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  1. Wwwwwwwhhhhhaaattttt The driving instructor asked if he was ok as the poor sod on the bike has cut his face but...That cyclist is bound to have damaged the car and just simply got back on his bike and left the scene of an accident, without exchanging details. We would have the boys in blue round at the door if we did that....
  2. Buy a diesel Mondeo or Passat/CCand They are decent enough barges (as much as diesel and wrong wheel drive can be) to get you about. E60 IMO are getting a bit of a liability now with the twin turbo jobs needing tlc and there is always the risk that the autobox E clutch letting go and forcing you (me!) to get an F10...... AtLeast you won't have the dreaded dpf issue as at that mileage you will get good regens done!
  3. ^what he said. If they weren't dipped in acid to clean them, they should have been shot blasted, which will remove brake dust, oil, grease and silicon. Anything else and the rim won't be clean enough to take the new paint and lacquer. My alloys style 351 19" have just been powder coated and spent 3 days in an acid bath stripping off the previous ham fisted attempts by AUC car prep. Came out as good as new. Cost each £65 excl VAT and tyre fitting, balance and valve. Painting is cheaper. Smaller wheels cheaper again. For £130, tell me you are getting two done for that price.....or are they diamond cut jobs!
  4. Just out of interest do you mean when the car is meant to be off/asleep?
  5. Yup http://www.bavarian-board.co.uk/forum_posts.asp?TID=48562&title=e60-parking-sensor-rear-replacement £20 for an OEM sensor for my E60 from eBay fitted it in 30 mins, piece of cake.
  6. Correct. I fitted a relay for towbar wiring as per Westfalia instructions on my dads F10 and it sensed the electrical load of the Westfalia relay and fired off all sorts of warnings. Had to bin it and buy a different relay to fit direct to battery. It would do the same with a camera. It would be simple enough to run a wire from a battery terminal in the boot to the glovebox.
  7. Many thanks for the write up. Wish I had one fitted today to have caught a suicidal cyclist.
  8. Nice car, pitty there is an E24 parked infront of it.
  9. Thats exactly my point. If I had moved off a few seconds earlier, I would have hit him. It would have been my fault as recent law change means the car driver is initially blamed and has to prove his innocence. But here is the fact. Why, when he approached the same roundabout, did he not just simply queue up like vehicles, instead of undertaking the cars and putting himself in a life threatening position. Does he not have loved ones at home? As others have said I treat cyclists like a small car, I completely cross to the other side of the road when overtaking them. If he had queued behind the car he first approached, he then takes up the space of a small car, leaving in effect a safety area around him, but no, this one sneaked up down the left hand side. I got a real fright because if I had moved earlier, he would have been a smear on the Tarmac.
  10. Reported frequently in my industry magazines, HGVs have knocked down cyclists in London, most of which appear to be when the heavy was turning left. Far too many pictures of tarps draped over the left hand side of the HGV at road junctions.
  11. I think the last few posts on here prove the point. lol
  12. On the way to work this morning. I'm the third car at a queue at a roundabout. I'm indicating to turn left and I'm slightly too far away from the kerb for perfect road position. Middle aged bloke (i.e. old enough to know better) on his bike then squeezes his way down my left hand side and sneaks into the safe gap I've left between me and the car in front as we start to move. Undertaking on the left hand side of a vehicle that is indicating to turn left is just suicide. Why put yourself in that dangerous position? Why risk not coming home tonight? And yes I was definitely indicating which I know can be rare for a BMW driver to do. What a fright he gave me as he just appeared moments before I moved off. If I had hit him, it would have been my fault. Do not pass go, do not collect £200, go straight to jail. ...and breathe...
  13. Must be, but then again paper records can be kept and there is an electronic record at that dealer.... Must be so that its kept 'in' the car so to speak electronically.
  14. But they are famously bad for emissions! A really crap engine which is bad for the environment makes it less bad for the environment when the leccy gets switched on. Not to mention all the pollution during the making of it all.
  15. When I was reading ISTA on how to swap out a rear spring on the F10, which I got done under warranty on one side and thinking about diying the other side, you need to code the new strut! ISTA says.... Code spring strut with ISID tester and check software version How? Why? Its not like it has an electronic sensor in it, how does the car know?