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  1. MitchE39

    E39 M5 with a new engine

    Absolutely. If its a new engine then make it look a bit more appealing. These engines can look clean without looking too clean if you know what I mean. No back to black or other cheap wet look spray just decent trim restorer like aerospace 303.
  2. MitchE39

    E39 Touring ebay

    https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-Touring-525i-M-sport-5-series/332648235679?hash=item4d7361429f:g:H2wAAOSwlV9a9L7u A lot of car for the money
  3. MitchE39

    E39 M5 - spring clean

    Likewise with the leaves, and the dust that sticks to the sound deadening. My wife hopes that my hoovering skills will transfer to the home. I'll be moving the car on soon so I've got to keep on top of these small details.
  4. Now summer is over!!! thought I would post a few pics of how clean car was two days ago. Not a detailed clean but a bit of a wash and hoover.. And yes I'd ran out of tyre gel... I still get odd looks when hoovering the engine bay.. This is normal though isn't it?!
  5. MitchE39

    Quote Please

    Thanks. I sent a PM last night, can you delete last post please with address on.
  6. MitchE39

    Quote Please

    Address should but up to date, I ordered parts few weeks back.
  7. MitchE39

    Quote Please

    Many thanks, payment sent via PayPal.
  8. MitchE39

    Quote Please

    51168190205 x1 cup holders for E39 Vin CB37436 Many thanks.
  9. MitchE39

    Quote for parts please

    Thank you, Payment sent via PayPal.
  10. MitchE39

    Quote for parts please

    Few bits for e39 m5 CB37436: x1- 51488159938- vapour barrier o/s/r x1- 51478204010- inner sill strip o/s/r x2- 61132359994- electrical 4 pin repair kit. x1 set of 4- 36112228660- M wheel stickers. Many thanks, Matt.
  11. My M5 has been holding water on the sill for a while and have been meaning to sort out the vapour barrier for a while, I already had some butyl tape left over from my old car so I set to work, what was evident is that the previous owner/s have already had a go, or someone has on their behalf. Not sure what they used but it was rock solid and provided no seal whatsoever. Images of before and after.
  12. MitchE39

    Googling your own reg

    I wasn't aware he was a member, I bought it from a trader who I believe sold him the car before he sold it back. Certainly better pics than I have time to produce. Hopefully he sees the post and I can update him on the motor if hes Interested. It was certainly well looked after.
  13. https://www.flickr.com/photos/51327419@N05/albums/72157659792658694 Googled my reg plate and previous owner had an album of photos of the car I now own. Looks like he was a into his car photography. Some decent pics.
  14. MitchE39

    Garage Workbench

    I have one identical to this, an old school bench with a vice, I occasionally go to the garage to saw wood for no good reason!!.
  15. MitchE39

    2003 E39 M5 Newbie

    Thank you Richard, it took some time to find too, close to 18 months scouring the web. Its a June 2002 build, August 2003 registration.