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  1. Will report back! I'm hoping that the Powerflex bushes will add to the stiffer ride too. Once this lot is fitted I will be looking to replace the lower bushes and source an M5 anti roll bar too. Wish I could afford to do it all in one hit, but the house is draining me dry at the mo
  2. They are for the rear, and are the B6's. I believe the B4 is pretty much a direct replacement for the OEM shock, so the B6 will be an upgrade. B8's are listed for the rear of the Touring, but oddly the part number is the same as the B6, so guessing this is a typo!
  3. This little lot has arrived over the last few days....... Meyle HD subframe bushes fitted last month, now need to find time over the next couple of weeks to fit these .
  4. Hi Stu, I have 15mm BIMECC spacers all around on the Touring - I have 66's , but not staggered. The BIMECC's are good value for money IMO. No rubbing with my set up. Steering maybe a wee bit heavier, but nothing really to worry about.
  5. PM sent.
  6. Hi Stu, Is this for a pre-facelift or facelift car - I believe they are different. ( might be corrected on this! ). I have a spare pair which I believe are pre-facelift ,as they definitely wont fit my facelift headlamps. I did source a second ( different ) set which did fit my lights, so you are correct in thinking that you can upgrade.
  7. I have recently installed Meyle HD bushes on the Touring - Jimmy has a tool that he rents out. Quality of the parts looked good - time will tell I guess if this translates to long life, but on the mileage I do I don't see a problem!
  8. Jimmy ( aka Cable Shack ) rents out the tool for the Touring. I have just finished using it. Send him a PM!
  9. Thanks for organising again this year Mick! Looking forward to catching up with everyone again
  10. Decided to sort out my erectile problem today - it just wont stay up anymore!!!! I picked Supertramp101's brain before tackling this job - cheers fella! Tailgate propped up and ready for action........ I did one side at a time - here are the new parts and tools ready to go. I actually ended up having to use a longer pry bar than this one in the end. Only had to remove the hinge covers, everything else stays in place........ The job is fiddly as most of the time you are working blind, I must admit I had to walk away a couple of times to chill with a cuppa! Old parts out........ Trim back on, and full erection restored
  11. The M54 is just as painful...... Whilst you're in there, strongly advise you change the oil filter housing gasket too....... Saves pulling it all apart again at a later date
  12. Definitely worth replacing those bushes. I didn't think mine were too bad, and was only replacing them as part of a rear suspension refurb / upgrade that I'm planning over the next few months. However 2 of them were completely shot, although not surprising I guess as they were the originals I assume, and the car is now on 145K!
  13. ^^^ +1 for Bimecc - I've got them on the Touring - good quality items and very reasonably priced IMO.
  14. Meyle HD rear subframe bushes now fitted. Was going to do this job myself, but pulled my back this week at work, so took the subframe bush tool - thanks Jimmy - and the bushes to my local indy. They only charged £50.
  15. Perfect - thanks again. Will pay them a visit!