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  1. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    Kinda all academic anyway. Bank said no. That's cheered my Friday up no end.
  2. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    I'm half tempted to get him to take it off if I buy it. Had been looking at a DMS remap. Boss at work has an F10 520 he had remapped by them and has been very pleased with the results. Though I might keep it and have it RR'd first and see what its pushing out. Then decide.......
  3. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    Went to have a look at it tonight. It's very, very nice. It's very clean, clearly been looked after. Seller told me it's had a police spec remap on it. Quite what that consists of I'm not sure and he did say he'd gladly have it removed should I wish. It was certainly quick. It got to 90 mph in such a stupidly short period..... Decent history, full main dealer other than the last service. Has had the wheels refurbed. Very clean inside. Loan applied for......
  4. Ben_W

    Is this a good price for this E61 535d?

    That does seem quite cheap to be honest for a 535....... I'm looking at a 530 saloon tomorrow. Very similar spec, its an 09 plate with 50k on it. Its priced at £12300. Well worth a look at that money id guess.
  5. Guys, Am off to look at that 530 this morning.... Its on 50k so not too far off the 60k change... what's the rough cost of the job please? Ben
  6. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    MOT history on the mileage checks out OK. Hasn't done that much in the last 4 years. Was on 25k in 2012 at first MOT by the look of it. 25k in 4 years. Guess it's been privately owned since new.
  7. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    Westy, Yes, still looking. Hopefully going to look at this one this week.
  8. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    Thanks guys. Jake, thanks for that, answers a lot of questions I had. Chu, yeah, not cheap but it's low miles and an 09 plate. It's cheap for what it is. John, not for me. Must be an LCi model.
  9. Ben_W

    Thoughts on this 530?

    Guys, Any thoughts on this 530? The 535 market is VERY quiet at the minute and this one has popped up very very locally to me. Colour is one I like, mileage is good, history looks good, right colour interior. Hasn't got flappy paddles but if I'm honest, I can live without them. Pro nav, DAB (which I've decided I really want!), Xenon's etc. Price seems pretty competitive too. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201605103800968?price-to=18000&maximum-mileage=up_to_60000_miles&sort=datedesc&keywords=M%20sport&searchcontext=savedsearchlink&page=1&fuel-type=diesel&make=bmw&aggregatedTrim=530d&onesearchad=used&radius=1500&model=5_series&search-target=usedcars&postcode=le174ll&logcode=p Wife out tonight so can't go and have a look but might give him a call and ask about it with a view to going to have a look at the weekend. Anyone got any thoughts? Cheers, Ben
  10. Ben_W

    Jamie Vardy and Leicester City etc

  11. Ben_W

    Jamie Vardy and Leicester City etc

    Yeah, Kante is the worry. French premier league equivalent is where we got him for £5.6m. No doubting his credentials. Has literally run his tits off for us. Cannot believe how much ground he covers, and how quickly. There's a picture of him doing the rounds on Facebook saying '70% of the earths surface is covered by water. The other 30% is covered by N'Golo Kante....' It made me smile! Now being a goal scorer in the French national team, I think £££ will talk come the end of the season. He's only going to go to one of the very top European teams I think.
  12. Given Shell, one of the biggest petroleum companies in the world, are based there, I can't see it happening..... Thinking about the wider repercussions for the world economy (although I think it's probably a good idea), its unlikey to happen... To many powerful people with too much money to loose..... I'll take my tinfoil hat off now.
  13. Ben_W

    535d shaking steering wheel whilst braking

    Might also be worth taking the discs off and checking the mounting faces are clean. I sorted a guys car last year where he'd had new brake but was getting awful judder. Removed everything and cleaned the disc mounting faces in the hub, all was good....
  14. Ben_W

    535d shaking steering wheel whilst braking

    I'd guess your front discs are warped. You won't necessarily see the warp with the naked eye, usually needs a run out gauge. If it's only under braking, its got to be the discs. There isn't another part of the braking system that rotates. The only other thing I'd check is that your wheels are seated properly and balanced correctly. Slider pins look fine. I think that's how they are designed.
  15. Ben_W

    Jamie Vardy and Leicester City etc

    Why would they want to go? Going to be playing European football next season whatever happens now really.... The owners aren't scared of spending the cash either. Vardy has not long signed an £80k a week deal, the rest won't be far behind if we win. The increased money available now, along with the FFP rules are levelling the playing field....if Vardy and Mahrez etc were going to go, they would have e gone in January. I worry about us keeping Kante, his contract up at the end of the season I think but if we are playing European football, we will see.....