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  1. Wheel Lock Code for e60

    was worth a try..i know it was difficult.
  2. Wheel Lock Code for e60

    Hi All, managed to break my Wheel Lock Nut and can't find the part code. BMW said it will take 5 weeks to arrive albeit only £30. They won't provide me the number without ordering from them. Make BMW 520D M SPORT (2008 - 58 PLATE) I have attached an image of the broken lock nut! Usually he said it starts example code is 56 or 57 etc. I hope someone can tell me what it is Thank Youuuu!
  3. 2008 520d lci - fuel pump faulty - car won't start

    Thanks Jake, I checked 30 & 72 which would relate to Fuel Pump on the Car Fuse box...both fuses look good - no breaks. I will find that relay tomorrow. Very frustrating!
  4. Hi, I have another post but it may be confusing so this may be a bit clearer (can mods please close the other thread please) I was driving home on the motorway from London and the car cut out on me - wouldn't start back up. Now the AA couldn't diagnose the codes on it's machine but a quick google - was relating to DPF/MAF/Crankshaft Sensor. Once car was towed - i hooked up my laptop with BMW ISTA/D and read the codes - Got the CAT/DPF taken off and sent away for cleaning (haven't connected it back up to the car yet) Changed the crankshaft sensor Car STILL wouldn't start. I was doing more checks with the software and ran some fuel tests - as soon as i ran that i got the error on iDrive - Fuel Pump Faulty! I've done some rail pressure checks / voltage checks but I can only make out some...RAIL Pressure looks very low compared to what is specified... I believe that voltage is going to the fuel pump but it's not supplying enough fuel to the rail pressure for the injectors to fire and start the engine. Where is the fuel pump relay location - i've looked in the boot / right hand side fuse box - can't see where i'm supposed to look I'm going to buy a fuel pump tonight so let's see! I've attached a few images - it's live data when i'm cranking the car. Would be great for some info.
  5. Yeh i was thinking Option 1 - i've got a few quotes from bmw specialists and they are all saying £2000-2500 new engine & turbo all fitted. Option 2 i've pondered with and have been offered a max of £2500...if someone offered around £3500-4000 then i would be willing. What's my resale value like after getting the car repaired? Do i have to declare that i have changed the engine etc?
  6. Hi All, I made a thread regarding why my car wouldn't start up...got it back today from mechanic and he said that the turbo is broken and 2 pistons are broken in the engine. He said it's trying to fire up on 2 pistons instead of all 4. I am totally lost and am very upset. What are my options? I rang a few places regarding recon engine & turbo fitted £2500 inclusive of labour. But is it worth spending that much on the car to only go and sell it for a max of £6000-6500?? I am indecisive of what to do. all help would be appreciated
  7. E60 lci 58 - turning over but not starting

    Hi guys, update. turbo gone and 2 pistons have broken in the engine the mechanic said.... goes the car is trying to fire on 2 cylinders instead of all 4. showed me broken parts of the turbo. well that's it then. time to cry i'll make a new thread re my options thank you all
  8. E60 lci 58 - turning over but not starting

    thanks for the posts guys, hopefully find out from the garage tomorrow but my guesses is exhaust related....hopefully! will update once i find out.
  9. E60 lci 58 - turning over but not starting

    Yeh I have the n47 engine where they have the problem but touchwood i've never had an issue with it....i hope it's not the timing chain this time. The mechanic said you would hear it, if it was the timing chain ticking over? It's in the garage since morning and asked for it to be diagnosed what the issue is, The recovery guy this morning said it may be exhaust related... I'm too scared to call the garage to find out!
  10. Hi Guys, I've got a 58 plate e60 lci model & it's done 135k on the clock (car is serviced every year (fuel filter to) with new oil changes every 6 months. It's the n47 engine I left my house and on a straight road i was in second gear and felt there wasn't enough power so i pushed the accelerator down till it hit around 4000 revs...it was lagging...but before i changed gear the car cut out - stopped on me.... Now the car turns but it's not starting...i had the AA come out and there was no code errors on his computer - I hooked my laptop up to the car with BMW ISTA/D installed and checked for errors - nothing - all clear. AA said it looks like a mechanical fault - but he didn't know. I had a mate look at it and even he isn't sure (mechanic for jlr, vw, ford, merc) There is over 400+ bar of fuel going when starting the engine.... We tried the easy start as well and just not starting. AA mentioned timing chain may have slipped a few teeth if gear change wasn't done quickly but he said you would of heard the chain or something?? I want to curl up in a ball and cry. Any suggestions - would be grateful... Thank you all
  11. what pipe is this?

    So i've been busy download ista D/ ista P / and i managed to install it on my sp2 that i had lying around I ran diagnostics with ISTA / D and found that i can't even do a forced regen because car needs to be able to hold it's rev - which my car just can't do due to the immense block?!! Looks like I will have to get the DPF changed or cleaned out.... on the settings it said that the car did a regen 2 days ago around 15:30 - so after a few hours it blocked up? strange! ISTA D good sofware if one knows how to use it. Took me a few hours to manage how to get it to work but now it's a 15 min job!
  12. what pipe is this?

    Not sure ....it's still on the drive! weekends only chance i get to even get things done,
  13. what pipe is this?

    I'm sure it's illegal now to do that although i do know a few peeps who will pass the MOT! i've downloaded the bmw software yesterday, going to have a crack at installing it first and then waiting for the dkan tool to arrive to try and see if it will do a forced regen!
  14. what pipe is this?

    update - AA hooked it up to his machine, i took photos of all the codes! ALL DPF RELATED DPF is blocked, car doesn't even drive...moment you try to drive it, it cuts out..no power what so ever. He said even getting the software to do a force regen won't do it...won't even drive a foot let a lone getting it to a motorway! Looks like a new DPF! FML
  15. what pipe is this?

    Bad news, i just took it for a drive by roads near me...it wasn't going more than 3k revs...then literally by my road it lost all power and doesn't go over 1k rev...could smell oil i'm sure!!! Called the AA see what their diagnosis is.... the car just had a full major service 5 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!