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  1. Deer oh deer

    I have been offered £7100 for the car which I think is a piss take. To buy something like the car I had would cost about £10k. I have another car and van so don't really need the hassle of putting the 550 right. I am tempted to sell my 911 and use both of the monies to buy an E90 M3. Decisions decisions.
  2. Deer oh deer

    Deer update I have just been informed by the Bodyshop that my car will be a write off . Apparently the damage will cost over £6K +vat to put right. A real shame as it was a great car. Have not heard from the insurance company yet . Let's see what ridiculous offer they make me for the car !!
  3. Deer oh deer

    I did not think a deer was reportable but it managed to run off. It probably died somewhere else. There was no claret on my car but plenty of fur. This was a full size beast and I am glad I was not in my 911 as it could a been a whole lot messier for me and the wife !
  4. Deer oh deer

    esure. Time will tell if they are any good !!
  5. Deer oh deer

    The car is going to be assessed on Tues/Wed. I did a quick check on the repair centre that the insurance company uses and all seems well. I thought it was a bit of a cheek to add another £200 to my excess if I chose my own garage !! Trouble is a friend of mine is a top class sprayer and would have been nice for his repair shop to have dealt with it but £200 is £200 and the excess is high enough anyway !! I have asked for BMW parts and paint to be used. whether that makes much of a difference to costs I do not know. Car looks pretty bad and it seems it doesn't take much these days to write them off !!
  6. Deer oh deer

    Coming back from Bath last night and Bambi decides to play chicken with the traffic! Came out of the trees so quick could not avoid it My car is a bit of a mess. Bonnet, wing, bumper and headlight all wrecked. Probably more damage underneath. Going to be assessed early next week. I don't know if it is a write off but it will cost a few quid to put right. Does anybody know if you have to use the insurance companies repair company? I have been told it will cost another £200 to have my repair centre of choice.
  7. What are you currently drinking...?

    A world record fee and 20 mill more than Liverpoo wanted to spend in the summer. Plus we get that fucking mercenary off our books. What's not to like West may have a poor team at the moment and a shite manager but keep the faith
  8. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    Thanks for that Lee. I do not have the facility to code myself so what is the likely costs for that? The install sounds straight forward enough and as I am a spark should not be beyond my capabilities
  9. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    I am assuming with my car being an 06 plate it is pre CIC and this retro fit will work for me?
  10. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    The one main thing I miss in my 5 series is DAB. A company in Surrey will retro fit it for about £1000. What are the likely costs of a DIY job and is it pretty straight forward?
  11. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted a new s5 battery and had it coded. No more stupid bings and bongs and electrical gremlins
  12. V8 curiosity

    Friends of mine have their own garage business and one of their customers is proper minted. He has a cobra kit car that he was going to put a genuine V8 nascar engine in When he was told the car would probably kill him he put it in his GT40 kit car instead . Now that car is another story
  13. Red Halo's

    Nah. It was dan saff mate
  14. Red Halo's

    I drove past a 3 series today with red halo's At the time I thought what a twat having illegal headlights. Am I right?
  15. V8 curiosity

    Seems I was right about the lack of V8 owners on here Too spicy for you