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  1. ER

    E39 M5 Water pump

    I might have a spare used one in my man shed. I can check if you like. It did 70k and I have replaced it as preventative full front end rebuild. I would recommend C3BMW if you are after a brand new one. Great service , OE quality parts and you may get a better price or fee next day delivery if you call them.
  2. ER

    New wheels finally on.

    Looks great mate!!
  3. ER

    S62 Rebuild

    Complexity and cost really depend on your definition of a "rebuild" ie what's involved and to what extent. With the right tools and know how - everything is possible.
  4. ER

    Photo up the black mountains

  5. ER

    Some good porn if you're into it.....:-)

    Looks great! Good buy!
  6. ER

    Chester area meetup?

    Morning people, seeing that there is no real uptake, I'll leave it as well. Happy to get together next time around.
  7. ER

    Chester area meetup?

    I'm in! Sounds like a good idea!!
  8. ER

    E39 M5 market

    If it were me, I would sit tight and wait for a little, if this was an option of course. Good examples are rare these days and you just need that one enthusiast who will deem the minor shortfalls as trivial.
  9. ER

    E39 M5 Style 65 Alloys

    Morning gents, completely forgot to ask for caps and stickers with my order yesterday: 4 x 36112228660 4 x 36136783536 Could you please price it up and give us a reference number. Thank you
  10. He there, please could you give us a quote for a full set of alloys: 2 x 36112228950 2 x 36112228960 Thanks very much
  11. ER

    E39 M5 Mats - New - £50.00

    I'll take them!
  12. Brilliant!! Thanks very much mate!!
  13. Hi Leew88, it's been a while... Would you mind directing me towards the site of the NOX emulator you've purchased. If you are happy with its performance I would like to replace my original one. Cheers
  14. ER

    E39 pair Angel Eye Headlights

    Thanks and all the best!