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  1. 18zi

    top up coolant or change?

    Hi all, many thanks for the advices. Just to report back that I had the car checked at the dealer and it indeed the EGR valve need replacing, do they carried out the work under the technical campaign so no charges at all. Managed to get the MOT done the same day too so really happy with the dealer.
  2. 18zi

    top up coolant or change?

    Thanks SuperDave, called the dealer and told them as you advised but the lady does not seem to know better than me, my car is booked in the week after next week for inspection and I'll talk to them when drop off the car. Bought the coolant and had to top up three cups! ...... so the technical campaign is that customer have to pay for the fix if car is out of warranty? I have booked my car for a check but should I ask about the technical champaign?
  3. 18zi

    top up coolant or change?

    I drove the car again this afternoon to pick up my daughter and the warning is gone, can I assume it is safe to drive for another week or so? I'm asking because my MOT is due 5 Nov so I could get the car to the dealer for both sorting out this coolant/EGR problem and have the MOT done together saving me another trip. Just a few miles round trip daily and no long distance drive planned before getting it into the dealer. I also checked BMW 's website, there's two recalls but no mention of this EGR issue, will ask when booking my car.
  4. Hi, I had a warning message this morning for low coolant level. Just wondering if I should simply top up or should I book the car in for complete change of coolant, as I read on the forum that coolant should be changed every 4 years - which my 64 plate is due? If I can get away with top up, can I mix with any coolant or should I get the OEM coolant, and does anyone know what is used at BMW dealer? Thanks.
  5. 18zi

    spare wheel for staggered F07

    Thanks, I was considering full size front wheel as in the situation if the front blow I can still travel at full speed when hundreds miles away but the space saver have to be limited at speed. But that's only helpful if it's the front, if it's rear then I guess I'm still limited on the speed? I'm getting a roof box too so space is not very tight when traveling. I was under the impression that some of the tyre repair kit actually damage the tyres so I went for the tyre weld which supposedly can be washed off for repair. I just need to get myself a decent inflator.
  6. Hi I just had my P0 RFTs replaced by Michelin PS4S and the ride is so much better. I'm planning a trip in France for 2 weeks in the summer and just wondering how I should prepare for the trip. I did a trip last summer to France then Germany on the RFTs but didn't think too much about spare wheel. While I was looking at changing to normal tyres the discussions led me to wondering if I should get a spare for long trips especially when out of UK. I now have 2 Holts tyre weld in the boot and will get an inflator too, but would I be better off to get a spare wheel for EU trips? If so, would you recommend a space saver or same size wheel from the 5GT? I have the 8.5J front and 10J rear setup I assume I need the front and could also be used at rear temporarily? Thanks for any advices/comments.
  7. Thanks for the replies. My rims are standard so any tyre dealers should be fine - will now look for good priced run flats to get them done.
  8. So I'm having my tyres set at 2.5 front and 2.6 at rear. When I had the car serviced last winter the dealer lowered it to about 2.2-2.3. I thought it's only in the summer you need to slightly lower the pressure? I'm also needing a set of new tyres and I'm looking at some Goodyear F1s, anyone using them and any comments? Also when looking for a garage to fit them is there a special tool required or I can just go to the nearest one from the suggested list from like my tyres website?
  9. 18zi

    Scratched the car!......

    I got away with it last time as we were in open car park, this is the third time so not lucky any more..... Getting a quote is easy but hard to know the quality of their work unless I know someone who used them in the past... not sure if there's any forum more focused on local things that I can find some recommendations? Thanks, shame it's pre-facelift tailgate but that gives me the idea, long shot but I 'll wait until summer maybe. will a T-cut be the proper thing to use? Just want to make it less obvious to get me through winter.
  10. Wife forgot to close the boot and I just drove off, got the edge scratched pretty bad and a few dents too. Looks like very costly! Will have to bear the cost my self so I'm looking for recommendations of a good repair shop in SW London.
  11. Just wondering if anyone have VDC on your 5GT and how much different from the M suspension if at all. The electric anti roll bar is not available on 5GT so I'm wondering how much the VDC will improve the handling on its own. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 18zi

    BMW rubber mats

    Hello, Can I have a quote on the following BMW rubber mats - for 2014 5GT? 51472152345 boot 51472152367 rear 51472352249 front Thanks a lot. Regards Yifei
  13. Awesome looking 5! I'm just wondering if the lowering springs put more pressure on the shocks as they reduced the travel distance and will cause damages or leaks etc? If the car is still under warranty is it worth it to get the lowering springs for the looks and maybe slight performance upgrades? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 18zi

    Provide VIN to eBay seller?

    Oh didn't know it is that easy to fetch the info now, thanks. I'll just not to worry about that now.
  15. What's the general view of eBay seller requesting VIN for quotes of parts? I thought one would better keep the VIN to self? Also there's a seller on eBay called BMW_direct on eBay, I'm not sure how to validate if it's genuine?