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  1. by the time i'm out of the gate it's absolutely fine, and it will be fine all day, unless it sits at work for the day, then it will generally do the same, it's bizzare
  2. thanks for all your replies, the belt doesn't seem to be slipping, oil level is good, i can't see any signs of leaks, to back iut of my space i need full l/h lock then straight onto r/h lock, it's usually sorted itself by then,
  3. hi all, just recently when i leave for work my power steering doesn't seem to have the "power" bit until i've had an arm workout getting out of my space, once it's kicked in it's fine, sometimes it does the same when i leave work or it might wait until the next morning, any ideas?, cheers, steve
  4. to be honest it isn't much use to me, but for a cloth trim it's not in bad shape, if anyone want's it for nout you'll have to come and take it out
  5. morning all, whilst mooching around my donor car this morning i noticed it has a locking folding split rear seat, i've never seen one before, is it unusual?, is it worth saving?, cheers, steve
  6. i was hoping for a simple display swap, but it doesn't sound that simple,
  7. hi everyone, my car a 2002 530 had a pretty knackered in dash display, the pixels are awfull, i've picked up a 99 523 to break for panels for mine and it has a perfect display, would it be a compatable swap over?, thanks, steve
  8. just seen these on gumtree, ( not mine) https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/genuine-bmw-style-66-e39-e36-17-inch-alloys-set-of-5/1215540124
  9. v10 would certainly be interesting, but i'm a bit of a sucker for the straight 6, as for what dennis was saying i already have the ac schnitzer exhaust and the afe cold air induction kit (which sounds amazing!!), but my vanos seals definately need sorting, maybe i'd better sort them first,
  10. fair point on the financial side of things, i just thought it might be a bit different, i love the car but a bit more oomf wouldn't go a miss,
  11. i've been pondering for some time about super charging my 3.0 sport, has anyone had any experience with this conversion?, i know ac schnitzer do one, i just wondered what was involved, is it just a bolt on conversion?, or does it involve ecu etc, any info would be handy, cheers, steve
  12. i'll have a look, will it be obvious?
  13. hi jimmy, i have a 2002 e39 with the wide screen sat nav, i don't want to lose the original head unit but i would like to have an aux cable possibly so i could plug an mp3 player in, is this something you could help me with?, cheers, steve
  14. i know it's a long shot but i'm looking for a clean rust free pair of wings and boot lid for my e39 in night blue metalic, i'm in essex but would travel, cheers in advance, steve
  15. lovely stuff, i doubt i'll find the right colour, i've been told it's an unusual blue, i'll have to have a look around, thanks