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  1. Well I've just been informed I have a letter regarding this campaign back in the UK, so once it catches up with me I may be looking at getting it checked out. Can only wonder how getting a UK vehicle checked out by a German stealership is going to sit. We shall see...
  2. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 530D low oil on NBT/ Dip stick seems ok

    Ideal time for a new filter and the correct amount of lovely, fresh oil. Then having filled with the correct amount, verify on dipstick and readout.
  3. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    Ok, jumping back slightly today's fun was installing the Android upgrade unit. Contrary to all the sites describing the output from my OE unit as being from CIC, mine is in fact NBT - so anyone considering this upgrade, I'd get your old unit, LVDS cable and screen out first, take pics of the connections and use them as reference with the seller. So today was just testing this NBT unit did in fact talk to the car and making sure everything works - Once I have more time and better weather I'll do the permanent fit which will include running the cable for and mounting the reverse camera. The basic fit is stunningly easy to do - long trim in front of the passenger pulls off, 2 screws and heater panel pulls off, 2 screws and screen unit lifts out, 2 final screws and headunit is removed. Disconnect the screen LVDS cable and discard screen unit. Connect appropriate plugs to rear of new Android unit (mine is LVDS, GPS antenna (supplied) and 3 plugs into the unit back), route wires and refit screen. I placed the GPS antenna under the front central speaker cover and it works perfectly. Disconnect quadlock (big square) plug from rear of headunit, dismount green pair fibre optic lines from that plug and mount to the same place in the new supplied harness quadlock. Connect old and new harness quadlocks (only works one way). connect all appropriate plugs - mine are audio L in, audio R in, Audio L out, Audio R out and Aux In and out, I'll do the camera one later, then basically, put it all back together, tucking the new cabling away as you go. Then play ! Just a couple of pics because it's the law....
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    Things continue... The new LH headlamp assy has arrived - Hella replacement unit which apparently covers two or three OE variants. Whereas my OE unit has no inboard lamp fitment, this comes with an H7 already mounted. According to Hella's own listings it is the correct version to replace my OE unit, so once the weather dries up a little I'll be off to the HWS to have the nosecone off once more and swap over the components from my somewhat battered current unit. From what I can see I have to swap out the Xenon lamp and ballast, light controller card and the two LED halo units. Obviously I'll do a comparison side-by-side before I take anything off the old unit. The new ones, front and rear:
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    Winter Tyres ?

    Micky CrossClimate+ all round. Been awesome in all weathers and temperatures so far, and as here in Germany it's an offence to not have marked winter tyres fitted at the appropriate time of year, I don't have to do a thing
  6. HandyAndy_UK

    Android headunit

    Given the year I'd think you have more chance it's NBT. Rather than go by what the display screen looks like, I think you're safer physically checking the connections. On my 2014 the display output was identical to the CIC examples, yet a CIC Android unit wouldn't talk to the car. All the connections are the 6 pin type, so the seller is 100% I have NBT. Couple of weeks I hope to find out he was right. I just wish BMW would have it in it's own module marked CCC, CIC or NBT.
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    Android headunit

    NBT replaced CIC which replaced CCC. They are the computer systems integrated into the infotainment. Lvds is the low voltage digital signal cable system connecting head unit to display screen. In 4 pin and 4+2 pin, they are not interchangeable. Probably better described : http://support.mycarly.com/knowledge-base/which-version-is-you-idrive-ccc-cic-or-nbt/
  8. HandyAndy_UK

    Oil Level Indicator (or lack of it)

    Well being a police vehicle mine's about as basic as you get.... 2014 530d LCI F11.... N57 with both dipstick and iDrive level display. Although I'd call it 'basic, standard information' you may want to check though the settings options just in case it's been switched off.
  9. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    Ok, I've bitten the bullet (more like a cannon round actually). The LH headlamp casing has been repaired in so many places yet errors keep coming back. I've ordered a new headlamp casing before the moisture ingress utterly ferks the electronics. Wait out....
  10. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    Ok, picture-free this time (I was pushed for time)... Last night was spent replacing the LH headlight mounting, RH wheelarch front liner, bumper styrofoam, LH brake air duct front and a mass of missing screws. For the complete headlamp mounting to be replaced, you'll need the whole central air guide removed and the radiator pack able to move, to access one screw - everything else is accessed from the outboard area. Given it was only the plasticwork damaged on mine, I chose to leave the existing bracket in place and just swap out the headlamp mounting section - light adhesive and a few plastic 'hooks'. That all done, the headlight now sits correctly and the cabling in the area also now clips up to the underside(bonus). Wheelarch front liner - well that's an easy one - only requires the wheel removed then it's a mass of those 8mm self-tappers and a single plastic rivet. I replaced the styrofoam 'bar' on the front of the bumper as it was missing bits and almost broken through. As it mounts the front sensor for the PPS, I though it best it should be in good order. Simple replacement. The front section of the LH brake air duct. OK, so I was only doing it is I mis-ordered a part initially, so I had a new one and I felt the old one was a bit battered. On taking it off I found the original was in fact in two parts and the damage was being hidden by being against the chassis spar. Two screws later and all is shiney and new. So then it's a matter of refitting the nosecone and the mass of screws. I ordered a full set just so I knew everything was correct, not just taking a chance on what came out. With all the new bit, the nosecone was a lot more snug to the point the two screws behind each wheelarch liner were utter gits to align. But eventually all were fitted, then engine bellyplate off, fit missing nut-clips front and rear, then refit - now no wind induced vibration above 120kph. So that's pretty much it for the exterior/engine bay stuff - just planning on replacing the two wing top plastics as the glue just didn't work with all the cracks - they're only 27 bucks a piece, so not a drama and only a handful of plastic rivets holding them in. Remaining projects move inside now - should get my NBT android unit in a few weeks, then just permanent repairs on speaker cables and I'll be stuck for stuff to do with my weekends.
  11. HandyAndy_UK

    E61 Wheel well liner for spare wheel.

    When I had the E61 I added the spare. Seeing the price of the alternate liner I just followed some guidance from a post on here and used a Dremel (or similar) to remove the raised bits in the existing liner that hold the divider ends. That provides the clearance to allow the OE spare to fit perfectly.
  12. HandyAndy_UK

    Wanted 5 series f10 airduct/slam panel assy

    Got mine on the bay from these guys uab-gtv-trading Excellent price, brand new genuine item, seriously well packaged. Certainly worth a look. Fun job to replace too...
  13. HandyAndy_UK

    E61 Spare Wheel

    I have the proper OE kit back in UK..... kept it from my E61 but no good on the F11. Never used, in a cover. In Norfolk if you're ever up that way. I'm not due back in UK till around March.
  14. HandyAndy_UK

    What's your best range from a tank?

    Best so far has been 1450Km based on distance run + range remaining shown. Granted that was on a cross-Europe run in late summer with no time constraints. 100Kmh on the cruise, sit back and enjoy the music General average tootling about and the odd bit of fun on the autobahn brings in an average 1150 per tank. The BC has been sat on 5.7 l/100km for a while now.
  15. HandyAndy_UK

    Next job...

    From what I've been able to glean it ran out of Maidstone and spent a lot of time between there and the ports. I dug into it when I got some very odd looks from the Kent guys at Dover just after I bought it... yep, VERY familiar plate. guys Automotive OCD? Not quite.... I have yet to even own 2 buckets, let alone use them to wash the car - it gets the Waschpark once a week... maybe once a fortnight in winter. I just like things to be as they should be (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it !)