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  1. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    I've been called lots of things worse than a Golfist so yes I am ! And as for buying a Jag I'm not sure about that , my GT sailed through M O T yesterday at 5 years old with 65 k miles on the clock! Barely started to get run in and the tester said to me it feels like a brand new car ! And he told me the car didn't register anything on the emissions test!! Not bad for a deeeezal !!!!!! now where did that white ball go !
  2. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Hi my car is a 2012 and the spare is a space saver type not very wide ! oapingt
  3. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Hi yes i carry a spare wheel kit complete with jack etc, when i I changed from run flats I stripped out all the support materials and storage holes and things to make a space for a spare wheel which fits fine I keep my jack and even a set of snow chains all stored in there,then I fitted a piece of mdf to sit on top and have a boot liner to to keep it in place to carry the important equipment! the golf trolly and clubs !! I bought the kit from Alloy Wheels Direct.net. BMW Emergency Wheel kit. aprox £312.00 back in 2014 job done!
  4. Onboard computer problems

    All sorted ! Some silly old fool had unticked a box ! ill get my coat ! thanks for all your input and patience. oapingt
  5. Hi hope anyone can help my F 07 seems to have lost some information on the control message showing the remaining range of miles on the clock it seems to have disappeared! from the dial. any info would be appreciated
  6. Would be good to know if there was any advice or anything I could do to my roof blind etc, to make sure I don't have any of the same expensive repair problems! I don't suppose there is anything in the serviceing that should have been carried out. any advice great fully received.
  7. Weight rating of tyres

    Hi is it legal to fit a 105 rated tyre with a 101 rated on the same axle? cheers
  8. Towing in France - Spare wheel requirement?

    Hi I have the Thule K-Summit type ! They only go just over half the width of the tyre and sprung from the wheel bolts! Pushing it on to the wheel, you take out or add sections to fit tyre size! i can fit them in 10/15 mins no problem, not like the old ones I used to take to the Alps! that you had to lay on your back and wrap the round the wheels! Freezing to death! ive only ever used them getting out of a muddy field! but if it keeps the snow away when im out im happy!
  9. Towing in France - Spare wheel requirement?

    It's another form of insurance,since I've had all this lot in the boot,I haven't had a flat (touch wood) or enough snow or ice to make me use the chains !!
  10. Towing in France - Spare wheel requirement?

    I carry a space saver spare /jack under the floor in the boot, After getting rid of the RFs in the GT there is a big space with cubbyhole and storage holes underneath so took it all out and fit a new m d f top covered with carpet. i even take my tule kwick fit snow chains! Be prepaired that was what I was all ways told !!
  11. Hi Today I had my rear suspension sorted two new air bags fitted,air bags Aerosus £268.00 labour £60.00 result! The chap who did the work likes working on my car because he says it's been built by someone who knows what they are doing! Is main work is rebuilding and restoring TVR sorts and classic cars. And what a difference the to the suspension it's made so smooth it's like when the car was new!! Her lady ship said how smooth it was with out me prompting her , but no financial help was offered! You can see in the photos there are like hair line splits and tares in the near side one but none in the offside,but pleased I replaced them both ! job done and quite reasonable compared to the stealers !
  12. Near side rear suspension dropped!

    Hi Just an update 2 new rear airbags fitted 2 new bags ex Aerosus £268.00. And labour £60.00 at my local garage,he likes working on my car ! He says it's been built by someone who has a good idea how to build cars! His main job is rebuilding and restoring TVR sports and classic cars! I've got say what a difference it's made to the car it's made it so smooth ! I suppose you just get used to it feeling all the bumps etc. Even her lady ship commented with out me prompting her!! But there was no offer of any financial help!! You can see from the photos there is like fine hair line splits in the near side one and a tare in it. But nothing in the offside one but pleased I replaced it. Good job done and not to expensive, dread to think what the stealer would have charged!
  13. Night time driving

    Hi I do have a headlight beam hight adjustment dial next to the switch! And have checked vin number,but no mention of xenon headlights! So it looks like I've got the standard candles fitted !! Just cant believe on a £40k car such crap lights ! do I have take the wheel off to get to the lights? i don't have to have arms like orangutan do I ? oapingt
  14. Night time driving

    Hi E39touring its a 2012 reg But reading some of the replies it looks to big a challenge for me to fit them!! oapingt
  15. Night time driving

    Hi I need to improve my high/low beam bulbs for night time driving! Been told that the Osram night breaker laser are the best! Cotswold have some for sale are they as good as the Osram ones ? Has anyone done the same exercise or any advice? And are they difficult to replace? Now a days I just go to U Tube! cheers oapingt