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  1. Rear Air Suspension

    In that case is it worth just getting them done when the car is five years old rather than waiting for the airbags to let you down?
  2. 'Normal' air suspension failure symptoms

    Reading all of this makes me wish I had gone for the saloon without air suspension.
  3. Rear Air Suspension

    Is there an alternative to this air suspension such as shocks with springs?
  4. Grade of Derv - 535d

    What about AdBlue by the way? When does it need topping up? https://www.rix.co.uk/blog/2016/7/adblue-what-diesel-vehicle-owners-need-to-know/
  5. Grade of Derv - 535d

    Just reading through some other forums and threads on diesel and noted one interesting fact I was unaware of:- Winter diesel comes into effect on the 16th November and ends on the 15th March. Also Shell's 'FuelSave' diesel has a higher cetane number than V Power. Both are superior to the EN590 standard.
  6. Grade of Derv - 535d

    I have always had my doubts whether you are getting what you pay for with premium diesel. Yesterday I filled up with ESSO Supreme diesel leaving the train at the petrol station at the Channel Tunnel, Ashford. I brimmed and reset mpg. £78 worth went in. 112 miles later my average was showing 49.9 mpg, a huge improvement over my usual 43/44. There is no doubt I got the full additive package at that service station, but I suspect that mostly garages are profiteering. Let's face it, who on earth checks the diesel to see it is enhanced? Weights and Measures people?
  7. Great information. Good to know that out of warranty, this is a place to go for a major service/overhaul when the time comes. Clearly worth the journey.
  8. Grade of Derv - 535d

  9. Grade of Derv - 535d

    When I was running Fords, there was a big debate on an owners website about diesel fuel and whether premium diesel was worth the extra. Someone 'in the know' said that premium diesel has a better detergent package, more cetane improver which boosts power, plus more lubricant for the fuel pump. Because there are so few refineries in the UK, all the fuel is basically the same. With premium diesel, it is actually the tanker driver who adds the enhanced ingredients. Just alately I have been putting in premium diesel whenever I can get it. Sometimes the car feels more responsive and eager, other times it seems to make no difference. How do you know you have premium diesel? I think often the additive package is not put in. The oil companies are very cagey about when premium diesel becomes premium diesel. With these conclusions I gave up using premium diesel a few years ago and instead went for my own additive via Millers. Same with engine oil, which one is better? A lot of this is just psychological. Anyone running premium diesel avoided egr problems?
  10. Update on Michelin Cross Climate Plus

    Last night I drove along a snowy Bath Road at Heathrow. I had memories doing the same thing in my Mondeo 2.0 Titanium X in 2010, and it was all over the place with summer tyres on. Last night, even though my Cross Climates had been on since November 2016 and I have covered just over 24,000 miles in them since then.....no problem. Remarkably slow wearing tyres, quiet at motorway speeds, excellent wet grip. For occasional bad weather like we get in the UK, these are an excellent compromise. I will order a new set later in the summer when they will be cheaper. Currently €159.00 each on Allopneus.com for 225/55 17's. Thank goodness I did not order bigger alloys.
  11. Upcoming Service

    With the current exchange rate servicing is too expensive in France, plus when your BMW is three years old you qualify for value servicing in the UK. Anyone know why you have to wait as a private owner to get cheaper services?
  12. I have been offered a set of staggered gloss black genuine MV5 313 m wheels for my 2016 F11 518d Front: 18x8.5J Rear:18x9.0J PCD = 120. Offset = 35 Will these be OK? many thanks
  13. Upcoming Service

    Got my second service coming up. Car is two years old in May. 518d. Quoted £580 inc vat in Ashford, Kent BMW Arras, France want €720.00
  14. Non BMW TPMS

    Many thanks.