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  1. Another common symptom of a failing or failed diversity antenna/Amplifier is poor unlocking range from the fob, when mine when i had to pretty much stand right next to door to unlock
  2. Removed egr and cooler what a pain that was
  3. Yes that should do though if you have a laptop get this cable and some software easy to find and free and can do a lot more too
  4. Hi this is official bmw guide LCI_UPDATE.pdf
  5. It supposedly enables a hidden sports mode on car it supposed to stiffen up steering and make throttle more responsive
  6. Fitted sports button on gear surround and fixed jammed cd changer
  7. Yes that should be the one i tried finding link when i replaced mine but can not that looks like right one to me
  9. 9C7B - IHKA: Interior Temperature Sensor Fan - if this fails like mine did on mine it defaults to fully open blowing warm/hot air all time BMW Part# 64116910342 should be replacement part number 9AFF - BST Try replacing the 10ohm resistor with a 2.7 one maplin sell them for 9p
  10. if there pre lci and not xenon then you angel eye bulbs will be 501 and there is one for each angel eye so 4 in total you will struggle to make them bright unless you do a mod which involves changing the angel eyes them selfs
  11. what year and pre lci or lci?
  12. this is more like to be a fault with a vacuum solenoid used to control the wastegate and boot pressure controllers. It's quite common for the little solenoids to fail but it's just as common for the vacuum lines to perish and crack . Removing the top engine cover will reveal the solenoids and the vacuum lines. Check all the lines that run across the rocker cover and replace any that feel brittle.
  13. Maybe check pipes near by to make sure none are disconnected or split as 4180 Boost Pressure control indicating a possible boost leak
  14. I have seen the 30 terminal error before turn out to be a faulty Intelligent battery sensor it connects on the battery to monitor charging and the ffff CANbus communication fault could be a faulty module what module were you reading when that error showed or was it just a generic scanner
  15. There shouldn't be any problem with your cas you either have the wrong key for cas or the key you ordered is one that has been already used. Do you get any symbols on dash such as key symbol with a line through it?