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  1. No doubt there will be another post shortly with my next question.
  2. She's alive!!! Didn't drop the cross bar moved plate out of the way, two new sensors and she fired instantly
  3. so i have got to drop the anti roll bar, i was wondering if could just slide it past or not, its raining hard at the moment and car is jacked up on my driveway so will just have to stay like that for a bit
  4. ive attatched a picyure yu can see my two sensors, to the left i have circled some bolts which looks like to me can only be anything close to a inspection plate? someone else told me it is not right?
  5. i dont think there is an inspection plate on mine
  6. yes i tried that it snapped the sensor lol i cat twist but no pull, thrown a load wd40 of them now and left them till tomorrow, i really dont want to be trying to drill them out! id say they have been in there an extremely long time, original bmw ones still got all clips etc going up and metal cover fitted. cars only done 99000 miles from new never really went anywhere
  7. cant get crank sensors out!!! bolts out, can put mole grips on them and rotate them but can i pull the buggers out the hole can i fuck!! only possible thing i can think of is to get some heat on the alloy housing? they rotate but wont budge outwards, cars jacked up so got room underneith, cant believe its stuck like that! they look like the original from new sensors
  8. yes i found your write up very usefull for that im thankfull, on the main relay i have the two outputs from pins 87, one only seems to go to my ecu pin 18 on the plug is empty, must just be a variation
  9. im still bloody waiting for the sensors from euro car parts! quick question, why do i not have a pin 35 where it says should be a live? m535 1986 manual
  10. oh ok, wel ive ordered two new sensors so ill change the speed and referece then go from there, god knows what is left to check tho
  11. may I bring up a old topic please: my m535 decided not to start one day NO SPARK 12v at coil (fitted new one just incase as looked old ) main relay clicking and putting out two lives to pins 87 fuel pump is priming plus I can smell the fuel after cranking at ecu plug I have live at pin 35 but I do not have a pin 18 in the ecu plug for a live?? reference sensor showing within tolerance, the engine speed sensor is not showing within tollerence? im presuming plugs right the sensor I cant see (lower one) goes to grey plug switching plugs still no attempt to start earths are showing at the ecu at the pins mentioned earlier what is this obc relay I have read about that can be bypassed to check?
  12. apples24

    hi all new person just bought a m535

    its standard to be honest, even has the blaupunkt stereo and amp still fitted sounds awfull lol
  13. apples24

    Boot rubber glue

    does this also assist avoiding the water build up in the corner bit that creates rust underneith?
  14. apples24

    Long term values (M3,M5, M535i)

    to bring an old thread to the top what are peoples opinions 7 years on? ive noticed m535 are worth double what they were 7 years ago for a half decent one