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  1. I would say you need to thoroughly test drive both to truly decide, I have got a 530d and I do enjoy it but wouldn't think twice about going back to a 4 pot most of my miles are cruising along the motorway and I got a considerably better MPG return from my old 2l, the road tax difference doesn't bother me though £30 vs £150 over a year isn't a big deal but the monthly fuel costs certainly add up. Did they not fix the chain issue on the b47 engine, think that came into play on 64 plate cars or 15 plate one of the two, as when I was choosing mine last year I had the same dilemma between 520d and 530d, I went for the 530d in the end as I have never had a 6 pot before and figured now was the time to enjoy one age / finances wise, but I will most likely be getting something more economical next time.
  2. Can also help with coding in Scotland if anyone is stuck, near Aberdeen.
  3. I put some images in the F10 thread for my install Johnny you can pop the "Airbag" plastic cover off and loosen the torn screen underneath this allows a little movement on the top of the A-Pillar making tucking the cable away a doddle. Great write up Shauney
  4. Which fuse did you tap into, I managed to get mine in ok using the power socket fuse. IMG_5390.jpg.62d3127102ff61791bf392b8461ed6f3.jpg
  5. I don't know anything about coding keep thinking about looking into it but to be honest would rather just pay someone from Scotland who knows what they are doing but I noticed the following as a listed option: Enable Siri Voice Control 3003àCE_DEVICE_SPEECH_RECOGNITION set to: aktiv I assumed that might be what you want but who knows if it needs any specific hardware first, can't see anything noted.
  6. Is coding Siri activation not available through coding on the older F10's, if you wanted it via the button that is?
  7. The only thing I would like to enable on my F10 is enhanced bluetooth so I can get text messages, I'm usually okay with things like this but have stopped myself from looking incase I manage to screw something up, might have a read this weekend.
  8. The whole thing about speed cameras having to be visible is bullshit, as far as I am concerned make them completely hidden the point is you shouldnt be speeding. my niece was hit by an arsehole thinking it was acceptable to be going 45 in a 30 it bloody isn't, speeding within a built up area should be an instant ban.
  9. Ill be honest I used my work mates BMW as a guide to what options I did and didn't want as his was basically fully loaded other than folding rear seats and the ambient lighting didn't impress me enough to bother making it a must have in the cars I was looking at, my GF's mini does a better job of it with changeable colours etc.
  10. Yeah mine was exactly like that, I just positioned my camera right at the top, I don't mind seeing it above the rear view mirror when Im driving as its still up and out of the way, but I prefer it high as it means: The only cable you see it literally the micro USB plug coming out of the headlining straight into the GPS mount. As its behind the darkened part of glass you can barely see it from the outside. The higher you mount it the better vantage point you get from the recording I know its only a few inches but it makes a difference when showing how close something is to the front of your car. So far still no radio interference and really impressed with the quality of the recording. Where do the rules stand with garages and dash cams, my other halves 16 plate Mini was in getting a knocking noise checked when turning sharp left and they unplugged the dash cam, also didn't fix or even understand why the knocking was occurring and had me wondering if they unplugged it so I wouldn't know they did eff all with it.
  11. Had my rear de-badged, had been thinking about it and when a local valet / detailer said it would only be £10 and he could do it while I wait I went ahead with it. Really glad I did think it looks much better now, might get the M badges removed from the sides as well.
  12. Drove home listening to Radio X on DAB and no problems at all with reception, fingers crossed it stays that way. Attached images show: 1st Pic - Grounded it into an existing hole with a small nut and bolt behind the side panel with the airbag switch. 2nd Pic - 12v - 5v adapter tucked in behind the glove box, I removed the screws under the glove box to lower the bottom part which gives more room than the tiny hatch inside the glove box. 3rd Pic - Airbag tag removed to allow access to the screw which lets you loosen the A-Pillar making tucing the cable in easier. 4th Pic - Cable all hidden and aribag tag refit 5th Pic - The add a fuse fit to the cigarette lighter fuse socket. Should have taken a few more pictures, if there is anything you want an image of just ask I am going to lower the glove box again tomorrow to stick the adapter to somethig or tie wrap it in place think I could here it knocking slightly on the way home.
  13. Ill do another reply tonight with images I think would be useful, I still need to remove the airbag label on the a-pillar to access the screw and loosen it to allow me to tuck the last bit of cable away, all that should be showing anywhere is just the micro usb plug popping out of the headlining into the GPS mount. I still have a dash cam (a mini 0805) from my previous car sitting here I may go for a similar install in the back window and run the cable to the fuse box in the boot if its not a nightmare to do. I did stupidly unplug the passenger airbag switch which has left me with the "passenger restraint system error", I will clear it when I get home don't have my reader here at work.
  14. Spent my lunch hour wishing I was double jointed fitting an A119 Dash Cam and wiring it up to the power socket fuse behind the glove box. All done now but the back is my hand is scratched to hell and my elbow feels like its been rotated 360degrees.
  15. Cheers for the link I knew my car had a service plan on it when I bought it but didn't realise it had MOT protect or covered things like pads and discs and clutch assembly.