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  1. E39 M5 Mats - New - £50.00

    I'll take them!
  2. Brilliant!! Thanks very much mate!!
  3. Hi Leew88, it's been a while... Would you mind directing me towards the site of the NOX emulator you've purchased. If you are happy with its performance I would like to replace my original one. Cheers
  4. E39 pair Angel Eye Headlights

    Thanks and all the best!
  5. E39 pair Angel Eye Headlights

    Hi mate, are these xenon or halogen?
  6. Hi mate, thanks for sharing, interesting article indeed. Rough running returned on my E60 a few months back but it was solved by replacing the remaining three injectors for cylinders 4 - 6. The aging NOX error is there in the background though. It will be interesting to see how the sensor you have purchased performs. Keep is updated. Cheers
  7. Imported m5

    A local BMW dealer told me my M5 was an "import". Apparently it was born in Germany... According to it's documentation, it was born a month before it was registered in UK.
  8. E60 exhaust tios

    Brilliant! Ordered
  9. E60 exhaust tios

    Hello there. After a pair of exhaust tips for 07/2006 Lci E60. I think the part number is 18307534036. Please could you give me a quote. Thank you.
  10. Great video mate. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Look similar to mine.... if you can't recondition them, you may want to consider buying new injectors from genuineautoparts.com. A few days wait but you'll save a few hundred vs UK dealer.
  12. Shahz, are there any misfire codes?
  13. Yes, agree with Mike, unexpected. Well, at least it will be cheaper to replace than injectors. Think you can get one for £250-£300 mate.