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  1. jords80

    possible starter motor issue

    Thanks for that, I checked and found the battery cable was badly frayed so have replaced that first. As it's an intermittent problem will have to see if solves it or not....
  2. jords80

    possible starter motor issue

    sorry, as another issue (starting to add up now!), I think there may be an issue with the starter motor - it is completely fine starting from cold but (intermittently), once fully warm, when you go to start it it is as though the battery is flat (it isn't) - the only way of starting it is jumping it with another car with that car's engine running. It doesn't always do it but often enough for it to be a concern if ever taking it out. Is this an issue anyone else has come across and do you think it will need a new starter motor or is a fixable fault with the original?
  3. jords80

    Cold start/tick over problem

    great, thanks for the suggestions - gives me something to go on. Yes, it does have a Bosch Jetronic system. As a very late e12 and a South African version, am I right in saying the engine is an e28 version? It is clean enough generally, unfortunately the bonnet is knackered but luckily the guy I bought it off had a spare so will get that sorted. Otherwise has a few rust spots around the car which I want to get seen to. Because of these it could really do with a whole respray but will have to see about that. Does anyone know a good bodyshop in Suffolk/North Essex which could do this?? One other issue was with the dash originally in that the speedo didn't work - I replaced the circuit board as the battery had corroded the original and it now works - the only problem is I couldn't get the leads back into their plugs for the instrument lights to come on when the headlights are on - just impossible to get them in....any ideas on this?
  4. jords80

    Cold start/tick over problem

    Hi all, I am new to the site having just got my 1981 e12 (520i south african version). It runs well and always starts first time but will continually stall unless given a small amount of revs until it is completely warmed up - then it is fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Jordan