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  1. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Mini were insisting on a £475 delivery charge (to the dealer not to even to our house) when my other half bought her new mini the other year. I just flat out refused to pay it and said we would walk away from the sale if it wasnt removed. Needles to say they removed it pretty quickly.
  2. Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    I forgot to say if Siri worked then Google Assistant should work as well. Just make sure its set as your default assistant (I havnt attempted to try bixby) and that it is useable from your lock screen. I have set my phone to stay unlocked when connected to the cars bluetooth.
  3. Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    It is a 65 plate, I have Pro Media and have coded EBT but it worked the same even before coding it.
  4. Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    I use Spotify fine through USB or Bluetooth on my Galaxy S8, have generally found compatibility much better than my previous iPhone 6, especially with messages and emails. Only thing that has been slightly poorer is the BMW Connected Drive App which seems to get updated earlier on the iPhone.
  5. If you are ever up near Aberdeen fire me a PM, I don't mind doing a bit of coding for forum members, what kind of things are you looking to code? Can't help you with the mapping though.
  6. Cheers for this but mine is indeed LCi so its the stupid halogen bulb they fit in the headlight instead of the much nicer pre LCi indicator, I used the guide but mine only twist so far by hand and feel like I would need to resort to pliers to get enough grip to force them more.
  7. Tried to change my dead driver side indicator bulb but for the life of me I could not get it out, twisted the caps far but then it wouldn't budge any further or pull out. Any tips or am I just being soft trying not to break something.
  8. Can you quote for the lower trim part on the rear nearside door in gloss black. My car is a 2015 BMW F10 and comes with the "S760A High gloss shadow line" trim.
  9. I got a bit confused when looking at the p7's there seemed to be two versions. One with a BMW stamp and one with a Mercedes stamp. The BMW rated ones had considerably worse stats than the Mercedes one.... and was more expensive.
  10. Changed my blown indicator bulb and realised the headlight hatch was fit with two screws but the bottom section wasn't fit, I am quite willing to believe this goes back a whole year to when John Clark fit my new bumper, headlight etc and yet another rushed item they failed to fit correctly, hopefully the water and dirt thats been flying up in there hasn't done any damage. I can't express how poor the service the past year and a half has been from John Clark in Aberdeen, tempted to get shot of the BMW just to never have to deal with them again.
  11. Need advice on tyres

    Goodyear Eagle A3 best tyres I’ve ever used
  12. E-Sys Launcher Premium and Token Master issues

    Its no longer supported by Token Master, there are fudge arounds I believe using older versions and changing dates but I would recommend donating to a local charity and getting the PRO launcher.
  13. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    Simply coding Start / Stop to Memory setting would never be detected by the dealer as it doesn't actually remove it or fully disable it in the system. It simply sets it to off and can be turned on and off as normal using the switch, its like changing the bluetooth ringtone or how the door locks work when using your key fob you are simply changing the setting from auto on, to either auto off or memory. If it really bugs you then have it coded to off or memory whatever your preference and don't worry about it.
  14. what are the stop start rules for diesels

    When coding using mobile apps and wireless connections be wary, there is a lot of reports of problems should the connection drop during the coding process resulting in a screwed up cafd file. If you have someone nearby with a laptop, cable and esys get them to code for you instead. I am near Aberdeen if anyone needs a hand.
  15. Deer oh deer

    Who are you insured with that extra £200 excess seems a bit off if yiu want to use a place of your choice.