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  1. F10 Reverse light and/or Foglight warning

    I meant to look at mine last night for you and I'm in work now, sorry. Careful checking the reverse lights if yours is an auto As the only way to get reverse lights on in an auto is to engage reverse with the engine running. Ideally you need a second person to check the reverse lights work or to sit in the drivers seat pressing the brake pedal....what I'm saying is don't stand behind the car in reverse gear and only rely on the handbrake to hold it.
  2. Spotted! My Old Girl For Sale

    The guy selling it on eBay doesn't deserve to own it either after the grill, splitter and wheel mods!
  3. According to How many left, there are 308 535i M Sport Autos out there on the road. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/bmw_535i_m_sport_auto However, my log book states mine is a 535i M Sport Turbo Auto which makes it one of 40 out there on the road. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/bmw_535i_m_sport_turbo_auto No idea why mine is one of those as they are the same, it's just a quirk in the log books. I've only seen one 535i since ownership of mine and two prior to that. But either way, being 348 on the road won't throw up many in a search, hence the optimistic pricing on my part.
  4. F10 Reverse light and/or Foglight warning

    Fault with Fog and reverse suggests to me that it may be an issue with the wiring to the bootlid. Reverse certainly and I think Fog lights are in the cluster on the boot lid.They are only two filiament bulbs in the rear of the car. Check the holder on each light cluster and if no luck thee check the routing of the wires between the boot and the chassis. Common issue for wires to get chaffed on the flexing of the rubber duct on touring models of most types of BMWs, so not out of the realms of possibility on saloon models. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=FR72-EUR-01-2013-F10-BMW-535i&diagId=63_1214
  5. January 2013 made, but obviously to 2012 spec. It's a six pot with a single turbo, giving 306bhp and 400Nm of twist. A bit less than my E60 it replaced but it's more nimble than the E60 so it makes up for the lack of grunt. Glad it's the distance that's put you off and not the price!
  6. Bmw 90AH or Universal 110AH battery 760LI

    Makes sense, things have changed in the nearly 15 years since yours rolled off the production line. Go for the genuine one and make sure it gets coded to the car properly.
  7. I'll sell you a 535i MSport with 44k on the clock FBMWSH, 21 days left of service inclusive, it's in for an MOT on Friday. Split folding rear seats, grey leather, 3AC towbar, sport flappy paddles and a set of 17" 327 winters. Yours for £25k!
  8. Sensible man, you know it makes sense! Good luck finding, and I'm assuming, a petrol BMW, rather than something that has a soulless electric motor in it.
  9. Tow hitch bmw x3

    Hi Christina Sounds like it has a mechanical fault. I take it that the car isn't under any form of warranty? Reading the threads linked to above and the ones linked to that, you should find a very helpful member who should be able to supply a gear. But You should really get it checked out as it may be something else. The hard part will be to find a garage who is willing to look at the innards of the towbars working and is prepared to fix it. BMW only supply the part as a complete towbar assembly. Westfalia who make the towbar, are not obliged to supply spares outwith complete assemblies to the car manufacturers.
  10. Deer oh deer

    Sorry to hear that. I hit a deer back in 2001. Small thing, size of bambi jumped off a wall on the twisty bit on the A82 on the side of Loch Lomond. By the time I even managed to hit the brakes I had made contact with it. Its ar$e hit the headlight and its head hit the grill. It then bounced off an skidded under the armco barrier and went into the loch. Thank god it was a Toyota Avensis hire car. £1500 to fix. It would have written my Senator off at the time. I called the local Police to tell them, but they were only interested in taking action if I was injured (just shock) or if the deer was still lying in the road and posing a risk to others. A deer isn't owned by anyone so there is no loss to a third party, unlike a cow or dog etc.
  11. Bmw 90AH or Universal 110AH battery 760LI

    That smells a bit like BS to me, try another dealer? My E60 had a 110 ah battery. To me that's too big a difference in size, but things have moved on a bit since my E60 was made. But if the car is then coded properly so it knows it has a different sized battery, you might be o.k. What age is the V12?
  12. My thoughts exactly but because he is a big girls blouse and there has been a bit of snow and ice around Glasgow recently, he has not taken it out!
  13. Reliability

    Par for the course with Douglas Park!
  14. Bloke at work paid £2300 for a new DPF in his XJ Jag. He did short trips in it. He then sold it and bought another Jag, but this time he listened and bought a 5.0V8 XK!
  15. E34 Calypso touring plate ending YRX nr Callender

    If it's the one I know off, it's certainly not a V8, but a 525tds. Sounds good though. It belongs to a neighbours brother so it's occasionally parked up the road from me, I can't recall the drls though.
  16. F10 C??NNG in George Square, Glasgow

    It drew my attention as it had the same style 327 17" wheels as my winters, I then noticed that the front brake disc filled the alloy so agood sign it was a decent one and sure enough when I looked at the back end it was a fellow member of the twin single tail club. LCI Msport Tit Silver debadged, John Clark Dealer stickers. Parked in George Square Glasgow 09/01/18 12:35.
  17. E34 Calypso touring plate ending YRX nr Callender

    Are you sure the last letters were YRX? I know of a very nice Calypso E34 touring last letters of number plate being NRX. It has sport kit and paras. He is located in Central Scotland so being nr Callendar isn't out of the question. I know the driver (of NRX) after having spotted him a few times.
  18. Corrosion area's E60

    ^when mine was MOT at 12 years old, the examiner described it as solid underneath. No corrosion or knackered bushes. Still, it didn't stop the autobox blowing it's Eclutch three days later! Autoboxes, DPFs and water leaks frying electrics is what will kill E60s, not corrosion.
  19. Wheel colour?

    OEM colour is hyper silver. I got mine powder coated to match the existing colour and came back a shade darker, but it works on my silver car. Being in SW Scotland who are you using to do your wheels?
  20. V8 curiosity

    Not even oil leaks on the N62 variants?
  21. Corrosion area's E60

    Brake lines, that's what rusts on these things. I had my rear lines done at 10 years old having been picked up a couple of years before that on the MOT advisory list.
  22. Should be easy enough to swap the coil packs around and re read codes to determine if it is the coils. When I did the spark plugs on my E60, my dad said I should have changed the coils too, but at over £30 each I decided not too!
  23. Tow hitch bmw x3

    As above A quick check is to press and hold the button. This momentarily overrides the system and allows more current to go to the motor. This may allow it to overcome any stiffness from it not being used. If that fails then it may be a gearbox issue. I'm surprised it has failed as it really isn't that old. But you should be able to get the towbar removed. You will need the car reprogrammed or coded so it knows it no longer has the towbar fitted. This will cost but it will get rid of it once and for all.
  24. Today, If you buy a 2 year old Diesel and do short trips in it, it probably won't give you any grief (other than the usual BMW issues) until it's 5 or 6 years old. Then Punt it and buy another one so it's someone else's problem. The 6 pot Diesels are nice enough engines and in twin turbo from, spectacular.
  25. F10 windscreen washers - Frozen??

    Genuine BMW screenwash from my local dealer is £18 for 5 litres and neat is good for minus 63! Minus 9.5 where I was today but didn't need the skooshers.