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  1. OK thanks, may just leave it to be safe
  2. Is this only for allignment? I find that my passenger doors needs a little more of a slam than the others.....
  3. What does this adjustment do?
  4. Y15HAL

    Rear spring broken

    I know! £350 a year, and no excess seems to good to be true
  5. Y15HAL

    Rear spring broken

    My thoughts exactly.... When i was looking at extended warranties, it was way more than £350
  6. Got a good hoovering yesterday - was much needed..... Needs a good wash too - been a couple of weeks!
  7. Y15HAL

    Dashboard Rattle

    Always so helpful! Thanks Matthew, will give that a go, when i have a spare hour or two (very hard to come by!)
  8. Y15HAL

    Dashboard Rattle

    Good Morning All :) My F10 has developed a rattling noise at the front of the dashboard - this is at the very front where it meets the windscreen..... If i wedge my fingers in between the dash and windscreen it goes away - whats the best way to tackle this? Thanks Vishal
  9. Y15HAL

    F10 Bonnet Adjustment

    Just FYI, this was such an easy fix.... There were two rubber type stops which can be turned.....A couple of turns, and everything now lines up nicely
  10. Y15HAL

    Indy in East Essex/London

    Would prefer a speciailist....
  11. Y15HAL

    Indy anywhere in southend?

    PMW is meant to be really good in Chelmsford..... https://www.pmwltd.co.uk/
  12. Y15HAL

    Indy in East Essex/London

    Thanks for that.
  13. Y15HAL

    Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    I'll have a dig round - Looks like a handy site! Thanks
  14. Y15HAL

    Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    Simple job to take the door panel off?
  15. Y15HAL

    Windscreen Rainwater Drainage

    Did you notice any water marks on the inside of the door? Did the seals look damaged at all?