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  1. I've been driving a car with a runaway engine. I drove a colleagues company car, he warned me of the fault before the garage could fix it. It took them 3 attempts. The revs would lock on and you were left effectively driving at 72mph without your foot off the throttle, but you could override it with the brakes and dip the clutch or shift into Neutral. After a few seconds of it screaming its head off the revs would die down to normal and be fine.
  2. If you have just bought it from BMW via AUC then it will definitely be covered by a warranty. Check the small print from whoever you bought it from for any details about what is covered by their warranties. Not all warranties cover every part of the car unfortunately. But because its common its relatively cheap to fix as dealers and specialists have done lots of them now even if not covered.
  3. Meant to add, I've never used BM Motors nor have any connection to them but the boys in the local BMWCC use him regularly, and speak highly.
  4. You've got a leak from your OSR air spring. Or somewhere else in the air lines. Assuming the NSR air spring is still o.k.
  5. Could be the TC or it could be anyone of the gazillion components in the autobox or mechatronic unit. It needs to go to a Transmission Specialist for a pucker diagnostic. Anything gearbox related is pure guess work. A worn prop shaft UJ or rubber donut would be easy to spot underneath, but a leaking bridge seal between your autobox and mechatronic unit isn't. I went into limp mode in my E60, big red lights on dash implying Autobox fault. Took it to a transmission specialist who could not fault it, serviced it and replaced the mechatronic plug sealing sleeve and relieved me of £400. A few weeks later, same fault happened except I lost drive completely whilst overtaking on the M74. Back to transmission specialist who this time diagnosed worn E clutch, cure for which was a recon box at price = trade in value, so I now have the F10.
  6. BM Motors in Law. http://www.bmwccscotland.co.uk/bmmotors/
  7. I didn't have that luxury, the E clutch went in the autobox of my E60 on the Thursday and I found my F10 via BMW AUC on the Friday and bought it over the phone on the Saturday. The only criteria was Petrol, so the winter tyres, split folding rear seats and 3AC towbar were all a brucey bonus to me.
  8. and It you look closely in the top right corner of the photo you will see the littl'uns "Frozen" scooter so not quite the full on butch look I was clearly going for. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday cutting and splitting the logs with more masculine tools such as bow saws, log grenade, sledge hammers, felling axes, a chain saw, kindling axe, lump hammer.....and then spent Sunday evening in my local A&E dept when a piece of log fell out of the loft in my garage where I was storing it and hit me on the head gashing it open about 2" long. The piece of log in question is fine, by the way.
  9. Dr

    You can buy a dog trailer http://davidmurphytowing.com/trailers/dog-trailers#results You could modify that if you want for transporting your offspring.......
  10. ^ Lol, I never said they were common! It's hard enough trying to spot a petrol 5 Series these days, I've never seen a petrol F01 I don't think. The 7 is indeed a good bit bigger than a 5 but you do need to park next to one to see. The family resemblance makes spotting is it a 5 or a 7 a bit harder from a distance.
  11. It's fed the engine its own sump oil as fuel. Sump level has risen due to failed dpf regens (hence the dpf warning) and has probably over flowed via the oil feed to the turbo bearings and the turbo has then force fed the engine oil as fuel into the cylinders...... and the inevitable happens. Didnt want to brake in case he skidded? There is more to this story. You can apply the brakes gently, you know as you would when driving normally...... Or shift into neutral......
  12. 535ds are rare, 535i are even rarer Mine is registered as a 535i M Sport Turbo Auto, one of 40 on the road. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/bmw_535i_m_sport_turbo_auto
  13. ^Even a blown autobox would still be financially worth repairing. 3.0d engines are ten a penny so it can't be the engine. Weird.
  14. I'm just warming the planet up a bit! Would you rather it was cold and icy?
  15. I watched an interview given by the bombers father, saying he didn't know what he son was up to. Ok so why then if you had just lost your child were you not still wringing your eyes out or holding your head in your hands or sitting slumped in a chair looking like your world has caved in? He didn't even appear upset nor show any sign of sadness or even have slightly red eyes from shedding a few tears. Hmmmm, this was just before he was lifted by the authorities. If I lost my child I would be in bits. Something not right there!