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  1. Red Halo's

    Nah. It was dan saff mate
  2. Red Halo's

    I drove past a 3 series today with red halo's At the time I thought what a twat having illegal headlights. Am I right?
  3. V8 curiosity

    Seems I was right about the lack of V8 owners on here Too spicy for you
  4. V8 curiosity

    As others have said I think the auto box suits the V8 and in sports mode sharpens the change nicely. The steering has a well weighted feel to it. If I fancy a manual box I just drag the 911 out of the garage Some on here will remember the Rover Sdi. I had 3 of those with the V8 fitted back in the day.
  5. V8 curiosity

    That is brilliant. Well done sir .
  6. V8 curiosity

    I was more curious for those that still are. What was your reason for getting rid ?
  7. V8 curiosity

    I have owned my E60 550i for nearly two years now and I absolutely love it. The poise and the power delivery are epic. As for the sound when the engine is wound up. Intoxicating . I do wonder though how many members on this forum have gone down the V8 route ? The 5 series is the perfect motorway muncher and as such is well suited to a large oil burner engine. I still think though that the petrol V8 is perfectly suited to the car too. Cruises effortlessly and still gives high 20's MPG at sensible motorway speeds. I would be very surprised if there are more than 20 V8 owners on here , not including the M5 as that is a completely different animal. So, anybody out there
  8. The Wheel Alignment Centre in Southampton has a great reputation.
  9. Dension 500

    I have had a quick search on here but cannot seem to find any threads on the Dension 500. Has anybody fitted one of these to their E60/61 ? If so how difficult is it and what are the results like ?
  10. Headlight washer

    I have just had to fill my washer bottle and noticed the windscreen washers just came out as a dribble. Did some checking on line and it seems the pump may be blocked so I will have a look at cleaning that. With the water only dribbling out I thought I would check the headlight washers too. The offside washer is fine but the nearside washer does not pop up. Is this a quick fix or is a replacement required ? Could the pump for the headlights be blocked too and not offering enough pressure to work both washers ?
  11. Gremlins Everywhere

    My car is a weekend toy and I am starting to get electrical gremlins. After reading this thread it sounds like the battery needs a charge up. The car is an E60. Can you remove the battery, charge it up then replace it without having to do all the coding nonsense ?
  12. Vehicle location

    I tend to have displayed on the dash the vehicle location. Just recently though it keeps dropping out. I reset it but a little while later and its gone again. I assume the location is set with gps. Is this a quick fix or is it nothing to do with the car and an external problem ?
  13. 550i

    I have had my 550 msport for a few months now and absolutely love it. It is a weekend toy so not too bothered about mpg but had 28 mpg on a return trip to Stansted which I thought was very good. The car really has a presence about it and as for the sound.......wow. I love flicking the auto in sports mode and then floor it. Boy does it go. Some people say that the msport suspension is harsh but I think it is very good. For a big car it handles really well.
  14. Was hoping to pop along to this but the car is back at the dealers This poxy oil leak is getting on my thruppenny,s
  15. Back in a 5

    Oil leak update. Took the car back to the dealer and was left with them for a couple of days. Typically no sign of any oil leak ! They had removed the undertray too ! So back to mine thinking it was possibly old oil/water etc sat on the undertray. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I use the car. Another oil slick on the drive !!! This had got me thinking. The car only leaked when it was parked on a slope with the front of the car raised. A call to the dealer and back it went. The dealer called me today to say they had found the problem. It was not from the engine but the transmission. So at long last it is being sorted.