rear axle weights to 1245kg. Part number E10-20-011-03-22 is suitable for the 540i, 545i and 550i. Suitable for vehicles with front axle weights up to 1070kg and rear axle weights to 1275kg.
  3. Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Update 14/12/17

    Brilliant work. Well done!
  4. So I been caught speeding :(

    If they offer you a speed awareness course (which they might but it does depend on area you were caught in), take it. Hopefully they'll be a bit more lenient with it being (I assume) quiet at 2am. When I did mine, (caught doing 80 in a 70 by a mobile van at 8am on a Sunday morning near Lincoln, hardly another car on the road) I filled out the form saying yes it was me and sent it back immediately. They then offered me the course a few days later. You were technically still in a variable speed limit at that time, even if the signs were off and it was 70MPH limit. The cameras will just change to an 'appropriate' limit above 70MPH.
  5. Recommend a commuter car

    I've always had a soft spot for them but haven't owned one yet. I quite like the look of the new Arteon - the Passat CC replacement.
  6. E60 springs

    What engine is in yours? It tends to go on axle weight. It's quite easy to check the part numbers for Eibach things though.
  7. Hi guys, I have my old springs for sale here. They've been on the car about 8 months. There's nothing wrong with them, I just wanted to go lower than the Eibachs dropped it. Eibachs were more comfy though! I can arrange fitting for these too, but that is price on application. 4 wheel alignment can also be carried out too. They're about £190-£210 to buy new, so I'm putting these up for £120 including postage. Fitting and wheel alignment would be charged as extra. Postage would be via 48 hour courier.The Eibach part number is - E10-20-011-02-22.
  8. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    Not quite grandad mode, but it's designed more for economy driving and just a smoother box. This is the xHP information on stage 1. Optimized D Shiftpoints to facilitate sporty, yet economy style driving Optimized Shift Strategy for up/downhill driving Optimized Warmup Behaviour Optimized Torque Converter Lockup in 1st/2nd/3rd gear Adapted Torque Limits for Tuned engines Kickdown delete in Manual Mode Gear Display in Dash in D/S/M Modes
  9. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    LCI N53 530i is supported but at present there's only stage 3 available. Stage 3 The Stage 3 file kind of changes everything from the standard calibration. Shiftpoints, shiftpressures and timings are adapted in all modes, to improve shift-speeds significantly. S and M modes shift aggressively with throttle blips and super-fast upshifts. S revs out all the way to 7000 and M let's you hit the rev-limiter like in manual car. If you love having fun with your car, this is the Stage for you. Current Version: V1.0 Version: V1.0 - Gear Display in dash in all modes - Changed Shiftpoints in all modes to facilitate responiveness - True Manual mode in M (no forced upshift at RPM limiter) - Crisp, fast up and downshifts in S and M - Minimum paddle reaction time in M - 25% Quicker shifts in D mode - RPM Limit in S raised to 7000
  10. 535D What Additives

    I've used 2 stroke in the past and never had an issue. It really does make the engines run quiet doesn't it! Just don't overdo it on the mix, I used to use about 120ml to a full tank. Worked wonders. Noticeably quieter engine, smoother running too.
  11. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    Yes that's mine
  12. 535D What Additives

  13. 535D What Additives

    Running it on V-Power or the equivalent will be the best thing you can do. If you've not had the car long, I've used Millers additives in the past and had good results with them.
  14. Had my 535D on the dyno this weekend!

    I have dude yes! I looked at getting my turbos from the ones in the video too! Eventually when I get round to sorting the exhaust it'll sound like that. Not that I've had the tips in a box for the last 5 months or anything! Might get round to it next year!
  15. What's being worked on today?

    PM me the reg dude and I will see what I can get for you! Fitting not an issue if you fancy a road-trip either!