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  1. rickster, i have tryed what you said, still error, when you say cut wires do you mean the wire to the buckle or the wires into the plug that go through the plug into the seat belt buckle?
  2. ignition was on... i cant find no diagram as to what fuse does what
  3. Guys, none of my cigarette lighter sockets are working. i need to use them to plug the sat nav into when i travel abroad in a few days. can anyone tell me where the fuse is located and what type of fuse and size i need?
  4. so when you say "black and yellow plug" do you mean the connector block that the seat belt simulator plugs into..
  5. So you think its beacuse the seat belt emulator has poor connections. As i removed the pins from the standard plug and put the emulator ones in. Your think i should hard wire?
  6. hello, i have had the airbag light and seat belt light on the car for sometime. when is does go off and my wife moves on the passanger seat the error of airbag safety device ect comes up on the screen, anyways brought a seat mat bypass for my 2007 m sport and fitted it along with the seat belt thingy.. cleared the cars memory and turned the car on and off but the airbag light continues to show.. any help would be appriciated! i have uploaded a inpa error message can anyone know what this means?
  7. as per title any help appriciated.. i have removed any anti virus ect turned off firewalls and still nothing?