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  1. hi all, i was looking to get a set of roof bars for my saloon as my bike rack is ruining the paint on my boot, i've seen thule ones on ebay that claim to be genuine bmw, is this correct?, thanks, steve
  2. i thought i'd update on this, i haven't touched the car since wednesday night, i went to start it today and the battery was too low to start, so i assume somehow the bluetooth had some sort of drain?, anyway i dissconected the battery, gave it a quick charge and touch wood everything is back to normal
  3. it seems to be on the drivers side, could that be?
  4. hi all, you fix one thing then another random pops up!!!, i paired my new phone and now the bloody stereo won't turn on, all the computer and nav work but nothing, it's almost like the left side of the stereo has konked out, even the hands free doesn't have any sound, has anybody any ideas??, cheers, steve
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/bmw-e39-full-electric-black-leather-interior/1245591224 not sure if this is any use to you (not mine)
  6. i also run 19's, looks awesome and drives lovely, obviously you have to watch the potholes but i wouldn't have it any other way
  7. right, i apologize for revisiting an old thread but frankly this is getting on my wick!!, i've been under the car again today and i literally can't pinpoint this clatter, i've done the old screwdriver against my ear thing and the only place i can pick up the noise is both cats??, any ideas??, cheers, steve
  8. hi all, my first thoughts were that it as coming from the front, but now i'm not so sure, it seems to be maybe coming from the rear or the engine / bell housing, do they have a dmf??
  9. WP_20170426_004.mp4
  10. i'll give it a go
  11. no, no luck, the air con thing didn't make any difference unfortunately, someone did mention chain tensioner??,
  12. it's a manual,
  13. i'd be very happy if it turned out too be something so simple, thanks, i'll give it a try
  14. hi all, i need to pick your brains yet again, i have a 2002 530 and over the weekend i noticed a quiet ish i'd say sort of clatter rather than a rattle, it seems to be coming from the drivers front corner, and seems to only be noticable when it's warm, the sound is like a quieter dual mass flywheel sound, but it's not that, any ideas??, cheers, a slightly panicking steve
  15. hi jimmy, sorry it took so long for me to have a look, would this be the plug you're talking about?, cheers, steve