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  1. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    to be fair unless stated in a contract which you must sign then the map would either fall under fair use or potentially copyrighted bmw but i dont see them chasing you down
  2. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    Yes thats fine
  3. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    I do both one to remove the dtc codes and then also physically remove the map
  4. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    Do do remapping as a part time hobby i would be happy to do dpf deletes and egr deletes free to all members
  5. LCI Cheap

    Hi all just a quick heads up Motorhog doncaster are listing lci rear lights for 50-60 each which i think is a bargain just though id let you all know and grab a bargain
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  9. BMW 6fl Retrofit

    Oh that's looks quite bad I would open a case and look else where as that probably fail and yea I need most coding but it will work fine with out it it's just for phone book to work properly
  10. BMW 6fl Retrofit

    Oh that's not good news I hope mines ok when it arrives why did you upgrade I did as my Bluetooth failed
  11. BMW 6fl Retrofit

    Hi bud I did yes I won on Sunday just waiting for it to be delivered and yea I thought same 1.5m is not a lot but I've ordered just hope it fits
  12. BMW 6fl Retrofit

    would this work http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-Aux-Switch-Wire-Cable-Adapter-for-BMW-3-5-Series-E87-E90-E91-E92-X5-X6-AC516-/132037556108?hash=item1ebe0d378c:g:Ql8AAOSwdjNZEb75
  13. Hello all just bought a mulf2 as mine was dying im wanting to add usb to it i have had a look at a few guides and not sure whats exactly needed as some contradict others Most guides i have read say i need the usb bracket, usb/aux unit itself and wiring harness but other guides i have read say i need a usb hub and wiring also has anyone done this and what is correct way please The USB mounting plate is 51169136586 and the USB socket to use is 61319138402 is that correct? My car details 05 e60 535d CCC (been updated) Bluetooth prep Aux (retrofit) Satnav Thank you
  14. 2006 Mulf2 High Retrofit

    as long as your car has same specs as the mulf you are retrofitting then its just plug and play can even get one out of mini it just may show mini as Bluetooth name
  15. 535d Major blue smoke after boosting

    Have the software checked at might be someone has not coded something out properly