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  1. Window Tints

    @sshooie and @Matthew Ashton What feature is it that you have that gives you the black section/trim to the lower part of your wing mirrors? First glance it looks like the facelifted mirrors with the side repeater built in, but its clear both your cars are pre facelift and the side repeaters are wing mounted like mine. The Touring really suits the light silver colour.
  2. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    Good man, you know it makes sense.
  3. New car time - decisions decisions

    I don't think @sshooie is old enough to drive a Jaaaaagg.
  4. 520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    Yup, same box in Jaaaaggs and same issue with the clutches in the 6HP box. Not unheard of with Jaaaaggs especially the more torquey ones blowing ZF 6HP boxes.
  5. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Was Bluetooth audio standard on LCi models? Saves plugging in your phone each time I suppose.
  6. Buying a F11 535d

    You see that's where you went wrong. You chopped in a V8 BMW for a VW, oh dear. Above what Matthew has said, look out for no aircon, the condensers fail on these and you get steamy windows. You open the front door one morning and see it's ass on the ground or the compressor constantly running or it will fire off an error message on the dash. There are a few threads on here relating to rear air spring issues, some are more than just a holed air bag. Air lines and compressor faults can give issues. But the guys on here who ride on a cushion of air say it's a very nice ride even with 19" rims. The Diesel version with the twin single tails wheelbarrow style are rare, touring versions rarer again. Good luck with your hunt. PS here is the info on the yellow grommet as a source of wet carpets.
  7. 520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    That's a good point. But would BMW or someone else be able to tell that it had a new sump and oil? BMW can only ex change complete transmissions and not take them apart. Although if if you had it serviced at say 40,000 miles, it's unlikely to fail and therefore need any warranty claim in the remaining warranty period. He says fingers crossed.
  8. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Mine aren't rusty which I'm surprised at. Given the rust I noticed on one of the hubs and the fact for the first 3 years of its life it spent up at the coast near Aberdeen!
  9. New car time - decisions decisions

    A 535d in SE guise, will be a great sleeper. You would be able to scare Porsche drivers who didn't notice the twin single tails.......
  10. Window Tints

    My dad has the factory fitted tinted rear windows and they look good compared to my non tinted windows. I'm looking at getting mine tinted to keep the littl'un out of the sun. I would only go to factory levels of tint as too much tint means you risk getting hassled at every traffic light you stop at from junkies looking to score.
  11. time to put summer tyres back on?

    Yes but only If you live somewhere, where the roads aren't full of potholes. I'm slightly reluctant to go back to my 19" as the roads are so bad where I am.
  12. 520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    You need 8 speeds on the engines that have a very short useful power range. So to allow them to get off the traffic lights without being beaten by the three cylinder Fiesta in the lane next to them, they have more gears which allows the engine to stay in its very short useful power band as it goes up the gears. If you have ever driven a manual 520d you will know what I mean. If you aren't in the engines sweet point you are now looking at that Fiestas back end. I don't need 8 gears in mine. 8 gears will improve your mpg, but you don't buy a 300 bhp car and worry about mpg. CVT, no way. Alot work of the work is done by the torque converter which makes it less efficient, thus higher emissions which is what car manufacturers are shying away from as it makes the road tax more (I know it's not a tax but it feels like it) which puts people off from buying it. And it makes the car sound like the theme tune to Bonanza.
  13. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Where are you gong to get them done? The guy that did mine in Paisley is no longer in business.
  14. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    530d No brainer! A B47 engined F10/11 will be thirstier than a N47 engine, but without the worry of timing chains made from cheese, but the N57 in the 530d will be far better.
  15. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    What flavour? Petrol or Diesel, V8 or 6 pot?
  16. OAP released on no charge

    A rare victory for common sense. Have two pints of Guinness on me OAP.
  17. F10 Grating Noise

    My dad got his front brake splash shields done under warranty on his Sep 2012 530d. It was in for a service and the dealer noticed they were corroded and ordered the part for fitting a few days later. My dad had never noticed a rattle. I suspect they were quiet and needed to keep a tech busy for a couple of hours at the cost of the warranty company.
  18. Get it confirmed but I suspect too, that's it's your timing chains that is the source of the rattle. You said your have had your car 6 months, is it still under a warranty? If so try and get it thru under warranty.
  19. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Is it? It's a penny more than when I filled up 4 weeks ago, so 66 pence spent more. but now the weather is better, I'll get better mpg and get my 66 pence back as it won't be idling to thaw it out. I don't really pay attention to the price of fuel. But it only gets Shell to drink, none of the Supermarket sludge, so I'm limited where I fill up locally.
  20. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    The two fewer cylinders will make little difference in servicing costs. You may only use slightly less volume of oil but the filters etc are all the same, pads and discs might be cheaper as I think they are smaller than a 530d but what you pay extra at the pumps, you will be rewarded in terms of refinement and sheer grunt. I watched an old Top Gear where Hammond drove the F10 M5 and the verdict was, buy a 530d it's all the 5 Series you need and you'll save 30 grand!
  21. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Gave mine a big drink I only managed 2.72 litres the night before. Pumped the tyres up, got 0.4 bar in both rear tyres, explains why the back end had felt soft in the last couple of weeks. Much better in the bends now even on 17" winters. Washed it, well just a power wash rinse and a snow foam as I've still not bought a replacement bucket yet for the one that broke! Hopefully I'll get the summer wheels on soon but I'll need to give them a good coating of wax or sealant first.
  22. 520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    If you have only had it a few months, is it covered by a warranty?
  23. Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    Your biggest decision is to buy a 530d it's much better and at the same age won't have the dreaded N47 engine which has the timing chains that rattle and require an engine out job to fix. It's worth a google on N47 so you are aware of the issue. I got my air con condenser replaced under AUC. Which is known weak point of the car. With a touring you want to watch out for sagging rear end which means one of your air springs had leaked. Guys on here have had air springs replaced under AUC. I doubt you will get any serving chucked in for free buying AUC. You can ask... AUC will give you piece of mind for a year.
  24. F07 electrics out

    And of course you keep your battery healthy with th Ctek charger. My E60 was still on its original battery when it went at nearly 12 years old. It was used to crank over the V8 in temps of minus double digits over two consecutive winters without issue. Although after having electrical issues on my Senator, I'm religious in switching all electrical items off before shutting down the engine and thus they are still off when cranking so less strain on the electrics at the critical time.
  25. F10 Grating Noise

    No, they don't. They are OEM and what I have on my front summer rims. But the worn ones they replaced made the front end a bit squirmy on poor road surfaces.