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  1. Carly would need a combination of iphone or android app and the bluetooth dongle, think together it would be about £80. Esys is free and just requires a £10 enet cable and a windows laptop (or macbook with a windows partition or running through vm ware etc). Obviously not the cheaper option if you dont already have a laptop. Personally i wouldnt use carly as its expensive and has more potential for problems, have seen quite a few peoplw online screwing up modules due to disconnects and other problems while coding. However if as you say you arnt totally confident tech wise might be best to ask for help from someone local. I could code it for you no problem if you were close, im up near aberdeen.
  2. I used esys to change it to a memory setting, this way when I hit the button to turn it off it now stays off until i turn it on at the button again as opposed ti reverting to on the next time I get back in the car.
  3. Did they offer anything else on the tracker front mumbo, I know our 1.64% had no fee, in fact we got £275 refund as a loyalty bonus for staying with them, we first moved over to Nationwide on 1.84% 2 years previous and that also had no fee. We are also not locked in for the term so if the interest rate is likely to rise we can move with no penalty.
  4. We renewed back in April and stuck with our Nationwide tracker (had a nice £275 loyalty bonus) which is currently sitting at 1.64%, chances are any interest hike isn't going to be more than 0.25 or 0.5%. However I will stop talking like I know anything as the honest answer is I go with what I am told as mortgages is one part of what the other half does for a living so I just shut up and nod in agreement....
  5. Rearview Mirror

    Still not sure how I managed to damage it but need a quote for a new rearview mirror, its one with auto dimming and the FLA camera, part number - 9345382 Out of curiosity could you also quote for the version which also has the homelink function, if the price difference isn't much may as well add this extra function, but I don't know the part number.
  6. They are excellent, although I have not been running them the past couple of months due to two buckled alloys. However the 351's have been straightened and fully refurbed and ready for collection. Putting them in the garage until next summer now though.
  7. My local BMW garage has told me my Goodyear Eagle A3's I put on invalidated my warranty on all drivetrain components as they didn't have the BMW approved star..... I have contacted BMW themselves about this and so far getting nowhere, so would maybe have a conversation with your local dealer first if your insurer is just sloping responsibility onto them.
  8. Not big enough which is why she will be giving me grief if I dont sell one of the summer sets. Although would never have had 3 sets if it wasnt for the buckling and no decent refurb places nearby.
  9. If I didn't have a set of 327's for my winter setup then I would have been tempted. I will be putting the winters on soon anyway, so no rush to sell the 351's can always wait and see how I feel come march / april next year, just need the other half not to question why there are two sets of alloys in the garage.
  10. All good now? Thanks to pot holes I had two buckled alloys, dropping my full 351 set off on Monday for a full refurbishment in the original colour plus the two buckled alloys to be straightened, the buckles aren't the worst ever but enough than balancing couldn't get rid of all the wobble. My dilemma is I quite like the 613's I bought from SuperDave on here, yes they don't look as impressive as the 19" 351's but they still look good and I can notice the slightly smoother ride from the18"'s..... do I sell the 351's once they are repaired and refurbished or put them back on.
  11. Asked my local dealer for a quote to update the car to the latest i-step level out of curiosity. They quoted £157 and informed me that should any problems arise with any of the updated modules they would no longer be covered by my warranty. I just said "so official updates installed by an official BMW dealer invalidates the warranty?" and burst out laughing.
  12. Wiring Pins and Wiring Taps

    Perfect thanks, payment made via Paypal Gift.
  13. Wheels arrived today in cracking condition as described, cheers Dave
  14. Could I get a quote for the two items below please: Socket Contact Wiring Pins – 61130005197 x 4OEM Wire Taps for CAN signals – 61138364566 x 4
  15. Mine is a 65 plate, even though it works smoothly I have still coded it to memory and just keep it off as I hate it kicking in at a roundabout.