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  1. I want a set of black BMW 245/45 18 wheels to fit my 2016 F11 518d, black with TPMS. Not run flats. They must be BMW standard wheels. Are there any good deals at dealers at the moment or online you know of? Many thanks
  2. Michelin Cross Climate Plus fitted today.

    I have had my 225/55 17 Michelin Cross Climates on for a year now. Just over 20,000 miles covered and they still look like new. In fact I have just ordered a Sealey tyre depth gauge on Amazon to check what rubber is left to give an accurate appraisal. Not a flake of snow last year so I can't report on their most vital function, however everything else has been thrown at them. Weather looking ominous this year though, so still plenty of tread left to tackle some seriously bad weather. Two winters out of them is very good, plus €152 each fitted (plus cost of at home €80) on allopneus.com is very reasonable. I just can't be bothered having to put on another set of wheels for the winter anymore, plus the cost. 245/45 18 Cross Climates on allopneus.com are €179.90 inc delivery plus fitting
  3. Gave my 5 a good clean yesterday. Car looked like it had completed the Paris Dakar rally. Anyone else use Turtle Wax "wax it wet"? Brilliant stuff. I should have done before and after pics.
  4. F10 door corrosion

    Regardless of the warranty, you shouldn't get corrosion like this on a premium car. Just goes to show they are built to a price like a Ford Fiesta..
  5. Intermediate oil change in Eastbourne last Saturday. I supplied the filter from Cotswold. £97 inc vat. Had this oil put in.... http://www.commaoil.com/productsguide/view/6/167 Had Castol Edge at the service at BMW Arras in June, but this Comma Syner Z oil seems to release a bit more power. Fuel economy was up at 45.6 mpg, although whilst in the UK I did top up with ESSO supreme diesel
  6. Am I mad thinking about a diesel?

    A mate of mine hired a Hyundai Tucson at Enterprise last weekend. A 1.6 petrol no turbo gutless wonder, but apart from that apparently it is a nice car. Interesting though what the Enterpirse location manager told my mate, apparently they are not buying anymore diesel engined cars as a company, because the secondhand market has already collapsed
  7. Engine Flush & Oil Change

    Mine is in on Saturday morning for an interim oil and filter change in Eastbourne. Got the filter from Cotsworld. £97.00 inc vat for LL 04 oil Just in case I buy the car when the lease is up!
  8. Using an electric car to power your home

    I cannot imagine how the western democracies allowed themselves to be so dependent on Arab oil. What a waste of time the Iraq war was in hindsight. Boeing produce the 787, conceived in the early 2000's when it was projected oil today would be U$200 a barrel. Now thanks to fracking there is a glut of oil and oil will never go above U$65 again. There needs to be another Manhattan Project with vast resources invested to free us of the reliance on Middle East oil and gas. More investment in thorium fission and soon to harness fusion which will give limitless energy. The car market is changing so fast, that I cannot now even see myself keeping my current 518d, let alone get another car with an ICE. The use of diesel to power vehicles already looks completely defunct. Hopefully BMW will meet this step change. They need to rush out a 3 series car with an 80kw battery and at least a minimum 300 mile range with free charging at its dealerships and elsewhere. There isn't a moment to lose.
  9. Using an electric car to power your home

    With the advances in battery production as new factories come on line, the cost of manufacturing EV's will be the same as a conventional car. Then it is all over for the internal combustion engine. Imagine...a silent engine, massive instant throttle response, nothing to freeze up or leak, no chain cam or extra oil change worries...
  10. Using an electric car to power your home

    I think if you live in London, you must have an electric car. Now the Renault Zoe has a 40kw battery, there is no limit to your journeys. The range is almost as good as a petrol Clio.
  11. Staying in France

    Some friends of mine stayed here last week. They have their own villa on booking.com in Lorgues down the south and we're travelling through. I couldn't accommodate due to work going on in the house. They thought this place was very nice. http://www.lessongesdelauthie.fr/spip.php?rubrique8
  12. Staying in France

    Near Auxi le Chateau
  13. You would rather own a car without a three year (or more) guarantee? Not many people I know have changed their car because it was going well
  14. Staying in France

    Don't stay anywhere near Calais and avoid the port. Use Eurotunnel even if it costs more. Depending which route you take and how far you want to deviate, you will find some places to stay on booking.com It is hard to recommend anywhere to stay in my area here in northern France, as generally standards are very low.
  15. Am I mad thinking about a diesel?

    Sometimes there are queues at petrol stations. Thousands have closed up over the last ten years. At least Tesla's don't have timing chain problems. I go back and forth to the UK via the Channel Tunnel. There are charging points both sides and rarely do you see cars charging there.. of course, there is no queue in your own home. Not many petrol stations give it away, yet most charging points are free. I am not impressed by the ride quality of my 5 series, which is not as supple as an S Max. I spent some time in a Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 S in recent weeks. Excellent ride and handling without resorting to an expensive and complicated adaptive suspension set up. Electric cars are the future.