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  1. Caesar

    Idrive time different to dash time

    Is it just a coincidence that you replaced your battery recently? Could try topping it up via CTEK to see if it has any effect...
  2. Caesar

    Enginw oil suggestions for 520d manual

    I thought BMW recommend Castrol?
  3. I've noticed that if traction is selected, using cruise control or the speed limiter deselect traction. Not sure why...
  4. Agreed. Took me 12 months to find what I wanted. Read the advert, shot down to see it the next day and snapped it up. I think the time I spend choosing a car is why I hang onto them for longer than average.
  5. I don't know much about ceramic coating, but will look into it.
  6. Gave my F11 a thorough clean over tge last few days including clay barring, poorboys black hole, and two coats of carnauba. Looks almost like a new car. Heading down to Cambridgeshire tomorrow. Hope it's reasonably clean at the end of it... Got me thinking, can non BMW drivers identify a G series over an F series? They look pretty similar to me except for the radiator and air intake on the sides. But a non bmw driver probably wouldn't notice these subtleties.
  7. Caesar

    Caravan Towing

    It's a natural part of the ageing process: caravan, greenhouse, allotment, trousers with an elasticated waistband, Toyota, stairlift. These all become attractive propositions as time ticks by.
  8. Caesar

    Caravan Towing

    The 85% guide is a cautious one but for the right reasons. You can tow almost any weight but when the laden caravan is close or exceeds the weight of your car, you could get into difficulties, especially in cross winds or in the turbulent air when passing a truck. Get a nose weight gauge and you'll avoid overloading the tow ball. You just need to spread the weight inside the caravan. I used to empty the front locker and put equipment into the boot which improved stability. The caravan club are good for technical advice, reasonable insurance and great sites. I said I'd never, ever tow a caravan then went on to enjoy 8 years of caravanning!
  9. Caesar

    Retrofit hud screen - anyone?

    Not a retrofit, but the HUD is one of my top gadgets. I expected it to be a gimmick, but surprised by how much I depend on it now.
  10. Caesar

    Headlight flap?

    Thanks Matthew!
  11. Caesar

    Headlight flap?

    Single pull release on mine but I've noticed the lever under the bonnet is getting reluctant to operate. Still working but very stiff. Do cables need lubricating?
  12. Caesar

    Spooky garage mystery

    I may need the services of an exorcist. I bet they'd charge me for a diagnostic before starting the exorcism...
  13. Caesar

    Spooky garage mystery

    Will check the camera files; good idea.
  14. Caesar

    Spooky garage mystery

    Could be the camera... Its a Mio. I wondered whether its connected to the alarm sensors on some way.. Air pressure? As for voice control, its was useless in my E61 and equally useless in the F11. By comparison, my Amazon stick understands my commands perfectly and it only cost me £40!