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  1. Not too sure how to get clean look..suggestions?
  2. AG Super Resin. Looking at other thread, I'll try Meguairs along with some wax next time
  3. Washed & polished. All I need to do now is wait for the rain..
  4. Hi, Could you send price for black in carpet as well as rubber in beige, if latter exist. Thanks
  5. Hi, Could you please let me know the price for above in Black color? Thanks
  6. I'm guessing £60 includes flushing/bleeding of oil and refill and labour of it all. A garage quoted £120 for all above btw which seemed over the top! Finally got time and booked in at TCS Autos High Wycombe; let's see how it goes
  7. Thanks everyone. I'll get the garage to change (flush) it. Let's see what price they come up with
  8. I believe the brake fluid was changed at 39K and I'm now at 65K I'm lookin to get service done as you may gather from the previous thread. Should I get the brake fluid changed too? Could someone post a link which one and how much do I need? Many thanks
  9. So I looked up for all parts including engine oil and did some maths. Turns out, what Halfords are charging is fair. Before you say smthg, I am not going to them - ha
  10. I have a 4 cylinder diesel and sometimes drive my cousins 6 pot. I should've got the 6! The drive is just so smooth. And this is diesel...
  11. Thanks Gordon. I think I'll pay the extra £100 for Pirelli's even tho all RFT's are noisy
  12. Thanks. I think this is useful. I'm saving nearly a £100 on these as opposed to the Pirelli P7's Although I prefer the P7's, cos I already have them on the car, £100 is a good amount of money. I can't swap around because of staggered setup
  13. Last time I put on a new set, they lasted 22K and still had about 4mm. Then I sold the car. They were Hankook's as well
  14. Steady on chaps [emoji2] I've driven the car 11K since I purchased it last year. Not sure how long before that the tyres were put on so don't know how long have these lasted. I cruise around in my car and never drive it like a teenager
  15. I'm only going for them cos they're cheaper; that's why I wanted to check. Pirelli P7's is what I currently have and they are pretty good. I've done 11K miles and still have more than 2mm tread. I'm sure previous owner did a few thousand too!