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  1. Sunroof Panel NLA?

    I bought one via Cotswold BMW November last year if that helps?
  2. Front and rear screen plastic chrome trim for E28

    What he said. Also worth noting that the 'underside' of the East Kent trim does not have the 3rd rib that genuine stuff has (i.e. the rib which is aligned at a right angles to the chrome strip). I can vouch that it does fit and work well - I've been running it on my daily driver eta for 6 months nearly.
  3. Front and rear screen plastic chrome trim for E28

    I bought two sets for the front screen as I recall.
  4. Front and rear screen plastic chrome trim for E28

    Hi Keith East Kent Trim Supplies do the plastic 'chrome' insert a lot cheaper than BMW. I fitted it to my E28. Here's the link: http://www.eastkenttrimsupplies.com/e28-c102x3181994
  5. Buff Daddy Dodo Juice DAS-6 Polisher

    Thanks digi. Will have a think and get back to you mate.
  6. Buff Daddy Dodo Juice DAS-6 Polisher

    is this the 500w version?
  7. Clear tailight lens

    I figured this was the case, as Corsairs were a type of pirate.
  8. Clear tailight lens

    Why does the E28 goodies guy call them 'corsairs' Is this a typo of 'crosshairs'?
  9. E28 engine plastic undertray needed

    I've managed to source an under tray now, but thanks to all who responded.
  10. E28 engine plastic undertray wanted

    I managed to source one now - thanks to all that got in touch.
  11. Protect Your E28 Dashboard- And Others !

    Good idea - but please be aware that some sun tan lotions can mark paint. A work colleague of mine has a permanent hand print on his boot lid from where he closed the boot after applying sun cream at the beach.
  12. E28 engine plastic undertray needed

    Nice one. I'm about an hour from Northampton and potentially I could grab it there if convenient?
  13. Intermittent Starting Woes

    I saw parts listed on eBay for the 525e cross-referenced with a land rover part number and did a bit of digging around. Land rover part no. ERR2079 is the same part and even has the same length cable as the original sensors - I am told some sensors for the E28 sold through the big after market parts suppliers have cables that are a little longer which means you have to tie or tuck up the excess cable. These land rover ones have been working perfectly since I fitted them a week ago - I use my eta as a daily driver btw. The cost of the sensors from the stealers is £130 each, so £15 is a bit of a steal.
  14. price please

    Hi Phil Can I get a price on this please: engine tray screen Thanks
  15. E28 engine plastic undertray needed

    Hi Dan Let me know the condition and what you want for your old one when you get a chance.