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  1. Should have since it has pro media as standard, my F10 with pro media lets me track the car via the app.
  2. Ive got the 19" 351's, not a fan of getting buckled alloys fixed, my work colleague will be by next week and has the same alloy style so I will replace the buckled and twisted ones only to see how that goes, then just grab new ones if that is indeed the issue. Which I am sure it will be.
  3. They have told me my driver front wheel is buckled but not to an extent they didn't think they could balance. Apparently my rear best side however isn't buckled but "twisted" I've never heard of this before. I need a refurb on those exact two wheels so just going to try swapping them both with a work mate and testing. My issue is if the buckling is the issue why didn't I get the vibration before the tyre change.
  4. I don't have a great code reader but checked last night and had 1 error code, Unknown DTC Fault B7F850. I cleared and checked the codes again to ensure it was gone, drove home and then back to work this morning, checked codes and it was back. Did a bit of googling for fault code lists this morning and couldn't find this code on any of them however. Current plan is still to try another set of wheels first before booking back in and arguing.
  5. I have submitted a letter of complaint, I checked my paperwork last night and could not find any reference during my purchase to using BMW approved tyres and when my car had its first service and they advised me to get two new rear tyres again nobody mentioned a thing about ensuring I sued BMW approved tyres to make sure I don't lose my warranty on anything related to the drivetrain.
  6. Checked but weights are all fine, I booked the car into BMW and this morning before we did anything they pointed out that my Goodyear A3's are not on the BMW approved list (other goodyears, but not these...) for my car so anything they find related to the drivetrain will not be covered by warranty. Told them I'd leave it, never owned a car before where the dealer has tried to wiggle out of warranty work before even looking at the car due to my tyre choice, will not be buying another car from John Clark as this is the latest in poor customer service. The car has has one service and two EGR replacements (under warranty) since I bought it a year ago and all three visits resulted in me being left waiting over an hour for my car after being phoned and told my car was ready for collection. I am convinced its the tyres / wheels, apparently my front driver alloy has a not inconsiderable buckle and my rear passenger alloy isn't buckle but almost like it is twisted, unsure how either got this way as I can't remember hitting any notable pot holes. Ideally I need someone local with a spare set of winters that I could borrow for 24hours to test out, if anyone is near Aberdeen I would be happy to throw someone £50 to borrow a set of wheels for 24hours. Could fit them at my work so you know where to find me if I do a runner with them
  7. Sync ability, Max AC and Auto Circulate too, although makes me wonder if auto circulate works or needs an additional sensor. If people are in no rush you can get it cheap, I paid £50 for a 2015 panel which was immaculate. Looking back I probably could have got the dealer to replace mine for free given they sold me a modified car and didn't mention it.
  8. Unfortunately the vibration is still present it has just changed when it occurs, instead of happening all the time above 40mph it now occurs when accelerating hard or uphill but then smooths out once you have settled at 60mph or 70mph etc It also is noticeable when slowing down during coasting and is only occurring up through the car / seat as opposed tot he steering wheel. Just going to take it into my local dealer now in case its something out with the tyres / wheels, but completely sick of it now, I was on holiday last week so not driving the car guess I never accelerated hard enough when driving home from the last balancer to notice the change was just over the moon the constant vibration had been solved.
  9. It could be there are other differences behind the dash with regards to fans etc My car did originally have the extended panel its just the previous owner for some reason chose to replace it with a basic panel after damaging it, so if there is other differences my car would have them which would explain why it was all fine after coding for me but possibly not for someone fitting the panel to a car which wasn't specced this way from factory. Maybe someone else with a 520d could comment.
  10. I assume the 330d mirrors would work the same as my 530d and as far as I am aware the driver side is not meant to auto dip as that kerb is right next to you and should be easy to see when the mirror is set correctly without dipping. Whereas with the passenger side being on the other side of the car your visibility is worse and so the auto dipping assists with that problem.
  11. I'd be wanting then to come back and reinstall the original map that they should have made backed up. Then get it on a rolling road and get a diagnostic check carried out before proceeding with another tuning attempt. I know it's too late but I would never get a remap without a rolling road and diagnostic check first. You want to know everything is running correctly before you start modifying things.
  12. I'm looking for roof bars, the official BMW ones are cheaper but wondering if the wingbars are worth the extra for less noise, better MPG etc Are those the ones that stick out or curve down into the clamps?
  13. Finally resolved! I went to a small independent garage in Montrose which had been recommended to me by a friend. They had an active Facebook page with excellent reviews so I sent them a message at 8pm last night and got an instant response with lots of potential reasons for the issue that he would check along with simply re-balancing. They fit me in this afternoon and after checking on his machine surprise, surprise they were all out. However the previous garages had all said the previous balancing was out so I wasn't 100% confident at first but the longer I watched them balance the wheels and listen to things he personally did not like regarding the previous weights placement etc I started to get hopeful. It was £20 for the balancing and off I went, got to a nice long straight and got her up to 80 just to be sure and it was as smooth as the day I bought it, which means 3 different garages in Aberdeen each having two attempts at balancing either don't have a clue what they are doing or have poorly calibrated equipment. If anyone needs tyres, a service or MOT etc and are not too far from Montrose, I would recommend paying a visit to Just Tyres.
  14. Nobody who can do force balancing anywhere close, have asked blck circles to get involved and been talking to a garage today who sound very knowledgeable compared to those who have so far tried. They will look at it tomorrow and have said there will only be a charge if they can fix the issue so can't ask fairer than that.
  15. Staggered, 245 wide on the front and 275 wide on the back, the garage is saying the tyres are fine and their balancing machines are fine so it must be the car. Luckily a work mate with a 5 series is letting me swap over alloys with him to test it out, if the drive is fine with his then its definitely the tyres.