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  1. KC

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Final chapter - Hopefully! Just had motor returned from dealer after 3 weeks. Autoglass have fitted new windscreen at nil charge. Dealer report mentions lack of sealant on previously fitted windscreen. No mention of this on Autoglass report. Carpets have been removed and dried. I'm told all dealer water tests showed no leaks. Fingers crossed for a dry future.
  2. KC

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    My latest is that 3 weeks after my £600 fix, the nearside carpets are soaking again after heavy rain. Went back to dealer - more water testing. Amazingly they have now found another significant leak from around the windscreen area! When questioned as to why this wasn't found on the first investigation I got some BS about leaks being a progressive thing! Autoglass have been to check car at dealership and agreed to replace windscreen. Screen due to be replaced next week. Car now been sitting at dealer with several litres of water in it for nearly 3 weeks. I can foresee me being stuck between dealer and Autoglass as to who is responsible and going to take the cost for this latest debacle. Any advice folks?
  3. KC

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Oilburner, you are spot on there. I too had same issue with these black rubber drain grommets blocking on a 53plate Audi A6 which flooded. You could here the water splashing through the heater fan when I went round a corner. Took them out and suddenly the tray on the bulkhead could actually drain. Latest on my beemer is that dealer was that I requested contribution from BMW. Ended up got bill down to under £600 but still a real sore point. I think the design engineers these days should spend more time on the basics rather than ever more gadgets that have little use!
  4. KC

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    New to this forum folks, but most impressed with your diagnostics. I have a 2010 F10 that had the passenger footwells filled with water during "Storm Katie's" torrential rain. Tried to soak up most of water by lifting carpets whilst waiting dealer appointment. Gave them the leads you guys have documented and leak identified as coming from yellow grommet. Good news! £1100 quote to fix and dry out - Bad news! Very bad news indeed!!