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    Car all nicely wrapped!

    Never thought about that , it's a shame it's not my business!

    E39 Rubber Mats - Originals

    Is there anywhere you can buy a pair of good quality front mats for my G T I saw some that were like a fitted tray type but can't seem to find any worth buying! cheers

    Back to the fold

    Enjoy Keep your voice down! Great car !
  4. Just had my car chrome trims wrapped! I've had them replaced once whilst still un warranty many moons ago ! But they lasted no time before they looked rubbish again so finally got them looking smart again and hope fully they will look tidy for a bit longer than the original ones and a dam site cheaper! I notice on the newer cars they have black trims so it seems they have seen sense! Anyway what's your thoughts Like it or not ?

    F07 Sunroof Blind Meltdown!

    Hi guys just an update, got the thin strips of steel the blind is stuck to they were all coiled up and preventing the blind from fully opening which it does now ! Just had sunroof tinted to the max and it all looks good as if it's been like that from new I'm planning on keeping the car so I'm happy with the outcome and an outlay of £70.00 gives me time to save up for next repair! Another good thing to come out it was the guy who did the tinted! Is wrapping the chrome trims in black on the car for £90.00 which will make it look tidy again! Dred to think what BMW would want for new trims. The car is the best car I've ever had I look forward to driving it every day ,after 5 years it's a world record that I want to keep a car ! So I've been told!

    F07 Sunroof Blind Meltdown!

    Just an update on my sunroof blind problem,had a couple of quotes one from Cayman Autos who want £72.00 Diognostic check to look at the sunroof and £1,488.00 to replace the blind ! And that comes with 12 months warranty. Main BMW dealer near me Coopers of York ,the cost of the Blind cassette supply only £319.00. And blind cassette and fix complete and comes with 24 months warranty £1,100. Total So it just goes to show the dealers aren't always the dearest! So it gives me something things to think about but one thing I'm sure of there is no way I'm trying to fit one myself! or I could just get the sun roof tinted really dark and cut the blind out at a cost of £80.00 and never have the problem again!

    F07 Sunroof Blind Meltdown!

    Thanks for that will have a look tomorrow. cheers

    F07 Sunroof Blind Meltdown!

    Hi I found a firm Cayman Auto Services. I don't know if that was the ones , I've sent an enquiry so see what they come back with. cheers
  9. Hi just had the recognised sunroof blind fault ! opened the blind back to crunching and sprung steel sound as it slid back ,and blind all hanging down! It seems like I'm not on my own reading different forums don't know if anyone has had the same issue and what course they took? The car is well out of warranty and it sounds like the steelers don't accept it as a warranty claim anyway i Have just tried to take the fuse out for the sunroof but I can't identify the symbol for the sunroof, can anyone help me with that please , It seems like a very expensive repair, I read on another forum where a guy took out the slide rail and fabric and had 70% window tint fitted !as the sunroof works fine job done ✅ any help would be much appreciated cheers

    Rattling Door Glass

    Finally sorted my rattling door out , got a T40 Torx Rench and adjusted the keep on door pillar! It's got setting marks on the body for fine setting. All quite now!

    Rattling Door Glass

    Hi thanks for that as you say if the shut line is ok, which it is then then it does point to the rubber door seal ! i have seen on another forum someone had a similar problem and used that adhesive draught proof strip ! just pulling the rubber seal away and sticking a piece of draught behind it just to build it out ! it's a cheap and simple thing to try, before marching into the Stealers with my wallet open!! will try it over the weekend and report if successful or not as the case maybe. cheers

    Rattling Door Glass

    It's the glass that's rattling because when the glass is down I can't hear it ! the door is frameless, I was thinking that the door needs adjusting in to the frame to nip the glass tighter in to the rubber seal ! I presume you would have to move the door latch keep in ! Probably need tool to do it . any thoughts cheers

    Rattling Door Glass

    Hi I seem to have developed a rattle on my near side doors ! When hitting potholes. If I drive with the windows down it's not there! Any one else suffered from the similar rattling? Any advice greatly appreciated cheers
  14. Some weeks ago brake warning came on telling me new pads needed on the front ! Took it to my local guy who finished up putting pads on the rear ,front ones were fine, reset every thing off we go a couple of weeks later the warning came on again around same time as E G R warning came on So had them both reset off we go about week later E G R light came on thats being replaced Friday so not a concern but brake warning light is back on ! The guy ensured me there is plenty of meat on the front pads ! Any thoughts before I get them reset Friday!


    Hi Right Hand Goose Could have that one in plain English please! cheers