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    2007 3.0 525i SE Touring
  1. Finally found a decent car wash over here that was open when I'm not at work. I sooo miss the Brandon hand wash near Lakenheath! Well the 5 is clean again... one or two more spiders made homeless and a tankful of Aral 98 to play with. Looking forward to coming Blightyside again in a few weeks... two new front hubs and a full set of discs, pads and sensors await me. Wanna take another go at the LPFS again as well... replacing that I hope will cure the one major niggle. We shall see....
  2. Given it can be the cause of many odd problems, I'd be checking battery and charging levels.
  3. No pictures ? .... Hang your head in shame !! The book of forum.bmw5 .... chapter 8, verses 12-14 .... 'lo, though ye shall do thine own fixeth, thou shalt take piccies'
  4. @Dotcom1970 thanks, but doesn't want to work for me on anything. May have to dig out my XP INPA machine for a go.
  5. Had the iDrive out again today to verify the little fan on the back. No power from it's own cables but fan confirmed good using DTC switch cables....
  6. Related but on a slight tangent.... I had the iDrive out today to check the fan - navi stays on 'please insert disc' when warm/hot. Found no voltage from the 3-pin plug to the iDrive fan, but testing the fan with the DTC plug nearby, the fan is fine. Does anyone have good circuit diagrams for the 2007 LCi E61 or know where that line gets it's power from? behind the iDrive it's bundled with the radio aerial cable and the disappear behind ducting quickly.
  7. Trunk fusebox.... upper bank... about 5 fuses... 2x20A (yellow) together.... 2nd and 3rd from the rear bumper I think.... had to replace mine the other evening.
  8. Thinking about changing too ... slightly newer touring would be nice... lower mileage and dare I say it, diesel would make more sense now I'm driving across Europe more. I think my shopping list would be 2009 on, xenons (flat beam so no headlamp stickies between UK/Europe), nav, usb would be nice, deffo NO sunroof, prefer auto climate, prefer manual, but more choice with auto. Ideally not M-Sport as it pushes up the insurance. Just gotta keep saving and keep an eye on the markets.
  9. Major downer
  10. If you are aware of a fluid leak, you may want to check the cooler first. It sits in front of the condenser and is an easy target straight through the lower grille. A pinhole in mine was emptying the reservoir over 24 hrs. Stunningly easy to replace and massively cheaper than a rack.
  11. See what happens when you don't go E61 !! Looks like yer dangly bit has snapped too
  12. Getting some front end vibration on light braking on the autobahn today.... I'm thinking hub bearings or discs. Any thoughts.
  13. However, someone else at BMW said 'oh bloody hell it's stunningly obvious how that happened and we were hoping no-one would figure it out'. Simple answer.... don't get ANY vehicle with this feature. And while you're at it, switch off NFC on your mobile and get an RF blocker for your wallet - contactless is a lovely idea but it only takes one criminal to spoil it.
  14. Today? Absolutely SFA as doing work on your car at the roadside is rather frowned upon here in Germany... they have some rather overzealous anti-pollution rules over here. Wouldn't be so bad except I need my 61 to get to work and garages are a tad expensive.
  15. If you know it's the condenser, replace that yourself and have the aircon guy check your work, test and regas for you.