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  1. Job well done but i would have removed the turbo inlet pipe, only x2 hex key bolts and it just comes out and leaves so much more room to work.
  2. That sounds like a dry bearing/lose or rattling pully, remove the aux belt and spin each pully and check for noise and play
  3. In short the answer is yes, i had it with our mpv no crack when parked up went out 1hr later and crack down center of screen stright top to bottom
  4. Thats odd, dont know why a bmw specialist brakers would say my replacement was from a petrol when they look nothing alike. Unless he ment to say diesel e46 and blurted out petrol e46
  5. I got mine from quarry motors in sheffield, a bmw specialist brakers and they told me they are all the same and they took one from a petrol e46 for my m57 530d and when i got it home i compaired them and they were identical apart from the replacement had the solid hex nut and the part numbers were the same. I would think the v8's would be the same but can only go from my expreiance
  6. The older hollow hex caps dont need to be that tight for them to bust the hex bit off....esp with there age now....word of warning to all who have hollow hex nuts, replace with solid or at least have the replacememt ready when next oil filter is due.
  7. Quarry motors in sheffield will have 1, or from any e46, e39 thats being broken near to you, there all the same petrol and diesel but later models have a solid hex nut on the top to stop that from happening, i had the same issue on my diesel.
  8. Is there any way you can do a video with the noise? And post it
  9. Any idea on a price for the bits im after fella? Collection wise id now be looking at fri or the bankholiday monday, inc the door i was asking about on ebay
  10. Ive only just realised you have this on the bay which ive been messaging about (bladette1975) i dont spose you have the under body/engine and gearbox covers and how much plz? Im hopeing to make it over to you tomorrow but waiting for a friend to confirm he can do the afternoon school run for me. Oh forgot to ask if you also have a blue front abs sensor, may also be a few other small parts i rember about when i get there.
  11. Hi, i could do with a climet control with decent lcd screen, not worried bout buttons as mine are all good, has the max button on mine and would need posting plz as in sheffield Oh and what colour is your internal trim? If your not keeping with interior.
  12. Do you have the gear to do a compression test?
  13. Well i dont have a pass side and my horn keeps gettin a bath and sounds like it should be on a mini not a beemer lol.
  14. Are the front bumper splash guards (corners) any good?
  15. Purely codes and no it will do no harm running engine, i certainly wouldnt drive it with a misfire longterm tho as that will cause further damage but thats only if you just ignore the problem and kept driveing as per normal.