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  1. How to choose a parking spot

    Some park next to a nice, expensive looking car in their bangers and deliberately open their door into it. Purely motivated by envy. Can you believe it? I take ages to find a parking space with minimal chance of others parking next to me. Infuriates my wife, but I can't understand folk who park in between cars when there's a perfectly good space with no other cars for miles. A bit further away but a walk is good for your AND your car's bodywork!
  2. Hope it's just a regas. Lucky to have a mobile aircon guy near me who does a great job. Had to replace the condenser after it had been holed last year. I added a sheet of mesh in front of it. Hardly visible from the front of the car. They're very vulnerable to stones and debris.
  3. West Yorkshire. We're having a few days of fog, just fit a bit of variety....
  4. Are you guaranteeing an improvement in the weather? If so, I'll get the summers back on our Clubman!
  5. Noticed (over a few months now) the back end of my F11 sat very low after 24 hrs+ of not having been driven. Settling evenly on both sides. There are no warnings and dealer says no faults recorded. What I'm trying to work out is whether this is normal in a healthy suspension system when not being used for a while or should I suspect a slow leak? Views appreciated.
  6. New car time - decisions decisions

    Another close contender, but you may want to do a spell check before approaching the salesperson.
  7. New car time - decisions decisions

    OGGI! You may as well order your Suzuki Ignis in that case!
  8. New car time - decisions decisions

    Maybe not very stealth like. A driver not too far away was hospitalised after having been attacked by someone who decided they would have his S6.
  9. You had me worried for a bit then!
  10. Maybe that's what it is; brings out the kid in me! Mine was sparking, then had to go out in it on Thursday and now it's covered in salty grime, again. And more salt ti be spread as snow forecast for Monday. But no point keeping it clean and not having the pleasure of driving it.
  11. There's something really satisfying about snow foaming.
  12. The door skins where they met the glass were perfectly preserved, as was the boot floor.
  13. Even my old Lancia had real rosewood on the dashboard!
  14. I feel a bit naive... I thought it was real wood with a lacquered finish!