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  1. Duncan Johnson

    Parking car for 3 weeks. Any precautions?

    Just started a Ford Focus at my mums that hasn't been touched since August. It started under its own battery.
  2. Duncan Johnson

    Next job...

    I spent much of 2015 and 16 working on the Area 4 network so spent many a night on the M2, A2 etc. I remember in the early hours when we had a full closure on one side of M2 Bredhurst, and I heard the Battlestar Galactica approaching. As I looked up it was a police 5 series on the opposite carriageway doing warp factor 10. The sound was shocking. Obviously not a V8 on full chat, and much of it was probably tyre noise, but still impressive. Might have been yours...
  3. F10 530d came up in the salvage a few weeks ago with this. Problem was they had snipped the loom to the pro nav screen. Written off
  4. Duncan Johnson

    F10 DAB issues.

    my wireless phone charger kills my dab. Unplug it and instant fix
  5. Duncan Johnson

    Alloy wheel fittment

    that pic reminds me of a road marking slip up when they wrote W Ham instead of W Mall. It makes a right mess when you burn it off. Other famous ones on my watch include Totoya instead of Toyota on the A38 roundabout and Araf instead of slow in Whitchurch.
  6. Duncan Johnson

    F10 door corrosion

    I had a similar issue a few years ago with a Mondeo that I had bought. No service history but it did have a sticker from a dealer in Preston. I phoned them and they quoted data protection act re service history so I asked if they could sell me a service book (£5) and would they mind stamping it for any services they had done. When it arrived they had forgotten to stamp up the corrosion inspection page so I sent it back. On return fully stamped I went to my local dealer who promptly fitted four brand new doors and fully painted both sides (which were scratched).
  7. Duncan Johnson

    bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    My staggered F10 set up goes fine on my F11 without spacers
  8. Duncan Johnson

    Coolant leak?

    my 2015 520d had a egr cooler leak done under warranty.
  9. Duncan Johnson

    bmw 5 series m sport f10 juddering

    why not staggered on F11 but yes on F10? I know they fit ok as my summer wheel/tyre combo is staggered off F10.
  10. Duncan Johnson

    Broken front centre air vent flaps - how?!?!

    air vent phone holder?
  11. My 2.0D F11 was in main agent for warranty work a couple of weeks ago and they changed the EGR valve as a soft recall. I'm on my third tank of fuel now since and my MPG has dropped from 42 to 36. Anyone else had this done? I'm wondering whether a new map was installed at the same time.
  12. Duncan Johnson

    F11 Tailgate magnetic?

    Good news. Thanks
  13. Duncan Johnson

    F11 Tailgate magnetic?

    Can anyone tell me whether the tailgate is steel or ally? I need to put chapter8 chevrons on and magnetics are much more temporary than stick ons.
  14. Duncan Johnson

    Black alloys on a white car

    Are you selling the 613Ms? I'm interested if so.
  15. Please can you let me know the price for a 613M? (18" M Double Spoke). I need two after a pothole incident.... Thanks Duncan