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  1. F11 jacking points

    I m still keeping my options open regarding holding onto my 518d F11. It is already booked in for an intermediate oil change, but I want to raise the back to extend the suspension in order to clean the rubber gaiters of the shocks The farmers in northern France ensure the roads are usually cacked with mud, and the underneath needs a clean
  2. 550i vs M6

    Surely you would lose your licence quicker in an M6? I recommend a 518d. We all know the story of the tortoise versus the hare.
  3. Thanks Paperjams. I have an old work colleague in Reading, so a service would be a good excuse to see him
  4. Hitler N47 Rant

    Not very funny though if you have an N47 engine.
  5. Although you have been able to get dash cams with GPS warning of speed traps for years, strangely there doesn't seem to be any for sale with road traffic sign recognition. Is it a conspiracy with motor manufacturers to pay extra for this technology when you buy a new car? A Tesla, Ford Focus or Opel Insignia has the technology available, but why not a dash cam? I can't find one anywhere....
  6. Thanks for the tip. Mr car has a French registration and have driven through London free of charge.....so far
  7. That's a good tip about Park Lane. Thanks.
  8. The farmers around my area in France have been getting in the maize crop and the roads are absolutely cacked with mud. My white F11 has changed colour and looks like it has just completed the Paris - Dakar rally. Lovely sunny autumnal day here, so time for a deep clean. Got a new product to try by Turtle Wax which you spray on whilst the car is still wet, then microfibre cloth it off. Will report back on its performance.
  9. All I hear is members moaning about one BMW franchise or another, but is there one out there which gives really exceptional customer service? Because of the long service intervals, I would be prepared to drive a long way for a good garage especially one that looks after forum members. I must admit when I tried to book my first service in the UK with a BMW franchise, the few I rang seemed to be inundated with work, so in the end had it done in France although less convenient. They seemed to do a good job though. Of course, an independent may be better. What is your experience?
  10. The reason is driving from Yorkshire to France, it is all downhill. The mpg wouldn't be so good driving back up to Barnsley. Filled up my 518d yesterday and it is averaging 44.2 mpg brim to brim.
  11. Winter tyres worth it?

    I am on 225/50 17 V Cross Climates. I paid €121.00 each plus fitting last year, but allopneus.com have then currently at €151.00 with a free home fitting offer. Of course last year I didn't see a flake of snow, but everything else. Still, the CC's will perform much better than just summer tyres in snow....and there doesn't appear to be any compromises with performance with dry braking or cornering during hot summer days, which got up to 35.5C here in northern France.
  12. 2016 518d auto Goes Into Limp Mode

    Bugger that is what I did then! Where is the Limit Mode button? But what is it for? Anyway no further problems. Brimmed twice with premium diesel, Esso and Shell. Ha ha about limp mode in a 518d. Actually with almost the same torque as a 520d and the 8 speed auto, I can give even a 530d a run for its money at the traffic lights.
  13. Winter tyres worth it?

    Honestly, save yourself the money of another set of tyres and wheels. If they are available in your size, put on Michelin Cross Climate tyres. They have a full snow rating, but for our climate of mixed winter weather they are great all-rounders. I have had them on for almost a year now. Quiet, excellent wet grip, great resistance to aquaplaning, improved straight line stability (over original Michelin Pilots), sharper turn in and agility plus I have covered nearly 20,000 miles with them and they still look like new. Just checked and 6mm all round.
  14. Amazed by my car

    Is that a 520d? My 518d is definitely not so economical. Lucky to get 44 mpg average on long journeys keeping to speed limits
  15. Before the Pound dropped against the Euro, it was worth having your BMW serviced in France and the money saved paid for a romantic weekend away. Tyres were always expensive in France until the market opened up. Allopneus come to my house to fit the tyres. Excellent service and great prices