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  1. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    The other dents have come out well from the roof and sides when I viewed the car. The roof liner had to be dropped, so I am hoping that this has gone back OK as it was not an easy job getting it down. The problem is getting dents out of aluminium, best explained here. http://www.bodyshopbusiness.com/aluminum-series-fixing-dents/ My car is in the body shop minus its bonnet which they have got to rework again. Apparently the crease lines from the dents were still showing after the respray. It goes to show that if you get a deepish dent in the bonnet, it is very difficult to repair. All this expense and inconvenience over a few dents.
  2. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    I was supposed to get my car back today, but the bodyshop is having trouble with spraying the bonnet. Can't get a good finish. May have to put on a new bonnet. Rest of car looks great when I called into workshop in Abbeville yesterday. Garage has loaned me a nearly new Renault Talisman Intens. Very nice car and rides much better than the BMW.
  3. These cars are not worth the money
  4. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    I wish manufacturers would use more composite, although it is not so good for recycling. Composite does not dent. No ductility like metal.
  5. Ram Rod

    Useless BMW France

    Since my EGR Cooler was replaced by Chandlers in Hailsham near Eastbourne, my car is driving much better. An added bonus is that the fuel economy has improved dramatically. On my usual round trip run to London and back, the car used to average 44/45 mpg, now it is averaging 51/52 mpg. A remarkable improvement. I wrote and complained to BMW in Germany that BMW France were not notifying their customers of this recall. Eventually I received an email from BMW France that as this was an improvement, I was not entitled to any compensation for the way the car has driven relatively poorly for the first two years of ownership. Bloody cheek considering they had nothing to do with the new EGR valve. Not happy with this response, I fired off another letter to BMW, this time to CEO Harald Kruger in Munich, outlining how there is an unacceptable differential in the way BMW customers are treated in France compared to the UK, and the fact that if my car hadn't of broken down in Surrey, I would not have known about this recall. BMW France phoned me two days ago and left a message to say they are looking into my complaint.
  6. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    Well the saga continues. In case you don't know the bonnet and front wings of the 5 series are made of aluminium. This means that dents are very difficult to get pushed out by one of your mobile dent type specialists. I have four deepish dents in the bonnet and at the moment, it may have to be replaced. Otherwise the dents will be pushed out, and then the whole bonnet resprayed. My car is booked in with a dent specialist (Debosser in French) in Abbevile who also has a new spray shop. Unfortunately as the damage was caused by hail and is classed as a natural catastrophe, I have to pay an excess of €950. A mobile dent specialist in the UK quoted me £1100 for all of the dents, 4 in the roof, 6 in total on the bonnet, 3 down the left side, but he couldn't promise he that the dents in the bonnet would come out OK.
  7. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    Many thanks Mathew. I did phone one dent repair guy in the UK. He reckoned the bonnet would have to come off to get the dents out. As for the roof, there are just three dents I can see but to get to them the roof lining must be taken out. As for the sides, difficult too. It does look a job for a dent repair specialist as the paint is not damaged. I will see what the BMW dealer has to say tomorrow. They have to accept the car back and I have to make sure the car is repaired so that it meets the criteria on condition for the lease ending.
  8. Ram Rod

    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    Front left Rear left. Not far off changing the rears.
  9. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    Many thanks Mathew for that information. . Yes have sent a recorded delivery letter to AXA today ref the damage, and will take the car to BMW in Arras on Monday for them to sort out. My lease ends next May, but I guess it is too early for BMW to take it back plus mine is nowhere near as badly damaged as your friend's 4 series. However I would get penalised in its current condition when I return the car.
  10. Ram Rod

    F11 dented from large hail stones

    My video sounded like this. I think I was lucky there was no broken glass.
  11. How unlucky can you get? Left my car parked at Beauvais Airport from the 3rd August to the 9th. Looked over the car when I got back for scratches, but it was raining. Had the heart attack yesterday afternoon. About eight dents on the bonnet, two on the roof, plus a couple each side on the sloping haunches above the wheel arch above the crease line. Thought it was vandalism at first, but I had left my dashcam connected but hidden under a blanket on the back seat. Got to 2035 last Tuesday evening scrolling through the files, (7th, date and time on video) and the dashcam had started recording on its own due to the noise and vibration I guess. I could hear torrential rain and then an ominous sound of random golf balls hitting the car. Really loud, like being in a tin can. Thank God for the Nextbase dashcam otherwise I would never have thought it was hail. The damage is noticeable alright, I will put up pics later. It will have to be fixed. I guess it will need a new bonnet, but the two dents in the roof are going to be a bugger. Just goes to show how intense thunderstorms are getting these days.
  12. What's the most you have got out of your front pads? I am over 41,000 miles now and they were checked last week in the dealer when my car went in for the EGR valve and an oil change. At the moment mine are not even half worn out according to the mechanic.
  13. Ram Rod

    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    I'll take some pictures today with the mileage and date they were put on and todays exact mileage.