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  1. You were going for more than a night weren't you? That's not enough for more than a nights holiday....
  2. Have to admit that when driving my dads F10 with pro nav, I flick the idrive screen to the map purely to look at rather than enter a destination.
  3. Standard practice to charge an hours Labour for coding work even if it takes a few minutes. Yes you need to code new batteries to that generation of 6 series and onwards. It's so the car knows it's got a new battery on board with very different charge/ discharge cycle is will then know to charge it differently from the one taken out. You can also code in a different sized battery again, this would charge differently from the one it's replacing. The last time I did a battery change was on my E39 and it is the last of the sensible 5 Series, where there is no need to mince about with a laptop, just a spanner!
  4. Should be easy enough, it will be in your handbook. In 9 years of E60 ownership, I only ever replaced one front side light bulb and both rear indicators....had to replace the whole fog light assembly on my E39 after a stone took it out on the A82.
  5. Lemforder are OEM so can't go wrong.
  6. You will need a spring compressor. You might need to take the caliper off to give you enough room to pivot the strut out from under the wheel arch to get to the top mount.
  7. He did take all the rubbish away. The wife says she should have sent it away but didn't say so at the time...... I suspect that if they had taken it away, it would have got repaired in a shed with the bits that are currently on order and then brought back to us.
  8. Hi, you are probably better posting this on the E60 technical page rather than in this section
  9. Bonkers! Glad it's sorted.
  10. Had sofa shop manager on the phone proposing a third option. Repair at end of September with offer of £300 return. If we are not satisfied with repair new sofa ordered but delivery time is less at that time of year as they notch it up a bit so you can get your new sofa in time for Christmas. Manager will confirm above in writing (a first!) and we will confirm our wishes early next week in reply. Waiting for the Mrs to see what she thinks of that.....she is at work so I'm out of the blast zone. At least she isn't mad at me.
  11. Lol yeah!
  12. Exactly. As an Engineer I have an eye for the details too and it irks me something rotten when they are wrong? Or is that my OCD?
  13. I don't have nav on mine either, previous original owner put his £££s to options that I have used instead, 3AC towbar, split rear seats and a set of winter wheels. I asked the selling dealer about getting it retro fitted as was told it was far to much money, upwards of £1k as it's all sorts of modules and reprogramming. The salesman said just cos you've got the button doesn't mean the car actually has it. He quickly pointed out that it wasn't advertised as having it, thinking I was going to make an issue about it but I wasn't bothered. I use my 10 year old tomtom stuck in the cup holders on the two occasions I have actually needed nav since Feb 2016 when I bought it. I use the other options on the car far more regularly than the need for nav so I'm not bothered, but I understand that it's very desirable and may hit resale values. It was Sep 2013 (I think) before it was standard. All LCI models have it and the very last pre facelifts have it as standard with the option being to upgrade to pro nav with the wide screen.
  14. Indeed and if it's any help to you sourcing a bit, the same glass on my F10 also fits an LCi E60, F11, F07, F06, F12 and F01..........
  15. Thanks Steve. I have done. We are also getting a wooden surround to our new fire installed. It was damaged on installation, installers basically have said yeah hands up, our fault we will sort it. And they are in the process of doing so and are being very good about it. But the big difference is we have not paid a penny for the fire or the wooden surround yet!