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  1. Shocked at trade in value of F11

    You are lucky you have only lost 4k on it. Having That dealers stamps in a service book should reduce the price even more! Going form a 5 to 3 will be hard. My mum has a relatively well specced F30 in 2.0 petrol Xdrive flavour and is equipped with winter tyres so I just kept going thru the snow we had recently but It's fit and finish and refinement are below that in my F10. A 340i in saloon or touring with lots of toys would be very different.
  2. Shocked at trade in value of F11

    This. As the 520d is really common, older ones suffer from timing chains made from cheese and the world is now thinking Diesels are bad, the trade in value will plummet. The F10/11 residuals appears to have taken a real hit since the G30 was launched.
  3. Rear tyre wear on inside edge

    No your tech is talking mince. All E39s and E60s regardless of trim/spec have cam headed bolts or cam shaped (eccentric) washers to allow the rear suspension arms to be adjusted. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DD42-EUR-06-1998-E39-BMW-523i&diagId=33_0519 show your tech how many time the word "eccentric" is shown on the parts list in the above link and them don't go back to that garage.
  4. E61 ‘eyebrow’ yellow light

    Are they both off? My last E60 after I bought it, I noticed that both didn't work. I checked with a 9V battery and they worked. Dealer reprogrammed it under warranty.
  5. Does it happen at a particular engine rpm or in a certain rev range? It will be something thing on the turbo actuation side of things, but pinpointing it will be tricky thing. It could be a small hole in a line that only opens up under certain pressures or temps. Needs a good poke about to see if there is anything obvious.
  6. Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Good luck with the new wheels. Re the magic carpet lights, not much use if you want to walk in the other direction.......
  7. If you have powder coated or diamond cut alloys find a tyre fitter with a leverless tyre machine. That way the tyre is fitted by a machine that doesn't require the tyre fitter to lever against the rim and possibly damage it. You don't need to change pressures between winter and summer seasons unless you are changing the tyres to winter tyres which may run at a different pressure (M+S).
  8. Lol, I haven't seen one of those in nearly 11 years, when I chopped in my
  9. Its a six cylinder petrol powered rear wheel drive car. What's not to like? That makes it pretty rare in today's dreary sea of 4 pot transverse mounted DIEsel powered snot boxes.
  10. Engine noise under load

    Isn't one of the main ZF UK agent not in or near that part of the world? https://www.zf.com/corporate/en_de/company/company_profile_zf/locations_worldwide/europe/great-britain_locations/great_britain_zfworldwide.jsp But my geography of deepest darkest Ingurlandshire isn't great.
  11. Brake warning light F11

    It's not a bad price at all considering its £100 per hour labour before vat. Pads and sensor would be atleast £50. Or they were that for my E60 on value line from BMW 4 or 5 years ago.
  12. Engine noise under load

    All autos will creep. In drive you will always get the car trying to move or creep in D or R. When the engine is cold in will idle faster making it then creep faster so you need to be aware when manoeuvring when it's cold. Glad it's all sorted, it always makes you wish you had it serviced sooner!
  13. Engine noise under load

    Did the they give any indication as to why the box was the source of the noise? Usually these things are very quiet. My E60 was much smoother after a 'box service it can be very noticeable.
  14. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    So it's sat around not doing much. Screams out, why!
  15. Rear tyre wear on inside edge

    My E60 with spot on wheel alignment and 9" wide rear tyres would wear them down to the canvas in 22k miles. These were OEM Dunlop, not cheap nasty ditch finders. Alignment was checked regularly and car was pin sharp to drive so I know nothing was out. Anything with a bit of twist and wide rear tyres will wear them out on the inner edges. Although same width of tyres on the F10 and no wear on inner edges.
  16. Brake warning light F11

    Even BMW themselves don't look too closely at what the idrive is saying. My E60 had 40k remaining on the rear brake pads according to the idrive when BMW told me the rear pads were wearing and needed replaced. Local trusted Indy a few months later said same thing even though idrive was saying 39k remaining. I then replaced them myself. Go with what friction material is left on the pads, not what a computer screen is saying.
  17. Stiff steering

    Other than low fluid or a problem with getting drive to the power steering pump. Air lock in the power steering fluid. Turn the steering wheel lock to lock a few times, usually gets rid of any air locks.
  18. Brake warning light F11

    2-3 mm friction material on your pads means they are due for a change. Wear indicator will warn at 3.7mm pad friction. Sometimes the minimum disc thickness is marked on the disc. Without knowing what flavour of F11 you drive (brake disc size varies with engine output) it's tricky to tell but you will get that info from newtis. A quick look on newtis suggests the maximum wear on rear discs for mine is 2.4 mm from original thickness. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-lim_201301/repair-manuals/34-brakes/34-21-rear-wheel-brakes/HNtxI062 From this you can see my rear brake discs are scrap when they get to 22.4 mm thickness. This also tells you when its acceptable to only change pads without doing discs too.
  19. Hi....

    Oooooh a petrol F11. Likey.
  20. BMW 530d e60 2006 gearbox fault

    You need to read the diagnostic fault codes which are stored in the cars ecu. The warning light on the dash doesn't tell you anything. A fault with the gearbox could be one of many many things and needs looking at by a transmission specialist ideally but any decent local garage should be able to read your fault codes for a fee.
  21. I was playing with Eco mode on Friday using it on a dual carriage way switching to Eco mode just before I started to coast to the roundabouts. It does not disconnect the gearbox from the engine as under braking I could see my rev counter rise each time there was a downshift. So its not a complete freewheeling coast in my pre LCi.
  22. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    Pre 06 545i is lower tax band. 333 bhp for £300 ish a year. .......if you can live with the oil leaks.
  23. New to F11, any advice?

    If it's an N47 engine then yes it might suffer from the rattly timing chain. Rear air springs can leak and you open the front door one morning to see its ass on the floor. Look for evidence that the air con condenser had been replaced. Read the thread on here regarding the yellow grommet. Link below Towbar - only one sensible choice. The Westfalia detachable and the associated Westfalia wiring loom is what you want. It's OEM and very easy to diy fit. A few guys on here have fitted it to their F11s and I've fitted one to my dads F10. It can't be seen when not in use. Ideal.
  24. Which Alloys

    Thats good to know. How do you find the choice of winter boots in 9x19 size? I wouldn't have thought there was a huge choice at the required tyre size.
  25. Which Alloys

    Oh I like those 408s. They fit ok? I take it you are running them with spacers?