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  1. MickS

    eBay air spring??

    Sshoie, offer of £43 accepted.... Thanks again.
  2. MickS

    eBay air spring??

    Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback. I'll let you know how I get on with it.
  3. MickS

    eBay air spring??

    Hi, My F11 needs it's n/s air spring replacing which I'll sort myself. Just wondered if anyone had used one of the 50 quid ones from eBay or is it a false economy and I should be spending a bit more on an aerosus etc one? Current OEM ones have lasted just over 4 years which to be honest isn't great so I'm inclined to chance an eBay one. Anyone had good/bad experiences with them? Many thanks, Mick.
  4. MickS


    Hi, I've had my 62 plate F11 since March and it's due for its first service under my ownership. I'm extremely loathed to pay BMW £280 odd to change the oil and filters and intend on carrying out all the servicing myself. What I want to do is create a "service pack" each time I carry out a service so I can record invoices for oil, filters etc and then list what I've actually done to it. This will hopefully assist when I eventually sell it on. Had anyone got a"crib sheet" of what BMW claim to do at each service so I can base my own sheet on it? Thanks, Mick.
  5. MickS

    RFT tyres

    Thanks for the replies. I'm on standard 17" rims so do have the option of rotating. Think I'll do this then swap all 4 in one hit. Thanks again.
  6. MickS

    RFT tyres

    Hi, My F11 will soon be ready for new tyres and I intend on putting non run flats on to replace the Pirelli RFT's that it currently has. The rears will be ready long before the fronts so I can either replace rears only then do the fronts in another 10k or so miles or I could rotate front to rear to try and get then to wear at the same time? Anyone had mixture of RFT and non RFT before?
  7. Has the battery warning been sorted? I recently had this come up on my 2012 F11. Stayed for a day then went again... Going to get it into the dealer when I get chance just to have it checked over.
  8. MickS

    Battery life

    Error was still present this morning. States that the battery is draining whilst stationary and then requesting that the battery be charged. Went on a 5 mile drive, came back to the car and all errors have now cleared? It's still on the AUC warranty so I'll see if the dealer will have a look. Thanks for your reply.
  9. MickS

    Battery life

    Hi, I have a 520d F11 on a 62 plate and have covered 46k miles. Today, after a long run I went to move the car and got the battery warning light asking for me to charge the battery. I haven't had any issues at all with it, stop start has been working fine etc. now my interior lights don't work (presume that the system has cut them off? ) yet the car started perfectly with no signs of battery issues? What sort of life should you expect from a battery? I can appreciate it has a lot of things to power however I would hope for more than 4 years and 46k miles? Is there something else that could cause this and how can I reset the fault to see if it comes back again? Many thanks, Mick.
  10. MickS

    Suddenly both key remotes don't work

    I had a similar issue on a Toyota I used to own. Turned out to be the wireless door bell to the house was playing up (possibly low battery) and was continually transmitting. This interfered with the remotes for the car which would only work when the fob was pressed close against the car. Took battery or of door bell and all was fine!