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  1. El President May has called a general election on 8th June Wonder what's brought that on? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39629603
  2. Sorry wrong end of the M8 for me, but a colleague paid similar money for a bodyshop to fix a dent in his aluminium tailgate of his Discovery Sport. Panel fixing and blending paint is usually twice that price easy.
  3. Might be better reposting this in the E60 technical section. If problem happened after car wash (don't use mechanical car washes, you would be better washing your car with rocks) sounds like you have got water in your scuttle drains. There is a post at the top in the E60 technical section showing you how to check your scuttle drains. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/forum/65-e60e61-2004-2010/
  4. The I4 DOCH fitted to the latter Sierras and Granadas was too little too late. It should have been developed as a 16v engine, but Ford needed to replace the ageing and wheezing Pinto with something quick, but with the days of Sierras and Granadas numbered they didn't want to put too much into it as they knew they needed to develop a 16v 2.0 unit in transverse layout for the wrong wheel drive Mondeo.
  5. Check for a leak from the coupler under the front passenger seat on the rear lines. I think it sits above some under panels so it's difficult to spot and gets kept in a damp area. Not ideal. When mine failed on corrosion of the rear lines, they stripped it back to the above coupler to couple up new pipe work actually found it had a slight weep there but not enough to have dropped level to warn me.
  6. I kept with the rfts and this is why. I have to pick up the littl'un from nursery and can't be coming out to a flat tyre on my way the get her.....like I did the last time I used a works car. I have no back up (spare tyre, her mum picking her up, nor a grandparent) and I need to put the littl'un first. They work for me but I don't drive it like I stole it nor is it pushed into bends. I wanted the reliability. End.
  7. I see said the blind man, that saying is what I can only picture Les Dennis doing as a spoof of Mavis!
  8. My high school science dept technician had a Granada with the 2.4 V6 in it. To this day it's still the only 2.4 V6 Ford I have ever seen. It was the old 2.3 with the timing gears replaced with a chain, still a single cam in the valley with pushrods!
  9. Thought I would dig out my Sierra V6 Haynes manual to see what the Bhp was of the 2.3 but it isn't published, but what I did notice about the 2.3 Sierra is that it weighs half, that's right 1/2, half of what my fat barsteward F10 max loaded weight is! Quick Google and indeed the 2.3 with super high compression was good for 125bhp. Woooooooooow.
  10. As much as that? The Rover 3.5 V8 (1.5 times as big) of similar vintage and pushrods was good for 155 brake which you can get nowadays out of less than 1500cc albeit with a hairdryer bolted to the exhaust system.
  11. Where did you get that from? The SNP manifesto?
  12. What did that produce? 100bhp-110bhp? The 2.0 pinto in the Crusader was good for 90 bhp which was considered enough at the time, how things have changed !
  13. I have shamelessly never owned a Ford. My dad had the Mk2 Escort when I was born which there is a picture of me washing when I was two! Then he went on to own 3 Cortinas, the last being a 2.0 Crusader which was very plush inside. But he didn't like the hatch of the Sierra so went and bought a Caviler. It went as dad then got company cars, Escorts then eventually Mondeos some of which I drove once old enough, but they were diesels and when pushed suffered from nasty torque steer being wrong wheel drive which I didn't get when I drove my mums 2.0 Carlton auto which I loved. I then vowed to never own a wrong wheel drive car. When I left uni I needed a set of wheels and as I wanted a Ford, I tried to find a clean Sierra. But sadly by the time I left uni the youngest Sierra was 7 years old and they were all hitting the needing timing belt change or were leaking water and oil from every joint in the engine. None of them had any service history which I wanted to ensure reliability as I needed it for work. So by being stubborn and wanting rear drive with service history and thinking I would never get insurance nor be able to afford a BMW, I went for the 24v Senator which was the only rear drive car with FSH for sale at my 3k budget. All the Granadas were crap, suffering from oil and water leaks with no history and were thrashed 2.0 pintos, no blue head DOHC engines. Same as The Sierras. Wifey on the other hand loves her Fords, her first was a tidy Escort Finesse with air and power steering. She then had a Focus Mk2 which was nice to drive, but it went for a Tit X AWD Kuga with loads of toys.
  14. Acceptable oil use according to BMW is as much as 1 litre per 1000 miles. What mileage is on the car? If it was an N62 engine, I would say it was normal due to a leak somewhere!
  15. Even after saying a vote for the SNP is not necessarily a vote for independence, Salmond has come out and said that a vote for the SNP is advancing the case for indepenedance which a minority of the country want. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15248583.Salmond_confirms_SNP_will_use_election_win_to_advance_independence/ These headcase need to be stopped. This also ground my gears, after being suitably silent on the closure of the children's ward in her own constituency, Ms Black is now saying the SNP will protect public services. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/15249945.Mhairi_Black_to_put__focus_on_public_services_and_jobs__during_campaign_trail/
  16. I remember a discussion years ago on another forum, the thoughts were that for some reason they are more exposed on the 5 Series than others.... My Senator was 14 years old when I got rid of it and it was solid underneath, rusting on the rear arches but corroded brake lines were never heard off on the forums. Corroded transmission oil cooler lines yes, but never brake lines.
  17. It will be impressively quick but as a recent thread on here proved, it's not all about torque. Just wait till it's 10 years old and having turbo issues which no doubt will be twice as many issues as the boys who have the 535d with half the turbos are experiencing...... I'm worried about the longevity of my turbo and I've only got 1!
  18. ^My wife did this as she drove her just purchased C Class off the forecourt, hit the limiter without knowing (it was a stalk above the indicators stalk) couldn't go faster than walking pace, panicked so just did what any woman does and plants her right foot, kicks down which cancels limiter and is propelled towards horizon!
  19. My dad did that in his F10. I got the panicked phone call saying his car won't go faster than 12mph, asking whats wrong.
  20. The Ford instructions are very prescriptive, just like Matthew says, kicking motion like kicking a football. If you aren't doing the right motion it refuses and you feel every pair of eyes in the carpark is looking at you...laughing.
  21. BMW don't when under AUC warranty. They only replaced on one mine. ISTA says to replace in pairs right enough. TIS for my E60 said can replace as a single but to replace shocks as a pair which is odd as you need to take the spring off for shock repair!
  22. I've done very little editing of your post Matthew to describe the process of buying the wife's Kuga. Seems a common experience! He was clueless about it and how to work it. My wife had done her homework and knew that she wanted that feature when dealing with the littl'un and all the necessary equipment that accompanies said litt'un. If in doubt always RTM! Yip just about pulled the door handle from mine, although when I realise what I'm doing the word I use to describe myself is slightly stronger than numpty! I'm with you Steve......and in a few years it will be. Like how we all thought it was brilliant when you didn't need to unlock the car with a key, just by pressing a button.....over 20 years ago.
  23. Wife has this on her Kuga and it's brilliant. Touch locking too. Key remains in your pocket with no need to touch it. The kick operated power tailgate is great too. wish I had it on my F10, it's an expensive option from new on the BMW.