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  1. F10 530d Owner - Remap Question

    A remap will use more fuel. They all do, the primary aim of a remap is a claimed increase in power/torque. It will also potentially invalidate your insurance policy. If mpg really bothers you you can always flick it into Eco Slow mode and watch the range extend over many many miles. It will make the car numb to drive and you will be late for everything you drive too. But to quote Top Gear, a 530d in F10 guise is all the 5 Series you will ever need.
  2. Pointless BMW accessory of the week

    No nor do I, why cycle when you have a nice BMW to drive and you know, stay warm, stay dry, keep your internal organs where nature intended........
  3. E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    That would be my first area to check. Take the underbelly off to see if there is any sign of a leak on it. Put some clean cardboard down and park over that to see if there are any leaks from that area before refitting the underbelly.
  4. Pointless BMW accessory of the week

    Surely owning and therefore driving a BMW means you don't need a push bike in your life?
  5. Software Issues Recall

    Its just someone woke up with a conscious and decided to fess up before being shot at dawn no doubt. BMW won't be the only ones doing that I'm quite sure...
  6. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I did the outsides of the front tyres. I didn't do the backs of the tyres as I got a grip of my OCD by that time of afternoon plus when the tyre is wet with the wheel black stuff it leaves a horrible black residue on everything it touches. I had to stack them back in my garage and didn't want everything covered in tyre black.
  7. How to choose a parking spot

    Oh dear......
  8. How to choose a parking spot

    And if you had parked next to the leccie charge bays none of that would have happened!
  9. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    I said no such thing......
  10. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Buffed off the wheel wax I left on my 351s last night and liberally applied two coatings of Carlack 68 sealant to the insides to limit the attack of brake dust. Didn't get time to fit them. That's tomorrow mornings job along with checking front brake pad thickness.
  11. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    Who said anything about Diesel emissions? I just said your nasty emissions....
  12. V?EJG 520d A737 and M8 J27 off ramp.

    I wouldn't normally clutter this forum of spots of a tedious car like this one but it's worthy here because it was being driven like a tw@t.........who then got their comeuppance. horses passed me, at 70 mph+ in a 50 mph limit on the A737 and being followed by an equally tiresome Vauxhall with a name like a silly coffee at and equally tw@tish speed......followed by a marked police car. Disappointingly the Vauxhall got out of the cops way meanwhile Mr 520d was out of sight over the crest of the M8 flyover. Sure enough there is plod (in a Peugeot, of all the police cars to get stopped by ) with the blues on behind Mr 520d on the off ramp at Arkleston. That was me that gave you a friendly wave as I went past.
  13. How to choose a parking spot

    Oi! That's my idea!
  14. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    ^Exactly, leave it there. I don't want to breath in your nasty emissions.
  15. How to choose a parking spot

    I'd be tempted to buy a cable, plug it into the street Dalek then put the other end into the boot or cabin and and charge my phone/laptop. If it means I get a parking spot.... Where does it say you can't do that?
  16. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    Thats not in the spirit of things. There is a legal requirement for your car to have a DPF for a reason. If your car is maintained and driven properly there is every chance that the newer cars with DPF should last longer than the DPF in the E Generation of BMW models.
  17. How to choose a parking spot

    Well to be fair they don't say they are for the exclusive use of leccie cars. Besides where I was two of the charging points weren't working so you couldn't have charged up your Ecoslow mobile anyway so that should be fair game. Get a V8 parked their pronto!
  18. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Whilst driving mine today in temps of above 12 deg, the first time since July 2016, I thought that I should really change my wheels to summers. So with that in mine I managed to get two coats of Poorboys Wheel sealent on the front rims and a coat on the rear rims. Out of the tyre storage bag the first 351 front. I hadn't even managed to fully buff out the wax from last year. That's survived several power washes and a scrub with Bilt Hamber. Must be good stuff. First coat of Poorboys on and waiting to dry. Buffed to a sheen. Only three more wheels to do but I'll put a couple of coats on. So which roundel was bought from China last March and been on these wheels for no more than 7 months and 3,500 miles and which roundel was made in 2012 and has been on the winter wheels for 4 winters and done circa 18,000 miles?
  19. Software Issues Recall

    Awww don't spoil my fun.
  20. Exhaust Options - F11 535d

    Drive it in sport/sport plus mode and use the paddles, mine sounds very different then.
  21. Software Issues Recall

    More dodgy Diesels on our roads, tut tut.
  22. Dpf removal, and new mot rules...

    If it's been gutted and you don't know it's been gutted, you will only be able to tell due to smoke, or when you next MOT if after May.
  23. Dpf removal, and new mot rules...

    Does a 2004 car need a DPF? Aren't the rules from 2006?
  24. Track Rod Ends - are they really different

    All UK models of both E60 and E61 have the same track rod ends across the range. 1 part fits all. No xdrive E60/1 in the U.K.
  25. New MOT Tests

    Good! I don't see why I should pay to keep a car legal on the road when loads of others don't.