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  1. E-Sys Launcher Premium and Token Master issues

    Its no longer supported by Token Master, there are fudge arounds I believe using older versions and changing dates but I would recommend donating to a local charity and getting the PRO launcher.
  2. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Simply coding Start / Stop to Memory setting would never be detected by the dealer as it doesn't actually remove it or fully disable it in the system. It simply sets it to off and can be turned on and off as normal using the switch, its like changing the bluetooth ringtone or how the door locks work when using your key fob you are simply changing the setting from auto on, to either auto off or memory. If it really bugs you then have it coded to off or memory whatever your preference and don't worry about it.
  3. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    When coding using mobile apps and wireless connections be wary, there is a lot of reports of problems should the connection drop during the coding process resulting in a screwed up cafd file. If you have someone nearby with a laptop, cable and esys get them to code for you instead. I am near Aberdeen if anyone needs a hand.
  4. Deer oh deer

    Who are you insured with that extra £200 excess seems a bit off if yiu want to use a place of your choice.
  5. Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    I have the LCI MSport wheel and trying to remove it to complete the heated steering wheel retrofit, however I must be doing something stupid or I am being too soft but I cannot get the two plugs out, i.e. the airbag and controls plugs. I feel like I am pulling pretty damn hard but they are not budging and I don't want to damage anything.
  6. Deer oh deer

    I hit a Deer on my first commute of the new year back in January, my insurer at the time was M&S underwritten by LV. I called and reported it to them and they gave me a choice of two preffered body shops nearby, as BMW was literally around the corner and the car was only 16 months old I said I wanted to use them. LV were fine with this all it meant with them not to use their preferred choice was they couldn't guarantee a courtesy car but obviously BMW supplied me with one no problem. My damage was new bumper, driver headlight, driver fog light, fog light trim, parking sensors, grill and a few bits underneath, hope you get it sorted.
  7. Replacement Windscreen

    Yeah I have just told Autoglass to go ahead with it on the 4th and as others have commented online if the quality is noticeably poor just complain and they will replace it, Direct Line basically said if I went direct to BMW they would cover £200 total towards the bill (unknown total as have not asked BMW) but £75 of that is my windscreen excess.
  8. Replacement Windscreen

    I have a lovely 10inch crack on my windscreen and have been having a conversation with both Autoglass and Direct Line regarding getting an OEM screen fit, basically if I want a true OEM screen I have been told to take the car to BMW and Direct Line will reimburse me £125 of the cost. Otherwise go to Autoglass and only pay a £75 excess, if I want they can add the BMW OEM stamp to the windscreen for a small fee..... I had to ask her to repeat that to confirm she was saying this which she did. She insisted the glass they use is made by the same manufacturer as the windscreens BMW fit at factory, when I enquired about glass being graded by quality and perhaps BMW using a higher grade than Autoglass would. Again she confirmed this may be correct but that Autoglass would still only use a good quality of glass and that she would recommend I use Autoglass and get them to add the BMW OEM info stamp, does this mean anyone who thinks they have fought and managed to get Autoglass to fit a true OWM screen actually have just had the Autoglass one stamped?
  9. 530e - First long run

    I get it in my F10 if I plug it in via USB, I have a mini usb to usbC cable plugged in at all times so just hook the phone up on the longer runs.
  10. If its the audio streaming part of Enhanced Bluetooth you are after then dont worry as buying a LCi with promedia gets you audio streaming. I coded mine (65 plate with pro media) to have enhanced bluetooth and it just adds office functions e.g. emails and texts as it already was capable of streaming.
  11. First bad weather test for the F10

    We have had some snow and a lot of ice up this way in Aberdeen, I didn't bother fitting my winters out of laziness and so far have had zero issues. These conti sport 3's which I actually don't rate very highly at all as a summer tyre have been unusually good in the snow, slush and ice. I got my 19" 351's back from "We Restore Alloys" in Kirkcaldy now the two slightly buckled have been corrected and all of them have been fully refurbished in the original colour so getting a bit of hassle from the other half due to having two sets of alloys taking up space in the garage. Need to decide whether I am putting the 19's back on next year and selling on these 18" 613's I bought on here from SuperDave or keeping the 18's and get these 19" 351's up for sale.
  12. Updated maps to NEXT 2018-1 which finally popped up on the BMW Download Manager.
  13. You can disable it via coding but as sshooie says they will test it as part of your MOT so remember and enable it first.
  14. 2012 m sport 520d spec

    Obviously I don't know where you are based, but as Andrew said you could get a 530d for that money, quickly checked auto trader and saw this nice example below, with pro media and adaptive xenons. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201708148328546?price-to=18000&advertising-location=at_cars&maximum-mileage=35000&radius=1500&sort=sponsored&make=BMW&model=5 SERIES&postcode=ab123ap&aggregatedTrim=530d&year-from=2010&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&page=1
  15. F10 door corrosion

    Would be good to see some images for reference, mine is only 2 years old but will be something to keep an eye on.