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  1. Inc p&p? If it's so concentrated that's probably worth it. I've paid much less £5-£8 for 5 litres that is good down to -20 deg C neat. But that's not BMW stuff.
  2. I found that the Bosch blades from Halfrauds had a different fitting to the arm and were virtually the same price as BMW ones. So I took the Bosch ones back to Halfrauds, showing them the different fitting and went and got BMW ones and never had an issue. Give your screen a good clean, clay gas also been recommended to remove any contamination that can affect wiper blades. Also poor quality screenwash can make wipers noisy as it leaves a smear of something.
  3. Do you flush the box too at those prices James?
  4. As long as the oil meets LL04 it will be fine. Torques above sound about right. Sump plugs are really only just hand tight with a 1/2" drive ratchet, no need to put any beef into tightening them as you get a bit of sealing action from the compression of the copper washer.
  5. I never used the auto lights setting on my E60. Did I have auto light setting on my E60... i cannae remember. I use auto all the time in the F10 but that's to get the full effect of the adaptive Xenons.....which I didn't have on the E60, just boggo standard halogens.
  6. Ah but did they wash all the wheels and not scratch it?
  7. Is that not just normal sidelights? Eyebrows plus halos? I'm sure it was on my pre LCi E60........ No Drl selected on mine.
  8. Sorry @Tims just checked in on this after being away on holiday. Any luck?
  9. Use decent quality bulbs. Philips or Bosch, don't use cheap own brand bulbs. Switch all electrical items off before engine switch off, same before starting engine that helps prevent things blowing due to electrical spikes.....I owned a Vauxhall and learnt that trick the hard way!
  10. Thanks @hyp3r, just curious that's all as I asked on here what folk use and got a list of differing products. I've not bought any yet. I have the Autoglym stuff, the spray cleaner and conditioner but when I used it on black leather on my E60 it didn't leave a nice finish so much so that I took a soft cloth, warm water and a bar or mild hand soap to remove the sticky sheen the AG stuff left. That might have been my fault for letting it bake dry in the sun without removing it properly, I'm not sure. We have got a new leather sofa on order which is coming with a cleaning kit which the salesman says most folk or rather the husbands acquire fir their cars.....which was recommended to me in the link above.
  11. 4F81 is relating to clutch A. This could be signs of a physically worn clutch A or a problem in maintaining hydraulic pressure in the circuit to keep the clutch A engaged. It needs further investigation to confirm, but your loss of drive matches with a slipping clutch. I no longer own my E60 due to clutch E failure. I lost complete drive whilst overtaking on the M74. Cure was to refurb the box at cost = to trade in value, hence F10 now parked outside.
  12. Totally agree. I've heard that story too. The round coloured dot goes at the valve. And yet just like you when I got my Michelins fitted recently the fitter, when I asked about the dot said to me that in 30 years of fitting tyres he had never heard that one. Needless to say he didn't line up the dot and valve but the tyres and newly powder coated rims took very little lead to balance them and they are fine so I'm now unsure about the dot thing.
  13. thanks again Matthew.
  14. Nice, I need to clean my grey leather too. What did you use?
  15. Thanks for the demo @Matthew Ashton. Yes the point of fog cancel on the car is to avoid reflections primarily from the front of a white caravan. I'm sure I've read that reverse is also cancelled out. But I'm proved wrong, again! Was the engine running to engage reverse to get the reverse lights on? And yes that's a nice bike rack. Can you still open the tailgate with it fitted and loaded with bikes?