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  1. 535i Andrew

    Ordered than new 530e yet?

    Well if you have you might want to think about next time you go to charge it up as apparently it can be thwarted by a Creme egg. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-44561039 Oh how I laughed.
  2. 535i Andrew

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    however I will double check.....
  3. 535i Andrew

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    D to N yes. But not N to D. I used to coast in N in my Senator. Tried that trick in the E39 and had to bring a busy slip road joining the Clydeside Expressway to a halt when I had to bring it to a stop to then shift back into D. I could feel the hatred from everyone behind.
  4. 535i Andrew

    Front suspension 10 mm lower on the n/s

    @rasg, was this puncture on the wheel that had the stuck locking wheel bolt?
  5. 535i Andrew

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    I would not recommend that as if you then need to apply power again you can't as you need to stop before the cars nanny state electronics let you shift back in to D. The car must be stationary to shift into D from N. meanwhile the boy behind you has now compressed your rear number plate.
  6. 535i Andrew

    Traction Control

    Interesting you say that Dave. The salesman who sold me mine implied that it would ride different which I immediately dismissed because a) a salesman told me that and b) there is no way to link the driving mode button to my mechanical shocks which are not part of an option upgrade . But.....this post of mine which suggests that your last line above is correct. even before I had bought my F10 I had heard reports that the rear pads wear quickly on the F gen of 5 Series.
  7. 535i Andrew

    Wheel Balancing

    Hi @RobM, what were the tyres you got fitted this time?
  8. 535i Andrew

    Runflats questions - sorry!

    Tyre pressure monitoring will still work, all you need to do is leave the pressure valve kit in place and not remove it. Its up to you what you carry to deal with a flat tyre, compressor, space saver with jack, tyre foam or an AA card. In eighteen years of BMW ownership I've only ever had one puncture (on a rft) and it cost me £12 to fix.
  9. I'm not aware of any suspension sensors on an F10 unless it's got an active drive/chassis option, I'm not familiar with that stuff. There are sensors that alter the headlight aim attached to the suspension arms if you have adaptive Xenon lights but these have no influence over ride quality. F11s have ride height sensors for the air springs but not on an F10. Sounds like bull you've been told What mileage is on the car? I would expect to see wear on suspension joints around 70,000 miles based on E60 experience. What are your tyres like? Are they OEM, do they have much tread left? Tyre pressures o.k? Worn tyres can drastically alter the cars ride and handling. Mine was transformed when I replaced very worn front tyres for new OEM tyres. Budget tyres can also drastically change handling too.
  10. 535i Andrew

    poor fuel economy

    You definitely have a problem as your mpg is worse than mine! A journey of 4 miles will be slowly killing your Diesel. It will be nicely furred up on the inside. EGR will probably be clogged up. It will most likely need de-coked on the inside. And your DPF will be in dire need of a regen. Give it a full service a tank full of super diesel and go and take it for a long run (30miles+) at motorway speeds. Check your hidden engine temps on this run too to rule out thermostat problems as mentioned above.
  11. 535i Andrew

    New 2003 520i sport touring owner

    That will go on for ever. A sweet petrol 6 pot with a manual box. What's not to like. It's a rare car, look after it. Good luck with it.
  12. 535i Andrew

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    Make sure you service it/change oil every 10k if its an N47. +1 on that. Walking past them when stopped at traffic lights, it sounds like a cement mixer full of spanners. I couldn't live with that. Atleast you have already done the yellow grommet. What make of towbar did you go for? How did you get on with the wiring for the socket?
  13. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    There is a moral in that story...... Never ever listen to your wife!
  14. 535i Andrew

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    An opportunity has opened up to own a rare Sierra RS500. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-5857073/This-1987-Ford-Sierra-RS500-Cosworth-pitched-sell-105-000.html Although the fact that it has a Halfrauds battery in it isn't a nice thing to see under the bonnet. Atleast put a Ford one in there FFS!
  15. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Lol be my guest, if you want to give me your money to fuel my car, horse on.
  16. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I left it at home, slumming it in to work on the bus!
  17. 535i Andrew

    Brake disc temp

    Hi Paul. No cruise, just me and the machine I do use the License Manager function which has no braking ability just an electronic limiter. But yes if you use cruise to slow you down it operates on the rear wheels which is a very weird feeling, when the car squats down on its haunches. Like I said I'm not concerned by it, just curious.
  18. 535i Andrew

    Brake disc temp

    Used mine for work today. After a 30 mile journey home of mixed motorway and twisty B roads I used an IR thermometer to measure my disc temp. Rear discs were hotter than fronts by about 5deg C. I expected the fronts to be hotter. Why would that be? Most of the braking is done by the front discs, which is why they are bigger. But being bigger the front discs may have cooled quicker? Rear pads were replaced at 34,000 miles, front discs, pads and rear discs are original with 47,000 miles. Front pads need changing soon, will probably do discs too.
  19. 535i Andrew

    Front suspension 10 mm lower on the n/s

    Never had a need to question mine in the F10 but my E60 with tyre pressure warning would indicate a fault at approx 0.4 bar loss. That's very different to your 60% loss.
  20. 535i Andrew

    From E39 To E65 - anyone done this move?

    Why buy a Ford when you can have a BMW on the never never to show off to the Jones's next door. The car just needs to last the length of time the first owner takes out the finance for..
  21. 535i Andrew

    From E39 To E65 - anyone done this move?

    Very very few V8 waftomatic F10s. I've seen one. One guy near me has one who is on here and he has had a good bit of bother with it plus our cousins across the pond who's government still allow V8s have had loads of bother with the engines in them. Best avoided me thinks.
  22. 535i Andrew

    Which Battery

    Genuine one of the same size in terms of amp hours. Don't skimp on the battery. The E60s are electrical nightmares so make sure it's the right one as a different size of battery will only upset the flaky electrics in an E60. A new battery should be coded to the car strictly speaking so the car knows to charge it up differently as the new battery will have a very different discharge/charge characteristic.
  23. 535i Andrew

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    I would not expect a tyre to increase in pressure by 1 bar, that's a huge pressure increase. A few psi yes but not 14 of them. What condition are your tyres in? You have fitted good quality OEM tyres so I'm surprised you have such a large pressure increase.
  24. 535i Andrew

    Brake disc temp

    I haven't as I can't figure out how I would do that easily. I would need to jack it up both rear wheels clear of the ground, run the engine to shift out of P and release the parking brake. That doesn't sit well with me to do that safely with the equipment I've got. Besides the actual rear disc temps were less than 30deg C. Binding brakes would be much much warmer than that I would have thought. Certainly hasn't had a noticeable effect on performance or fuel consumption which I would expect to deteriorate if the brakes were binding.
  25. 535i Andrew

    SAT / Sport mode

    XS is that like extra sport then?