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  1. EC Interior Mirror retrofit

    Achtung chaps und chappesses, My ongoing enjoyment of bringing my 2014 LCi ex-plod F11 to the level I want has reached the point of replacing the standard interior mirror with the EC (self-dimming) version as these bleeding locals will insist on sitting on your back bumper in their Q7s, etc. This is fine except over around 130kmh I like to concentrate more fully on the road ahead. Anywho... I have the mirror unit physically replaced, what I can't find however is a retrofit cable to power up the thing. They're available for the E series, but nothing for F with it's 10 pin socket. Anyone know of a suitable part number, or indeed done this themselves ?
  2. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Well just got in from fitting the new headlamp washer pipes, cover levers and covers. All is squirty and legal once more Turns out the pipe from the tank to the front pipe is routed over the front right wheel, in the void above the arch liner. The police garage had just screwed a large screw into the cut off pipe and folded it back, so just pipe off, pipe on and all was good. The washer jet covers were stunningly easy - the spring clips in, the lever clips on the outside of the same mount then the cover clips to the top of the lever from the outside. Now I can get the M-Sport ones I mistakenly bought (which have a longer lever and differently shaped cover), onto an appropriate auction site for disposal. The PPS sensor strip is ridiculously easy to replace - it just mounts into a groove in the styrofoam on the crash bar and plugs into the loom dangling below the front right headlamp. All I have to do now is sort out a short in the front right bonnet latch wiring and bye-bye PPS warning. How BMW can charge over £1000 to rectify that is beyond me! Anywho.. all done, me back home and cuppa in hand just as the snow starts to fall. Smooth or what!
  3. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Well my ongoing gradual collecting of parts ready for whenever I get a chance to fit them, is now pretty much complete. Today I collected then new PPS sensor strip to replace the one cut (presumably) when Kent Police dekitted the F11. That is now added to the headlamp washer jets, cover lever arms and newly painted caps, which along with the new tank-to-front-hose hose and the front hose to the jets should reinstate the headlamp washer system, and hopefully kill the PPS fault warning once I clear the codes. Also picked up a BMW Mobility Kit as I'm now on CrossClimate+ all round and my old E61 spare kit won't fit the F11. Next up will be a second fob as some Kent traffic cop probably still has the original in his/her duty bag! Around E300 over here. With all that done I'll just have to offload the M Sport levers and caps I mistakenly got first and I'll be able to rest my wallet a while...
  4. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Today... I've just collected my new headlamp washer levers, caps and the two feed hoses from the local stealer... was fun ordering last week with their English and my (very bad) German, but the right parts are now in my trunk. Just need a dry day to fit them. Of course I'm now left with the levers and caps for an M front bumper that I mistakenly ordered.... Once that's done and the headlamp washer system is working again, the next project will be the PPS. From my investigation, the front sensor strip was just cut, so with luck it's only that to be replaced.... fingers crossed.
  5. Well back here in Germany and I'm very happy on these new Mickie's. After a couple of hours in damp France, Belgium and Holland generally between 100 - 130, had them up to the 240kph mark sustained for around 10 mins, then down around the 130-180 range for around 2 hours and they've behaved beautifully. Massive difference against the police Goodyear/Dunlop rft setup and really made it easier to concentrate on the drive. As the temperature continues to drop I'm feeling confident these CrossClimate+ will continue to perform well.
  6. Had my CrossClimate+ fitted today - 225 55 17 on 236s. So far the difference coming off the Police runflat setup is huge. OK, they're new tyres, but the ride is just so much smoother, the handling was good, now it's a dream, and they're so quiet by comparison. Can't wait to get back to Germany and check them out in the higher speed ranges.
  7. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I'm not a huge fan of debadging and dechroming, but I'm liking this. The accent is still there but not a chunk of chroming floating on it's own.
  8. Advice on winter wheels

    I think it really depends on the area. If you live in an area not really affected by snow/ice then my guess would be many just risk it. The law has only recently changed from having to have 'appropriate tyres' fitted, which only came be a problem in a crash if it was found that your fitted tyres were inappropriate for the conditions. Now it's a requirement to have winter tyres fitted once the conditions become snowy and/or icy through until such conditions cease (no specific dates that I am aware of) I have been seeing ads for winter wheels storage places and storage services typically from tyre dealers. For us contractors it's a bit easier just keeping a set on post (for those who bother) or as I have planned, fitting tyres that are good all year round.
  9. Advice on winter wheels

    Over here in Germany we don't get a choice.... you can be fined for not having all-season or winter 3PMSF marked tyres if the general weather is snow/ice regardless of being involved in an accident or not. Hence I'm opting for a full set of Michelin CrossClimate+ on the F11 - summer tyre with full 3PMSF marking, so one tyre all year round with excellent performance across the board. My 236s take 225 55R17 labelled B B 69db and push around the 150euro/per mark. For 245 45R18 labelled C B 69db you'd be looking around 170euro/per but having no need to change summer to winter the cost is nicely offset.
  10. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yesterday, booked it in for a full set of CrossClimate+ on my nice new 236s. I'll be offloading my tatty police 236s but keeping the best as my spare to replace my E61 space saver. Might refurb them over here first... got a nice price in Frankfurt. Moved it this morning... then came back inside, coat off, shoes off, halfway through a cuppa when I realised I'd forgotten to change the clock ! (Clocks went back here in Germany last night)
  11. Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Well I've just changed my planning... the new 236s arrived today so when I pop back to blighty, on will go a set of CrossClimates and the best of the old police 236s will become my spare. The E60/61 spare and remaining 236s will go up for disposal, probably via fleabay... I may get them refurbed first... not decided.
  12. F11 Trunk floor parts

    Thanks. Paid by PayPal. Details in note.
  13. F11 Trunk floor parts

    Hey again guys I missed out a couple of bits... Qty 2 - 51117202885 Spring (for headlamp washers) Qty 1 - 51477284497 Right Rear Trunk Trim, Black (for Police extra battery fit) If could be added to current package, brilliant, but if not, no problem. Either way definitely required.
  14. F11 Trunk floor parts

    Thanks guys. Order paid by PayPal with details in message.