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  1. The Livster

    Real world mpg and range

    Since new to 10500 miles my 530d is showing average of 46.7 , very pleased with that
  2. The Livster

    Joining the G31 Crowd

    So snow tyres and or 4 wheel drive mean you never have an accident in snow or ice !!
  3. The Livster

    Wheel/Tyre Insurance

    Always take it, had 3 claims. ( different cars) within first 6 months of ownership ( tyres) never an issue and almost covered cost of policy
  4. The Livster

    Joining the G31 Crowd

    Did many a return trip NE of England to Aberdeen last winter in G30 on original tyres without issue, been doing same journey over 10 years in a variety of 2 wheel drive BMW’s including M5 without issue.
  5. The Livster

    Adblue refill

    Just pver 10k in and mine still shows 4000 miles and no top up required
  6. The Livster

    Key Priority

    Your wives have a key !!!!!!
  7. The Livster

    Just ordered my new G30 (photos)

    The engine is a beauty, I am averaging 46.5 over 8500 miles. ( OBC) It is fast when required smooth and quiet . On 300 mile drives up to Aberdeen can get upto 54 mpg, sure you will love it
  8. The Livster

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Just done it while car sat on drive took about 20 mins
  9. The Livster

    G30 520d vs F10?

    can’t comment on 520 but the 530 engine is fantastic, coming from an M5 it is still quick enough ( most of time )
  10. The Livster

    Reverse Camera G30

    Had an issue with surround camera’s on a 640. Took a couple trips but dealer sorted it ( did require some new wiring from Germany) Will be keeping an eye on G30 for any repeats
  11. The Livster

    Reverse Camera G30

    Strangely mine did exactly that yesterday. Was fine after turning ignition off and back on
  12. The Livster

    Speed Limit Display?

    On my F10 it was a camera that provided the speed limit display, not sure on G30/31, I now use Waze which is much better
  13. The Livster

    comfort seats or heads up ?

    Heads Up
  14. The Livster

    Sun Protection Glass - how dark?

    I’ve been dissapointed with the privacy glass on my previous BMs but this time the tint is perfect , IMO it really adds to the look
  15. The Livster

    Sun Protection Glass - how dark?

    Mines factory, looks darker in the photo but great in daylight