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  1. Hello everybody, I would like to know what are the general/usual life span for the air leveling suspension on the F11? I have a 2012 520d F11 at about 92k miles and the air suspensions are still alright. Has anyone here not changed theirs on a car that is more than 4 years or with mileage in excess of 100k? Just curious as I heard that some car's air suspension could up to 9-10 years without changing ( on the older X5s).
  2. I just had the same message which popped up last week on my 2012 F11. It popped up right after I drove the car away from my carpark in the morning after about 1 minute. Came out with the error message Drivetrain malfunction, continue journey at limited speed. It put the car to stall and the transmission changed from D to P. I restarted the car immediately and it started and then moved off. It has never came back since. I am really hoping it is just a glitch as you know this could be triggered by myriads of different problems.
  3. Hi there, thanks a lot for your reply. I have sorted it out. I brought it to BMW workshop and they found out that the idrive unit stopped working after I updated it. BMW was contacted and they apprently said a new head unit needs to be changed. They then said they are going to offer me the head unit replacement for free as a goodwill gesture. However I still have to foot almost £300 of labour fees for the job.
  4. Hello Everyone,My name is Han and I just bought a 3 year old November 2012 registered 520d F11 with professional SAT NAV about a week ago.The car is in great condition and drives fine with 90k on the clock.So I went on to the BMW website to download the lateast software for the Software update with BMW ConnectedDrive - other compatible devices. Then I copied the software into a USB drive and started updating the idrive on the car via USB.The installation went on fine and then a message appeared and said to let the display and engine turn off by itself. Therefore I waited for it to shut off and then I tried starting the car again and the display on the car showed "NO SIGNAL"Has anyone here experienced the same issue as I do ? If yes, I would really appreciate any input or ideas about this. Thank you very much.