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  1. Aggy

    Angel eyes bulb LCI

    I bought a pair of LED units on ebay for £20 and they fit like a glove. I found it easier to remove the headlight unit altogether for fitting as there's not much room.
  2. Aggy

    Live fuse box

    My other half bought me a dash cam so I thought i'd better fit it or i'll never hear the end of it. So the first place to hard wire it in is the glove box fuse panel. I connected my tester to each fuse in turn and every one was live even though the ignition was off. Is this normal ?? I'm looking for a fuse that's only live when the key is turned, are they only in the boot ? Any help would be great !!
  3. Hello chaps i hope you can sort this one out cos it beats me. I have a service requirement coming up on the menu and it makes no sense. its for the " transfer box oil ". We all know that the E60 is rear wheel drive so i'm at a bit of a loss here. can i delete the item from the service list somehow ? Any help would be great Cheers Aggy
  4. Aggy

    Workshop Manual

    Cheers guys I bought the Haynes book but thought that there might be a manual for this model. As you say most of the bog standard stuff is pretty much covered in the Haynes. Thanks anyway !!
  5. Aggy

    Workshop Manual

    Hello, I'm sure this has been asked before but, where can i lay my hands on a workshop manual for a 2005 E60 535d ? Cheers Agg
  6. Aggy

    new guy on the track

    Well i bought the beast and it goes like the clappers but there is a lot of bluish smoke on start up. Could this be due to not having a cat or dpf ? I went down to devon last week and checked the oil every day but all is well so it's not burning any or leaking. I am also considering removing the egr. Is this wise ? Cheers Agg
  7. Aggy

    new guy on the track

    Cheers mate !! Nice to be here. Do you think this car is too good to be true ?
  8. Aggy

    new guy on the track

    Cheers Ellis (nice pic ) the car i'm looking at has a few mods. but full service history !! MOT till 16/11/16 Tuned stage 2, De-catted and DPF removed. Full custom built 3" Turbo Back Free Flowing Straight Pipe Ehxaust System with Quad Pipes. Swirl flaps blanked. Pipercross Sports airfilters. 370 bhp and 700nm of torque. Or is it all just Talk ?? lol It all sounds great but will it pass the next emissions test ?? Cheers Agg
  9. Aggy

    new guy on the track

    Hello guys, I'm hoping to buy a 2005 535d m sport on Friday. Is there anything that I need to look out for ?? Any advice would be great !! I've had a 1986 m535 & a 1998 740 but this will be my first oil burner.Lets hope it's a good one !! Cheers Agg