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    2007 3.0 525i SE Touring
  1. If you know it's the condenser, replace that yourself and have the aircon guy check your work, test and regas for you.
  2. My 57 525i E61 N53 has an electric waterpump and keyfob rather than a key. The bleed procedure still works ok - fob in, press start (yellow lamps light on dash), press gas pedal fully down, etc as per j525i's earlier post and after 10-15secs you hear the pump start whirring which keeps pn starting and stopping for about 13mins. When I first got my 525i and worked out the stat was dead (bottom left as you look from the front of the car) I took a look at the pump which is beside the stat... did NOT want to have to change that when I saw the costs ! Now I'm in Germany and thinking about changing to a LHD E61, I may end up with an oil burner, so I'm keeping a good eye on these diesel threads.
  3. Useful method to maintain useability while you organise replacing the fitted stat(s). Well known on the 1.6 Astra too as you need to remove the aux belt and timing belt to replace the stat.
  4. Have you checked/tested the low pressure fuel pump ? A new HPFP is all very well but if it's not being fed enough fuel it can't feed the engine, resulting in low rail pressure, etc...
  5. On the petrols the fuel filter is in the tank below the LH cap. Hell of a faff to replace once, let alone twice a year or more!
  6. Why not just strip out the unit, remove everything you can (bulbs, clips, etc) then use hot water to flush the interior out. Hot as you can should leave glazing and reflectors clean and grease (and spider) free, then use a hairdryer to thoroughly dry it out. Ventilate before rebuilding and refitting.
  7. Mundane I know, but fitted replacement brake pin dust caps to my front calipers. I did get a bit worried when I read an MoT check included missing or damaged boots, gaiters and dust covers on suspension and brake components, so borrowed some for the test (VAG Skoda fit fine... pretty sure most makes are identical), but at least mine are now correctly fitted in time for my upcoming move.
  8. Damn that was a long sentence! I'm not much help on diesels, but you'll probably find your MAF sensor on the trunking just on the exit of the engine air filter or close by. Maybe also a differential sensor on the intake manifold. If you know your engine type, you can use YouTube, realoem, etc to locate the boost sensor and if practical, whip it out and clean or replace it. While you're in there, check for damaged/split vacuum lines.
  9. Given the common nature of this failure and the combination of symptoms you've mentioned I'd say it's unlikely to be the diversity antenna.
  10. The failing/failed wires in the hinges are very well documented and there's a few youtube videos covering the general disassembly too. The degree of disassembly will depend on the location fof any breaks - in/below the hinges is relatively easy... above the hinges and back into the headling can be a mare. If you're handy with a soldering iron and shrink tubing you can do a good job yourself. By rear window button I'm assuming you mean the window catch? They do degrade and fail and are easy to replace - providing the metal sleeve hasn't corroded in place. If it has... use your imagination and a Dremel or similar (if you have one).
  11. Just to finish off a positive day, picked up a Halfords Vortex socket set normally priced at 160...... for 68. Half price offer on and additional 15% off hand tools and storage until Midnight April 3rd.
  12. MoT in 40mins. My first since I got the 61. Let's hope the tester isn't looking to generate repair work. Yay! Passed. One advisory for rear discs, but I was planning on replacing them in the coming months due to surface pitting anyway. One less thing to stress about for a while now.
  13. Swap the lamps over... if the dim lamp moves, there's your problem. Cheap LEDs can vary quite a lot in colour and always possible an angeleye ring has been heat damaged. Swapping the lamps over should help eliminate this as a possible fault. Removing the headlamp unit does make access to the sidelight units far easier and is quite easy to do.
  14. .

    Tempting to try soaking it and re-stretching should I ever find myself bored on a weekend...
  15. .

    Nice to seem mine's not the only one with the bonnet insulation shrunk so it's coming out of the mount holes....