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  1. You would need cables but i can see your in west Yorkshire Give me a pm and can possibly do it for you in person
  2. If you have a TRC file if you send it to me i can make changers so you can have angel eyes and eyebrows on as drl
  3. if you can get cable i can do coding remotely for you, cant do software updates you need to find a local indy with icom to do update on car
  4. Unless you know someone with icom do not even try the usb cable will take hours ive hard story's of 9 plus hours to update
  5. I can teach you via team viewer if you wish pm me
  6. Living not to far from this shop i can say they are usually spot on and very friendly they not always cheapest but usually can get what others cant
  7. This warning can only be coded out via ecu if you get a cable like mpps Then you can pull ecu file off and can be coded out
  8. Another common symptom of a failing or failed diversity antenna/Amplifier is poor unlocking range from the fob, when mine when i had to pretty much stand right next to door to unlock
  9. Removed egr and cooler what a pain that was
  10. Yes that should do though if you have a laptop get this cable and some software easy to find and free and can do a lot more too
  11. Hi this is official bmw guide LCI_UPDATE.pdf
  12. It supposedly enables a hidden sports mode on car it supposed to stiffen up steering and make throttle more responsive
  13. Fitted sports button on gear surround and fixed jammed cd changer
  14. Yes that should be the one i tried finding link when i replaced mine but can not that looks like right one to me