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  1. Each to their own....
  2. Offset has nothing to do with tyre width. Offset is the distance from the centre line of the wheel (of any given width) to where it bolts to the hub, I.e the hub mating face. Offset is how much the wheel sticks in or out from the hub. Width is measured in inches for the rims and confusingly width is measured in mm for tyre width.
  3. ...is back on the goggle box tonight. Ive only seen two short trailers for it. The BBC have kept it fairly quiet this time around. So who is going to watch it then?
  4. Folk mown down too, thoughts with the injured.
  5. They will do as the car will be very confused as to what its different wheels are all doing as you have the wrong size of tyres so the ratio between front and rear is wrong. You are running the right size of tyre on the front for spiders but your rear is too big and as a result the car thinks the rear wheels are going round slower than the front which will upset everything that takes input from the wheel sensors. The car takes a few hundred meters to measure everything before it decides to throw a wobbly when it realises all is not well between front and rear axle speeds. You can get a 245 to sit on a 9.5J? I have 245 on an 8.5J and they look stretched. 245 is best suited to 8J wheels IMO.
  6. 19" on E60 should have a 30 profile, certainly not a 40 profile on a 275 width. Not surprised you are having issues. What size are you running at the front?
  7. Think so, the paint/corrosion warranty is longer than 3 years.
  8. Tried several times this morning on parking the car. Ignition off and turned the wheel as you would to engage lock but nothing, all I got was movement of the front tyres.
  9. I've got me some Poor boys wheel sealant coming. I saw it advertised yesterday on ebay at £13.89 or best offer. So I cheekily offered him £12.50. Checked this morning and the same seller has blanked me and put his price up to £21.98. Immediately ditched that off my watched items list and bought some that came free with microfibre cloths for £13.99 inc delivery.
  10. As per title, just had my 351s powder coated so I'm looking to put something on them to protect them from the worst of the brake dust and dirt etc. Previously I've used left over old Carlack sealant to give some form of protection, anyone got any good suggestions for something to use? Thanks
  11. Should be standard practice, fairly sure it is at Mackies Transmissions in Glasgow. I was hoping a service and a software update would cure my E60 transmission problems but it didn't. I don't actually think there have been many recent updates for the 6HP boxes. Mine was 'checked' by BMW in June 2009 and they supposedly updated some software in the E60. When it went to Mackies in Jan 2016, they advised that the software was fine....so that wasn't the problem.
  12. It would appear that the new production company wanted to 'dumb down' the teccy bits for the American market which did not sit well with Edd so he wrapped it.
  13. Just saw this on Facebook. I liked Edd China's style, easy laid back and properly told you how to do things, not like the Haynes Book of Parodies "Remove strut from under vehicle" Aye but how ya bunch on numpties. Good luck to the tall man. Something he said on his video blog, almost implied that there was a bit of bad blood with Discovery, or did I pick up on that wrong. Mibbies the tall man can get a job on a certain motoring show on the Beeb, nah, he actually knows about cars, that wouldn't work!
  14. Meant to add you will need a new rear pad wear sensor to allow reset of rear brake pad warning message.
  15. Search on YouTube for F10 rear brake pad replacement, there are plenty of videos to show you how. @Matthew Ashton is right, you remove the actuators from the rear of the calipers and change pads normally and push piston to retract as you would the front caliper. You then wind back the actuator using a torx T45 or T47 bit.
  16. I have tried to watch the last episode twice now, but kept missing bits. I also appear to have missed the launch of a new manufacturer. Matt kept talking about a manufacturer called Feeeeee at, never heard of them before.
  17. I've sadly got a big birthday coming up and was debating wether or not to get a personalised reg. I looked into buying C1ACR many years ago but I felt I couldn't quite justify the cool £1,000 asking price. It was in the days before a mortgage and I then used the money as a deposit when I moved in with my girlfriend who is now Mrs 535iAR. I can't decide if they are a bit, well twee, when I look outside at my neighbours I shudder as they have a fleet of Audis on their driveway and I shudder again as said cars are equipped with same prefix and number then different initials as the last three digits. I can't help but think that this matching and hers number plates makes these plates a bit naff. But then again a neighbour a few years back had on his Bentley, 100XXX, not that I could afford something like that! I think it can set off a big 5er, something a bit different, with a personalised reg. Or are they for AR53HOL's? Thoughts?
  18. Yeah salesman showed me that on mine when I bought it and I thought I had saved the flat tyre monitor function shortcut on button 8 but I'm not convinced it works. I've never really been bothered by it.
  19. Got my new tyres delivered from love tyres.
  20. Michelin Primacy 3 245/40 R19 98Y XL * Rim protector Looks comparable with the ones on the Primacy HP tyres. Just need someone to fit them now!
  21. I'm after two new front tyres 245/40 R19. The ones that were fitted were Michelin Primacy HP ZP, I only ever drove my car on these when they were quite worn, hence why they are now scrapped. Anyone got experience of driving their F10 on these tyres. I would welcome some thoughts on them. These were the original tyres fitted by BMW when the car was new. If they were good enough for BMW to fit new, they must be worth reconsidering, is the way I look at it...... Thanks
  22. My glamorous assistant advises that there are now two huge tyres taking up space in her hallway! Delivery from love tyres has landed.
  23. Good luck with the new car, atleast it's still German
  24. And that's probably why it's not unheard of for failures to occur not long after an oil change.
  25. Hmmm, Facebook killed the BMW forum I moderate on. And no it wasn't down to me banning everyone who owned a Diesel.