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  1. Pre facelift and facelift have different looms, to the extent im not 100% sure but when i changed one of my rear doors on my touring i used a prefacelift for my face lift and then had to swap out the internal door opener, window mech and loom as it was different.
  2. Under there is the floor section that containes access to the shock top mounts and the air supply for the air bags, to remove the pipe you will see a cir-clip, expand that and the pipe will pop out (with a POP) dont worry its normal and the 1st time you do it.....you will poop lol, then remove shock to give plenty of access and pull the bag out.
  3. That is what i was thinking.....flat battery and the km works out at around 167thou aprox when the battery took dump, 1 swift call to AA and replacement fitted for £30 thanks to there BRC policy
  4. Hi all as title really, been playing with inpa over the weekend and i found a trouble code in gearbox section, no idea if its old or new but who knows what it means, pic below, ive cleared it and will check in a weeks time to see if it has returned
  5. No probs, i may hit you up....we shall see lol
  6. Sweet, thats on my next ebay order.
  7. Oooohhhhhh fatness!! Where you get that?
  8. The Xtrons units do but im not sure about the eonon units.
  9. You could do with tappin one of these in
  10. Those heads do look damaged, i would try a slightly larger spline bit and hammer it in then undo and repeat on all damaged heads, they should come out easy enough
  11. I would imagine there would be a softwere update, the marshmellow unit is uber powerful so i cant see it being an issue but even if it dont get an update marshmellow will still be supported/updated for a couple of years, guess we will just have to wait and see.
  12. Am i seeing some blueing on your dmf? If thats blueish then its overheated for some reason, there is also uneven wear on you pressure plate and on the rear of the dmf that looks like a score mark which could be the shavings in the bellhousing.
  13. Cant help you if you do not know if you have a sport or an se
  14. Are you se or sport?
  15. If it were me i would remove and inspect it.