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  1. If the existing side lights are filament type of say 5W, you will need a ballast resistance in the circuit with the LED so as not to confuse the cars bulb failure warning system. Some kits come with these resisters built into the LEDs. Google it, there should be plenty out there.
  2. Yeah on detailing world there was a guy who bought a brand new Astra Nurburgring who was planning a monster detail on it as soon as he got it home after spending half an hour with it on his own at the dealership to fully inspect it and would have considered rejecting the car if the paint thickness which he measured with a gadget was not in his opinion satisfactory. It's a fecking Astra with far too much Bhp thru the wrong wheels of a dreadful chassis with go faster stripes. If you want serious detailing anal nutbag stuff have a read of this.... http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=81391 ....and you thought I was joking!
  3. I let the wife drive it!
  4. Welcome to the forum. It could just be low on fuel or need a fuel filter change. The older Diesel stop start technology used to stop working when the glow plugs and or injectors were showing their age, the car then thinks there is a risk that it won't restart if the glow plugs or injectors have a niggle so it won't switch off in the first place. The newer cars may be similar affected. In all honesty it could be anything including a duff battery (you need plenty of juice from the battery to crank an engine) so the best thing to do is get your codes read.
  5. You and me both! Thanks. I want to be 100% sure it gives me all the pins as live before ordering. Thanks for your time.
  6. Hi, I have towbar 3AC on my F10. Not all the pins in the socket are present thus I do not have an ignition switched supply into the socket to allow me to charge a caravan battery when towing. I have been advised by Westfalia that the replacement socket 71 60 6 875 018 will have all the pins wired. Can you confirm if this is the case? Can you confirm what is included with part 71 60 6 875 018? If you have one in stock can you photograph the contents please? Can you advise cost of part 71 60 6 875 018 please? Thanks Andrew
  7. Yeah mine had never worked from when I first did it, but having a play with it this morning mindful of this thread, I tried again and successfully managed to save the rft reset button and oil level measurement to buttons 7 & 8. Engine was off but ignition still on. I was possibly trying to do it with the engine running (that might make a difference) or thinking again it's more likely that it might have been on the other key fob!
  8. You don't want to get it wrong so I would go with what the last two have said. I would take it to a transmission specialist fir them to do. It's too risky having it in the air on axle stands while engaging all the gears...you also need means to take temperatures of the gearbox and fluid and a pump to put the right amount of fluid in the sump in the first place. Saying that I've gone out and bought tools specifically for one job, but got more than that back on the saving in labour.
  9. Offset has nothing to do with tyre width. Offset is the distance from the centre line of the wheel (of any given width) to where it bolts to the hub, I.e the hub mating face. Offset is how much the wheel sticks in or out from the hub. Width is measured in inches for the rims and confusingly width is measured in mm for tyre width.
  10. Folk mown down too, thoughts with the injured.
  11. They will do as the car will be very confused as to what its different wheels are all doing as you have the wrong size of tyres so the ratio between front and rear is wrong. You are running the right size of tyre on the front for spiders but your rear is too big and as a result the car thinks the rear wheels are going round slower than the front which will upset everything that takes input from the wheel sensors. The car takes a few hundred meters to measure everything before it decides to throw a wobbly when it realises all is not well between front and rear axle speeds. You can get a 245 to sit on a 9.5J? I have 245 on an 8.5J and they look stretched. 245 is best suited to 8J wheels IMO.
  12. 19" on E60 should have a 30 profile, certainly not a 40 profile on a 275 width. Not surprised you are having issues. What size are you running at the front?
  13. Think so, the paint/corrosion warranty is longer than 3 years.
  14. Tried several times this morning on parking the car. Ignition off and turned the wheel as you would to engage lock but nothing, all I got was movement of the front tyres.