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  1. Ta. Got a mind of its own; decided to start working again
  2. Flippin DRL gave up on driver side. Suggestions where to get the bulb from?
  3. Clayed a couple of panels for the first time and used the DA polisher too. Loved the beading afterwards. Need a whole day to do full car though next on list is the whole cycle of clay, compound, polish & wax...
  4. I missed gliptone conditioner which was quite well recommended on cleanyourcar. One of my mate used this too, but on black leather. I think results are seen better on lighter colours. Dare I say, black doesn't need a lot of cleaning/effort - ha! https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Care_Kit
  5. This was my first go so I made an error I think. Went for all in one product - Turtle wax luxe leather with soft brush. Some people say Autoglym is good, some say***1 + conditioner of course. I just went ahead with this and applied conditioner which I use for my sofa [emoji51]
  6. Time for some TLC. Took me a whole hour to do just 1 seat [emoji29]
  7. As above, cost of retrofitting the big screen and sat nav is £800. I don't have it and still contemplating. Can't justify the price considering I do ~100 miles a month and I know where I am going most of the time
  8. hyp3r

    Retrofits carried out?

    No errors whatsoever -
  9. hyp3r

    Retrofits carried out?

    I've got a HID kit and contemplating NBT
  10. Loving the beading this morning
  11. Definitely not respraying since it's not thicker than a coin's width. Will try and put a pic up
  12. Considering how light the paint is on these things, I'm pretty sure it gone down to the body. It isn't big, half the width of 1p coin perhaps but sticking out on an otherwise clean car. Will try both them things
  13. So some d******d scratched my door over the bank holiday and I'm well annoyed since car has no other marks at all. Any suggestions as to which touch up product I should use for my Carbon Black Metallic paint? Thanks in advance.
  14. Costs so much to get smthg decent and I decided it wasn't worth it for me since I don't drive to work :/