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  1. Bright halo lights recommendations

    I've installed the Mtec's as per Dan's link....... Before... With the Mtec's..........
  2. Yes, that's pretty much it. Position the strut so the socket on the end is resting on the ball joint. To get the best leverage I found the tip of the pry bar needs to be resting close to this joint - I marked the pry bar with some tape so I knew how far in to the cavity it needed to be. Then use the rear edge of the roof as the lever point ( I wrapped a piece of cloth around the bar to protect the lip). Then give the pry bar handle a firm "nudge" to locate the ball and socket. The smaller struts for the glass were fairly straight forward, but I found the bigger ones for the tailgate more challenging - hence the need for tea breaks!
  3. I changed all 4 recently. The job is fairly straight forward, no special tool needed other than a decent length pry bar. The hardest part is that you are working "blind" most of the time, as it's impossible to see the ball joint that the struts locate on to when you do fit the new items. You have to work by " feel ", if that makes sense. Not tricky, but it will try your patience - I walked away several times to chill with a cuppa!
  4. Low Beam Bulb Out Warning

    I hear you, and don't disagree. I find it odd though that Hella felt the need to produce a decoder kit for this very same issue - so can't be all bad! Anyway , just reporting that decoders as per above link fitted and all's working well - ie. no warning light on start up Fitted them to the OEM ballast brackets, so all neat and tidy.......
  5. Low Beam Bulb Out Warning

    Mine has exactly the same issue with 5000K Osrams and OEM ballasts. I thought for the money I would give these a try: http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/smart-canbus-hid-xenon-kit-decoders-obc-fix-x-2/ Not huge bucks, so nothing lost if they don't live up to the hype!
  6. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the Touring to Waterlooville today to visit the boys at Paintguard. Since polishing my headlamps and rear inner lenses I've been looking for a way to preserve the finish, and remembered that I had admired BarryM's Alpina at the Hill Fort meet last year. He tipped me on to these guys - thanks Barry - who had applied a fine but durable clear film to his headlamps, and they looked good as new a year or so down the line. I watched the work being done, and the attention to detail was second to none. 4 lights for £30 - good value IMO. I tried to take a photo, but their work is that neat that you really struggle to see the film on the lenses As an extra bonus, stopped and had a cream tea on the way home
  7. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Will report back! I'm hoping that the Powerflex bushes will add to the stiffer ride too. Once this lot is fitted I will be looking to replace the lower bushes and source an M5 anti roll bar too. Wish I could afford to do it all in one hit, but the house is draining me dry at the mo
  8. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    They are for the rear, and are the B6's. I believe the B4 is pretty much a direct replacement for the OEM shock, so the B6 will be an upgrade. B8's are listed for the rear of the Touring, but oddly the part number is the same as the B6, so guessing this is a typo!
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    This little lot has arrived over the last few days....... Meyle HD subframe bushes fitted last month, now need to find time over the next couple of weeks to fit these .
  10. Wheel Spacers

    Hi Stu, I have 15mm BIMECC spacers all around on the Touring - I have 66's , but not staggered. The BIMECC's are good value for money IMO. No rubbing with my set up. Steering maybe a wee bit heavier, but nothing really to worry about.
  11. OEM Xenon Ballast Mounting Brackets

    PM sent.
  12. OEM Xenon Ballast Mounting Brackets

    Hi Stu, Is this for a pre-facelift or facelift car - I believe they are different. ( might be corrected on this! ). I have a spare pair which I believe are pre-facelift ,as they definitely wont fit my facelift headlamps. I did source a second ( different ) set which did fit my lights, so you are correct in thinking that you can upgrade.
  13. Rear Suspension Refresh

    I have recently installed Meyle HD bushes on the Touring - Jimmy has a tool that he rents out. Quality of the parts looked good - time will tell I guess if this translates to long life, but on the mileage I do I don't see a problem!
  14. Rear Subframe Bush Tool - Rental?

    Jimmy ( aka Cable Shack ) rents out the tool for the Touring. I have just finished using it. Send him a PM!
  15. Thanks for organising again this year Mick! Looking forward to catching up with everyone again