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  1. ^I'm sure folk on here have mentioned prices north of £500 for a new condenser. £300 is much more palatable. Even BMW admit its only a 90 min job tops, as lets face it they have replaced one or two in their time of F10's being on the road.
  2. Yup, I scrubbed my tyres on my driveway testing this out, going from full lock to full lock a couple of times. Left circular marks on the paving blocks for months.
  3. You can now justifiably wear "smug face". Good shout My last two BMW bills have been £0.00 thanks to warranty and previous owners service plan. Its a nice feeling knowing it was fixed for the square root of jack to you.
  4. A buzz form the car when you unlock it may be the fuel pump priming up the system in readiness for the engine about to start.
  5. Point 2, my last E60 had something similar. Even with iDrive vents set to cold, I still got warm air in the cabin even when heater dials were at max cold. It was like the heater valves were sticking or there were no signals going from the heater dials to control the water valves. What appeared to do the trick was to turn each heater dial from full hot-cold-hot a couple of times and that seemed to then work and I then got whatever temp I wanted from the system by turning the dial. Never figured out what was wrong. It was only a problem on the 2 or 3 really hot days a year that you get up here in Scotland! Point 5, my first E60 suffered from a battery drain, turned out to be the ABS unit that was draining it, replaced under warranty at a cost of over £1k. The battery went flat a week later, but I never got to find out what was the fault
  6. Dr

    I use the limit function (LIM) when in built up areas (30 zones) I find it better than the cruise as you can slow down without having to cancel anything but as long as you don't floor it, will never go faster than whatever you set it. It must be slow in Eco mode, mine feels like it has got shackles on in that mode. I don't feel my trailer behind my F10. Doesn't help that I can't see it in my mirrors either!
  7. I was out the house before my littl'un was up, reading all the news as it unfolded yesterday, I made sure she got a big hug from daddy when I got home last night. When I was in the bathroom last night, she came in and said "I love you daddy", which was the first time I had heard her say that. Makes you think how lucky you are and that I can't even begin to contemplate what must be going thru the minds of the parents who have lost their own flesh and blood in this senseless attack. Why?
  8. Its not, I was talking rubbish it is actually 29.1mpg in the 5999 miles since I rest the journey computer. The average on my dash trip is 28.6mpg. I must have done more averages above 30mpg than I thought then. Surprised at that! Bottom line is that it is most economical BMW I've owned.
  9. You would need to prove that the recall work was responsible for the subsequent breakdown. As you are near me, which dealer did the recall?
  10. Oooooooooh yeeeess!
  11. I liked the spy who loved me but that was mostly due to Ringo Starr's Mrs being in it. Jammy git Sir Roger, you got to "act" with some quite yummy Bond Girls!
  12. I put better locking wheel bolts on mine and powder coated my 351 rims. Funds are going elsewhere at present. Keep it tasteful as you can go very very wrong with retro fit accessories.
  13. Yeah I've seen them on ebay. They get some mixed reviews, appear to be very hit and miss. I don't like the idea of making such a big hole in the plasterboard as the actual radiator fixing is quite small. But I have found a source of additional radiator fixings, so using more fixings lessens the load on each individual fixing, meaning smaller ones can be used.
  14. Yeah he was my favorite Bond as a kid, Octopussy was one of the first I remember watching.
  15. No, really not. +1.