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  1. Could I get a quote for the two items below please: Socket Contact Wiring Pins – 61130005197 x 4OEM Wire Taps for CAN signals – 61138364566 x 4
  2. Mine is a 65 plate, even though it works smoothly I have still coded it to memory and just keep it off as I hate it kicking in at a roundabout.
  3. I don't think you can code a delay, only set it to auto off or memory, however what you describe doesn't sound normal to me, I can push the brake to come to a halt and stop / start only seems to kick in once at full stop there is definitely no lurching.
  4. Car looks great, my one regret is going saloon over estate, I made sure to get one with folding seats but sometimes its not quite enough. I have the same alloys which I think look great but have been debating downsizing to the 18" 613's as one of my 19's has a buckle and needs changing so thinking about changing the entire set down one size.
  5. Received thanks.
  6. Only if the electric was delivered by fairies.
  7. Sent in PM, cheers.
  8. Cheers, thats it paid.
  9. Apologies I somehow completely forgot to pay for this, can you confirm the quote and customer ref is still valid and I will get online and pay for this today.
  10. Sorry no idea why I blindly thought you had an f10... doh
  11. Good write up with images on the thread below by Shauney, I used the same glove box fuse in mine, works great and turns off with the car.
  12. It will pause music on the internal HDD or a USB stick but with the phone being a completely external device it probably just carries on streaming the song while the car mutes it. I have all my music on the internal HDD so haven't had to worry about pausing it but you would think there must be some way to do it.
  13. Mine was set to the grey / darker theme when I bought it and I just left it like that, now when I turn the normal coloured mode on it just looks really garish and I end up going back.
  14. Cheers, I am happy with that price. I popped off the cover and took an image of the sticker underneath in case that helps.
  15. Would you be able to give me a price for a new ashtray cover, I think the part no is 51169206400 but not 100% on that, photo of the part also attached. Its a 65 plate automatic and the trim piece is brushed aluminium.