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  1. Would you bet on more diesel than petrol cars failing the new emissions test..? Interesting info from DVSA: Since 20 May 2018, a vehicle gets a ‘major fault’ if the MOT tester: can see smoke of any colour coming from the exhaust finds evidence that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been tampered with - this captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce emissions from diesel cars A ‘major fault’ means you need to repair the car immediately, and it then needs to pass an MOT retest. You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT. Number of cars failing the emissions test Since 20 May 2018, a total of 238,971 diesel cars and 505,721 petrol cars have failed the new emissions test. This compares to 58,004 diesel cars and 292,468 petrol cars during the same period in 2017.
  2. It was a bit tongue in cheek, but I think roundabout discipline is almost non existent. Another reason for investing in a dash cam. Surely they should at least be on the option list now. I'd far rather have a built in camera and I think some of the other options use a camera, such as lane departure, speed limit sign detection, etc.
  3. Lane markings on roundabouts are for guidance only. The tolerance is + or - 15 feet.... and indicating is so last century. I thought everyone knew that. Keep up!
  4. Caesar

    Servicing advice

    Vehicle check covers less than an mot! It's a method of identifying work for the dealer.
  5. Caesar

    water in boot

    There is a grille in that compartment behind a black plastic panel. Are the flaps stuck open? Or have you been through deep water recently?
  6. I'm convinced! I've asked my wife to get me one for Christmas as my toolbox suddenly seems incomplete. Once again, I've learned something new today.
  7. I think J lives in a city where a sex shop and Machine Mart are situated right next door to each other. Easy to walk through the wrong door. I wouldn't bee too surprised if there's a Clarke panel beating set secreted in the bedside cabinet.
  8. Plus oscillating seat bases in you new car... very worrying. I think you may have strayed onto the wrong forum...
  9. Caesar

    Goodbye F10...

    Very well specced and low mileage. Great find!
  10. Please tell me this is a typo!
  11. Caesar

    F11 535i

    Well done on tracking one down; took me a year... Fond memories of my E46 325i - my first foray into BMWs. First foray on an autobahn. Let us know how you get on with your upgrades.
  12. Caesar

    What's your best range from a tank?

    Could be that wet air contains more particles of moisture and the engine combusts less efficiently.
  13. Caesar

    What's your best range from a tank?

    It was a bit tongue in cheek... My mpg is significantly higher than my E61 525i, probably due to the turbo, but still an impressive result for a heavier model with a bigger engine. I'm happy! If I really want to keep up with the range heros, I can always add a second tank!
  14. Caesar

    F10 2011 internet not working

    Mine too. Rerouting on maps has saved me from long jams on a number of occasions.
  15. Caesar

    What's your best range from a tank?

    I'll have to stop reading this thread; it's making me depressed!