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  1. 535i Andrew

    Dealer advice please....

    Hmmm BMW UK were very good to deal with when I had a dealer issue. By me going to BMW UK prompted the dealer to start doing things properly. When the Dealer Principal spoke to me he said he was disappointed that I felt I had to go to BMW UK to which he got a very terse response and he then pulled his digit out. They clearly did not like a telling off from their manufacturer.
  2. 535i Andrew

    Parking brake switch

    Thanks for that, it might have been your post with the ashtray I'm thinking off. Cheers.
  3. 535i Andrew

    523i cutting out when hot...?

    120 deg is bang on middle of the temp gauge so that's o.k. If you had your HPFP replaced it is possible that tiny shards from the failed pump have made their way to the injectors. Could be injectors as it sounds fuel related to me. The low mileage shouldn't be an issue, I do similar miles. Concur with @nashdm2, it needs its codes read as if it cut out that should leave a code.
  4. 535i Andrew

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Indeed I will be. I was interested what his opinion was given his business. I was was surprised at what he said as their forecourt carries big signs advertising discount ditch finders so he's clearly not pushing them to all his customers. But he has a lever/contact less machine for fitting the tyres on your rims and very reliable and trustworthy techs (no over tightened wheel bolts or incorrect jacking points used) so gets my business. They do vary wildly in price so good one getting a deal. I was quoted £290 for one rear 19" tyre yesterday. Elsewhere same tyre is £250 so does pay to shop around. A previous online quote of £236 has mysteriously disappeared. Funny that! Now that's interesting, given they weren't fussed about ditching rfts. I've never bothered to tell mine when I swap over. I have an invoice from BMW that shows my winter tyre and rim combination so it's clearly manufacturer approved in that sense. I wonder how some insurance companies view Cross Climates then? And of course BMW will happily sell you an AUC car without star marked rft tyres. Could be interesting that one if you didn't notice and needed to make a claim from your insurance company. Wise words to tell your insurance company though.
  5. 535i Andrew

    Parking brake switch

    Will do. Any tips over and above the TIS link? I take it it was straight forward enough to prise up the trim? I'm sure I've seen a post on here about doing something very similar that meant taking up the trim panel. I might have bookmarked it somewhere, I'll need to find it. First hand advice is always best for some of these tasks on these cars.
  6. 535i Andrew

    F10 535i Service advice

    Understatement of the year so far! Good luck. When I was looking my only criteria was petrol so everything else in my car was a bonus as far as I was concerned!
  7. 535i Andrew

    Parking brake switch

    Mine is cracked too., I'm waiting for the slow boat from China to arrive. Less than £6 for a new one.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handbrake-Parking-Brake-Switch-Button-for-BMW-5-6-X3-X4-F10-F11-F06-09-13/312168521026 Probably very none genuine part but for less than £6 it's worth a punt. And thanks to Matthew for the link, job done.
  8. 535i Andrew

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    Spoke to my local tyre fitter today for prices for my rears and then asked him what he recommends for my car. He said if you are mainly motorway munching then ago for Michelins, they will last the longest, a very close 2nd was Goodyear in his opinion.
  9. 535i Andrew

    Which e60/e61

    The M54 in 3.0i form will be a fine lump albeit one that may like to drink oil. They are old Skool so easier to work on etc, they are an upgrade to the M52 that was in my E39 which was a lovely sweet engine that never used a drop of oil and even after 9,000 miles the semi synthetic oil was still brown, no blackness to the oil at all. 6 cylinder petrol engines are what BMW are famed for. As @Tuvoc says go for one with loads of history and paperwork for less worry.
  10. 535i Andrew

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Any pics? You can't say interesting things like that without pics. You will have folding seats which will make life easier. I routed towbar wiring in an F10 under the rear bench seat (pulls up and out) from the boot and then under the rear offside and then the front offside footwell sill trim pieces to the modules in the drivers footwell.
  11. 535i Andrew


    Idiots. Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to your level then beat you on experience.
  12. 535i Andrew

    Which e60/e61

    The 2006 one I think that would be an N52 of 2.5 litres it has valvetronic and dual vanos.. It replaced the M54 which only had vanos. ~215bhp so adequate. The 2004 525i would have the M54 version, again 2.5 litres displacement. ~190bhp.
  13. 535i Andrew

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    Lol. Typo, my fat fingers on my phone, 374x36 discs! I wonder how much they are genuine, better start saving. The bigger the diameter the less work the pads need to do. Increasing thickness will aid heat dissipation and make it stiffer to withstand any warping. But under normal driving the extra thickness is probably not needed. I had the 346x30 discs on my E60 and got over 70k vibration free driving from them. Thicker discs on my F10 only lasted 50k and vibrated under heavy breaking.
  14. 535i Andrew

    F10 - opgrade brakes, to...?

    The implication is that this brake upgrade to 348x36 discs (Power brake or High speed brake) is an option that can be ticked on the build sheet option list but I can't recall it in the BMW literature I've seen. Unless I've got that wrong, but it explains why another 525d (3.0 M57) driver on here has the bigger brakes.
  15. 535i Andrew

    Which e60/e61

    I believe its the injectors and High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) The HPFP can be very spendy if it breaks.