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  1. HandyAndy_UK


    I worked out a couple not long after becoming a BMW driver... AUC - Approved Used Cars BMW - Money Pit ... still deciphering others...
  2. Yes they are... and they're an utter git to do. I did post on them in the E60/61 forum when I still had mine last year, but essentially the reflector, bulb and holder are a one piece item twist fitted low between the two main lamps. You can cut back the plastic weld to replace the bulb (as I did) or replace with one of the many aftermarket LED upgrades. Simplest was to go involves removing the headlamp unit.
  3. Closest I had was very noticeable vibration only on light braking - regardless of speed. Positive braking and not a thing. On inspection I found barely any lip and around half pad life remaining. However, a very minor warp on the front left disc - I put it down to the missing air duct (not replaced by police prior to retirement) causing less effective cooling than the fully intact right front. When turned by hand the right disc turned cleanly but the left just dragged on one point on the disc. Replaced both front discs and pads with ATE (stunningly easy job now) and braking has returned to smooth and true.
  4. HandyAndy_UK

    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    I have CC+ on my ex-plod F11 530d and they've been right up to a GPS in excess of 260km/h with no worries. Handled temps down to -12c and so far up to +35c with no noticeable loss of performance. They are only available in non-RFT (or GoFlat if you prefer) but even with a 75mm screw in a rear the pressure loss during the week from initial warning to replacement (yep, these Germans don't stock CC or CC+ much) was a little under 1 bar. I'd happily recommend them and unless someone come up with something a lot better when I turn them into slicks, I'll be putting another set straight back on.
  5. HandyAndy_UK

    F11/F10 530d Oil burning

    Nothing added between annual oil changes except ZX-1 and passed 190000 km during the week.
  6. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 winter tyres

    Due to a rather mild winter down here I only got to use them on UK snow in Kent and it was like driving on a snow free road. No steering slip or TC activation. I feel sure that they'd have been equally surefooted in Bavarian snow if we'd had more than a light dusting.
  7. HandyAndy_UK

    F11 winter tyres

    I've been on Micky CrossClimate+ for a good few months now and compared to the runflat setup Kent plod had it on the ride and performance is a noticeable improvement. Ok, so they're not runflats, but the general ride is better, the road noise is less right the way up to 272 kmh, the confidence they give you in rain is great. Not cheap, but 3PMSF marked keeps the Polezei happy through winter months and keeps me safe all year round. Just got to get rid of the Police RFTs on 'non-pristine' 236 rims now...
  8. HandyAndy_UK

    just found leaks from front of car

    As has been alluded to by others, my push would be that it's just condensate from the aircon system. The area you pointed out is about right for the condensate drain and the slightly oily feel can be down to the fluid picking up some of the general muck on it's way down and out. The pipe is 100% part of the aircon system - there's two of those caps, one bigger than the other. They are the high and low pressure fill/discharge points. Do not be tempted to take a cap off and 'blip' the valve to check for refrigerant as that stuff is nasty - it'll burn your skin as well as being illegal to knowingly vent to atmosphere.
  9. HandyAndy_UK

    Servicing Question

    For that little lot over here you'll not get a lot of change out of 1500 euro !!
  10. HandyAndy_UK

    Alloy wheel fittment

    You'll find ARAF in many places as you get close to Welsh Wales in preference to SLOW - Not sure why as the predominance in the Whitchurch area was English when I was up there. Did get the yellow temporary signs often in English and Polish though. A classic many years back was Watling St passing Park St station in Herts. As the road drops and kinks right then left, the word SLOW was painted on both lanes.... sadly the crew forgot to turn around so both on theSt Albans bound lane it's upside down!
  11. HandyAndy_UK

    Alloy wheel fittment

    They'll be 236's ... I have them as OEM on my F11. I like them, personally. 5g.jfif
  12. HandyAndy_UK

    Servicing Question

    Based on what you've said it's most likely the MoT(annual inspection) warning. But that's only good if it was reset at the last MoT.
  13. What I found when I had the E61 was that switch to auto... Dipped beam on. Removed, cleaned and refitted the rain and light sensor... Dipped beam only came on when I covered the sensor. With E60/61 apparently it was common for the sensor over time to reduce contact with the gel pad and while autowipers worked fine, auto lights reverted to always on.
  14. HandyAndy_UK

    Help with slam panel air duct please

    Thanks for that TIS link. It's a job I'm looking at for mine too... the crash that resulted in it's retirement from Kent RPU trashed the lower half of the assembly. Not looking quite so daunting now.
  15. HandyAndy_UK

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    I changed the police RF setup on the F11 to a full set of Michelin CrossClimate+ around 4 months after I got it. (Covers me for the required winter tyres in the snow season). Insurance weren't interested. The ride is soooo much nicer and noticeably quieter too. I carry the BMW Mobility Kit (71102333674) - compressor with selectable, replaceable sealant and my recovery policy also covers punctures, even here outside UK. The TPMS works just the same as it is based on wheelspeed which changes as the pressure drops. I know it works as I recently found a lovely screw and carefully drove over it causing a slow puncture on my 3 month old tyre If you get a puncture that can be repaired, all well and good. If you get one and use the gunk, many tyre places will claim they can't repair it safely due to the possibility of residual sealant, so you're on for a new tyre anyway. If you get a puncture and shred the tyre, no amount of sealant is going to help you, so again you're looking at new rubber.