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  1. F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    Just FYI, this was such an easy fix.... There were two rubber type stops which can be turned.....A couple of turns, and everything now lines up nicely
  2. Indy in East Essex/London

    Would prefer a speciailist....
  3. Indy anywhere in southend?

    PMW is meant to be really good in Chelmsford..... https://www.pmwltd.co.uk/
  4. Indy in East Essex/London

    Thanks for that.
  5. Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    I'll have a dig round - Looks like a handy site! Thanks
  6. Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    Simple job to take the door panel off?
  7. Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    Did you notice any water marks on the inside of the door? Did the seals look damaged at all?
  8. F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    That's good to hear then......In the bay area, it doesn't look like theres been any previous damage..... I've kept my eye out on other F10's some have the same issue, others are fine. I'll try the adjustment as Jake has said and see how I get on.
  9. Heavy rain, Water leak

    Is there any other way of clearing out leaf build up in the corner then?
  10. F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    Thats interesting.... Here is a pic of it being a touch out of line....
  11. Heavy rain, Water leak

    I managed to get most of the leaves out under the hinges on the driver side, but the passenger side proved more difficult, theres not enough space to put the hoover in even with the thin attachment (it's short by about 10-15cm... and i can't squeeze my hand in the area either Does anyone know what this part is? I was tempted to try and remove it to gain a little more space, but didn't want to do any damage Managed to get a wet Vac and hoover up most of the water in the foot well, which is good news
  12. Heavy rain, Water leak

    So, managed to get some time today to take a look into this.... Managed to get 3 of the bolts off fine, but the last one was a right PITA! Wouldn't budge at all......got some WD40, let it soak for a few minutes, and finally managed to get the 4th one out..... No leaves behind the panel, but a fair amount of crud in the area and on the cover itself...... Gave the panel and area a good clean.....Couldnt get the stain off the yellow grommit...... I decided to cut away a bit of that sealant a the small edge on the cover to try and allow excess water to flow out..... For anyone who struggles to find the extra bolt which is out of sight, its located here..... And finally heres the part number, for future reference if anyone needs it..... As people have mentioned, getting the cover back on proved very difficult - getting it all lined up properly was a pain.....In the end, i could only get 3 of the bolts back on, and struggled with the 4th (the one that is out of sight), so have had to leave it out The panel seems on and solid with just the 3 bolts.
  13. F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    Not sure But as i've said, i've only had it for like a year.... It's really not that bad, maybe i'm i'm looking into it too much..... I'll see if i can upload a picture later....
  14. F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    I've had the car a year, so not had any repairs done by me. Its a possibility that it could have been done previously. Not sure if the wings are out of alignment, but they line up fine with the front doors.....
  15. F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    This is more inline with the wings....... Against the bumper seems fine.