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  1. Been offered new alloys

    There is much more to rims than just 18", as Matthew has already stated. The fact that your mate needed spacers to make them fit on his BMW tells you all you need to know, they don't fit properly and ideally should be avoided. Your mate will need winter tyres on his Quattro otherwise same thing will happen.
  2. E39 wheels on an F11?

    We aim to help, that's what these forums are all about.
  3. E60 springs

    Lovely sounds more than adequate! Springs are funny buggers to get right specs for if you have anything away from a mainstream model. If you are going down the road of lowering then get all four done at the same time and at a spec to match your car and your car only. A spring from a heavier car will give your car a higher ride height as it will be less compressed, but only by a small amount.
  4. Fitted F10 Spoiler Lip

    Thanks Jonny You reckon a spoiler is bling? It's quite discrete, no? Its an option from new, which usually means it's ok in the taste department. It's the stuff that's clearly not a manufacturer option that is chavtastic bling, a bit like the "grille porn" you mention. Besides spoiler on the rear pushes the rear of the car down and adds to traction and handling.....
  5. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I would be wary of that stuff as reading the specs in the link it fails to mention the freezing point which makes me think it will freeze at a really high temp like -2 or something that we get in a frost in October. If it had a really low (useful) freezing point it would be clearly marked on it. Of course now I've said that you will tell me it's good down to -15! BMW stuff is good down to -63! But I doubt the rest of the car would be much use at that temp including the driver!
  6. Been offered new alloys

    Agree with Matthew. To avoid any issues with wheels fouling arches, suspension components or brake calipers, stick with genuine wheels and tyre sizes. Spacers are a fudge to get you out a pickle you shouldn't have got yourself into. Wheel size including offset in link below. http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/5 And a link below to a site that compares wheel sizes to check they fit your car. http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=245&aspect=40&diameter=19&wheelwidth=9&offset=44&width2=245&aspect2=40&wheel_size=19&wheel_width=9-5&offset2=32 But brand new rims with worm tyres does not make sense, unless he has just had them refurbished and look like new and stuck the old tyres back on?
  7. Fitted F10 Spoiler Lip

    Got a link? Quite fancy one myself, my dads F10 has one and it lifts the look of the back end somewhat.
  8. KDS / Alignment question

    Agree not normal, mine tracks straight and true. Something is amiss, but a worn joint or suspension component can be difficult to pinpoint.
  9. Headlights problem

    You Southerners have it easier at this time of year, it only gets light up here after we have gone to bed up in these latitudes! I work not far from Charing Cross I'll need to look out for that Indy.
  10. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    After leaving mine at home this morning (works night out tonight!) I got it booked in for an MOT next month. I doubt I'll be driving it tomorrow either.......
  11. Headlights problem

    BM Motors in Law gets a good name for BMW stuff.
  12. E60 springs

    Whilst the Alpina springs may be lower they are designed for a car that will be heavier than yours so the ride won't be right, @Mashed Potatoes is spot on they are based on axle weights. Made getting a rear spring for the my last E60 a dealer only option to ensure it was right, A V8 E60 with sports settings suspension, more chance of winning the Eurosquillions than finding a correct aftermarket spring for one of them!
  13. Headlights problem

    Whats your location Tommy? I'm Glasgow, Paisley area. Harry Fairbairn is your only choice for a BMW dealer in Glasgow.
  14. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Exactly, but for a fiver, its sorted and I don't need to worry about it.
  15. E39 wheels on an F11?

    +1 The F10/11 needs 17" wheels as a minimum, this is to clear the lower front suspension balljoint shank. Its nearer the rim than my caliper on my 17" 327 winters. The rear is a tight fit on my F10 at 17" from the caliper. But I have slightly larger rear brakes than others. I think the E39 has a different sized spigot mount too.