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  1. Years ago, DIEsel engines could run on any old crap as they weren't very sophisticated (judging by the people who used to buy them) but nowadays with their all singing all dancing mega high pressure direct injection fuel systems you want to be putting fuel in that doesn't have twigs in it so avoid anywhere that sells potatoes, bread and milk off the same acces road and put decent stuff in it.
  2. Yeah but I didn't have the same luck mechanically now did I!
  3. E60 was 12 years when I got rid and it was still on original May 2004 110amp hour battery. Cranked the big lump over in minus double digits over two consecutive winters. I never had any electrical issues with my E60 in the 8 years I had it. Yeah I know, how rare is that! But before I shut it down every electrical item was switched off and remained off until after it was next started. I never charged it.
  4. Yeah, I like the E39s and a nice tidy example is worthy of a spot, pity my last E39 spot was a shed so it never made its way here.
  5. Nice car and worthy putting a spotted post in for, unlike the sea of common as a day ending in 'y' E60 and F10 diesel rep mobiles.
  6. Requirements. #1 Petrol, not into faffing with charging batteries and already have a worn out 230V one and it's had it. #2 Less than £200 preferable #3 will be used sporadically so must be reliable after periods in store. #4 not be too heavy to use whilst up a ladder working on trees. #5 probably around the 14"/350 mm size. I've read some very mixed reviews about the McCulloch CS360T which you can buy anywhere, which was what I was considering until I came accross the mixed reviews. Although like anything that could be down to operator error! and no it's not for anything other than cutting wood, before any asks if I'm some form of phsyco!
  7. I have that draper iron stand. Looks like you are using the wet sponge to keep the iron tip clean each and every time you solder, which is good technique. it all comes from practice. It's 4 years since I did any amount of soldering, pre littl'un days!
  8. Wasnt it important stuff like brakes too? Much the same way that the decent engined E60s had a brake booster line recall due to possible oil contamination..... http://www.bavarian-board.co.uk/forum_posts.asp?TID=47244&title=v8-and-v12-bmws-recalled Oh and the E60 battery recall to prevent fires..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17514172
  9. When my E60 packed in I considered a Toyota....... After using a Hilux at work I looked at buying a Hilux but because they are a commercial vehicle, suddenly the insurance went sky high for a four cylinder diesel (albeit one that goes on for ever) a 5 speed manual box and the only creature comforts were air con and a CD player, it wasn't for me as a daily driver. Its a great tool for doing jobs with, hands down but for daily driving, to Tesco and nursery runs nah. The ones at work just keep going, with minimal maintenance, exactly what you want.
  10. So nearer the cancer giving fumes then!
  11. What he said! Lol.
  12. Why limit that to Vauxhall Zafiras, I would add to that list, Vauxhall Corsa and not forgetting the worst Vauxhall of all time, the Mokka! Or is it just the Zafira fire thing you are scared off?
  13. Yup, one of the biggest gripe from 'drivers' of E60s was the fact that it is missing the most important gauge for drivers, the temperature gauge, which was concerning especially if you came from an E39 where if the temp needle went beyond vertical then you stopped immediately otherwise your M52 or M54 lump was toast. So they then fitted an oil temp gauge in the F10. My dad's F10 gauge reads a different scale from my F10, lower thermal efficiency of a diesel and all that...
  14. The three series driver was trying to avoid the cancer giving Diesel car parked next to it? I see nothing wrong with that. I always look for end spaces and so does the wife, nowt wrong with that. And yes I might just take a liberty like the 3er but Mibbies not to that extent.
  15. Oh dear....killing your young children and mine by driving another cancer giving DIEsel. You do realise that the first time Mrs Lennox takes it on the skool run, she will want her F10 back.....