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  1. dhav24


    does anyone code in the southeast London would like same bits coded
  2. dhav24

    Add USB to existing Aux input

    you will have to have the car coded and activate the usb
  3. dhav24


  4. dhav24


    will they fit a e60 2008
  5. dhav24

    noise from speedo

    ok thanks will have a look a will try get a video up
  6. dhav24

    underseat subs

    i am kind of the same i can't get my head around spending all that money when i am kind of old school with sub in the boot for better base dotcom how much did your ice set up cost you
  7. dhav24

    noise from speedo

    any help
  8. dhav24

    underseat subs

    will do thanks for both of you info
  9. dhav24

    underseat subs

    noooo back to the drawing board
  10. dhav24

    underseat subs

    but i looked on the back of the radio and it has fiber optics i dotcom had a look at that web site dose not state amp but i have this radio Radio BMW Business (C43)
  11. dhav24

    underseat subs

    bmw e60 2008 amp location lci its not on the left side rear
  12. dhav24

    underseat subs

    thanks will have a look
  13. dhav24

    underseat subs

    hi can any one tell me or point me to a wiring diagram and colours of the sub under the seats its for a e60 2007 lci
  14. dhav24

    E60 - Coding southeast london

    cool are you local to the southeast and khile i would need a laptop would i not
  15. dhav24

    E60 - Coding southeast london

    if i can update the idrive to cic would be nice need my welcome light , usb port ,only side lights on as driving lights as my headlights come on to