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  1. I'm after two new front tyres 245/40 R19. The ones that were fitted were Michelin Primacy HP ZP, I only ever drove my car on these when they were quite worn, hence why they are now scrapped. Anyone got experience of driving their F10 on these tyres. I would welcome some thoughts on them. These were the original tyres fitted by BMW when the car was new. If they were good enough for BMW to fit new, they must be worth reconsidering, is the way I look at it...... Thanks
  2. Another of my childhood favorites has sadly died. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40335213 Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub.....
  3. I saw 26 deg on the wifes Kuga in Aviemore yesterday which is scorchio for this far north.
  4. Get yourself booked in, some places might have a waiting list....especially if you are looking at leaving the car for a day.
  5. You are right. It's horses for courses. I will have lost that on my F10 which I bought after my E60's E clutch failed. I had other issues that would have needing sorted but with it being my daily driver and lack of spare time due to family commitments, I listened to my head and the wife (but don't tell her that) and the E60 went for the F10.
  6. If it's a front bearing, you can tell on cornering. If it's a nearside bearing noise gets worse on right hand corners and less on left hand bends as the bearing is loaded and unloaded. Mine was quite obvious to feel and here when I had stripped the brakes a few months earlier. Not quite so easy to tell on a rear bearing.
  7. ^Exactly, so if the box comes out, refurb the whole lot, which costs nearly as much as the trade in value of the older ones.
  8. There is also HBR in Dumbarton. They did the wheels of a colleagues fathers Discovery. He was pleased with the result but I wasn't convinced when I spoke to them.... They are the right side of Glasgow for me, not sure about yourself.
  9. Oh and finishing wise, I use a sealant, rather than a wax. I wanted the silver paint to sparkle so the best finish after polishing was to use a sealant, rather than a wax. Waxes are better for a 'wet look' which works well on white, black or dark colours. Yours might suit a wet look on the darker paint colour to my silver cars. But its down to personal preference what you use.
  10. If you click the link in my earlier post, I think I list what I used. Pics of my last E60 being shined up http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=83682 My gear came from Clean your Car. Polished Bliss is good for reading up on how to do stuff. I also watched loads of videos on youtube with Porter Cable machines in the days before you could by 230V dual action machine polishers. Sadly with the litt'un now on the scene, spending all day washing, drying, claying, polishing and sealing cars is long gone.
  11. Machine buffer? I've used Menzerna polish with great success on my BMWs and the wife's black Focus with my Megs dual action machine polisher. The Volkswagen paint should be atleast of medium to hard so ideal for machine polishing.
  12. Nice enough E39 520i spotted parked outside my office on St Vincient Street Glasgow, 9:45 16 th June.
  13. That's a good thing. Keep that up. I bet if its had that amount of oil changes with that mileage, the engine will still sound nice and smooth.
  14. If you can get the VIn and run it thru https://www.bmwvin.com/ It will list all the options including high beam assist. The adds describing cars these days tend to be very poor not to mention written in poor English and tend to only state the obvious like electric windows and mirrors......not useful stuff like the options.
  15. £1100 (albeit exc vat) is near enough half what other places quote for a 6HP rebuild. I got quotes between £2.6k and £3.2k for a rebuild inc VAT. Both were excluding mechatronic unit. Old one would go back in, as you said, its programmed to your chassis.
  16. Unless it's giving problems in service, it's a fit and forget. It's at the rear of the engine like the infamous N47 engine so if it did give issues in service it's an engine out job to sort I would imagine. In days of my Senator ownership there was long chats about replacing bits of the chain drive system at high mileage but the general consensus is that you leave all well alone. Replacing just a guide or just a tensioner will stress up other original parts and can actually do more harm than good. Regular oil changes are the best prevention when it comes to looking after chains.
  17. Keep us posted on the outcome.
  18. Powder coated and painted? Two processes? That's unusual and surprised he only paid what he did if he got both done.
  19. Just saw this on the Beeb. The original Batman has sadly died, I loved those episodes as a kid. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40235142
  20. ^it is yes. I got my second oil filter as part of value line service parts from BMW which included cabin pollen filters which are on the same 2 year replacement cycle as the oil filter if your annual mileage is low.
  21. A Landrover will always get you there but it might not get you home!
  22. Thats the whole point of the forums. Learn from others. Keeps the bills down too.
  23. Well you did ask......