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  1. Start / Stop

    I found in the current version of Carly there are codings to disable S/S by default. You can also code to 'remember last setting' so if you had the S/S cancelled when you shut down, next time you open up using that same fob the S/S should still be set to off. Mine being ex-plod I found had been set at off by default, which I'm happy with as over here the last things I'd want is the engine shutting down in a stau just when I get a chance to move! .... then I can go off and pull 240kmh for a while .... legally !
  2. Changing xenon bulbs on LCI (non adaptive)

    Not actually done it myself but had the flap open in the wheel well and looking at youtube videos on the subject I'd be happy enough to do it that way.
  3. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Being an ex-plod car my F11 is lacking in toys to start with... part of why I went for it. No leather - hot in summer, cold in winter... never liked it. No nav - rarely used it in the E61. Flat beam xenons - a must as I drive a lot over here and don't want to be messing about changing beam benders etc each time I cross La Manche. Flappy paddles - use them quite a lot as these Germans seem to think driving is a competition... useful to be able to make quick gear selections. Auto dimming RVM - I'm working on retrofitting that. Mostly waiting for better weather. Power tailgate - surprised it was OEM on a Police vehicle, but once you get used to it, it's quite useful. Had to hunt out the angle setting though. Self driving? Hell no! I like being able to enjoy driving the car right throughout it's performance range over here!
  4. Need advice on tyres

    I have Michelin CrossClimate+ on the F11 now and absolutely loving them. Will mean no swapping from winter to summer needed either. However, for normal UK I put Kumho on my previous E61 and was very happy with grip, ride, noise and wear rate. For most people I'd imagine budget will be the main limiting factor though, so I'd suggest a good guide would be MyTyres as far as prices, etc goes, then TyreTest for a better idea of tyre performance using other people's input.
  5. F10 lci front end parts

    If required I have a spare pair of LCi M headlamp washer levers and caps I mistakenly got for my non-M F11.
  6. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Certainly sounds a plausible theory.
  7. EC Interior Mirror retrofit

    Thanks @Matthew Ashton I'll take a look through those at the weekend. They have to be a lot more informative than the TIS.... but everything helps.
  8. EC Interior Mirror retrofit

    Don't suppose anyone with an EC interior mirror would mind popping the roof module down and locating the mirror wiring, by any chance ? (EC - Electrochromic - self dipping)
  9. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Just in from a little xmas pressie to myself. Pretty certain my ex-Kent RPU F11 530d was retired largely due to a ramming incident - damage apparent to radiator, condenser, bumper, PPS, airducts, etc. Although the mechanical damage hasn't killed any systems, the two final bugbears have been the constant PPS Fail warning and the un-replaced headlamp washers. Both jobs now done, finishing with hunting a broken wire to a bonnet lock as the last remaining reported PPS fault. Off my rear and out into the St Stephen's Day sunshine (these Germans just have to have their own names for everything) and 20 mins later with a quick Carly session...
  10. Where is it all

    Just for my two penneth... Old Army saying - the only stupid question is the one you're too stupid to ask! On my old E61 (N53) the coolant expansion tank was non-opaque black. The level measurement came from a floating marker and so was affected not only by the physical level, but the fluid density also ie the ratio of water to antifreeze. .... and I hated the lack of an oil dipstick... especially as the sensor reported as faulty until everything was fully up to temp.
  11. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    My local stealer over here got my replacement 2nd fob today. With the exchange rate it worked out about £270 for the whole thing - fob and blade - and as it's a once only kinda thing I'm ok with that. At least now if my original fob fails I'm not up der Rhine ohne paddel. Knowing my luck, now I've bought a new fob some Kent traffic cop will find the old spare in his/her bag and hand it in ! Nothing wrong with having a spare spare either I spose....
  12. EC Interior Mirror retrofit

    Achtung chaps und chappesses, My ongoing enjoyment of bringing my 2014 LCi ex-plod F11 to the level I want has reached the point of replacing the standard interior mirror with the EC (self-dimming) version as these bleeding locals will insist on sitting on your back bumper in their Q7s, etc. This is fine except over around 130kmh I like to concentrate more fully on the road ahead. Anywho... I have the mirror unit physically replaced, what I can't find however is a retrofit cable to power up the thing. They're available for the E series, but nothing for F with it's 10 pin socket. Anyone know of a suitable part number, or indeed done this themselves ?
  13. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Well just got in from fitting the new headlamp washer pipes, cover levers and covers. All is squirty and legal once more Turns out the pipe from the tank to the front pipe is routed over the front right wheel, in the void above the arch liner. The police garage had just screwed a large screw into the cut off pipe and folded it back, so just pipe off, pipe on and all was good. The washer jet covers were stunningly easy - the spring clips in, the lever clips on the outside of the same mount then the cover clips to the top of the lever from the outside. Now I can get the M-Sport ones I mistakenly bought (which have a longer lever and differently shaped cover), onto an appropriate auction site for disposal. The PPS sensor strip is ridiculously easy to replace - it just mounts into a groove in the styrofoam on the crash bar and plugs into the loom dangling below the front right headlamp. All I have to do now is sort out a short in the front right bonnet latch wiring and bye-bye PPS warning. How BMW can charge over £1000 to rectify that is beyond me! Anywho.. all done, me back home and cuppa in hand just as the snow starts to fall. Smooth or what!
  14. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Well my ongoing gradual collecting of parts ready for whenever I get a chance to fit them, is now pretty much complete. Today I collected then new PPS sensor strip to replace the one cut (presumably) when Kent Police dekitted the F11. That is now added to the headlamp washer jets, cover lever arms and newly painted caps, which along with the new tank-to-front-hose hose and the front hose to the jets should reinstate the headlamp washer system, and hopefully kill the PPS fault warning once I clear the codes. Also picked up a BMW Mobility Kit as I'm now on CrossClimate+ all round and my old E61 spare kit won't fit the F11. Next up will be a second fob as some Kent traffic cop probably still has the original in his/her duty bag! Around E300 over here. With all that done I'll just have to offload the M Sport levers and caps I mistakenly got first and I'll be able to rest my wallet a while...