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  1. As above, cost of retrofitting the big screen and sat nav is £800. I don't have it and still contemplating. Can't justify the price considering I do ~100 miles a month and I know where I am going most of the time
  2. No errors whatsoever -
  3. I've got a HID kit and contemplating NBT
  4. Loving the beading this morning
  5. Definitely not respraying since it's not thicker than a coin's width. Will try and put a pic up
  6. Considering how light the paint is on these things, I'm pretty sure it gone down to the body. It isn't big, half the width of 1p coin perhaps but sticking out on an otherwise clean car. Will try both them things
  7. So some d******d scratched my door over the bank holiday and I'm well annoyed since car has no other marks at all. Any suggestions as to which touch up product I should use for my Carbon Black Metallic paint? Thanks in advance.
  8. Costs so much to get smthg decent and I decided it wasn't worth it for me since I don't drive to work :/
  9. Exactly for me this morning. Spent 2 hours polishing (Auto Glym Super Resin) and topped up with Soft99 wax for Dark colours. Let's see how long it lasts. Oh, and put on the new Carbon Gel plates only for the characters to come off the front one after 1st jet wash.. (got money back though)
  10. ECP ran out of them for MSport so had no choice; will be doing that asap
  11. Rear offside was broken with car only done 65K :/
  12. Got a new rear spring fitted. Ride has changed unbelievably. For coins issue, I used paper clip and moved coins around by pulling the bucket up.
  13. Thanks a lot 535iAR. Much appreciated. Turns out everything was fine and spring was the only thing required.
  14. Where can I find the part numbers for these please? Need to get it sorted asap.