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  1. Auto Transmission fluid recommendations

    For peace of mind ask whoever does your service to remove the mechatronic unit and replace the bridge seals and the plug sleeve. The later is another £40 not sure how much the former will be. Mackies serviced mine twice in 91,000 miles.......which didn't stop the Eclutch from letting go 500 miles later. But I'll never know why it let go.
  2. Traction control behavior

    Agree and I can't wait to get rid of these excuses for tyres. They were on the car when I bought it AUC, but the fronts needed doing first. Once the summers are stored for the winter, the Nexens won't be coming back out. They are badly cracked at 3 years old which is really poor as they are split on the car with winters. And no it's not because I run them at high pressures.
  3. Tyre pressure warning

    Likewise, it worked fine for me on the E60 and it's been fine on the F10. Cheapo system can be advantageous if you run a set of winters, without the need for four extra pressure sensors. If I buy a set of winters for the wife's Kuga, I need four sensors at £30 each, plus coding them to the car, but I'm not then sure if that wipes out the sensors from the summers. I believe the BMW ones don't need coded to the car.
  4. Brake pad warning

    6 or 7mm of pad left sounds plenty. I'm surprised you have a warning with that amount left. Perhaps the sensor wire has chaffed on something? There is only one sensor per axle. Front left I think.
  5. 340i SW17???

    The word "very" needs to go on that number plate. Not for me in that shade, clashes horribly with the blue brake calipers. Any pics of the proper car the 540i xDrive parked next to it? The one I saw is an Aberdeen registration too.
  6. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Do you have train drivers needing to sight signs and signals in your house then?
  7. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Its angled to be easily sighted by train drivers. There is a science to it which Signalling Engineers love to explain at great length......
  8. Auto Transmission fluid recommendations

    I've used Mackie's twice on my E60. They flush the oil out the system before refilling with ZF oil. The service manager John Connaghun is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are in Causewayside Street in Tollcross. Just off the M74 so easy to get to.
  9. Little addition to the family - E36 316i Compact

    Worth £300 all year, very tidy. Great find. Quite sad that a once new car worth many thousands can only change hands for a few hundred pounds.
  10. Tyre pressure warning

    +1 on PCL pressure gauges. I have one but it's a much simpler pencil gauge. Ashamed to admit but I checked mine for the first time in about two months, no loss of pressure thank goodness. Ideally I check mine about twice a month. You want to look after your tyres and keep an eye on them as they are the only thing that keeps you on the black stuff, between the hedges and out of the ditches. Never trust a forecourts gauge. They get knocked about and will loose their calibration. Plus if it's hooked up to a workshop air line you never know if the oil and water interceptor in the air line upstream of tyre inflator has been cleaned out so you are only getting air in your tyre and not air, oil and water. TPMS is the more expensive tyre pressure monitoring system, this works by sensors inside the tyre attached to the valve and in some systems can give a near constant pressure reading of each tyre and can tell you how flat and what tyre has the problem. My wife's Kuga has this and whilst parked up, we learned of a puncture when the system fired off a warning. TPWS is the cheaper tyre pressure warning system, this works by simply comparing each wheel rotational speed using the abs wheel sensors. A flat tyre revolves faster as its rolling radii is less so is detected that way. When the system detects an issue it won't tell you which wheel has a fault and you need to check each one in turn. It will only detect a loss of pressure when you are moving. You then don't have sensors inside the tyre fixed to the rim that can't get damaged by a careless tyre fitter.
  11. Winter tyres worth it?

    A mate did that, he lives in Clydebank which has some steep hills and gets bad snow plus the fact his wife had a 520d which she couldn't drive in the snow, he bought a Jimny for £600 just to get him thru the next winter. Not that it snowed that year, or any year since to be honest.......
  12. I don't believe it but its true

    Absolutley Sir!
  13. MOT.gov website

    Just make sure she only drives it to an MOT station then and not to the shops.
  14. I don't believe it but its true

    Thinking about it again, and something @sshooie said recently on his impressive mpg runs. Going by the speed I was doing with the corresponding engine rpms, I doubt the turbo was actually spooling up. I would have been in 8th gear all the way bar one roundabout. Even when I toggled the cruise up and down for the changes on the M8 and M80, it didn't change down as I did it very gradually to match the traffic conditions I was in. I wasn't trying to do an Eco run, I just drove to the limits, but the roads were empty so I could pretty much stay at the constant speed, I think I had to slow for one truck overtaking an electric car which was obviously being driven by someone stressing about range and only doing 48 mph on the M9......
  15. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yeah new railway under bridge going in just North of Dunblane. We get "possession" of the railway for 54 hours on some weekends to do major engineering work. That way those who pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year for a railway season ticket to travel to work aren't inconvenienced going to their work. Their train will be running normally today as it was on Friday and they won't notice the difference, well they might see the new sign I helped to install. Track just being fettled up before ballat drop and welding of the rails. Made a welcome change from diy at home!