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  1. MOT Changes coming in may

    No buckles on my 19" either, but your tyre wear may be down to how you drive it Matthew?
  2. MOT Changes coming in may

    Yes common trait of both F10 and F11. Fronts wear on outside, rears wear on inside.
  3. F10 p/x values.

    What is the WBAC valuation of your 520d? A dealer should offer that as a minimum but don't take less than that from a dealer, esp if what you are after is priced high.
  4. Need advice on tyres

    These do get a good write and Goodyear are an OEM tyre. Go onto one of the many tyre comparison sites and find the right tyre that meets your requirements, wet braking, size, rft/non rft, rim protector etc. That's how I found the right tyre for me.
  5. Need advice on tyres

    I have Michelin Primacy 3 XL rft * 19" on my front summer set up. Great tyre, lots of grip in the corners . They have a handy rim protector which saved me when I hit a pothole. They also score high under wet braking and have a low noise rating. £166 each delivered from lovetyres, I then took them to a fitter who has a lever less or contact less tyre machine to protect my powder coated rims. I will be replacing the Nexens on the rear for more Michelins. Tyres are a part of a car where you want to spend money, not save it, but by all means shop around for the best price for the best tyre.
  6. MOT Changes coming in may

    Wish I could do that certainly on my E60 which wore the rears badly on the inner edges but staggered set up on both E60 and F10 prevents this. Not noticed rear wear like that on my F10, but the fronts I've replaced were certainly worn as you described.
  7. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I moved mine today (was blocked in on my driveway) in three inches of snow, I could feel the rears spin ever so slightly but thanks to the on mine it kept going. Similar snow depths in the street which is on a slight incline in previous years would have had me slithering and spinning in the non winter tyred E60. Certainly an advantage to having them in these rare days where there is actually snow on the ground.
  8. You could get option 3AC towbar on an F10 M5. I doubt many owners will have specced on with a towbar though.
  9. MOT Changes coming in may

    I'm guessing it wasn't just "I wish my wife was this dirty"?
  10. MOT Changes coming in may

    Glad they are looking at the DPF thing. To to be honest the list above doesn't look too bad, it's aimed at your safety and other road users safety too! Although the engine oil leak thing may hurt drivers of N62 engined BMWs!
  11. Hòw did you manage that? Promise of the first shot? A fancy holiday? Expensive jewellery?
  12. I didn't renew the warranty on either my E60 or F10. I han issue on the E60 which cost £250 to sort in the first year outside warranty but I was still over £500 better off. You can insure anything and as others have said it's all about weighing up the risk against the cost. But piece of mind is acceptable too.
  13. VIN Code finder

    Agree, when buying mine all asked for was the last 7 digits of the chassis number and let the websites tell me. Although mine should apparently have style 350 18" wheels but it came with 351 19" wheels. You can't obtain chassis numbers via above links if less than 3 years old.
  14. Full size 18" MV2 alloy in the spare well

    You shouldn't as a space saver is an option on the E60 and standard if you specced 19" spiders. You just take out the trim in the well as it comes in a foam tray.
  15. Tire reccomends

    Likewise my AUC F10 was sold to me with Nexens which are cracking. Apparently I have said this just once or twice on here but why have a decent motor and put shit tyres on it?
  16. Refurbishing alloys with plastic centre caps

    It's best to blast them if you can. It's the only way to properly clean in all the nooks and crannies.
  17. VIN Code finder

    Lol imagine that, asking for help with a BMW on a BMW forum! Likewise, Merc are underwritten by Mondial too think!
  18. Refurbishing alloys with plastic centre caps

    Sprayed to match the powder coated wheels but get them done by the same folk at the same time. When I got my alloys powder coated they came back a shade or two darker than OEM, so make sure the powder coat colour matches the spray colour as they are very different processes so you don't want to get a difference in shades. Cheap BMW crap, plastic centre caps, my BBS 15" cross spoke alloys on my Senator had alloy centre caps screwed on with a locking bolt.
  19. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Left it in the driveway again and went out in my mums F30. Nah not for me, no Xenons, no high beam assist, no flappy paddles on the steering wheel, no heated seats, no internal boot release, no option to combine/match each side of the heater controls, no speed limit function. I use these lots in my F10. But it does have pro nav, which I didn't need but mostly Xdrive which was reassuring in today's weather and winter tyres. I'll stick to my F10, if I ever went to a three it would need to have loads of toys as I'm clearly spoilt in my F10!
  20. VIN Code finder

    Cheers, sshooie, that's the one I found a few weeks back but apparentlyI should have googled it rather than asking on here for help as that's what you are meant to do according some on here but it's always good when someone
  21. Tire reccomends

    All weather tyres, try Michelin Cross Climates. They get a good write up. Plenty of online websites to help you choose, inc adding options like rim protectors which I wanted to save my 19" rims from the kerbs and potholes. Buy online get delivered to your door and take to favoured tyre fitter for max savings and no damage to your rims. Don't skimp on tyres. You want to spend money on tyres not save it.
  22. F07 Air Springs

    I tend to write the description then post the photo for that text, then text for the next description, then that photo. That way, you know you have the photos that match the text. What you experienced is what's happened to me before, its almost as if they get uploaded in file name order (photo 1 , photo 2, photo 3 etc) the order you took them with your camera, but that might not be the order you then do your write up in.
  23. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I remember you selling them as they are the same set up that I have. Until this winter I never drove a car with winters in snow, but the water shedding abilities of winter tyres can be advantageous at this time of year. I live in a particularly wet part of the world so find them useful but the best thing about them is they are far more forgiving in the potholed roads out my way with their 17" rims instead of my billiard table liking 19" rims.
  24. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Exactly. So is having four wheel drive and winters worth it? Not if like your gaffer and the road you are on is blocked by HGVs who have come to grief, no amount of winter tyres or 4x4 capability will help you out if you physically can't go anywhere. But it will give piece of mind. And I accept that.
  25. Aircon in winter

    I leave my AC on all the time since I had the aircon condenser replaced on my F10, a known weak point on the F10, (one of many) this is for two reasons. It's better to leave it on for all the reasons mentioned before and secondly, because it's an F10 I want to know when it stops working again. Never noticed a difference in mpg, but I don't care about mpg anyway.