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  1. kitaismith

    2005 E60 520D - Replacing the Alternator

    All sorted now mate, needed to put back in the bottom long screw and gently tap it, then take the screw back out and just gave it slight forceful push to the right and "pop goes the weasel ". Off to EuroCarParts now to get a replacement.
  2. Hi guys, I need a bit of help replacing my alternator and I'm at my wits end. car details: E60 520D M47 TU2 Engine 2005 Reg. Error I kept getting is "charging fault", I've tried 2 different new batteries and it's the same result. Checked the diagnostics and there's an Alternator error there. Also checked the secret menu and the voltage while car is running is approx 11.7v but 12.7 in key pos two (when engine not running but ignition on) I've put the car on a ramp and I'm able to get adequate access to both front and back of the alternator so removing the actual component is not a problem when the time comes. The problem is actually releasing the tension on the tensioner so I can slide the belt of the alternator before I start to unscrew it. I've looked at every video I could find, every tutorial I could fine and also looked at : https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e60-520d-lim/repair-manuals/12-engine-electrical-system/12-31-alternator-with-drive-mounting-parts/BzRYhMS In the first picture of that link, I can't seem to find the place where it's saying to put the locking pin. I've a picture of my engine bay and I'm hoping that someone that point to me where I need to look: Please any help or advice on how to proceed next would be awesome. Would be a terrible shame to have to take it to the garage when I could do it myself. Thanks guys. Edit 1: OK managed to loosen the tension, slide out the belt, remove the two bolts for the alternator. Next problem, it won't come out. Both screws are out and it still won't come out. what am I doing wrong please.?
  3. kitaismith

    E60 2005 520D - Not sure what the problem is

    There's no smoke coming from the exhaust unless I'm doing the back pressure test using DIS. Also the exhaust is straight. Not pointing down or up. Hope that makes sense. Attached are my codes using insta/d The brake fluid level in the reservoir is actually just under full, so not sure why it's showing as low.
  4. kitaismith

    E60 2005 520D - Not sure what the problem is

    I don't have any heater or blower on at all. Also regarding dpf, how do you know for sure that your dpf hasn't been removed. I only ask because it just passed the MOT same day I got it. I was under the assumption that it will fail MOT if it doesn't have a dpf filter.
  5. Hi Guys, Long time lurker first time poster here. Recently acquired a 2005 Manual 520D E60 (M47 T2). It's done 193k and needs a bit of TLC. The glow plugs and relay needs changing, main thermostat (just changed the egr thermostat to get my feet wet), inlet manifolds cleaned, egr cleaned, dpf cleaned and so on. The car drives ok albeit I can feel that it's been held back power wise mainly due to the things I mentioned above but no limp mode. I plan to tackle them all and try to do 90% of it myself with the exceptions of things like DPF cleaning. Also have a diagnostic cable along with the relevant software's like INPA, DIS etc. I'm a quick learner and I really want to know more about my car because I'd like to keep it for a while. This is the first time I'm trying to work on any car, kinda scary and exciting at the same time and it's addictive. Now to the main point, if I put in the key and switch on the ignition (pressing the start/stop button) without turning the power on (like when you're doing diagnostics), I'm getting this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3oKzNouUSI As I said I really can't tell what's making that noise and why, so I'm hoping somebody has an idea. It's been like that since I got it and it drives fine and stuff. Please any help would be greatly appreciated