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  1. Thanks for that mate, appreciated. I guess if you didn't have to order a new shim then the original one went back and as the seals aren't avaliable and once only then I guess they didn't go in either. Makes sense since the new ones are sealed. So the back plates came back back from the powdercoaters in satin and look loads better but they have had a reaction on the rear beam so that's gone in the dip tank again.
  2. Could be mate. When you fitted yours, presumably you didn't replace the seals either end since the new bearings come sealed already? Did you get away with the original shim too? I tried buying them ( the seals) but couldn't since they weren't listed against the car which I can only assume is as a result of the superseded part.
  3. Should look a bit better when it's on
  4. In between getting fed up lying on my back with a knotwheel on a grinder I decided to break the monotony by playing with some new stuff. As as you can see the original fuel pump was looking a bit manky, quite corroded and all the rubber bobbins naturally fell apart as I removed it. So rather than messing about and mindful that I didn't want to be revisiting the area for some time I handed over a bundle of cash at my increasingly familiar and welcoming dealer and came home with shiny bits. All, that is apart from the rediculously priced fuel pump which I got elsewhere from Bosch for considerably less.
  5. That's odd mate, there was no mention of them being NLA. Having said that when I picked them up interestingly (or not!) I noticed that they are sealed bearings where I assumed the original ones are were not as my manual says the bearings need greasing on installation. Presumably they are a superseded part and that's why they showed up as NLA ? Here they are..
  6. It really was a cracker and a full engine build less than 3k miles ago. Most importantly it was rot free and was an absolute screamer to drive. It would live with my M3 all day long engine wise but was arguably more engaging/clenchy on account of the slow rack and brakes from the 325i that they run. Come to think of it I probably let it go a little too cheaply!! In other news, I've had the rear beam, brake backing plates and exhaust bracket back from the powdercoaters and....well....they look pants. By which I mean the finish is good, the blasting has taken care of all the surface rust but they are far too shiny and I mean far too shiny! My fault of course and not the powdercoaters ( who just rolled his eyes!) so that lot has all gone back to be done again in proper satin this time. I collected one one of the last bags of bits from the dealer including wheel bearings and brake pipes so the next job is to get the bearings out of the trailing arms and send them off. All the while of course the preparation of the boot floor continues. Hopefully next time I'll have some progress in pictures.
  7. I'm pretty poor at it myself to be honest. Still, it allows me to focus on the E12 more and a cash injection isn't unwelcome!
  8. Joss, that is looking great, I love the moody front picture!
  9. Agree that the ambers being the right choice too. Absolutely lovely. I really must try to own one of these one day.
  10. Thanks M5, to be honest it's more luck than judgment that it's turned out this way since I only first envisioned changing the fuel pipes! The issue I always had with the car was that the rear beam, trailing arms etc really let the side down, whilst devoid of any serious corrosion it was obviously an area that have not received any real attention it it's life. I spent the last two years trying to convince myself I could live with it and failed. I totally understand how you have ended up in your situation as I've done the same with another car many years ago. In fact having the time to get on the car and continue with what is effectively a bounded project is still really tricky at times in an attempt to balance family life. So much so in fact I sold a car this weekend to free up the level of commitment for exactly that reason. i will miss it too but it is what it is. E30 320is, rot free, shrink cams, carbon airbox, a proper little screamer. Still it's gone to a good mate not too far away so will see it from time to time. Needless to say I've achieved nothing on the E12! A few pictures if of any interest.
  11. I finished the diff off today. When I took it out most of the sweating was around the breather so keen to not have to ever have to take it out again I looked about for a suitable jointing compound to use with my homemade gasket. A mate of mine restores motorbikes and said he had some stuff that he uses to seal up leaky old British bikes called Wellseal, in fact he said it's the only thing that seals up leaky old British bikes . So on it went. That coupled with a new o-ring in the vent pipe and it was done. Obligatory before and after
  12. You can't say that and not post a picture of your car! Thanks for the link, I have used them for some parts, although of late my local dealer has clearly taken pity on me and given me a good discount. It is addictive as you say, but I only intend on doing this once so there will be plenty of spares left for other E12's! The biggest challenge I have ( notwithstanding justifying the expense of course) is knowing where to stop, I'm certainly not after a concourse finish and I'm definitely not going to be parked in a field with mirrors under it but I will do right by the car. I'll hopefully get some car time this weekend and tackle the next couple of bits of surface corrosion. I got the bushes out the trailing arms this week so once the wheel bearings are out they can go off to the powder coaters. Anyone have a source/ alternative for the plastic brake pipe clips that slot onto the trailing arm? NLA by all accounts.
  13. That's looking lovely mate. Looking forward to seeing it all back together. Did you manage to secure rear light units?
  14. Of course the trouble with cleaning as I go means that it doesn't take much for other components to look tired. With one eye on doing right buy the car and one on not getting too carried away from both a usability and financial perspective, some more stuff arrived in the post
  15. Hydrate 80 after it's done it's thing.