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  1. Caesar

    F11 winter tyres

    As has been already said, winter tyres are like night and day. My wife's Clubman has Good Year Ultra grips which are superb and last well. Good steering feel when the temp drops and just keep going whatever the conditions. May move onto Michelin Cross Climates when due for replacement. No experience of other makes but as Andrew says, pay a few quid more and stick with a premium make would be my advice.
  2. New world record : in my little world anyway. 37mpg!
  3. The Romans used to pump cold water through their walls to keep cool . As you're in Chester, you could probably dig up a Roman pump from your back garden. It'll probably be more reliable than a BMW unit even though its been buried for so long. You may also need a Groomio to keep the pump going. Hope this helps.
  4. If that's the case, they can't be built to a standard that's fit for purpose.
  5. Aircon tested for leaks and regaased today. Happy that my amateur tinkering was successful. Took the old (12.5 months old!) leaking Hella condenser to the garage who couldn't see anything obvious but said the leak appeared in the bottom left hand area of the condenser when they'd initially looked at it. Possibly the left hand vertical tube. ECP still indifferent, but I'll keep bugging them on principle. Ice cold driving home. Almost too cold....
  6. I used to get bitten on the ass so often, I sold it and bought a donkey. That cured it!
  7. Sorry to hear that. Frustrating more than anything. We all have lapses now and again.
  8. Nissens and Hella condensers side by side...
  9. Caesar

    Purple or green condenser O rings?

    Much appreciated guys. Will go with the ones I bought from BMW. Next question is will I be finished before kick off? The answer is probably not as I'm a plodder where mechanical things are concerned!
  10. Bought some from bmw that were purple. Condenser has come with green ones. I think they're different materials. Would you stick with the purple ones?
  11. Caesar

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    Vacuuming could will result in a relapse requiring complete rest for the next 4 weekends. I'm a back specialist so I know what I'm talking about (not really, but Mrs 535i doesn't have to know that).
  12. Thanks for the link. Logical approach - cheers!
  13. I don't think it's too specific in terms of what's covered but may be worth small claims court. Company unlikely to attend and will settle.
  14. Persisting with my complaint with ECP by posting on their Facebook site. That prompted a standard e mail so we'll see, but not impressed by their customer service so far. When I called them, their solution was to offer me a replacement at a huge discount which reduced the cost to.... the price quoted on their website. They must think we're mugs! Hella's customer service surprisingly meh too. Good news is that it wasn't too warm today so the window operated aircon was very effective!