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  1. e61 M5

    How much roughly is the H&S set up ? Ive got the BTB systems on the M3 & 325 and if I did venture into replacing the rear boxes then BTB would be considered.
  2. e61 M5

    How does it sound ? Is it worth the upgrade ?
  3. e61 M5

    How's it going ?
  4. e61 M5

    Looking forward to this
  5. e61 M5

    Yes it should do. Mine has the auto tailgate and it lifts upon opening and slides down down when the tailgate closes.
  6. e61 M5

    Can you post some before and after videos please. Be interested to hear the difference on tick over and mild driving.
  7. M5 Badge

    Parts arrived this morning at 09.00 Thanks again..
  8. M5 Badge

    All sorted and many thanks again.
  9. M5 Badge

    Hi, Could I place an order please for - 51147898126 Hopefully it's for both. Regards.
  10. e61 M5

    Only 222 RHD models and I think only 195 came to the UK. There's one near me in Knutsford but that's it for sightings. Saw one in St Tropez last month. Mine is 216/222 so it's a late one, November 2008.
  11. e61 M5

    Great cars! Had mine 18months and it's done 3 European trips, epic car to munch the mileage
  12. First trip to Nurburgring , any advice?

    Did you make it in the end ? I did -
  13. First trip to Nurburgring , any advice?

    Extremely wise words!
  14. First trip to Nurburgring , any advice?

    18.30 Hull ~ Zeebrugge this Saturday. My mate who I sold my E30 touring to is coming along in his car so there should be 2 E30's on the ferry. I'll be leaving Manchester around 13.30 for the trip down the M62 in this -
  15. First trip to Nurburgring , any advice?

    I'm off to the ring on Saturday, sailing from Hull to Zeebrugge and driving across. I should be there Sunday lunchtime and I'll be in a black E30 M3. I won't be driving it in anger either, just a casual ride around and enjoy the day. I took the M5 last year on the way home from Switzerland and it was closed to the public.