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  1. Thanks for organising again this year Mick! Looking forward to catching up with everyone again
  2. Decided to sort out my erectile problem today - it just wont stay up anymore!!!! I picked Supertramp101's brain before tackling this job - cheers fella! Tailgate propped up and ready for action........ I did one side at a time - here are the new parts and tools ready to go. I actually ended up having to use a longer pry bar than this one in the end. Only had to remove the hinge covers, everything else stays in place........ The job is fiddly as most of the time you are working blind, I must admit I had to walk away a couple of times to chill with a cuppa! Old parts out........ Trim back on, and full erection restored
  3. The M54 is just as painful...... Whilst you're in there, strongly advise you change the oil filter housing gasket too....... Saves pulling it all apart again at a later date
  4. Definitely worth replacing those bushes. I didn't think mine were too bad, and was only replacing them as part of a rear suspension refurb / upgrade that I'm planning over the next few months. However 2 of them were completely shot, although not surprising I guess as they were the originals I assume, and the car is now on 145K!
  5. ^^^ +1 for Bimecc - I've got them on the Touring - good quality items and very reasonably priced IMO.
  6. Meyle HD rear subframe bushes now fitted. Was going to do this job myself, but pulled my back this week at work, so took the subframe bush tool - thanks Jimmy - and the bushes to my local indy. They only charged £50.
  7. Perfect - thanks again. Will pay them a visit!
  8. The pic was taken straight after polishing with no protective coat added. I used to work a lot with fibreglass and gel coats. Generally a poor / matt like finish was due to poor prep ( not fine enough grades of paper used ), too coarse a compound used in the buffing process, or too much heat generated on the item by not keeping the buffer moving. Same would apply to polishing the lenses.
  9. Thanks for the info. Have you used them before / seen the quality of their work?
  10. Hi Joss, Really enjoying this thread - looking forward to seeing the finished article! Quick question - who are you using for the paint work? I'm local to you and am looking for a good quality / reliable shop to do some cosmetics on the e39.
  11. Very true - and you can always add them later if you feel the need!
  12. No, it's the camera - the light is actually much more focused than the pic makes out!
  13. A quick night shot - not great as it's an old camera, but a vast improvement over standard. Hard to tell, but this is dipped lights!
  14. Dan, when I was looking for the brackets Evilbay.com seemed to have more available than the UK. Typically not much on there at the moment though