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  1. 535i Andrew

    F11 load capacity & leaving it in

    The only thing that might get a bit of damage is squashing of any trim or carpets locally to where the boxes are locally in contact with the car. You should be o.k.
  2. 535i Andrew

    F10 530d, Good or Bad

    They all drive well and with only those other requirements you will have plenty to choose from so you can afford to be fussy. Good luck with your search.
  3. 535i Andrew

    Goodbye F10...

    Likewise. Not much in it between 19" and 18". Big difference between 19" and 17" though. Are both your 19" and 18" rfts @Boba? I think there is a pressure given on the door slam for 20" which implies it's an option....checked on Realoem, yes style 281 and style 434 are 20". Bit gangsta though.
  4. 535i Andrew

    Servicing advice

    ^Likewise, that was my first service I've paid for in my car. The fact that you can get quotes online from BMW themselves should limit the opportunity for them to charge you for stuff you don't need. Going from the E39 to E60 with its CBS, meant I didn't get phone calls from the dealer saying I need new front brakes as the CBS on the idrive says otherwise. I got really annoyed with a dealer on my E39. In for a service and got told I needed new front discs and pads. I declined their offer and bought them myself, I had seen they were getting worm but still o.k. The parts were in the boot when it went back to the same dealer 9-10,000 miles later for another service. On collecting the car I asked about the condition of the front brakes and was told they were fine. I then asked why at the last service I was told I need new ones. The service manager looked very sheepish and mumbled something about that's just mechanics opinions. That dealer then went on to be bought by Douglas Park and the servicing quality really declined after that.
  5. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Three screws to remove trim above passenger footwell. Then it's another screw to undo the pollen filter cover I think and it's just a case of removing old and replacing with new noting which way the air flow goes.
  6. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    ^Very good @IINexusII I was at a four year olds birthday party. That was lots of fun......
  7. 535i Andrew

    Servicing advice

    So where is my car then? I know it's not that common but surely even BMW must acknowledge it's existence? Lol. Thats a big price difference for four spark plugs and another air filter between a 528i and a 550i service....as everything is the same on a 550i as a 528i.....
  8. 535i Andrew

    Servicing advice

    Apologies, yes it was with microfilter for that price. Thanks for that tip. I hadn't quite decided on filling out the service book. I haven't for when I replaced the air filter, but wrote on the invoice the date and mileage when fitted.
  9. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    What a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. It's always very satisfying doing things like that on the car yourself. Was that a service kit if some description as all the boxes look from the same manufacturer?
  10. 535i Andrew

    F10 in an accident - Burnham

    Hope they are o.k. Its always gut wrenching to see a car wrecked like that as you immediately think of the worst for the occupants. Passenger cell looks intact. They are robust cars and mine performed as it should to protect me when I was rear ended.
  11. 535i Andrew

    F10 530d, Good or Bad

    My dad had one for 5 years. He used it to tow with and said it was terrific. He had no issues with it in any way, other than we tackled the yellow grommet as Matthew mentioned but that's across the range not specific to the 530d. It was a great drive, engine was relentless and had plenty of grunt. Refined and smooth for a Diesel engine. If I did the mileage to warrant a Diesel the only thing that would beat it is a 535d. Needs long drives to get the DPF to regen and to keep it healthy but that's again not a criticism, just good advice for any Diesel engine. The N57 engine is well proven and doesn't shred its timing chain like the N47. It is however currently subjected to an EGR recall, so if looking at them make sure you don't smell coolant and the coolant level is spot on if the EGR has not been replaced. Look for signs of regular oil changes and decent service history. Other F10 issues include weak air con condensers, most have been replaced but make sure air is icy cold, difficult at this time of year though. The hardest bit will be finding one with the toys you decide you want in it.
  12. 535i Andrew

    Best car seat kick back mats?

    Yeah they are a lifesaver, especially the one under the car seat. Also prevents any marking of the leather from the seat base.
  13. 535i Andrew

    Servicing advice

    Regarding the cost you mentioned, I paid BMW £236 for an oil change (edit and microfilter) on my F10 just last month. Ten years ago, I paid the same dealer £195 for just an oil change on my E60. Add in a vehicle check which will be another hours labour alone, air filter, pollen filters and fuel filter plus labour to fit them, then your price of £370 sounds o.k. as the filter parts I've just mentioned will be near enough a further £100. I'm still using BMW for servicing as I want a stamp in my book. When I start diy servicing, I will probably still buy BMW parts (I have a good relationship with my local parts dept) and reference the invoices in the service book. I did similar on my E60, as it got older I bought OEM parts (from Eurocar parts) for some things like brake pads and air filters. Same brand as BMW supplied bits but not in a BMW box which can jack up the price. Critical parts like oil filters I still bought from BMW as it was only a few pence in the price difference. Mann are OEM so you won't go wrong with that. For piece of mind use a specialist that will fit genuine parts. But don't rule out OEM parts if they are significantly cheaper. Things like suspension arms and wheel bearings can be almost half the price bought elsewhere and it's the same bit as if supplied by BMW. BMW parts also carry a two year warranty. Servicing methods can be very subjective on cars, but main advice for I would say is to get your oil changed atleast once a year or 10,000 miles and not BMWs recommendation to keep the turbo and chains sweet. And yes, make sure it's LL04 oil that gets poured in. Doesn't matter which make as long as it's LL04 spec.
  14. 535i Andrew

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Drive at motorway speeds in 3rd gear to force a regen. Sounds line it's trying to do a regen but failing and has faulted. A specialist might be able to force a regen, or it needs replacing.
  15. 535i Andrew

    Auto box on 535d e61

    Yeah, that should have triggered a fault code but it needs reading. My E60 went into limp mode (transmissions fault like yours) then after a switch off and restart all was well and a few weeks later no fault codes were found. Again went into limp mode with transmission fault, again 'cleared' after a switch off and restart, but this time it left a code that was read only an hour or so after the event. Mine was an Eclutch fault which the cure was to rebuild the transmission, hence F10 ownership.