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  1. Collective-friction

    Help with Reference Photos on e12 m535i

    I'm the same, my dash has never been out. Have you tried Tony C ?
  2. Collective-friction

    Starting to repair the rust

    Great news mate. I know how you feel, progress has slowed up massively on mine, still a long way to go. You will probably finish before me and all I've done is tart some stuff up! Oh and I bought another car which hasn't helped proceedings!
  3. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Yeah it does seem to be a bit of a BMW thing, sadly I'm all too aware of the E46 issue and sometimes wince when my CSL slams home the next gear! Gentle it is not. I think the work work on the E12 might have been timely since the diff mount that came out was well and truly knackered so with a new one and a degree of mechanical sympathy should see it through. As for my old pal, it's not Geoff Weeks but a colourful character called Chris Mavrommatis, a Greek Cypriot down here in Cornwall who knows the old cars inside out.
  4. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Hi M5 Ive given the diff mount some thought and knew about the potential issue. A good friend of mine who was working in the dealerships when these were new and has up until very recently run an Indy has a great deal of experience with these ( including campaigning an E12 rally car and running his own E12 M535i for the best part of 30 years) is of the opinion that only really abused cars suffer from this. Including his own car as it happens but he is the first to admit it has been driven very hard for many years!) This view was shared by Tony C when I asked his opinion of the issue before I bought this car. With all that in mind I made the decision that if when I pulled the car apart there was any sign, however minute, of an issue I would have it reinforced. On inspection, including scoping the channel there was nothing to be seen. This coupled with the knowledge that the car won't be beaten to death and see light use I'm going to leave it alone. I may may live to regret that but my reasoning seems sound at this point In other news I'm still waiting for my rear beam to come back from the powdercoaters, there has been an issue with the powder reacting in a particular spot so it's having to be redone again. The trailing arms and rear roll bar are ready to be blasted but will wait to see how the beam looks before I commit to the same place for the these. Im about to book up for Deutsche Fest at Brands Hatch, it would have been great to have taken the E12 but I'm miles off that point sadly. Anyone going ?
  5. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  6. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  7. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  8. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  9. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  10. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  11. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

  12. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    As for the floor, it's still a slow going process as I can only really spare a couple of hours here and there. When I look at the pictures it doesn't really seem like I've achieved very much but it feels like I've laid under the car for days! Essentially all I've done is clean back any bit of surface corrosion however small and treat with hydrate 80. I've gone through two large knotwheels and more dremel attachments for the intricate bits that I can remember. A few few more tiny bits to go and I can start to put some paint on. Apologies for the quality of the pictures but hopefully you get the idea. The fuel tank is out revealing no horrors apart from some surface rust in the bracket. The tank itself looks new and was fitted by a previous owner.
  13. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    As you can imagine it weighs considerably less too!
  14. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Work on the floor continues at a slow pace. In the meantime I asked a bike building mate if he fancied knocking up some bypass pipes for the centre exhaust box to release a bit of voice. He said no problem and made a section that can be bolted straight in. If it's too loud, since I didn't cut up the car's original front and centre section, I can just bolt it all back in and return it to normal. His welds are in a different league to anything I could have achieved so pretty chuffed with how it came out.
  15. Collective-friction

    New bloke with E12 M535i