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  1. Stiff steering

    Other than low fluid or a problem with getting drive to the power steering pump. Air lock in the power steering fluid. Turn the steering wheel lock to lock a few times, usually gets rid of any air locks.
  2. Brake warning light F11

    2-3 mm friction material on your pads means they are due for a change. Wear indicator will warn at 3.7mm pad friction. Sometimes the minimum disc thickness is marked on the disc. Without knowing what flavour of F11 you drive (brake disc size varies with engine output) it's tricky to tell but you will get that info from newtis. A quick look on newtis suggests the maximum wear on rear discs for mine is 2.4 mm from original thickness. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-lim_201301/repair-manuals/34-brakes/34-21-rear-wheel-brakes/HNtxI062 From this you can see my rear brake discs are scrap when they get to 22.4 mm thickness. This also tells you when its acceptable to only change pads without doing discs too.
  3. Hi....

    Oooooh a petrol F11. Likey.
  4. BMW 530d e60 2006 gearbox fault

    You need to read the diagnostic fault codes which are stored in the cars ecu. The warning light on the dash doesn't tell you anything. A fault with the gearbox could be one of many many things and needs looking at by a transmission specialist ideally but any decent local garage should be able to read your fault codes for a fee.
  5. I was playing with Eco mode on Friday using it on a dual carriage way switching to Eco mode just before I started to coast to the roundabouts. It does not disconnect the gearbox from the engine as under braking I could see my rev counter rise each time there was a downshift. So its not a complete freewheeling coast in my pre LCi.
  6. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    Pre 06 545i is lower tax band. 333 bhp for £300 ish a year. .......if you can live with the oil leaks.
  7. New to F11, any advice?

    If it's an N47 engine then yes it might suffer from the rattly timing chain. Rear air springs can leak and you open the front door one morning to see its ass on the floor. Look for evidence that the air con condenser had been replaced. Read the thread on here regarding the yellow grommet. Link below Towbar - only one sensible choice. The Westfalia detachable and the associated Westfalia wiring loom is what you want. It's OEM and very easy to diy fit. A few guys on here have fitted it to their F11s and I've fitted one to my dads F10. It can't be seen when not in use. Ideal.
  8. Which Alloys

    Thats good to know. How do you find the choice of winter boots in 9x19 size? I wouldn't have thought there was a huge choice at the required tyre size.
  9. Which Alloys

    Oh I like those 408s. They fit ok? I take it you are running them with spacers?
  10. Which Alloys

    Remove the bolts and clean up using a wire brush in a drill. Push shank thru a bit of cardboard and spray paint the heads of the bolts. Don't get paint on the threads. Choose the paint carefully as it will get chipped off every time the wheels go on and off and look worse than rusty bolt heads.
  11. Which Alloys

    That sounds painful! You want to go and see a Doctor about that mate.
  12. Which Alloys

    I have 19" 351s on mine. Checking out the chassis number it should have 18" 350s which are 7 spoke standard MSport wheels. I also have 17" 327s shod in winter rubber which are forgiving on the potholes. But they look 520d poverty spec! What I wish I had was 613 18" winters, these are LCi 5 spoke and very similar to the 351s and look much better than my 327s. I got my 351s powder coated last year in a slightly darker shade which lifts the car being plain Jane silver.
  13. Refurbed wheels from Pentland powdercoating

    That is a very good price. Get new ///M stickers on them £10 for 4 genuine ones and get new roundels, very genuine fake ones from eBay shipped from China for less than a tenner but will only last a year or get real ones for about £40. That will set your wheels off nicely!
  14. Help deciphering BMW cryptic fuse symbology

    Use newtis to look for the circuit diagrams which then give the fuse numbers. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/ Enter your last 7 digits of your chassis number.
  15. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    Very early ones didn't have the mode switch, slightly newer ones had the mode switch but only 3 modes. Newer models again have the 4 modes talked about in your t'other thread.
  16. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    No you are right! I've just driven mine now. Small movements are all that's needed to go between N and R or D. I can't figure out the need for it either. It's not for knocking it over into M/S either. I have sports auto but it does the same.
  17. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    Small movements of the gear stick are used for going up and down in manual mode. Large movements are for shifting into D and R from N or P. I certainly move it further going between D and R I think. You've got me thinking now......I'll need to check when I get into mine tonight.
  18. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    I looked at them before I went for my first E60. A V8 powered E60 is the ultimate sleeper. It looks like a 520d (to the uneducated) but a 520d that can scare Porsche drivers. A VXR8 in red isn't very subtle, but makes a great noise esp if its a Bathurst variant!
  19. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    Had a play with the TC button this morning. First press, idrive displays "Optimum traction with restricted stabilisation" Second press, idrive displays "Dynmaic driving without driving stabilisation" I'm guessing that by pressing the TC alters the car as above but without changing the throttle response and gearbox shift pattern. For change in throttle response box shift pattern, is that what you need the sport and sport + modes for? I used to fully switch the traction off in the E60 in the snow, but in the F10 with its winter boots on I've just left it in comfort (with TC on) and have had little wheel slip.
  20. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    I have never played with the TC in mine. It's always on. The E60 you could switch it off then hold it down for 10 seconds to fully switch it off. Does the F10 have something similar then?
  21. The Westfalia kit does not need the connection to the centre brake light to make it work. This connection is a back up so in case of a failure you will still be able to power the trailers brake lights. It sounds like the cars lighting module is detecting the Westfalia module as an additional electrical load on the brake light circuit and not liking it, hence your sporadic warning. Try disconnecting this connection and check your trailer still works. I had similar issues fitting a Westfalia towbar electrical kit on my dad's F10.
  22. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    I loved my 545i, I was gutted when the first one was stolen and even more upset when the second one had to go because I know there is very high likely hood that I will never ever own another V8. If you have the opportunity to own a V8, go for it, as sadly the governments and the ecomentalists of this isle really don't want you to own one!
  23. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    My switches Are yours different then @bmwmike?
  24. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    Indeed. I buy OEM from them, usually combined with a nice flash code offering up to a 50% discount.
  25. F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    WBAC took £40 off my E60 price for having a service book with my signature in it referencing the wad of BMW receipts I handed over with me doing diy servicing. Their argument was its not a fully dealer stamped book. I saved way more than £40 doing the servicing myself, I had fun doing it and my dad helped me so it was a great way to spend time with my dad.