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  1. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    I am terrible at keeping this up to date! What's happened since January then? Well for quite a while, not a lot.. Recently however I needed to press the 520i back into service as my other car was off the road and a mate needed an E39 bonnet moving, we got the Crank Position Sensor and it was back in business! Then this weekend I've made real progress on the 525i donor that I've had hanging round for the best part of a year :O I'd hit a snag with a rounded halfshaft bolt in the diff, but with a bit of heat and a hammered in hex socket, it came free I then made rapid progress on getting the prop, gearbox and engine out! I've made a start on stripping the ancillaries off the engine, I'm making a list of bits I'll need to replace, so far I've found an idler pulley that was about to fail, two heavily cracked knock sensors, a frayed engine earth wire, and a tired looking guibo Plan is to finish stripping the engine down until I've got a bare block, then it will be rebuilt back up with the M54b30 internals that I have, I've also got the M54 intake cam to fit in the head. I'll be going for a 550i short shift on the gearbox, along with some new mounting bushes where ones are tired, and I'm currently in two minds about whether to go for an M20 solid flywheel or not.. Its an ideal time to do it, but I don't know if I can justify the cost as the standard DMF seems to be fine. I also need to give the LSD a bit of a service/going over just to check alls well Plenty to keep me busy!
  2. adam73bgt

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Took the 2.5 out of my donor shell finally :O
  3. adam73bgt

    Kit's E34 535i

    Looks like a nice job on the exhaust
  4. adam73bgt

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Nice work just looking at the pic of it as found covered in leaves and algae compared to the shiny pic of it waiting for an MOT shows how much of a transformation its been! That coin holder is kinda cool too, not seen those before, do they just clip into the door pocket?
  5. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Ah I hadn't seen that @TomGC , thats really helpful actually as I've not had a go at removing those bushes yet, my first thought was to cut out the middle with a holesaw or similar then use a hacksaw to remove the remaining rubber but that looks a neat way of doing it as well, may have to invest in a puller
  6. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Been pretty lax on updating this thread as I've not really done anything with the 520i since it broke down, a couple of short drives after the initial breakdown confirmed that it wasn't very happy starting after having been driven a while but the issue was intermittent, so I focused my efforts on getting the replacement engine ready I've been very slow working over the winter months though, the M50b25 is still sat in the 525i on my drive but I have got the ECU and engine loom out Diff has been proving a pain to remove as I think I've rounded one of the hex head bolts holding the half shaft on, so I've left that headache for the time being.. I have however sourced the bits I need to make my M50 'b30' All wrapped up here but its all M54b30 parts like crankshaft, rods, pistons, sump baffle and I also got the intake cam and cam tray. The parts are in pretty good nick from first inspection, but I'm trying to find a machine shop/place that knows M5x engines near me to properly measure the crank etc. to make sure everything is in spec. I haven't totally given up on the 520i just yet though! While its been off the road I've been dailying my RX7, which is fun but not the most economical or practical so its going to be for sale soon and I'm hoping in the meantime I'll be able to use the 520i still while I get the 3.0 engine ready. I've got a new crank sensor which I'm hoping will resolve the 2.0 issues so at least I can get it out and use it again! Couple other bits of update while I remember, I sourced some rear suspension bits to freshen up the 525i subframe I've got, gone for Lemforder mounting bushes, poly trailing arm bushes and new dogbones/pitman links. I'll also be getting new ARB bushes to go with the thicker Sport front and rear ARBs which will go on the touring I also got the touring on the 15" BBS which I took off the 525i, as I've been trying to sell the RT's I think it looks kinda cool with the fat sidewalls, but if the RT's don't sell then they'll go back on at some point, maybe with a colour change to the wheel centres, we'll see
  7. adam73bgt

    How Long Have You Owned Your E34?

    2 years exactly today! Then Now
  8. Same issue here I'm afraid! Just after the stroker bits on their own unfortunately
  9. Damn @cableguy beat me to it But if you've got the intake camshaft still Tim, in good condition, let me know what a price for it would be please
  10. adam73bgt

    M50 Stroker parts

    I've been mulling this over for a long time but I think its time I kicked into gear and looked at building the engine to go in my E34! Basically I've got an M50b25tu that I'd like to build into a 3.0. Having looked around the net, I believe I'm after the following bits from an M54b30 Crankshaft, Rods and Pistons While I'm at it, I'd also like to upgrade the cams slightly, so if anyone has either of the following: M54b30 intake camshaft M50b25 intake camshaft (must be non-VANOS) If you have any of the above in good condition, let me know!
  11. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Yeah its strange, I took the car out for a drive last night and it was largely fine. There were no temp issues at all, the only two things were it started a bit lumpy/rough, but that cleared up and smoothed out after about a minute of idling, and then once when slowing down to a roundabout, the rev counter dipped down then shot back up before normalising to where it was, accompanied by a pop from the exhaust so maybe it cut spark briefly?.. Because there have been no temp issues since, a stuck thermostat is looking like my first port of call for that issue at least. This engine had blown a head gasket with the previous owner so most of the cooling system had been changed but I'm not entirely sure what quality of parts had been used (although they've lasted fine up till now!) I'm using my other car until I get to the bottom of the issues with the 5 in any case
  12. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Had a bit of a hiccup As I was driving to work yesterday morning, the engine cut out as I approached some traffic lights, odd but not entirely unheard of from my previous suspected ICV issues. Went to restart the engine and carry on but it was running very rough, and seemed to have reduced power Pulled into a layby and tried to work out what was going on, looked under the bonnet and sure enough the engine was shaking more than an inline 6 should be, also the idle exhaust note was much lumpier than usual Get back in to see if some turning off and on again, or revving will change the situation. At this point I notice that the temp gauge is firmly in the red at the end of the scale, certainly never done that before!! Switch it off, fearing the worst, call the RAC. In the meantime I try starting it again, takes a lot of spins before it catches and idles rough again. By the time the RAC arrive, the engine has cooled, go to start up and its like normal, smooth idle. Coolant was a little low though so head to the nearest supermarket with RAC following in case it turns into a kettle. Top up water, leave car idling and hold it at revs as well to see if it will overheat. No signs at all of the gauge going anywhere above dead centre. The bottom radiator hose did seem to take quite a while to get warm compared to the top hose. Oddly, while it was idling and I was chatting with the RAC guy, the engine did suddenly die but idled fine once restarted. In the end, decide that its best to limp it home, and head to work in the RX-7. Go to start it and it goes back to taking a lot of spins to start but idles fine and drives home fine with no temperature issues. RX-7 then wouldn't start (flat battery) Ended up hopping on my little Honda 125 to get to work in the end! So now to work out what is going on with the 5. The way it cut out, coupled with the isolated overheating incident had the RAC chap thinking that there were likely 2 different issues going on. My initial thought when the car was running rough was Crank Position Sensor, possibly going iffy because of heat? The overheating issue could be thermostat related? Possibly water pump? Was done by previous owner and was apparently a metal impeller job, so should have been fine I'd have thought
  13. adam73bgt

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Sounded like a long time to have it on the starter just to get oil round! But good that it got running in the end
  14. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Made a bit more progress over the weekend, got the drive shafts and trailing arms off the subframe So now I'll clean up the subframe, give it a wire brush and a coat or two of POR15, should leave it looking tidy I also managed to pick up this M Tech II steering wheel for what I thought was a pretty decent price, I gave it a quick test fit on the column of the 525i shell which went well so it'll make its way into the 520i shortly
  15. adam73bgt

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Haha no worries, I'm certainly no expert thats for sure! Those wilwoods look quite nice. When the time comes to sort out the brakes I'll have to blow the dust off some of my textbooks and start doing some sizing calculations haha Interesting to know about the E38 MC, and thats a good point, keeping the brake size within the 17" wheels will probably be the biggest headache with any Big Brake Kit Done a bit more work on the car, made a decent start on stripping down my spare rear subframe So I can start building up a shopping list of all the stuff I'm going to need! Getting the bushes out seems like its going to be fun... as well as getting new ones in..