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  1. Part ex the F10 for a 4 series Grand Coupe pre reg with all the toys I need and 11 miles on the clock saved 16k off full list. Drove 230 miles home first impressions just as quiet on the M/way as the F10 despite 19" alloys and the ride also comparable. Sorry for deserting the 5 but didn't need the space as kids all gone now. Will keep popping into the forum from time to time.
  2. KEV755

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    2015 F10 18K averages 43 in winter and 47 rest of the year.
  3. KEV755

    F10 p/x values.

    F10 520D msport 65 plate 17500 m. BMW s/history excellent condition no scrapes dings or scuffed alloys was offered £16500 px against a 4 series priced at £34500. What do people think? Must say I was surprised how low the offer was.
  4. KEV755

    New Grill Fitted

    +1 on awkward grill fitting,broke one and cracked another. Least replacement looks better! Merry Xmas to all!
  5. KEV755

    Recommend a commuter car

    +1 on Passats having had 4 plus a CC before buying the currant Beemer especially the early 130 PD engine,never had an ounce of trouble with any of them,all run on supermarket diesel.
  6. KEV755

    TV guide....

    Yes my wife buys a guide every year she says its part of the xmas build up. At least we now know to avoid xmas day progs like Eastenders and Corrie, I find it sad that people plan their day around these so called entertainment programmes. Rant over, merry xmas to all.
  7. Paid £180 for Chips Away to repair parking scratches to rear lower panel behind wheelarch, Cant fault standard of work took him 4 hours in my driveway,everything from start to finish was very professional and efficient! Local repairer had quoted £320!
  8. KEV755

    F10 Wind Noise

    +1 on the above from BMWMIKE mine also a bog standard Msport.
  9. KEV755

    How many miles do you drive per year?

    8k per year as I am retired so no commuting. Average about 47mpg overall.
  10. KEV755

    Nav colour.

    Thanks Ian I had selected traffic screen all ok now. Cheers.
  11. KEV755

    Nav colour.

    Hi people,can I ask is there a way to restore the colour in my nav screen? It works fine but one day became pale blue. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. EGR was replaced on mine during first service. Aug 15 build 520D.
  13. KEV755

    Servicing costs question

    Just paid £347 for a first service which included oil,filter and pollen filter.The pollen microfilter was £97,oil filter £!7 and oil £80. The rest was labour inc a wash and valet. It also had the egr valve changed under a recall. They at least paid for a taxi to pick me up from home to collect the car!
  14. KEV755

    Servicing costs question

    Was just quoted £343-£350-£360 from three local main dealers for a first service inc oil and pollen filters.
  15. KEV755

    EGR silent recall?

    About to book my car in for a first service and was told it needs an EGR replacement! Car is 520D August 15 build, any thoughts?