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  1. Both halogen and xenon lamps for dipped beam are mounted in a projector type housing though, hence the front cover of the lamp unit is not prismatic as the old cars of the 70's, etc. The last info I read had apprently come from BMW UK so I'd kinda hope they had a slight idea what they were on about. It also stated this beam adjusting switch/lever was omitted on all cars from build week 5 onwards. Short of getting a halogen fitted F model and looking at the beam pattern one evening, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping should I come across an F11 worth a punt.
  2. Just done yet more hunting regarding this and according to BMW UK all F onwards cars now have flat beams, regardless of halogen or xenon lamps. Yay! Now I can go look at a nice 14 plate F11 530d.
  3. Slight tangent on this one but anyone know if ex-plod traffic cars (5 series) routinely have xenon headlamps? I've seen plenty of East Anglian cars with either xenon or LED headlamps in the past 3 or 4 years, but as I'm currently looking to change to diesel for the sort of driving I do over here, the 'flat topped' beam pattern of xenons would help. I also really don't like leather so cloth seats are fine by me!
  4. If you have the disabling unit in the glovebox, remove the key blade from your fob and use that. You should also then see the warning lamp lit in the overhead lights unit.
  5. This morning's project - investigate/rectify autolights. 57 plate E61 SE Start point - Daylight, ignition on, DRL setting unticked, set lights to A... angeleyes + dipped beam on. Cover sensor - no changes. After a bit of reading from the posts in @Paris 530d thread ... I removed the cover (carefully), unplugged the round RLS unit (purple 3 pin @ 1 o'clock pos'n) then unclipped the RLS itself. This is simply press gently on the sliver flat spring retainer to move it slightly toward the glass, then use a small screwdriver to unclip the tip of the spring from the mounting plate (the plastic mounting actually adhered to the screen). Do the for both ends of the retainer spring then the RLS unit can be gently pulled away from the glass, taking care not to potentially damage the sticky gel pad. Hopefully it'll remain sticky and hopefully it'll remain on the RLS unit. Mine stayed on the glass but luckily appeared still clear, no bubbles and well positioned. I then used a multimeter to check for a change in resistance figures between sensor covered and exposed to light. With the unit complete and the meter set for 20k I was getting figures around 780 in light and 650 in dark and from that I assumed there was some function remaining. Then I chanced it and open the RLS case - one clip either side - there appears on optical sensor just south of centre and a ring of 6 or 7 IR sensors around the edge. With no obvious failures, burning, corrosion, etc I carefully wiped over each sensor face with a clean, dry cloth, same for inside and out of the sensor 'lenses' in the cover, reassembled everything and refitted the unit to the screen using moderate pressure and a slight rotational movement to ensure good contact with the gel pad. Retested... ignition on, lights at A.... nothing ! Major downer! ... at this point, the passing Deutsche-Post lady pointed out that it's daylight... the lights are supposed to be off. In rapid recovery I then covered the sensor area with a cloth...2....3... AE + dipped beam on !! SUCCESS ! Happy teddybear !! Removed cloth....2....3.... light out ! Groovy baby !! Smug mode suitably engaged, I cleaned up and made a cuppa.... not a bad idea even if it was 33c at 10am.
  6. Given mine is in the same situation, I thought I'd try changing the gel patch.... always possible the current one has degraded over time. If it works - great... if not, just carry on using driver judgement and light switch.
  7. Pretty sure I read that dipped beam was the default DRL on the earlier auto lights cars... my E61 is a 57 and is the same despite having changed DRL to sidelights using Carly.
  8. Well yesterday I had the ccc out again and after much testing verified the fan was good, but no live feed or continuous earth through its plug/cabling. So now spliced the live and earth wires into the power socket live and earth's for the ashtray unit just below it. I left the centre wire (dirty white) connected as built. Fan operates beautifully with ignition switching. Radio, nav so far working fine. Off back to Germany tonight so nice long test to see what effect there is now the ccc has cooling again. Fingers crossed (and backup satnav plugged in).
  9. Well got the OSF hub, disc, pads and strut top bearing replaced. Having learned from yesterday, I had it done in about 3 hours. Rear discs and pads were easy and replaced the handbrake shoes, springs and pins into the bargain. Front end vibration gone... 100% now it was the strut top bearings. Tomorrow I think I'll try to get power to the I Drive fan... May stop the nav overheating.
  10. Today, after much very rapid learning, replaced NSF hub, disc and pads in the hope of curing vicious front end vibration on light braking. I was thinking original hubs probably worn plus most likely at least one warped disc. Eventually got the old hub off - no obvious rattle although felt 'dry' compared to a new hub only to find a distinct rattle in the strut top bearing. Pair of new bearings obtained from ECP... first one fits perfectly and feels great. Warning.... if you're going to remove a strut top bearing, be sure to have spring compressors first ! Busy afternoon of shopping for me. With luck, tomorrow will allow me to get the OSF setup done... that should sort the braking vibration. Once that's all done I plan on replacing the rear discs, pads, sensor and handbrake kit complete. If I'm ungreasy enough I may even take a piccy or three.
  11. Used to get my 3.2 GSi Vectra done at National Shrewsbury. Always good job.
  12. There should be a card listing this information. Mine was tucked below the trunk fusebox, but I have seen them slotted into the glove box fusebox. If I wasn't 1200km from the the car I'd photo it for you.
  13. Finally found a decent car wash over here that was open when I'm not at work. I sooo miss the Brandon hand wash near Lakenheath! Well the 5 is clean again... one or two more spiders made homeless and a tankful of Aral 98 to play with. Looking forward to coming Blightyside again in a few weeks... two new front hubs and a full set of discs, pads and sensors await me. Wanna take another go at the LPFS again as well... replacing that I hope will cure the one major niggle. We shall see....
  14. Given it can be the cause of many odd problems, I'd be checking battery and charging levels.
  15. No pictures ? .... Hang your head in shame !! The book of forum.bmw5 .... chapter 8, verses 12-14 .... 'lo, though ye shall do thine own fixeth, thou shalt take piccies'