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  1. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    For 17s I can heartily recommend Michelin CrossClimate+ .... GoFlats so much more comfy than RunFlats, great grip in all weathers - B B 69db on the tag.
  2. HandyAndy_UK

    Loose pipe in F11 engine compartment

    Clever while they work... Expensive when they don't.
  3. HandyAndy_UK

    Xenon kits replacement.

    Check the legalities before you start. You will need headlamp washers and automatic levelling to comply with MoT requirements.
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    Remember it will want a replacement sensor too, even if the current one is untouched. Damned annoying extra expense!
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    Unable to reset tyre warning

    Mine's also ex-plod and the system is fully functional. I'd imagine coding out a safety system wouldn't go down too well. No idea if it's a procedure thing... when I've done mine I just start the engine, brakes on, go to the tpws page, reset, confirm then all is good. As with so many of these make sure you're stationary with brakes on to perform the reset. I think it actually tells you what to do anyway, so you've probably already tried it a few times...
  6. HandyAndy_UK

    Front Discs & Silencer (F11)

    Slightly different over here in Germany as far as the lack of motor factors' goes, but the Autodoc system does provide huge savings if you're doing the work. When I did my fronts last year I got 2 ATE discs and pads for marginally more than BMW wanted for a single disc.
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 530D 2012 nox emmisions

    Google is your friend..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_emission_standards#Emission_standards_for_passenger_cars
  8. HandyAndy_UK

    Tyre pressure Non RFT's 535d F10

    I kept them as from police... Same sized 236s 17in front n back.
  9. HandyAndy_UK

    Tyre pressure Non RFT's 535d F10

    I've had CC+ on the F11 almost a year now and they're great ! Just stick with the pressures the sticker says for your given size and loading. If you're commonly running 'half-loaded' then I'd opt for the fully loaded pressure.
  10. HandyAndy_UK

    What do you all get on full tank?

    Max 1450km General average 1100km
  11. HandyAndy_UK

    Former Police F11 reviewed

    Mine's sooooo much cleaner inside C'mon dude, you're planning on showing the world your car... clean it first !
  12. Nope, nothing replaced for either the EGR tech campaign or the condenser quality enhancement. Personally I don't see what's wrong with the condenser....
  13. Collected mine this afternoon... all good although they did want to change my curvy condenser... at 775 + tax. Honestly, for a part I can buy new for £75 and fit myself. Anyhow, that's a project for later...
  14. Well my 530d went in to BMW DE last night. I'm told it's probably check and assess, rather than replace regardless, but we'll see when I go to collect it tonight. Got a pleasant 1er to play with, but damn it's small! I'd really rather like my 5 back.
  15. HandyAndy_UK

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Mud & Snow .... similar to but not quite the same as the 3PMSF symbol (3 Peak mountain, SnowFlake) which is used to denote tyres designed to have improved winter/snow performance.