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    2014 Ex Kent RPU 530d 3.0 Auto F11 Touring
  1. F11 Trunk floor parts

    Thanks guys. Order paid by PayPal with details in message.
  2. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Drove to work..... tipped 235kmh before I had to slow for stau on the A6. Damn, I love this F11 !
  3. F11 Trunk floor parts

    Hi guys, Can you get me prices on : Qty 1 - 51472350432 All-weather floor mat, front Schwarz RHD, Two-piece front Qty 1 - 51477261814 End Cap RIGHT Qty 1 - 51477278357 Frame Left Qty 1 - 51477278358 Frame Right Qty 1 - 51477275088 Hinge clips, set (I'm assuming one set covers both left and right hinges) Qty 2 - 51477232605 Hinge bracket floor carpet Qty 10 - 65758235255 Torx bolt for plastic material Qty 10 - 07129903027 ISA Screw M6x14 Many thanks Andy
  4. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    May be worth looking further into.
  5. Identify the part

    Found the blighter !! I was right... turned out to be the inboard end cap for the rail system in the trunk. The part number is totally different from that listed, but it fits perfectly.
  6. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Nope, won't fit. Something to do with offset or something. Personally I'd rather whip off a wheel and try the spare when I get a chance.
  7. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Not physically tried mine, but everything I've read says it won't fit.
  8. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  9. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    Well the speaker is there, with a short cable with a 2 pin socket...
  10. Identify the part

    Ok, still searching but potentially Part 7, LH in Black ... number is completely different though... http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=5K12-EUR-07-2014-F11N-BMW-530d&diagId=51_9327
  11. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    Well my ongoing slow checks on my 530d have found a mass of blown or disconnected interior bulbs (glovebox, trunk, front visors, footwell ), the centre dash speaker isn't plugged in to anything and I can't see where it should be connected to and annoyingly the two rear roof speakers had the cables cut. Going to have to hunt down the German version of a scrappy and see how many F10/11 have been front ended around here.
  12. Got rid of the Runflats

    Oh goody.... just worked out there's a damn good chance the spare kit I moved from my E61 525i more than likely won't fit on my F11 530d. Great! and around 350 for the correct kit for the F11 ! Guess I'll get the E60/61 kit on an auction site then... try and help offset the cost.
  13. Identify the part

    Ok, this may well become a useful thread for anyone who like me, has a part they can't identify... or it may not. Anyway. Still working through the ex-Kent 2014 F11 and I found this item down the back of the left rear seat. Can't see anywhere it may have come from and assuming it's actually from an F11. At least it has a BMW logo so that's a start. Part number search so far brought back nothing. It appears to be an end cap for something.... I just cannot see what and I just know it'll turn out to be something stunningly obvious...
  14. Got rid of the Runflats

    I did it with the 525i and once these dunlops run low I'll be doing the same with this 530d. It's lovely up to about 70-80kmh but beyond that the 'firmness' and road noise are not pleasant! And I have a spare in the back so either way I'm covered
  15. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    I just transferred the space and kit from the E61 when I got the F11. Annoying there's no spare wheel well on the F11 but for the minor loss of trunk space I'd rather have the 'self recovery' option. If I lost one of the rft s at 200+kmh, I doubt it it would be much use by the time I made the shoulder.