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  1. These look very good. You don't say how you got the clips on the LED bulbs. Do they split or have you to take the bulb apart. Regarding the flickering of the LEDs at start up; this can be coded out. I have had this done with side lights and fog lights when I fitted LEDs. Your headlights are the pre LCI ones which my 2006 car should have. The previous owner changed them to LCI units which look good but have projectors for the dipped headlight. I have just fitted 55W HIDs and Ballasts to mine and they are a little better than the 35W ones, but still nothing like good enough for driving at night on narrow B roads when everything coming the other way blinds you. Will probably try the LEDs but I am now more than ever sure that my problem is that the Projectors are not clear. They seem slightly opaque and I think mask the full glow of the bulb. When I took the headlight out, it would appear there is no access to the light internals at the back, so if it is possible to clean the lenses, then the front clear lens must be removed and that looks formidable.
  2. Do you know if it's possible to clean the projector lenses. I've searched Youtube and what I've seen so far is a German guy using a heat gun to remove the front clear cover of the headlamp. It didn't look easy and pardon the pun but it wasn't 'clear' why he was doing it. In the article on HID replacement on here, there is a mention of getting new projectors. Not specifically for BMW but sort of universal. No mention though of who supplies them. Just had a headlight out this afternoon and forgot to look to see if the dipped projector can be removed. Will look when I do the other side.
  3. Almost want to try them now but will wait to see how you get on. Hopefully soon. I have now replaced the 35W HID with what is supposed to be a 55W one and it is a bit brighter. Waiting to get the faulty 55W ballast replaced and will see how I get on with two 55W HIDs and ballasts.
  4. Everything you have said about Chinese LEDs sounds correct to me. Think reflector bowls could actually be the problem as the light always seems diffused. Is there an answer to this? Can they be cleaned or replaced or does it mean new very expensive headlights.
  5. I have an E60 2006 535d fitted with the later LCI headlight units and HID conversion dipped beam bulbs and Ballasts. I've written here before about how bad they are. I recently ordered another set of these conversions with more powerful 55W ballasts on the assumption my older units were probably the normal 35W units. I paid £49 for these 55W units on Ebay and selected ones that stated they would produce no flicker and no Can Bus errors. The ones I have installed now are fine this way, they are just so dim The new units arrived and I fitted the new ballasts first, connected to the existing bulbs (which are not that old). They were brighter . I didn't see any Can bus errors but the bulbs just switched on and off . I wouldn't call it a flicker, it was on and off. I returned these and found another set on Ebay which were only £24.99. These had a small box in series with the power lead into the ballast and a similar looking box in series with the lead going to the bulb. I fitted one ballast and nothing. The bulb did not light. I tried the other and it worked. The lamp is a little brighter but not much. The 55W ballast has changed the bulb colour from what I would expect for the 6000K bulb to what I would expect from a 5000K bulb. I think this is because I am running the 35W bulb with a 55W Ballast. Think I remember reading that somewhere. I am so underwhelmed by HID lamps now and wonder if anyone has any experience of fitting LED /CREE type lamps. I have read through what is on offer on Ebay and can see two problems. Firstly even the ones saying they are error free state that a loading resistor may be required if errors are seen. That fills me with confidence. Secondly the bulbs are fitted in to the headlights via a metal spring clip. This seems similar if not the same as is required by HID lamps. They point out however that the clip can only be fitted to the bulb by removing the heat sink and the small cooling fan unit. Is this normal. Is it easy. None of the bulbs I see mention taking the bulb apart to do this . So has anyone any experience of fitting these bulbs and are they better than the HIDE units? If you have found something that works, please can you let me know the supplier you got them from.
  6. Killen

    BMW 535d possible auto box fault?

    Mine passed MOT no problem without DPF and EGR is also deleted.
  7. Thanks for that. In fact I was toying with doing that too. Its not a solution though.
  8. I have a 335d e60 2006 which I bought from a guy who had changed the headlights to the later LCI units. They look great with angel eyes and the amber illuminated sides. Headlights work great but dipped headlights are just totally inadequate. I was driving along a narrow 'B' road the other day and whenever a car came towards me, I couldn't see the side of the road and had to virtually pull up to let the other car by. I have put up with this for a couple of years as I don't do a lot of night driving. The dipped head lights are the HID Xenon conversions which have been carried out by the previous owner. Last year I replaced the bulbs in the hope that it would improve things, but only barely, if at all. I have read the installation guide on here and cant see anything wrong with the conversion. I have two questions then. Would changing the ballasts from 35W to 55W make any improvement? and what was fitted to these head lights originally as I seriously think returning it to what BMW supplied would be better than what I have now. I have never driven a car with such poor dipped headlights.
  9. Killen

    DPF removed and new MOT checks May 2018

    This is an update on an earlier thread I posted about DPF removal and the new MOT checks. I put my 2006 e60 535d remapped car in for an MOT this week. It has the DPF and EGR deleted and produces 384BHP. It did fail the MOT, but on front anti roll bar links. No problems with emissions. That's after the garage spent over £6k for new equipment to check emissions. Panic over.....until our leaders have another 'bash the motorist' go at this.
  10. Killen

    DPF removed and new MOT checks May 2018

    Yes Garagewire seem to be pushing this story. Just hope it never happens. Don't fancy having to buy a complete DPF and recode the system to cope with this. What I wondered was; could you get away with just fitting it for the NOT and removing afterwards. In other words leave software alone. not sure how difficult it would be to keep replacing and removing the dpf.
  11. I have a 2006 e60 535d which was bought chipped to 384 bhp with DPF and EGR deleted. the car sails through MOTs and is a joy to drive. Best I think I've ever owned. I have seen in the press etc that there is a proposal to introduce a tougher MOT to check there is a DPF fitted. At present only requires a visual check and passing of a smoke test. My MOT is due in June. Does this mean I will have to find a DPF which has not been altered and also get the software re the DPF returned to acknowledge a DPF is fitted. I think I won't be alone here and wonder what other people think needs to be done.
  12. maybe pop BAUS a PM as he has done this sort of thing lots JJ That sound good. How would I go about doing this? Are their experts out their that can do this? Is it expensive? Baus sent me a message but didn't come back to me. Not had any spare time to sort this, but will before my MOT in June
  13. That sound good. How would I go about doing this? Are their experts out their that can do this? Is it expensive?
  14. I have a 2006 E60 335d which the previous owner converted to have the later LCI headlights. He told me the conversion was professionally carried out, but I get Error messages that the front right and left parking light bulbs have failed. I knew this when I bought the car and the parking lights work fine. Finally got round to looking into this and thought the problem is that the LEDs don't take enough current for the lamp monitoring unit. Was looking on Ebay and can see some angel eye lamps with resistor included so thought simple enough will need to get some. I have also come across a wiring diagram from the German e60-forum.de which shows the wiring differences between the two type of headlights and I can see that there are wires for a parking light 1st ring and a parking light 2nd ring on the older units. So its seems that there is only one angel eye bulb in the LCI units and two in the older units. I thought I would check this and its correct, the inner dipped Xenon light has the angel eye LED bulb and there isn't a bulb in the outer main beam Halogen unit. At the same time I noticed that the inner LED unit was exactly like the ones on Ebay and they had a resistor in circuit. So great don't need to buy new angel eyes. So why am I getting the Error message? I think that maybe my car lamp monitoring unit is looking for two parking lamps in each headlight unit. If this is so, then I need to kid it that a second lamp exists by fitting a resistor across the parking light 2nd ring wire and ground. From the wiring diagram this is a white/red cable connecting to terminal or pin No 5 in the headlight connector. I was wondering if anyone can confirm what I think is the problem. Also I think that the easiest way to get at the wires is to remove the headlights. Some very good videos on Youtube on how to do this. On the same subject, the dipped headlights (Xenon) are pretty poor in my opinion. I also have an Audi TT with Xenon dipped headlights and they seem much better. Driving on motorways at night I find when the car is on its own (no other car headlights or street lights) the road ahead is a bit dim. I have read that different Ballasts can make a difference or should I be looking at better bulbs. I suspect the lamps are standard 35W HID lamps. The ballasts are loose boxes with no manufacturers name simply stating "35W Ballast for HID Xenon bulbs WARNING CANCELLER V 9-16V, P 35W nom Model B-11". Any suggestions here?
  15. Killen

    Newbie from Telford

    Sorry must have added 4 its only 384bhp. This is what's been done to it by the previous owner:- The DPF was removed and EGR deleted, along with Custom rolling road remap by BW Chip Tune with dyno printout 384bhp and 683nm of torque (Jason at BW chiptune is known as the best in the country with these engines, just have a read on google. The printout of the power curve shows it is not sudden and builds up slowly. I have heard of other being taken up to 500bhp. Frightening when you think my e46 330d was only 184bhp with the same basic engine.