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  1. Ram Rod

    Worried about parking dings on your BMW?

    It will still get keyed though
  2. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    It is a 1.6 litre
  3. Ram Rod

    Excellent Winter Tyres for the Money

    Absolutely dreadful day yesterday on the M25. Road running with water, gusting winds, monsoon like rain. Yet these tyres coped brilliantly. No aquaplaning even at high speed, and one emergency stop no ABS cutting in. Ride quality excellent too over the concrete sections of the M25 with the expansion joints. I am really impressed with these tyres.
  4. Ram Rod

    Buy Outright or PCP?

    Whether you buy or PCP, you are financing depreciation. With a PCP you can afford to run a new car for what it would cost to borrow the money for one three years old. With a PCP you can be in a new car every three years with perhaps just an oil service to pay in that time and a couple of tyres. You should be ok for brakes, exhaust etc. If you like the car, you have the option to buy. German cars are usually better on PCP's due to their higher residuals. Go for a low APR, the minimum or no deposit if you can, as you might as well add the deposit to the monthly cost. You might get a better deal on a car in the showroom or an old model run out such as on the 3 series at the mo. Don't buy a car. Never invest in a depreciating asset my old granny used to say. If you borrow the money as well, you are hit twice in interest AND depreciation.
  5. My set of Michelin Cross Climates did not last until my PCP is up in May, so I lashed out on a set of full winter tyres. I didn't want to spend too much, so got a set of Nexen Winguard Sport 2's 225/55 17.... and I have been amazed! Firstly these are extremely quiet running tyres and come with a good rim protector too. They have been great in the snow, terrific in very wet motoways at speed, excellent directional stability, and grip really well on wet bends. Honestly they are as good as the Michelins. The only thing though was I found the rears took some bedding in, about 200 miles. I run them at 2.5/2.7 bar and they are fine. If I was keeping the car, I would leave them on all year. I paid just €85 each plus fitting. Bargain!
  6. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    Some nice pics here https://www.topspeed.com/cars/renault/2016-renault-talisman-estate-ar171000.html Renault discounts https://www.renault.fr/achat-vehicules-neufs.html#/search!model.name[]=TALISMAN Estate
  7. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    My car is the same colour as this pic. I parked the Talisman next to my F11 and had a close comparison. Boot size is exactly the same. The doors closed like the BMW with a cushioned clunk. When you get in the car you are immediately impressed with the width and driving position. The seats are superb and are heated, cooled and have three massage functions. The car is loaded with safety kit, adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, full LED headlights that can be left on high beam and dip automatically for oncoming cars and when you encounter lit roads. You have three settings for the adaptive shocks and the auto box....comfort, sport and eco. 12 speaker Bose entertainment, electric tailgate, HUD, speed limit warning, car will crawl and stop in traffic jams, 245/40 19 wheels. That's the headline stuff. On the road the first impression is the more compliant suspension than my standard set up on the 5. On smooth tarmac the Talisman is just as quiet as the 5, but on roads with granite chips there is noticeably more tyre road. The revelation is the four wheel steering, it is amazing. At low speeds the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the fronts, but at motorway speeds they turn in the same direction. The car feels so agile, plus on a cross country road there is not so much centrifugal force going round bends. There was less turbo lag with the Renault's bi turbo set up, the auto box is a dual clutch and very smooth. The engine is 160 bhp and 380nm of torque. Because of the rear wheel steering, the tank capacity is only 47 litres, 5 litres less than Talisman's without the four wheel steering. I will certainly miss the range BMW's 70 litre tank gives me, although diesel is almost the same price in the UK as in France thanks to Macron loading up the price....hence the gilets jaunes protests. Getting straight back into the 5 and driving the same stretch of road, you do get the impression the BMW is a step up in quality, but the Renault is very close behind. There is no doubt Renault have taken aim at the 5 with the Talisman, but don't quite pull it off. However the Renault has more style and really is beautiful to look at, even better than the pictures show. There are a lot of soft materials and leather in the Talisman, to put it simply, it just has more character and flair. My car will spend more time on British roads than French, so it will be interesting what reaction the Talisman gets. The D segment is dying somewhat, which is a shame Renault have not tried to sell it in the UK. Peugeot are having a go with their new 508 which is also a beautiful car. If the French can just improve the quality a smidgen, then BMW will really have something to worry about
  8. Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    The lease on my 518d ends in May, but I will let the car go in April. I can't believe three years has passed so quickly. I am not getting another, as the PCP deals have gone up in France by over 70%. Instead of starting at €440 pm with no deposit, the same car today is €720. So I have bought a Renault Talisman Estate Initiale Paris bi turbo. I managed to get a 31% discount on a December registered stock car. Much better car than you would imagine. Full of tech options, fantastic seats, 4 wheel steering, and wider than a BMW 5 series. This has been a terrific website and all the information and experiences have been great and very useful. All the best to you all.
  9. My coolant level had to be topped up again two weeks ago, after having a replacement EGR valve last July. The dealership say that the cooler must be changed as well, but the car is coming towards the end of its lease and I am letting it go. It will be someone elses problem.
  10. I am two and a half years into a three year PCP in my 518d estate. Option to buy is €27,000. The trouble is , what can you buy for that sort of money? Also PCP deals have crept up with large deposits required. I don't like having to buy the car outright and sink a load of money into it. Is there a cheap way to finance your own car besides a long loan? All the car has cost me is servicing and tyres. Nothing has gone wrong. The car is cheap to run as long as you can keep it out of the dealers. The value servicing is a good deal.
  11. Ram Rod

    Useless BMW France

    I did query this whether he EGR and Cooler were one item, but the receptionist assured me only the EGR valve was changed.
  12. Ram Rod

    Useless BMW France

    So my EGR valve was replaced in July, but now Chandlers have contacted me to say the EGR Cooler must be changed as well. No word from BMW France. French customers stuck with defective cars.
  13. I had mondeo 2.2 diesel remapped. Torque in gears 1,2 and 3 was limited by software
  14. Ram Rod

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Well my Michelin Cross Climate tyres have been absolutely fantastic. The set were put on 2/11/16 when the car had 9624 miles on the clock. The rears were taken off yesterday (19/10/18) still with 3mm at 43,688 miles. The fronts only look half worn. This is on 225/55 17 rims. The rears were still gripping well in the wet right to the end. My lease is up next May and I won't be keeping the car, so two more Cross Climates were going to be €143.83 each or......two Nexen Winterguard Sport 2's at €78.89 each. The Nexens were put on yesterday. First impressions are very good. The tyre looks generous on the wheel and includes a good rim protector as a bonus, unlike the Michelins. Tread pattern is similar to the Cross Climates. Ride quality is not quite as good as the Michelins on rippled roads, but otherwise fine. I won't be taking my car to Nuremburg, so these Nexens should be adequate.