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  1. Some weeks ago brake warning came on telling me new pads needed on the front ! Took it to my local guy who finished up putting pads on the rear ,front ones were fine, reset every thing off we go a couple of weeks later the warning came on again around same time as E G R warning came on So had them both reset off we go about week later E G R light came on thats being replaced Friday so not a concern but brake warning light is back on ! The guy ensured me there is plenty of meat on the front pads ! Any thoughts before I get them reset Friday!

    Hi Right Hand Goose Could have that one in plain English please! cheers

    Thanks for that guys I will get a new fitted! Merry xmas to every one and a happy new year !!!

    Hi it was turned off by an independent guy he reset and it's just come back on ! I've used him for some so just thought I would check. If it's not replaced soon will it do any damage?
  5. I have the 520 and it pulls my Elddis Crusader Shamal as if it wasn't there! As others have said rear airbags I've had replaced and ac problem but just stay away from the Stealers! The only negative I would say is it likes tyres so keep it tracked up well ! Having said that it's the best car I've ever had and I'm pushing 70 ! I look forward to driving it every day!
  6. The engine warning light has come up and have been told I need to replace the EGR VALVE and I've been quoted £245.00 total. Dose that seem about right,I can't do it myself! Any advice gratefully received cheers
  7. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    I've been called lots of things worse than a Golfist so yes I am ! And as for buying a Jag I'm not sure about that , my GT sailed through M O T yesterday at 5 years old with 65 k miles on the clock! Barely started to get run in and the tester said to me it feels like a brand new car ! And he told me the car didn't register anything on the emissions test!! Not bad for a deeeezal !!!!!! now where did that white ball go !
  8. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Hi my car is a 2012 and the spare is a space saver type not very wide ! oapingt
  9. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Hi yes i carry a spare wheel kit complete with jack etc, when i I changed from run flats I stripped out all the support materials and storage holes and things to make a space for a spare wheel which fits fine I keep my jack and even a set of snow chains all stored in there,then I fitted a piece of mdf to sit on top and have a boot liner to to keep it in place to carry the important equipment! the golf trolly and clubs !! I bought the kit from Alloy Wheels Direct.net. BMW Emergency Wheel kit. aprox £312.00 back in 2014 job done!
  10. Onboard computer problems

    All sorted ! Some silly old fool had unticked a box ! ill get my coat ! thanks for all your input and patience. oapingt
  11. Hi hope anyone can help my F 07 seems to have lost some information on the control message showing the remaining range of miles on the clock it seems to have disappeared! from the dial. any info would be appreciated
  12. Would be good to know if there was any advice or anything I could do to my roof blind etc, to make sure I don't have any of the same expensive repair problems! I don't suppose there is anything in the serviceing that should have been carried out. any advice great fully received.
  13. Weight rating of tyres

    Hi is it legal to fit a 105 rated tyre with a 101 rated on the same axle? cheers
  14. Towing in France - Spare wheel requirement?

    Hi I have the Thule K-Summit type ! They only go just over half the width of the tyre and sprung from the wheel bolts! Pushing it on to the wheel, you take out or add sections to fit tyre size! i can fit them in 10/15 mins no problem, not like the old ones I used to take to the Alps! that you had to lay on your back and wrap the round the wheels! Freezing to death! ive only ever used them getting out of a muddy field! but if it keeps the snow away when im out im happy!
  15. Towing in France - Spare wheel requirement?

    It's another form of insurance,since I've had all this lot in the boot,I haven't had a flat (touch wood) or enough snow or ice to make me use the chains !!