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  1. I needed new rear tyres so took the opportunity to replace all four with non run flats, went with Goodyear Eagle A3's which were fit today, very glad I did. Will get the two front Pirelli RFT's listed on eBay still nearly 6mm left on each.
  2. Ok thanks, one last thing i forgot to ask was if this is the non HUD version? I forgot to specify in the original post and assume the HUD version may be more expensive so thought I best double check.
  3. Hi, as it's quite expensive can u confirm this is a brand new part, you say it's non returnable but I assume if there any faults with it then I could return it for a non faulty one etc.
  4. Ecotune are definitely the place to go, not the cheapest but look at their website / Facebook page and pop in for a visit. They definitely seem to know their stuff and in the case of updates over writing it they will reload the map they tweaked for your car for a minor fee.
  5. You can code in Sports+ the auto box is apparently exactly the same across the sports auto and normal auto just the shifter itself has a different look but purely aesthetic .
  6. It's the first thing I coded on my car, S/S Auto Off, bloody hate it.
  7. What year is the car, so you have a USB port in the glove box? If so plug it in there and see what happens. Mine is a 65 plate and I only have a port in the arm rest which lets me okay music from the phone if I wanted etc but I have read about older cars having a port in the glove box and the functionality between ports seems to differ.
  8. I am interested in retro fitting the 6WB full digital instrument cluster to my F10, is this a part you can supply and if so what kind of price am I looking at? Cheers
  9. So without plug in charging the car uses the engine to charge the battery?
  10. I would say you need to thoroughly test drive both to truly decide, I have got a 530d and I do enjoy it but wouldn't think twice about going back to a 4 pot most of my miles are cruising along the motorway and I got a considerably better MPG return from my old 2l, the road tax difference doesn't bother me though £30 vs £150 over a year isn't a big deal but the monthly fuel costs certainly add up. Did they not fix the chain issue on the b47 engine, think that came into play on 64 plate cars or 15 plate one of the two, as when I was choosing mine last year I had the same dilemma between 520d and 530d, I went for the 530d in the end as I have never had a 6 pot before and figured now was the time to enjoy one age / finances wise, but I will most likely be getting something more economical next time.
  11. Can also help with coding in Scotland if anyone is stuck, near Aberdeen.
  12. I put some images in the F10 thread for my install Johnny you can pop the "Airbag" plastic cover off and loosen the torn screen underneath this allows a little movement on the top of the A-Pillar making tucking the cable away a doddle. Great write up Shauney
  13. Which fuse did you tap into, I managed to get mine in ok using the power socket fuse. IMG_5390.jpg.62d3127102ff61791bf392b8461ed6f3.jpg
  14. I don't know anything about coding keep thinking about looking into it but to be honest would rather just pay someone from Scotland who knows what they are doing but I noticed the following as a listed option: Enable Siri Voice Control 3003àCE_DEVICE_SPEECH_RECOGNITION set to: aktiv I assumed that might be what you want but who knows if it needs any specific hardware first, can't see anything noted.
  15. Is coding Siri activation not available through coding on the older F10's, if you wanted it via the button that is?