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  1. Self driving should be mandatory for those people who never get the hang of driving, which would leave the rest of us to enjoy our cars.
  2. Rarely use paddles, speed limiter, tailgate opening angle setting or self parking. HUD is the best option that I originally thought to be a complete gimmick. First car with heated seats and they've become an absolute basic necessity now and I forget how convenient the auto dimming mirror is, until I drive a car without it. Self driving BMWs will become a welcome convenience once I become a dotard (in the next year or so).
  3. Cleared the frost from my windows this morning. I noticed that the tinted windows had a thin ayer of frost and the untainted windows a thicker layer. I'm guessing that the darker windows absorb more heat so stay slightly warmer than the fully transparent ones. Am I on the right track?
  4. Is that the cheapest item anyone has bought from a BMW dealer?
  5. Just got home after a 3 hr drive up the A1 from Cambridgeshire. Effortless drive and luckily not too much snow on my driveway when I got back. Doesn't look like I washed it last weekend and I'm not going to wash it whilst it's hovering around freezing point. Used to do that when I was an obsessed youngster, watching the water freeze as I washed it. Must have been mad!
  6. Thanks for that. Will get them ordered.
  7. I could see if the dealer can sell me a spacer on it'd own.
  8. I think it's a 15mm spacer but would appreciate it if you could confirm. Can you remember where you got the spacer from?
  9. I'm not sure whether a short pull on the stalk just squires the screen and not the lights or whether that only applies when the lights aren't on.
  10. Ordered a Mio Mivue 785 dashcam Inc speed camera database. Mio make lots of models but hopefully I'll get on with this one and it's heavily discounted by currys at the moment. Started off looking for a laser/radar detector but read lots of reports about how unreliable and oversensitive they are so changed my mind.
  11. Am I the only person without a stock of baby wipes? Am I missing something? I use Sudore on my seats...
  12. How secure is your car...

    That's a nice memento. Most folk think they only made razor blades.
  13. You're lucky. We couldn't afford a tree when I were a kid. We had to park our car under a twig. In fact, we could only afford Autumn and Winter so our car never got warm in the first place. Times were hard.
  14. How secure is your car...

    I take the Panda when I work on the city centre. No one's ever stolen it. Is that because there's no remote locking so it's too difficult for today's tech savvy thieves to work out?
  15. How secure is your car...

    Interesting article. Seems that we think our cars are more secure than ever before, but the thieves are always one step ahead. There was an RS6 stolen not too far from me recently where the thieves simply resorted to beating the driver with an implement of some sort. If they really want to nick your car, they will.