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  1. LL01 is an old reference. All BMW recommended oils now are LL04. My 2004 vintage E60 handbook made reference to LL01 but it was quickly superseded by reference to LL04. 04 being 2004 when the change happened.
  2. What mileage is on yours @euclid? If its above 70k or multiple thereof, you would be was well as replacing the whole arm. The last thing you want to do it replace the balljoint rubber cover for the balljoint to fail a few miles later and you are back at the beginning!
  3. lol, I think yesterdays driving was about 50 miles.
  4. ......you know, steered out of the path of this poor pedestrian? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40927791 I get he had no brakes, you could even argue that had he had them he might still not have stopped in time, but presumably he had a pair of handle bars which he could have used to steer around?
  5. That's getting a bit neat for my liking.....these are brakes we are talking about here, they are quite handy to have, you know for stopping safely.
  6. Ta, care to share a name of the place in Hamilton? I've used Indespension before in Milngavie, been a bit hit and miss but generally o.k.
  7. Is that your trailer or hired?
  8. That had me in stitches! Nope!
  9. This! Replace arms as balljoints not available separately and that is what fails rather than bush. I found it easier to drop the whole strut out and split on bench rather than fight with it on the car. But yes, I cut the ball joint shanks as nylon nut was a nightmare! Newer nuts are metal self lockers and should come off easier. see my thread but without photobucket pictures! http://www.bavarian-board.co.uk/forum_posts.asp?TID=50152&title=e60-545i-diy-front-strut-removal
  10. I've got 17" winters on my F10, never driven in anything other than slight slush.....but it's the water shedding abilities and another inch of rubber to protect the rims from the worst of the road surface potholes at that time year that are worth it.
  11. Yup, that was the figure I was quoted for fixing the E60 box, hence F10 now.
  12. If you go to 205 width from 225 width, you should make the aspect ratio bigger to 60 to keep the rolling radii the same. www.willtheyfit.com But yes the idea with winter tyres is narrower is better as it cuts thru snow down to the road surface I think.
  13. Not even the 850 T-5R 5 cylinder turbo job? I fancied one of them until I found out it was wrong wheel drive.
  14. gratuitous car cleaning action xd

    Claying is extra to the cleaning process, it removes tree sap, tar and other contaminates so as to make your paint super smooth prior to application of polish which is still part of the cleaning process. A wax or sealant is what actually protects your car. But you want a really clean car before you wax or put sealant on it to get the best finish.
  15. Mine went 42,000 miles this morning.
  16. The London's Garden Bridge scheme has been scrapped. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40921373 Why its has taken this long to scrap it, is beyond me. I can't actually believe that someone thought it was o.k. to use tax payers money for this scheme in the first place. Building new bridges as part of new road or rail networks which benefit everyday people going about their daily business but a vanity project like this seriously? Still can't comprehend the amount that has been spent on it so far, over £30 million!
  17. They will need to buy a swathe of land 1 mile wide to get the railway infrastructure in. Buying land = plenty! I was involved in the re-opening of the line to Galashiels and the biggest issue was buying land back. By the time you have graded the earthworks back, the land take for a railway is not as small as you think! What with room for safe walking routes, vehicle access points, Overhead Line Equipment, Signalling Equipment etc, it all adds up.
  18. Boooo, that's just giving into the ecomentalists! Want petrol V8 or a turbo'd 6 pot. Standard vehicle of choice used by mummy's on a the skool run.
  19. +1 I'm just diy, but if its for the trade then different ball game. There are probably loads of different brands that will be be fine for what you need, you will get lots of different recommendations as folk have found a particular tool that they like and have got used too. Buy what one feels right at the price that feels right.
  20. Like you wouldn't believe mate! I can cope with the power being nearly the same, but it doesn't sound the same as the V8 on full chat. The 6 pot was maxed out this morning, lovely note, but its not a V8. As long as this ones autobox holds out..........
  21. Right that's the air filter. I had it in my head from remembering under the bonnet on my dads 530d that the air filter was something different. I understand the water path but just couldn't figure out the yellowish gasket in the photos. Thanks.
  22. Only in Diesel so a big hell NO from me! But Jeremy Clarkson loves those things so they must be good.
  23. I have a love hate relationship with cordless tools. Drill in my case used for drilling and screw driving The battery is flat when you need it, you charge it up for hours then it goes flat after half a shift. The charger then fails so you have to buy another, then the battery fails so you buy another cordless drill. I use a trusty Black and Decker drill for drilling holes then use a stubby 3/8" drive ratchet with a 1/4" hex bit holder for doing up screws when I run out of puff with my Stanley Fat Max Pizzi drive #2. Job done, but probably taken longer.......
  24. @Matthew Ashton at the risk of sounding daft......what are these pictures showing? The yellow gasket, what's that from? It's the things that sit directly behind each strut mount but, noticeable in the photo below next to the red positive jump start terminal ....Its not an air filter, nor cabin filter, I am confused by the white stuff that looks like filter material. What is it?
  25. Also got a text from the dealer that sold me it, asking if I was still happy with my 535. Felt like texting back asking to let me know if they get in a 550i with a 3AC towbar.......yeah odds on that one.....