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  1. Hippy

    Another headlight question....

    I got mine from here: https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/smart-canbus-hid-xenon-kit-decoders-obc-fix-x-2/
  2. Hippy

    Another headlight question....

    Alternatively you can fit resistors ( black box in the middle of the pic ), which will cure the problem.
  3. Hippy

    Another headlight question....

    Sanding the lenses removes the protective coating which guards against damage by UV light. If left unprotected they will slowly deteriorate again - as yours are. There are various products which you can apply to your lenses which claim they will protect them from further damage. I personally used a product by a company called Paintguard, in Waterlooville, Hants. I polished up the lenses then took the car to them as they were local...ish ( although I believe they will ship you material to do the job yourself ). They applied a wafer thin, clear film to my headlights and rear inner lights ( Touring inners are notorious for clouding too). 6 odd months later they are still as good as the day they were done. I chose this product over others as I had admired another Forum members lenses at a meet. I think his had been on his car for well over a year when I first saw them, and they looked mint too.
  4. Hippy

    Wanted - e39 Facelift factory Xenon Headlights

    Dan's advice is bang on.......here are the parts needed..... Here's everything in place........ And here's the result.......
  5. Hippy

    Headlight Bulbs

    It's odd isn't it, mine was on constantly - tried to ignore it but got on my tits in the end!! Resistors cured mine - I'm useless with a laptop so didn't want to chance the coding option - probably would have buggered up the whole car !
  6. Hippy

    Headlight Bulbs

    If you go down the xenon upgrade route you will probably have to address the "bulb out " warning light issue too. See this link for info.... bmw5.co.uk/topic/127360-low-beam-bulb-out-warning/?tab=comments#comment-1370734
  7. Hippy

    55w HID Kits

    ^^^^ +1 as Dan says. Here's mine with the above mod.... Here's the parts I used.....
  8. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Been planning a rear end refresh / upgrade on the old girl for a while. I replaced the subframe mounts with Meyle HD items earlier in the year, and shortly after took delivery of these.... They have been sitting in the spare bedroom for 6 months waiting for me to get the rest of the parts ordered. Finally got the last of these items today....... The anti roll bar is a used M5 item, which I had powder coated red......as you do!! Wanted to do the work myself, but as usual time has romped away, the weather has got colder, and I really don't fancy lying on my back on a damp drive , so I'm planning on letting the local indy have the pleasure in the next few weeks.
  9. Hippy

    E39 Touring Rear Poly Bushes ? Any Feedback?

    Can't comment on the polybushes for the subframe mounts, but I did upgrade from standard fittings to the Meyle HD items. The rear end feels like it belongs to the car again! - the old mounts were knackered - with no increase in noise in the cab.
  10. Hippy

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just had 4 new Dunlops put on the old girl. There was actually plenty of tread left on the old ones, but as I do silly low mileage they had started to split between the tread blocks and crack on the side walls. They were 10 years old!!! I was living with them for the odd local trip, but am off up to Brum for the Motorcycle Live show in a few weeks ( 120 odd motorway miles each way )so thought it best to pop some new boots on - ching ching!!
  11. Hippy

    Bright halo lights recommendations

    I've installed the Mtec's as per Dan's link....... Before... With the Mtec's..........
  12. Yes, that's pretty much it. Position the strut so the socket on the end is resting on the ball joint. To get the best leverage I found the tip of the pry bar needs to be resting close to this joint - I marked the pry bar with some tape so I knew how far in to the cavity it needed to be. Then use the rear edge of the roof as the lever point ( I wrapped a piece of cloth around the bar to protect the lip). Then give the pry bar handle a firm "nudge" to locate the ball and socket. The smaller struts for the glass were fairly straight forward, but I found the bigger ones for the tailgate more challenging - hence the need for tea breaks!
  13. I changed all 4 recently. The job is fairly straight forward, no special tool needed other than a decent length pry bar. The hardest part is that you are working "blind" most of the time, as it's impossible to see the ball joint that the struts locate on to when you do fit the new items. You have to work by " feel ", if that makes sense. Not tricky, but it will try your patience - I walked away several times to chill with a cuppa!
  14. Hippy

    Low Beam Bulb Out Warning

    I hear you, and don't disagree. I find it odd though that Hella felt the need to produce a decoder kit for this very same issue - so can't be all bad! Anyway , just reporting that decoders as per above link fitted and all's working well - ie. no warning light on start up Fitted them to the OEM ballast brackets, so all neat and tidy.......