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  1. That's looking lovely mate. Looking forward to seeing it all back together. Did you manage to secure rear light units?
  2. Of course the trouble with cleaning as I go means that it doesn't take much for other components to look tired. With one eye on doing right buy the car and one on not getting too carried away from both a usability and financial perspective, some more stuff arrived in the post
  3. Hydrate 80 after it's done it's thing.
  4. I managed to sneak off for a couple of hours to get some work done on the car. I wanted to have a poke about and treat any corrosion I could find. This will be done over a couple of sittings so that I can take my time. Anything that looked suspicious got a good going over with my ever faithful knotwheel followed by two coats of hydrate 80. I will cover that with POR 15 followed by a light coat of UC. I'm not after anything like a show finish so am not aiming to replicate the underseal applied by the factory, but more of a sympathetic clean up that will allow me to spot any reoccurrence quickly rather than let anything fester under today's underseal offerings that are really tough. The main spots were around the body bungs and we have all seen how bad these can get if left so I cleaned these up first. These pictures are representative of the other small areas I found so you get the idea. Thankfully nothing more than surface corrosion found which was a big relief.
  5. And all fitted up with passivated bolts that no one will ever see, ever !
  6. Well M5 was right, the diff bolts were indeed 10.9 high tensile offerings so I will leave those alone just in case. The rest are all ok so have sent those off. A few more visits to the dealer have happened and whilst I don't mind paying through gritted teeth some of the frankly daft prices for bits and bobs, I just couldnt bring myself to pay 30 quid plus the vat for the little paper gasket that fits below the diff breather. So I made one from some gasket paper I had loafing about.
  7. Good shout M5, I was aware of the phenomena whilst casting my mind back to my apprentice days spent airframe tin bashing many moons ago. The bolts were very manky when they came out so I didn't take much notice when I cleaned them up but I will have a look tomorrow and see what spec they are. I suspect you're quite correct though in which case I won't plate them. In other news I put another order in with W&N ( their site is far too easy to use!) for some brake pads clips, CV joint bellows and rear Billies (!) ... they were on offer...I think
  8. I've cleaned up all the diff mounting bolts and various other bits and bobs, I plan to send these away for some yellow passivate which should finish things off nicely. I did see a home kit on eBay which I quite fancy trying, anyone got any experience ?