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  1. Ram Rod

    Coolant leak?

    Maybe we should go back to petrol?
  2. Ram Rod

    Coolant leak?

    My coolant low level warning came on this afternoon on the M25. I was near Cobham so diverted into the BMW dealer there who fortunately were able to deal with "walk ins" at their service department. Excellent service by them. Coolant topped up, but the service manager warned me that the B47 engine in my 2016 518d has a history of "internal leaks", that are being fixed by BMW even if the cars are out of warranty. Just as well as he said the labour alone is four hours. I only had the car serviced three weeks ago, but whether the engineer bothered to check the coolant level is another matter. My car was registered in May 2016 and has covered 38,000 miles.
  3. I am piling the miles on my 518d and if I buy it next year I will also visit Dortmund in the future. Probably when I get to 80,000 miles. On another forum there was an excellent photographic record of ZF doing a major service. Very thorough indeed and definitely a job that is fraught with possibilities to feck up. So much for sealed for life auto boxes, they have simply made essential servicing more difficult. Another example of our throw away culture?
  4. Rather than spend £400 plus on an oil service, it might be better to put the money towards a rebuild?
  5. Do you mean ZF itself?
  6. Some interesting advice here. Best to avoid turbos and stick to petrol.
  7. Ram Rod

    Front wheel bearings failure

    Here we are worrying about timing chains and a other thread changing the oil on an auto box. The sooner we get to electric cars the better.
  8. Ram Rod

    Front wheel bearings failure

    Honestly, why does anyone buy these cars? You wouldn't expect wheel bearings to go on a Fiesta at these mileages
  9. Ram Rod

    Castrol Edge cheap in Tesco

    Well I was using Total INEO ecs 5//30 in a 2009 Mondeo Titanium x. I was doing extra oil changes myself. The Duratorq engine at that time was derived fron Citroen PSA. The engine always felt smooth and compared to other similar SAE oils put in for instance at dealer services, the Total liberated more power from the engine. Not a lot, but I did notice it. The engine was Bluefinned. I p/ex'd the Mondeo when I started having problems with the engine going into limp mode at 127,000 kms. The salesman who sold me the car bought it himself, but it took quite a lot of investigation before the mechanics found the problem was cam sensors. I couldn't be bothered mucking around, so took an S Max they had in the showroom on lease. Shame, because I was going to keep the Mondeo a lot longer. The salesman had the Mondeo for two years and then bought the S Max off of me. He put another 50,000 kms on it. He then sold the Mondeo off of his forecourt two years ago and the car has over 200,000 kms on it now. No major faults with the engine and still has the original DPF.
  10. Ram Rod

    Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    These Cross Climates are a remarkable tyre. I adjusted the pressures last night for the warmer weather and was amazed how much tread is left on. Just over 5 mm all round and they have been on for 29,000 miles. I have noticed a slight loss of wet grip, but otherwise fine. I shall keep them on for the summer and by November I will buy another set ready for the winter. But so far they have lasted two winters. I highly recommend these tyres. They are worth the extra cost if you can't be bothered with the palaver of swopping wheels. Why buy cheaper tyres that don't last so long or perform so well in all conditions?
  11. Ram Rod

    Castrol Edge cheap in Tesco

    Has anyone tried Total INEO? I have used this oil before and it is very good. Total were the market leader in low SAPS oil. There are two oils suitable for LL04: Total Quartz INEO Efficiency 0-30 ACEA C2/C3 Total Quartz INEO Longlife 5/30 ACEA C3
  12. Ram Rod

    Droning noise from right rear area

    Well the noise has disappeared. Done hundreds of miles and.....silence. I suppose it will come back once the car is out of warranty, if I keep it.
  13. Ram Rod

    Droning noise from right rear area

    Thanks for that I'll have a look.
  14. Ram Rod

    Droning noise from right rear area

    Just reading on another forum that the seal on the bearing can fail causing it to leak oil. I remember now finding a streak of oil on the rear right alloy. I thought it was a scratch at first! That must be it.
  15. Ram Rod

    Droning noise from right rear area

    That is terrible. Wheel bearings gone at 50K. You wouldn't expect that on a Lada. Mine is still under warranty, but it is the sheer inconvenience of it. I'll let it get a bit worse so that the garage can definitely identify the problem. Rear tyres have worn perfectly and my Michelin Cross Climates are renown for being a quiet tyre.