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  1. ECP ran out of them for MSport so had no choice; will be doing that asap
  2. Rear offside was broken with car only done 65K :/
  3. Got a new rear spring fitted. Ride has changed unbelievably. For coins issue, I used paper clip and moved coins around by pulling the bucket up.
  4. Thanks a lot 535iAR. Much appreciated. Turns out everything was fine and spring was the only thing required.
  5. Where can I find the part numbers for these please? Need to get it sorted asap.
  6. Thanks for the swift response. One of the garages told me 2 items costing about £20/£25 and I can't recall.
  7. Hi, I need to know which bushes I need to buy (something else too?) while replacing the coil spring on the rear offside? I've bought the spring from ECP but they ran out of bushes. Need to go to a supplier but I need to be sure of what I need and then ask him for that. Help appreciated Ta
  8. He did say an hour but going by my previous experience with him, I'd be looking at 2. Bigshout, it's a bit of trek for you from Croydon since this is in Hayes.
  9. Definitely 530D. I've driven both albeit after getting a 520 and regret it to an extent. Chain snapping problems were fixed after 2011 I believe. I am Very surprised at the build quality of these cars though. My mate had a 2 yr old F10 in 2012 and the rear spring broke. It has gone on mine too. Not scaring you but just saying thigs ca go wrong.
  10. I've a garage who's fitting my offside broken spring for £40 (My parts) Off topic but It's shocking that such shyte material is used on these springs. Mine has only done 65K btw
  11. Thanks Johnny for detailed links. I suppose that the loophole if you're following government website. I prefer not to have them, perhaps that's why I'm looking for an excuse
  12. Is it absolutely illegal to remove the postcode, company name etc?
  13. GT STEVE, that looks well nice and exactly what I'm after. Thanks all for responses. Reading the guidelines, it does seem ok to have it but I agree that ebay sellers is a grey area. That being said, it's not hard to pick up a fake plate on a car these days with number of cameras we have these days on the road.
  14. So my current plates are loosing colour and make the car look crap after good polish & wash. I'm keen on the 3D Gel plates since they look neat but not 100% if they're road legal. Any ideas? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331693122142